Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rant 4 The Ugly Exposed

##Inserted less bitchy words, re-post of this morning's post

Okie dokie, this will be quick (gotta go to work) but the "ladies" at the Rant 4 The Ugly seem to like to see the "Truth" so I feel the need to pass on some disturbing findings by Hoyden (Historical Hound)

I thought that sure, you can't blame an entire company going down, on 1 forum, but after reading these screen caps (that's right! screen caps! Can't lie on those babies) I know for sure Jenna from Stardust along with a bunch of other obsessed, stalker-y lunatics are the crazies** they try to make Kristen of Aromaleigh seem to be. And she knows what she did was wrong (don't forget to read, "Big Warning", you don't get a sick feeling if you are being all "truthful")

And for someone (not Jenna, but still in the group of "uglies"** to bash someones makeup applying techniques? Okay (there)**, where are your 742 followers that check in on YOU everyday?

Once again, I have to go to work, I actually "work" at my work.

I am so pissed off but I'll let you all know how I really feel later.
I'm not done yet.

Incase you missed the findings click on HEREREREREEEEE and part II

But what do we know, we're just "Aromabots"....

** means I changed insult to something less bitchy, I did let them get the best of me when they attacked Phyrra about her makeup application.
A whole bunch of you lovely ladies I follow and who follow me use the exact same minerals, so to insult someone who chooses to wear something that "isn't the norm" (aka neutrals) is like kicking us all in the face. It takes a lot of courage to even post EOTD's and to have someone flat out make fun of it really sucks. If it was that private, they should have been emailing each other.
Besides, 742 followers can't be wrong!
Off to bed to dream of happy things :)


  1. I read one screenshot and had to stop because I nearly fucking vommed. I'm an AL virgin, I don't know anything about the drama, but that there are people out there who would accuse someone of lying about thier own fathers death?! Thats pretty fucking disgusting.

  2. This is annoying. I came to appreciate the 'safe space' that forum provided for those people who had been genuinely upset by various companies whom they had recieved bad CS from, and who were ostracised by rather more fantatic follwers for speaking up about it. But this is really appalling, and doesn't help their reputation.

    I feel really bad for the girls who went there just looking to be heard about their unpleasant experiences, and who are now being further 'flamed and blamed' because of the words and actions of a few tactless zealots.

    It just seems like soon it'll be an instant blogging faux pas to say you don't like ANY MMU company (that isn't Archetype :P), and I like having my own opinion, y'know? Bleh. This whole thing is sad and annoying.

  3. Very sad, and very annoying.

    If a company is truly engaging in unsafe business practices, as some of the folks on that forum believed (incorrectly, from what I'm able to determine, based on reading the threads and looking at my own jars' list of "Rocks" ingredients), then it's a good thing that people know about the problem, get the extra words of caution/reminders, and do their own research and come to their own conclusions. That goes for big corporations, car dealerships, makeup companies, food manufacturers, and so on.

    When someone calls attention to a potential problem and they're overstating the danger because of their own misunderstanding, that's a misunderstanding, that's a mistake, people make them. If they lay out their arguments logically and concisely, others can read the arguments, do their own research, and see the bits of information that were missed...and form their own conclusions.

    The actions of some of those persons go a bit below the pale. Not beyond - below.

  4. Hi Robyn! I only made it halfway through this morning (a lot of reading!) but the stuff I did see, holy crap that's VILE!

    Hey Jade! It's only a select few I have issues with, mostly one ones who can't seem to drop a topic (I think it's like 5-6 people spewing the same garbage) They took it to a whole new level :s
    It was the Phyrra makeup comment that pissed me off the most.
    A lot of the blogs I follow play with the same minerals as she does, so it was like she was insulting everyone I follow, and everyone who follows me.
    I want butterflies and bunnies again :(

    Hi LiAnn!
    Exactly! You're better at wording things than I am, so I'm very happy to receive input :)

  5. I left a comment at Hoyden's blog, but in case she decides not to post it, what was said in these screenshots disgusts me. I was never a member of the G.R.I.P.E thread. I was also not a member of the Moderators Queue (at least not when these posts were up). I have my own reasons for being at rant4, namely FDA problems and the way I feel like I and others have been very hurtfully scarred by Kristen, but I do not stand by this kind of talk. I feel the need to post this since I am a member of the forum and feel responsible for all things said there.

  6. That's fine by me, I noticed as well that you were not part of that "inner circle" in those screenshots.
    Thank you for your input and coming forward.
    Also I'm not sure I saw your comments on Hoyden's posts? Maybe try one more time? I know my comments have just gotten lost before on people's blogs so I just re-send and then they get published. And she said she is publishing all of them.

  7. I've been overwhelmed with emails, PMs on forums, FB messages and comments asking me to email people privately or simply asking me not to post their comments, so it's taking me a little while to get through them all. I am going through them in the order received, or as close as I can get to it.

    I just wanted to address a few things I read here, if that's oka.

    @ Jade Carver - I just want you to know that I do not hold the actions of the handful that have been hateful against all of the members of r4tu. That would not be fair.

    I don't think it's a faux pas to have your own opinion about a company or a product, nor is it wrong to blog about it or post it on a forum.

    I think it's wrong to stoop to the level of personal attacks that those you refer to as the "zealots" resorted to. People can agree to disagree and be respectful about it.

    @ Tally - I got to your message & posted it, I think yesterday, I haven't had a chance to respond to it though.

    I appreciate that even though you have some strong feelings about how Kristen treated you, you did not stoop to the level that the others did.

    For the record - I DID NOT see Tally post anywhere on any of the screencaps that I posted.

    @ KittenMittens - Thanks :)

    ~ Hoyden