Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This is what I get for buying store bought

Bah! NYX is sold at like 2 stores in this entire city, and it's only a select few items. I saw some and got all happy of course and grabbed a few things completely forgetting I could get it online much cheaper. Atleast this way I got to see the colours first, but no testers.

I grabbed 3 trios, 2 lil jars of loose eyeshadow (there were green, it would be a crime if I didn't get them) and 3 single eyeshadows.

The singles were Earthy Shimmer, Fahrenheit and Daisy.

I haven't swiped Fahrenheit and MACs Paradisco side by side yet, but I saw somewhere that it was a MAC dupe, and to me, right now, that looks wrong. I won't know for sure until I swatch them but I'll let you know. It was the whole reason I've been wanting it for so long!

Anyways, Earthy Shimmer = crap for colour payoff. SHEER CRAP. SHEER CHUNKY FLAKEY CRAP! I even used a primer and it looked like sheer grey crud.

I did my eyes and was so disapointed but Fyrinnae saved the day! I put some Pixie Epoxy over top of what I did already and patted more NYX on top. It worked! My blending didn't work so great as I only put the epoxy on the bit that had the Earthy Shimmer and you could probably tell in the pics but oh wells. If you have a shadow that is failing you, try it with the Epoxy next. I am thisclose to writing them a love poem. Is that stalkery?
Break out the pepper spray boys :D <3 hearts! <3

I used:
Lid: Earthy Shimmer crap
Corner of lid: Fahrenheit
Crease: Daisy
Highlight: Cashmere Mittens by Stardust. You shocked yet? HAH!


  1. You look so pretty! But, yeah, NYX in stores is SO f'ing expensive!! Those singles at Ulta are like $5. $5?!?!?! NOT WORTH IT!!

  2. Im glad you got the shadow to work for you :)

    I have a NYX shadow where the glitter doesnt show up at all and it's like a dull black-ish base, so I'll definitely have to try it with pixie epoxy when I get some XD

  3. The NYX singles here in canadaland are a frikkin $6.99!!!! I got them on sale but still! Soooo not worth it for stuff you can't even sample and need to use a super awesome base with.