Thursday, June 24, 2010

Glitter and Falsies!

So the EOTD was kind of a fail, I didn't chose the right combo and my glitter lining skills suck the big one.

I also used the new Maybelline Falsies mascara.

Is there some trick to this damn thing? It works on my left eye (right in pic) but I can't get it right on the other. This is why I hate brushes that aren't combs, when they are made, the little bristles seem to favour one side because of the way they spiral down the brush. Each eye is done from a slightly different angle so I'd prefer no slanting if that makes sense :)

Here's the brush, I drew on it to show how they slant.

And what's with the weird divot part way up the wand? It just looks like a weak spot.

And here's what I mean by one side looking wonky (sorry for the bit of blurry, I tried 4 times to try to catch both eyes and this was the least fail of the bunch)

See how the one on your right looks okay but the left is like WTF ARE YOU DOING TO ME LADY!!

I don't think I'll buy this again. If I can I may try cleaning my Lash Stylist wand and try to use it with the formula.

And on to the shadow!

I used Aromaleigh and Fyrinnae's glitter best friend.

All over eye: Georgiana
Crease: Mania's Locus
Liner: Pixie Epoxy smeared on like liner with Bete Noire glitter in Morgaine pressed on top.

I didn't make my line as pointed as I wanted, it's hard to see when you're first putting on clear colourless liquid! :D

1 pic because I suck

I may not have a look for tomorrow, I got some kind of weird sickness happening. It felt like it did when I had tonsillitis. The problem there? I got those babies ripped out of me a few years ago. I haven't taken any medicine yet but I still feel light headed and all weak and junk. At least the odd "HOLY CRAP IT'S 30 DEGREES OUT BUT I NEED 2 BLANKIES AND A HOUSE COAT TO BE WARMISH" is over. I was shivering so hard I chomped on my tongue.

On the positive side? Me being home from work sick, I just got a call my glasses are in!! I can't wait to show them off :)
Bye naow!


  1. I loove how that glitter looks as a liner! love love love love :D

  2. I always have a problem doing one side of mascara, i think it's cause i like using the thinner side of the brush on my inner corners and that's difficult with my left eye as i have to turn the brush the wrong way round.
    I love that glitter liner :)

  3. The glitter liner looks great! Thanks for the info on the Falsies mascara. I've been debating on trying it or not. Think I'll pass, haven't seen that many great reviews.

  4. I have the same problem with gimpy mascara/eyelashes, but mine is from being right-handed; the lameitude only happens on my left side.

  5. Thanks MissTat! Hopefully I can get it sharper next time :)

    Hi Lillian! At least I know it's not just me! :D &Thank you

    Thanks Peach :) I was definitely not a fan of this mascara. I should go back to the comb-like gimmicky ones, they seem to like me better and no slants, so I can't angle it wrong on an eye.

    Hi thecandiedmango! I'm also tempted to try using my left hand on the other eye to see if that will work but I'll probably touch my lid and screw everything up hahaha. But good to see it's not just me trying to get the hang out of the evenness!

  6. Gorgeous! Try doing black liner, then putting your base for glitter on top of it. Helps because you can follow the liner that's already there, then apply whatever glittah you want. :-D

  7. That's an awesome idea! I can use my urban decay one cuz it's super creamy and the glittahs will be on that shizzle like GLUE! I bought up a whole schwack of AL glitters so I definitely have to be experimenting!