Wednesday, January 27, 2010


There was a commercial on TV for Criminal Minds, I've never seen it before but there were people dolls, and it scared me. So naturally I had to hunt down the show, watch it, and try to do dolly makeups.

On it's own, it looked pretty crappy, but after playing with different photoshop filters one of them is bound to look doll-like to somebody! :D

I used Avon Mark for the shadows. I'm such a turd and can't remember which ones, but they were nude like colours. The lashes were just cheapo NYC lashes (OMFG were they annoying, toooo heavy)
Eyeliner was Urban Decay Zero
Blush Fyrinnae Charm
Lips Fyrinnae Visual Kei

One day, I will attempt this again and curl my hair, do SOMETHING to become more dolly like.

Now, my attempt to look all "vacant"...

And just my eyes cuz I liked it best cropped this way :D


  1. I LOVE that show, and that episode was so good. And that's the first thing I noticed about it, too. :D

    The makeup you did is fabulous. Definitely doll-like. :D

  2. Heh, very cool. I LOVE the lashes!

  3. Hi Julissa, Thank you :) I'm usually gawking at the makeup on shows/movies I watch now lol This one was just too hard to resist!

    Hiya Phyrra! Thanks, these were my biggest doll-like falsies I had and I think they turned out to be the best part (weightyness aside :D

  4. Oh, so pretty <3 Love the falsies!

  5. Aw, you do look like a doll and I love the photoshop you did. Makes you look like you're a star from the 40's. Mucho hawt!

  6. Haha awesome!! The photoshop makes you look all creepy pretty XD

  7. Epic lashes!

    And omg Visual kei lip lustre. It's on my wishlist ;D

  8. Thank you :)

    I loves me photoshop, and the filters were the "time machine" filters so one of them could have very well been a 40's finish :D (I can't remember the exact ones now lol)

    Visual Kei is awesome, I'll have to grab a full size (although at the rate I got through things it should last me a year :D )