Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fyrinnae Lip Lustre Swatches

Okie dokie smokies, here are some of my Fyrinnae swatches! On meh MOUTH! I chose to do them on my mouth because sometimes your natural lip pigmentation will change the way a lip colour will wear on you. Some of these could benefit with being paired with a nude lipliner. The darker ones tended to start to bleed (not actual blood of course :D )

First shot is just my lips with a clear, colourless chapstick

Next up Fanservice. I've always wanted to try a lilac lip colour!

And here is Hair Dye. I think this one is my favourite so it gets oodles of pics.

Here is Devil Horns. I tried to get a colour change pic as well. I don't think it worked but here's a couple of pics anyway.

And up next is the lovely Romantique. It's the lip version of Fyrinnae's "Rapunzel Had Extensions".

And here is Mega-Hold. If you go to the "reviews" part on this colour on Fyrinnae's website, someone makes a nasty comment on the colour. Of course I had to try it after that! I dunno about you but this colour does not look like a "low class stripper" to me.

Next up Fishnets & Sneakers. This one was more dark than I thought it would be. Still nice though :)

Type A is next. I thought I took more pictures of this one :(

And last but not least for now, here is Pierced. The second pic is after it's been blotted.

Now go buy stuff.



  1. You have amazing lips, you cow. Gimmie. Fanservice looks so good on you! Hell, they all do, but Fanservice I have :p

  2. lmao, I don't like my lips ever since noticing the size difference, you can have them! Tradesies.

  3. *__* okay I DEFINITELY need to get Type A and Fanservice, as well as like 2340234923 others.

  4. I love the Romantique and Devil Horns... must order when I have cash... *_* Hair Dye looks really cool on you, I wish I could wear colors like that. I have to stick with all pink all the time grrr

  5. OOH I have to have Romantique and a few others now.....I'm loving the Mega-hold as well!

  6. Amazing photos! I ordered Fanservice, Devil Horns, Type A and Shangri-La awhile ago, still haven't gotten them. Your pics make me wish I'd ordered Romantique, Hair Dye, and Megahold, though. Oh, well. There'll be more orders :) Fanservice looks awesome on you, I'd love to see you use it in a FOTD. And I hope that I can pull it off as well hehe

  7. Omg i want you D:

    And more Fyrinnae lip lustres.

    Oh mah gaw

  8. Oh geez, more to add to my wish list! Those are gorgeous!

  9. Ah FANSERVICE!!! I need it!! I love Romantique and Megahold XD

    And you totally look like a low class stripper. *sarcasm*

  10. Thank gals! :D I will do more! I still have half to go. I just don't like wiping them off and puting another on. Kleenex dries like a mofo

  11. I got Bloodstains and Ice Cream Party today, I love both. I can't wait for my huuuuuuuuuugewtf order to arrive <_<

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