Friday, January 29, 2010

Poor choice of highlight

Craptastic, that's what I shall dub this look and my choice of highlight. It was wayyyyyyyyyy too metallic. I tried to tone it down with another colour but it wasn't going to happen, the pixie epoxy worked against me with this look. I still love it to bits though :)

I used:
Main: Aromaleigh Zinnia
Outter corner: Aromaleigh Calendula
Highlight: Larkspur
Other highlight to tone it down but fail, Stardust Cashmere Mittens
Eyeliner: Meow cosmetics Coffin
Mascara: guessss.....

Only one shot looked less rediculous than the rest and then I went photoshop nuts to make a decent unnatural looking one. Sweeeeet.


  1. Bwah! I love the highlight! I really do it makes you look very fairy like! Yay fairies! Your posts are so funny your writing style is epic.

  2. Haha you are too cute! Should have just used the Cashmere Mittens in the first place XD

  3. Thanks Pixie! I'm waiting for the day when someone tells me to just shut up and get serious lol. NO DEAL! :D

    Lisa Kate, I SHOULD HAVE! :D I should have used it all over and then used just a teeeeeny bit of larkspur for the shiny. Ya just can't go wrong with Cashmere Mittens. I do want to get Finnegans Wake now too :)
    I got my last SheSpace order and I found an excellent colour thats close too and I'm trying soooo hard not to go back and buy a dozen knowing I can get a wondeful Fyrinnae colour that hopefully isn't going anywhere!

  4. I think this look is great! I love Pixie Epoxy...haven't had it work against me yet.