Thursday, January 21, 2010

Even More Matte Fantastic

Once upon a time there was a me. Me hated mattes. Me found Aromaleigh Hi-Fi Mattes and found the way.

Me also wanted to see if I could find a look that would go with my Fanservice lip lustre. I didn't quite get it right yet (should have used a smokey grey or brown look maybe) but it was worth AN INSANELY BRIGHT SHOT!

I used:
Inner 3rd: Kookie
Middle: Got dibs
Outer 3rd: Cool it

Eyeliner: Morgana Minerals in Zombie Ambrosia wetlined with Aromaleigh sealant.

same mascara (oOooo I sure know how to switch it up...)

Lips: Fyrinnae lip lustre Fanservice with Mac Hello Kitty in Nice Kitty on top

There's 2 of the full face cuz I liked the second better but the colours are more true in the first.



  1. Arf! Silly rabbit strikes again!

    I LOVE this!! I think it looks great with Fanservice. Which, again, do I have to say how much I want? A lot. Yep. I'm creepily staring at your lips right now XD

  2. That looks so pretty! Love the color choices. LOL @ the last pic.

  3. That rabbit just doesn't know how to NOT BOTHER ME! Tis okay cuz he be soft :)
    I find my self staring at lips that have a fantastic shade of awesome on them lol. I was just trying to find one I really liked, you may have seen it, it has like 4 colours on them and SPRINKLES! SPRINKLES!!!! :D
    oyeeee, bed time for me. I'm getting too insane for my own good.

    Thank you Michelle!

  4. I love it! It goes with Fanservice imo, it looks great.


    Fanservice goes great with this look ;D

    I think I'm one of the VERY few people who like mattes more than any other finish. *hides*

  6. Awesome look! I love fan service!