Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fairy Dust

Okay, so I don't actually use a shadow called fairy dust in this EOTD but check out the main purple shade. Isn't it FAN FUCKING TASTIC?!?! YES! YES IT IS!! I mixed it!!!

I had all these sample baggies of shadows I've bought f/s off and I could have continued using them and neglecting my jars...orrrr....SQUISH EM TOGETHER AND CREATE! So I didn't actually mix this from scratch. I used Aromaleigh sample baggies so Kristen (AL owner lady) did the hard part already.

This is my favourite shade of purple, that weird bluey-pinky-purple. And to make it even more perfect, it shimmers with GREEN!

I used:
1 baggy of HiFi Mattes in Cool It
1 baggy of HiFi Mattes in Kookie (I used this colour once already so it was what was left of the bag)
1 baggy of rocks! in Iwantcandy
1 baggy of rocks! in Fanclub
1 baggy of Pure Hue Envy

First I only used the 1st 3 colours but the purple was too dark so I wanted to pink it up and sparkle it up and the last 3 did the trick. I probably could have added some of the Twilight Dazzle powder but I didn't want to accidently screw it up. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Squish squash squish squash and mixed beauuuutiful

I wasn't sure what to pair it up with so I broke out my Urban Decay Book of Shadows II.

I used:
Main: awesomely created fantasticness aka FRIKKIN FAIRY DUST!
Crease: Jinx
Highlight: Sphynx
Lower lash line: Flipside

I took a lot of pics to try to show the green sparkly goodness but of course my crappy camera never picks up what you want it to...

I should have used purples for the rest of the look or lined my lids but oh wells. PUPRLE!

My damn Fanservice lustre disapeared in my makeup blackhole somewhere :( It would have been perfect.

Have you tried mixing a shadows from a bunch of others?


  1. Such a soft and elegant look. Love it!

  2. Thats the coolest fucking thing I've EVER SEEN!!! Best color ever!!!

    And no I never mix anything...cause I'm afraid I'll end up ruining all the colors haha

  3. Thanks ladies :) I forgot to add the pic of the magic in the baggy! ahh crap.

  4. Gorgeous! That purple is really fantastic :)

  5. Omg it's so soft and shimmery and pretty :)

    I've never attempted mixing, I'm a bit OCD about the potential mess.

  6. Thank you :D

    It was a bit messy but mostly got all over my hands