Saturday, January 9, 2010


I really don't like that I can't stick and exclamation mark in the title. That's no fun :(

Anywhosies, I WON ANOTHER GEM!! Happy dance time!

I got my 3 Aromaleigh packages shipped to my mom's house because I was going to be there for Christmas and with the time frame I figured I had it all planned out correct.

INCORRECT! I forgot to take into account that there are no deliveries on Christmas and New Years so everything was delayed. I got back here Sunday night and Monday afternoon my mom texts me to say she has mail for me. Crap.

Knowing the gem hunt ends on the 10th I asked if she could please shake the packages and listen for a rattle just incase. And YES!! The package that was chock full of Spring Solstice had a purdy pink gem in it. $25 again!

I'm not sure what to get with it this time. With the coupon structure changed I won't be able to get as much as I did with the last coupon. I can't really complain because it is a freebie. It just still bugs me a little bit though. I think I may get a full size Notorious Sonic Lip tint and maybe the sample set of the Opulent Lustres.

Even looking at my rewards points, I had enough to redeem 500 but now I only have 437 I think. At the time, the reward was 10 free eyeshadows but not limited editions or Aromaleigh Angels. If this is what the reward will still be when everything is updated I'm stumped on what to get. One of my packages sent to my mom's was Rocks! samples from the 50% off sale so maybe I'll stock up on those once I pick my favourites. I wish I could use the points on the Ltd Ed collections though. And would the now permanent limited colours still be considered limited?

My head hurts.


  1. with the new coupon system you can still only put one code in? I'm confused! Also confused about the now permanent LEs. Ahh, head hurts!

    But still...I'm way jealous of your gem!

  2. Yup, only one coupon. So for the 25% off sales you have to add the products and use the 25% off code, or use the code for the freebie you may have been able to aquire but can't get both. And so I wouldn't be able to use my $25 code on 25% because I can only use one at a time :( So it's like 3 freebies instead of 4. Oh well, free is free :)

    I hope she clarifies the whole permanent LE thang. I hate thinking too hard lol

  3. I tagged you in my blog :)

  4. You GOT TWO? I spent $100 and got none :[


  5. I think it's because she secretly knew I wasn't planning on buying anything for awhile other than to get my Fyrinnae back up to competing levels with my other makeup :D