Sunday, January 10, 2010

Banana Cupcakes for the Bunnies

Well I am bored. Bored bored bored. Nothing good is on TV and I just needed something to do to sit still.

What's that?

Play with makeup?


I was looking up swatches all day and saw one of MAC Going Bananas and automatically thought of Fyrinnae's Banana Mochi. I don't know if it's similar other than the fact they both are yellow and have the word Banana in the name but I wanted to use it because I haven't yet. I only did 1 eye, I'm not going anywhere and this was just to play :)

I used:
Main: Snow Bunny with Aromaleigh Kiss on top (either colour didn't want to stick so I tried to pack them on a bunch)
Crease: Cupcake Sprinkles
Above crease: Banana Mochi
Highlight: Stardust's Cashmere Mittens
Lower liner: PC Urchin
Eyeliner: Body Shop black glitter liquid eyeliner
Rimmel Glam Eyes in black


My boyfriend thinks it sucks. Good think I don't listen to him anyway :D

And I just liked how it all looked with a blue filter :D


  1. Unusual combo but VERY pretty! Yes, you never should listen men, when it comes to makeup :D

  2. :D Thank you! I almost wish I did both eyes now!
    He keeps telling me about "day time and night time" makeup. Blah, If I only wore daytime makeup, I wouldn't get to touch half my eyeshadows lol

  3. Most people's "night time" eyeshadow IS my daytime eyeshadow!!

  4. I love it! Stupid boys, they know nothing of makeup XD The pastel colors look amazing together! I really want Banana Mochi, I have a thing for yellows!

  5. Day and Night time makeup is for people who work in an office.

    This is awesome! :)

  6. My man got used to my crazy makeup and now suggests funky colours to use together. Then I think HE'S the crazy one. "what??? you want me to use those colours together? I'll look like I have baby poop on my eyes!!!"
    I certainly don't believe in night time or day time makeup. I just have crazy makeup and even crazier makeup. :-)
    You look stunning! You should moon your boyfriend for not liking this!

  7. I don't think day and night time makeup exist for people like us, haha. I love purple and yellow together! I think this is supa cute :D

  8. Lisa Kate: I EFFING love yellows! And greens but if I see a yelllow, I get more happy dancey because people are afraid of it but not moi!

    Julissa: True! But I have a feeling that if I were in an office, I still wouldn't give a damn lol

    Blix: Baby poop eyes! hahahah! That's how I feel when I attempt neutrals! :D I shall moon him whilst flipping the bird, that'll learn him.

    Heather: Thank you :D I'm too chicken to try bright yellow and bright purple together (I think of the L'Oreal HIP Flamboyant Duo!) but pastels are awesome! Just like candy!