Friday, January 1, 2010


Picture I photoshopped today and loved how the green popped out (Fyrinnae Velociraptor!)

Okay, so I technically haven't gotten anything yet. I just placed the order like an hour ago.

But I'm so excited!!!!

I was going to wait a bit to place a Fyrinnae order but I already haven't placed an order with them since August 12. AUGUST PEOPLE! I am a bad customer. And I feel really left out not having that pixie epoxy, especially after Ana's lastest post WITH PICTORAL PROOF OF AWESOME

I ended up getting that lil tube of makeup miracles
Silica gel primer. I used this before and ran out. I was going to get the Fluff as well but my order grew way quicker than I expected.


Pierced Size - 3.5 ml Mini (silver)
Mega-Hold Size - 3.5 ml Mini (sheer, some lady said she looked like a low class stripper so I HAD to try it)
Whee! Size - 3.5 ml Mini (light lilac I think it was)
Visual Kei Size - 3.5 ml Mini (bright pink)
Type A Size - 3.5 ml Mini (bloooood red)
Ryunome Size - 3.5 ml Mini (blue!!)
Meloncholy Size - 3.5 ml Mini (melon-y!)
Romantique Size - 5.8 ml F/S (golden pink)
Hair Dye Size - 5.8 ml F/S (orangey!)
Flavor of the Day Size - 3.5 ml Mini (lighter orangey?)
Ghostly Voice (Colour-Changing) Size - 3.5 ml Mini (awesome robot lips!, k some kind of silver green)
Fanservice Size - 5.8 ml F/S (lavender! Think Lame Sham's D'Lilac)
Fishnet & Sneakers Size - 5.8 ml F/S (copper brown)
Diabolic Masquerade Size - 3.5 ml Mini (dark blood red black)
Devil Horns (Colour-Changing) Size - 5.8 ml F/S (it changes colour! Can't say no)
Bounce Size - 3.5 ml Mini (pinky light purple)
Amplifier Size - 3.5 ml Mini (pinky purple)

Descriptions from what I've seen on the site (not actual site descriptions, I totally butchered them but too lazy to cut and copy). I may be way off. We will see when I get them :D

4 of them are full size because I think I'm going to love them anyway without seeing them first lol. I hope to be able to get decent shots of all of these on meh face. It was hard to find swatches of some of these (pierced!) so hopefully I can do that for you!



  1. Velociraptor is so cool, you are going to love it :D

    I want to make an order but unfortunately my computer has something against it... I really don't understand why but I'll try with my husband's computer & paypal later.

  2. I'm going to make an order to Fyrinnae soon, too :D It's my first time ordering from them and I'm SO EXCITED! I hope their products really are worth the hype!

  3. lol, sometimes I wish my computer would be against my orders so I could save some money :D

    I'm really excited to try the pixie epoxy. I hope I'm not let down my it but with so many people saying yay I don't see disappointment happening :)
    I know some of their shadows I had troubles with because the pretty sparkle had a tough time staying where it should, so the epoxy should stop that.

  4. Great pic! I like how it looks "soft". I know I need to get my but in gear and order Fyrinnae...

  5. Thanks! It was the skin softener tool and a time machine filter on top (feel all back to the future-y lol)

  6. It's so funny because last night for New Years I used Gasoline Rainbow without the epoxy and then was like "what the hell?" and put it on. So much cooler! I can't wait for your swatches :D

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