Thursday, January 14, 2010

This is what happens when I try to line like a pro...

FAIL!!! I got frikkin liquid eyeliner on the inside of my lid somehow so my left eye watered for about 2 hours today until there was no "wing" left on that eye and then it watered some more. Crap. Oh well, I only went to work and they don't care what I look like :D

MORE MATTETASTIC! With a lil discontinued Fyrinnae thrown in there, cuz I'm cool like that.

Inner half of lid: In Orbit
Outer half: Radioactive
Crease: Smokin'
Highlight: Fyrinnae ORION'S BELT! It's not actually caps lock like that but I love it and sad it is gonners but they were sweet and sent me one as a freebie sample with my last order last August. Unfortunately the pics don't show how iridescent it is. But it is. Truuuuust me. No really. Trust me. PICTURE TIME!

NO BUNNY TODAY. He's busy eating trolls.


  1. I heart mattes :)

    Getting liner on the inside of your lid is uh...skilled? Though I suppose I cant talk, I've gotten gel liner on my eyeball when trying to use it on the waterline -_-

  2. So pretty! My beloved Smokin and Radioactive, too :D

  3. LOVES IT!!! Smokin looks great in your crease.

    Aw your poor eye! That kind of thing happens to me a lot. And my eyes are like, suepr allergic to everything so its always pretty bad!

    And I miss the evil bunneh. Make him come back!

  4. I want Radioactive! It keeps popping up in everyone's LOTD, it's so pretty... I lovelove mattes on you!

  5. This is pretty even with the liner mishap. It happens to us all I think! I got a ton of liquid liner in my eye once and I looked like I had squirted it directly in there on purpose and you could see it floating around and my vision was super cloudy. My eye looked like I had a disease. So gross.

  6. lmao eye poker skilled champion I'd say. The crappy part other than wiping half my makeup off, is the eyeliner has glitter in it so the black would disappear and the glitter would just hang around.

    Disease eye is no fun! I really need to get qtips to save me next time :D

    The Bunneh shall make an appearance with the next EOTD! I will wake him up. :)