Saturday, June 5, 2010

EOTD part 2!!! Purples, Pink!

This was last Saturday's look I wore when I went to ze mall. I don't have a license and the mall is just a 10 minute walk, so the mall won.

It was friggin miserable out too and I forgot an unbrella. This place is humid as hell, so it was hot, humid, and rainy! But I somehow managed to skip raccoon eyes in the end.

Here are PURPLES! My hairdresser loved it, she told the other chickie that I always have awesome makeup :) That made me less grumpy :D

I used:

Lid main: Aromaleigh What's Shakin'?
Crease: I'll give you 5 bucks to tell me! This is one I forgot. It was Aromaleigh, I think Smokin'.
Browbone: AL Maiden
Liner: Meow Cosmetics Feliner wetlined in Krazy Cat. A little was used below lash line as well over top of What's Shakin'?
Same mascara as always :D

I loooooove the Krazy Kat liner. I kept botching it and makeup removing the wing and trying to reline. PAIN IN THE ASS. But oh so pretty :D

Another AL purple look I did with En Point samples I had:

Main: Dulcinea
Crease: Waltz
Browbone: Sylph

I didn't have time to line again. It sucks, because it could have amped this up. Also Sylph is best enjoyed over Pixie Epoxy. I didn't use any in this one and the sparkles decided not to like me and the shadow emphasised tiny ass eyebrow hairs on my browbone I didn't even see in my mirror. Why does the cam chose to like tiny ass eyebrow hairs but try to get it to pick up some shimmer and it's all "fuck you samsquamch!"

More Aromaleigh!


Cuz I said so :P

I used some discontinued stuff you can still find here

Lid main: Cupcake
Outer corner: Lollipop
Browbone: Unicorn (still avail)
Liner: MAC Black Line pearlglide instense

These shades are so insanely sparkly the camera didn't pick them up as good as I would have liked. In the sunlight, PURE MAGIC.

And since I've been getting a bit better at lip swatches here is Fyrinnae's Lip Lustre in Hair Dye again:

No ps was done, just the crop :D


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  1. OMG, that lippie is TOO GORGEOUS! I want it, NOW :D

    And your hair dresser was right: you always have awesome makeup :D This is no exception and the first with Retro Mattes is just so velvety & pretty <3

  2. Very pretty! I really like the en Pointe look! That collection never gets enough love.

  3. Hi Nea! Thank you :) I get worried that a bunch of my looks are sucky so I'm happy to read and hear when someone like them :D

    Thanks Phyrra! I'm giving En Pointe another shot after finding the treasures that were Terpischore and Pavane :)

  4. I LOVE the first look: it's sort of smooth and pretty but also trés 'grrr' ;)

  5. Omg what a coincidence, I was actually going to harass you the other day like DO YOU STILL USE THAT PRETTY HAIR DYE COLOUR :O

    Purples look so pretty on you ^___^ and compliments are the best <3

    Those tiny eyebrow hairs are the reason I don't include my brows in my eyeshadow photos D: that and the fact that my brows are huge so they would take up 3/4 of the frame

  6. Hiya Saila!!! I thought I said thanks lady but either my memory is crap or blogger ate it. I'll go with both :D Thanks lady!

    Hiya Ms Dazzlepants, Thank you!
    I sure wish I still had it that uber awesome :( it costs too much to do again sadleh! It was $160 to bleach it with red bleach, then $40 for 2 tubes of Fudge. Then $17.50/month for a can of dry shampoo cuz I couldn't wash everyday.

    However, if I ever get a spare $200 to blow, the red is COMING BACK!

  7. I really like all of these looks. They all seem to be soft and really pretty. :-)
    Ugh...tiny eyebrow hairs are annoying. My camera flash always catches those little bastards!

  8. Thanks lady :) I say we all revolt against the tiny brow hairs of the world. Or just melt them off. I keep wanting to get that little hair away thingy that buffs them off or something, but I get worried they'll grow back all sasquatchy and thick! ick.