Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tis Mario Cart Time

Game Cube Mario Cart. Noice! I planned on wearing my new shirt I bought from Tee Fury. It's a kinda neato site, every 24 hrs a new shirt is released. They are only $9 each and $5 to ship to moi. This shirt was so adorable my boyfriend wanted one too so I bought 2 :D The girl's size xl would never fit my chest in a million years go I had to get a guys large. It's quite long so I may have to cut off a couple of inches to make it look right.

Since the shirt was muted colours I didn't want to wear anything too bright so I decided on black/white/grey!

I don't think I've ever worn these 3 shades together. I swatched a bunch on colours on my hand and decided to use all She Space pigments (I know some people aren't too fond of them but I haves a bunch and they need a usin'! And these 4 were the more vivid of the bunch) hah. vivid greys...

I used:

Main lid: Disturbed By Dreams
Crease and slightly higher: Convicted
Thin line in crease to separate colour better: Gothic Glamour
Highlight and blending a bit into Convicted: Glitz on Glass
Eyeliner: The Body Shop glitter black liquid eyeliner (was a duo with sparkle black mascara topcoat)

Just regular ol Rimmel Glam 'Eyez mascara

Blush: Luna Twilight Rosalie palette (the only good thing about it)

****extra! Google Twilight Rosalie Palette and my happy blog is first! WIN!! :D

Highlight on top blush: TooFaced Candlelight Glow powder (waste of money but can't let it go to waste or that would be much worse)

Lips: Avon Mark hook up in Peek-a-Boo

I didn't line the lower eyes. I didn't want to distract from the eyelid or make the look too dark. I usually don't follow "daytime/nighttime" makeup but the shirt specifically told me, "If you make this look too dark, I will strangle you in your sleep." So the shirt won this round.

Ignore the crappy hair in the full face pic, I didn't dry it yet so it looks all scraggly haggly schmaggly.



  1. I love it!!! Adding you to my blogroll :)

  2. I expected to see Mario make-up.


  3. awwww, I have disapointed! :( Next time I play Mario, I'll do Mario makeupz :D I just couldn't think of a better title, Disturbed by Convicts?

    And thank you Phyrra! :)

  4. OMG the silver looks so pretty on you! Do more silver based looks, I demand it!

  5. So cute! I really like the silvers on you.

    Ugh, I hate how people are hating on TSS right now. I love them!

  6. :) I shall do more silvery grey looks then. Thank you :D

  7. Great colours! These are definitely colours you should wear more often. So pretty. And I too was thinking this would be a Mario look! Hee hee!

  8. lol, I've been thinking super hard on actual Mario looks. I'm not very creative so I'll probably take what I know already and toss in Mario-ish colours :D I do have an idea for Princess Peach but I'll have to wait for the weekend for more time.