Thursday, January 7, 2010


I assumed I could use Aromaleigh's eyeliner sealant as a way to get my Fyrinnae Helena & Demetrius eyeshadow to stick and keep lots of sparkle. The bad part is, it's for actual EYELINING not the whole eye :( lol I failed hard this morning. At least I know now.
I tried to brush a lot of it away and then pat some more on top for the sparkly bits but it was sort of a lost cause by then, the purple was too dark for what I wanted.
Once that Pixie Epoxy comes in I shall be so grateful. No more experimenting to keep sparkles.

I used all Fyrinnae:
lid main: Helena & Demetrius
Crease: Little Red's Pet Wolf
Highlight: Rapunzel Had Extensions

Blush: Enrapture

It sorta looked a bit whorey with the bright bluey purple and strong blush. I do my blush first so by the time I screwed up my eyes I had no time to fix anything :( Then I though, "hell I already look trampy lets amp it up, BRIGHT PINK LIP GLOSS!"
Oh well. It's just makeup. At the end of the day, you can wash it away.

Holy shit, that rhymed


And a good shot of the blush colour

AAAAAAnd me messing around on photoshop again. This was me last summer with my wicked awesome hair. Hair is real (not coloured in with photoshop) paleness totally not.

First picture was just lightened (I wish I could find my original, it's not that big a change, I got lucky with the lighting) and second picture used a "time machine" filter to make it look like it was cross processed. It made my hair and makeup uber wicked :D


  1. What a stunning look! :) You look great in blues, and the blush is lovely, too.

    Woow, the red hair was awesome! What happened to it?

  2. Awww thank you :D

    That was the hair after 2 months I think (just judging by the roots) but it cost so much to dye it the first time ($200!! I had no idea it would be this much!) and I haven't really been able to afford to do it again :D I keep buying makeip instead lol

    I've just been using any red Feria to try to keep it not brown but I don't think I'll ever get it this red again :(

    I would love cotton candy pink one day!

  3. Heehee, you are too funny! I've tried to foil with the sealant as well (before the horrible developed allergic reaction, that is!). I still think you look way cute, though!

    And I NEED Enrapture blush. Like right now.

    Your hair looks wicked cute in the last pic! I loved having bright red hair, but it was expensive to upkeep (even though I dye my own...the dye itself was costing me a lot). Now I just have to be boring light red. Le sigh.

  4. Yeah, the Pixie Epoxy is great for sparkly shadow. It will make the sparkles stick. :-) We all must look whorey sometimes...Hee hee. You look awesome with red hair.

  5. Blix: I know what you mean, I used to have bright red hair when I was younger, and it always went light orange after a couple of weeks :D I should have been dying it like twice a month if I had wanted to keep it red, and that would've been REALLY expensive.

  6. ...not Blix, but AxSDenied :D Damn! I'm so tired I can't even see what I'm writing!

  7. The purple looks great! The sealant made my eyelids sting when I used it to apply the GL Femme Glitters. I know you will love the Pixie Epoxy though!

  8. ahhh! My replies went away somewhere :(

    Lisa Kate: GET THE BLUSH! Even if it's just the sample jar, you only need a tiny bit because it's so friggin pigmented (which I forgot about in my Velociraptor look teeeheeeeee) so it lasts a super long time. It looks kinda not pretty in the jar but shows up very nicely.

    Blix: I didn't get any weird looks from the limited public today so I think the look got a free pass or something :)

    Sagu: One trick to keep it in is this awesome can of Big Sexy Volumizing Dry Shampoo spray. I was told to only wash my hair every 2nd or 3rd day with cold water and so using the dry shampoo for the inbetween days was a super colour saver. It's about $20 a can but just a quick spray on the roots or anywhere that doesn't look quite pretty and bruish it out is all you do. I think it lasted me a little over a month. I think Bedhead came out with a dry shampoo spray too.

    Starlight: Thank you :) And it seems that sealant is burning everybody! I'm really looking forward to the epoxy. I got an email today saying they shipped it! woohooo!!! sparkles!!! :D