Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Stuff

yup still photoshopping :D

Okie dokie smokies, here be my new years resolutions for 2010. I thought I only had one but when I think harder there are more.

Thinking hurts :(

Numero uno: Get my credit card paid off. I used to have a savings account at one point. Then I moved. Made less moola. Spent money like I was making the old moola. Went broke :( Credit card is teh debil and I will smite it with my wicked new found money saving tricks (there actually isn't one but I'll think of somethin')

Nombre deux: Spend less. There we go! My sneaky money saving trick. Who'da thunk it? Not I, most definately, but there is no way I'll be able to handle numero uno without doing nombre deux first. I am a spending fiend. I see the word "Sale" and I might as well black-out and wake up a day later. Even buying small things like samples for $1, holy do those ever add up. I haven't bought everything I've been wanting from Aromaleigh but I think I am good for awhile. Maybe make 2 more Fyrinnae orders to get them out of my system, and I want to try Hi-fi cosmetics as well but I know if I keep going I'm just digging my debt hole bigger and that stops me from resolution nummer drie...

Nummer drie: GO HOME.

YES! HOME! Moving to Winnipeg was such a waste of a year and a half of my life. I honestly can't say many good things about it other than I met a few nice people (just a few) and I don't pay for cable. The fib that things cost less here is a total lie. You pay 7% PST (Alberta you didn't pay PST at all) as well as the 5% GST so things cost MORE. MOARRRRRRRR! effing liars. The only way I can see if being cheaper here is if I bought a frikkin house. Those cost less here but whoopdedoo, I CAN'T BUY A HOUSE! Besides, I don't want a house here, this city ranks second in B&E's, first in homicide, robbery and car theft . NO THANK YOU.
w00ty w00t.

Numero quattro: This has nothing to do with numero uno, nombre deux or nummer drie but I want to wash my face before going to bed. My pillow cases are going to strangle me in my sleep if I do not. My skin is horrible and when I get back home I plan on washing my face more, use lush scrub and take my skin vitamins on a regular basis. Clear skin = better pictures from moi!

5! This is where "loose weight" comes in. It's so not to be healthy. I've had asthma since I was 4, had pneumonia many times along with tonsillitus (got those babies yoinkied out), all shitty things that have happened out of pure nature, not because of my weight, so I figure weightloss will not make a difference to my overall health. So I guess "eat less shit" will be 5. I've done it before 3 times with positive results but I then I go back to "screw you, I'm an adult I will eat what I want" and then all of a sudden my awesome yoshi nintendo shirts no longer fit. Crap. My dream would be to lose 100 pounds but I'd settle for 80 (in total). The most I've lost before was around 50 and then I gained it back hardcore and then some. I can do it if I put my mind to it. Maybe for typing it down right here I will HAVE to do it.
Yep. Now I haz to. I'll start with 50 for this year. If I can get rid of 50 this year I'll know I can finish it off for next year.

That is all folks :)

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  1. Those sound like some great resolutions! I want to eat less shit as well, but the whole weight loss thing sucks for me. I just can't do it healthy. Last time I ended up losing 40 pounds, dipping under 100, oh and I completely fucked up my intestines to the point where the muscles started to atrophy. Now I'm on a strict 2000 cal diet to "regrow" all the bad parts of my tummy that I messed up. *Le sigh* I will live vicariously through your skinniness! And I'm def not spending money...and hopefully paying off my credit card. It's completely maxed out!