Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Extragalactic Fireflly

Day 2 of working after a glorious 2 weeks off. Work blows. Makeup does not!

This is the looks I decided on today. I wore Stardust cosmetics:

Lid main: Firefly (you can't tell from the pics but it has tiny green glitter in it (oh god I just fixed the typos "tiney" and "glotter". Yikes)

Crease: Extragalactic

Hilight: Cashmere Mittens

Eyeliner: Bourjois contou clubbing eyeliner in Blue Remix

Cheeks: Aromaleigh Dolly

Lips: Milani gloss in Bee Bold

And the totally photoshoppy filtered one (Used the glamorous filter, can't tell the difference between that and the smoothing tool)

And a random bit of yuckiness...lamb placenta for your face....


  1. ... lamb placenta? for srs??

    Despite that, very pretty! I love bright greens =D

  2. Great combo of colors. You look lovely :)

  3. Lamb placenta? WTF? And it comes in different colors with PICTURES OF LAMBS ON IT??? (If I were marketing that, I wouldn't put pics of the kind of placenta on there....just sayin!)

    You look way cute, by the way! Firefly looks so awesome with Extragalatic!

  4. You look lovely in those colours...but WTF is at the bottom?????????????????
    So I know about people in Japan using bird poop as a facial mask and that seems to do well. I'm guessing lamb placenta has a lot of vitamins and is probably good for your face. But still! *barf*
    And they say the best astringent is to use the first pee of the morning (your own of course!). But you won't see me doing that!

  5. Love this look! The blue eyeliner is awesooome. :)

  6. Thank you :) I needed some brightness to makeup for the soft look the day before!

    I shall not ever rub lamb placenta on meh face. Even if it became some magical anti-zit, anti-wrinkle gunk. NO WAY.

    PEE ON MY FACE?!! AHHHHK! lol I've never heard of that one grosssssss. At least the smell would wake ya!

  7. Beautiful look! The blue liner looks very nice :)

  8. I too love the blue liner! Lamb placenta... that's gross.

  9. Thank you :) Only 2 stores in Canada sell Boujois and I got lucky my mom works in one of them :D