Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rapunzel rode Polar Bears

That would look awesome.

Here be meh eyes for yesterday. I had Fyrinnae on the mind because of my happiness for finally ordering lip lustres! The order's not here yet, I only placed it a few days ago so I used the Fyrinnae-y goodness I already had. All colours are from Fyrinnae (except lips)

Lid main: Rapunzel Had Extensions
Crease: Sumatran Tiger
Highlight brow: Polar Bear
Eyeliner: Steampunk wetlined with Aromaleigh sealant

Cheeks: Enchant

Lips: Milani summer baby (I think)

And now my totally softened filtered pic cuz I said so.


and such


  1. Such a soft and pretty look! How is Aromaleigh's eyeliner sealant? I have tried Medusa's eyeliner seal...and it burned like a mutha! Would like something different...that doesn't feel like my lids are burning off my face.

  2. "That would look awesome."

    You are TOO right! I think you are my brain twin. Get out of my head XD

    This look is absolutely fucking fab on you. (My sailor-ness is coming out, its that awesome). It's so simple but pretty! I love how you put Sumatran Tiger in the middle, but its all blended in with the golds and looks amazing.

    I NEED Polar Bear, by the way. I keep seeing it everywhere and it must be mine!

  3. Oh yeah and Blix, if you have trouble with sealants burning, Aromaleigh does that to me as well :( Stupid eyes! The only sealant that doesn't make me burn is Exposed Organics Nectar (plus its super cheap, which is also awesome!). Okay, sorry for interrupting! XD

  4. Very soft and pretty. Love the color choices!

  5. Thank you girlies :) I'm not really used to using not extreme colours so I wasn't sure about this one but glad to see you liked it :D

    And yay for sailor-talk! Reminds me of home lol.

    The Aromaleigh sealant is the only one I've tried so far (this was my first time using it on my eyes, I tried a few colours on my hand earlier to try to get the paste bit right) so I think I just got lucky it didn't get all burny on me.

    I've never heard of that nectar stuff but I definately want to try it now! Yay for shopping!! :D