Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pea Soup

Now I want pea soup. Dammit. Only my mom's soup will do but she's 14 hrs away.

Crap in a handbasket.

Oh well. It's Saturday, cold out, mister is at work and I can't drive so I've done nothing all day but watch TV movies and put away the dishes. I could have washed some more. But I didn't.

I did my makeup today, just in case I got motivated. I wanted to try out my new batch of SheSpace pigments. The jars do make me a little sad that they aren't sealed. From all my Fyrinnae orders, their little sample jars don't come sealed and I've only had maybe 3 get their leak on (and that's out of a shitload of jars) but this recent SheSpace order had almost half of them get leaky.
Ghostly Story was one of them and REALLY PRETTY, so go grab one before it's gone forever. I should have taken a pic of the mess on my hand that it made. Pretty mess atleast :)

So I used:
Inner half: Ying and Yang (not my typo I swears!)
Outer half: Rolled in Opals
Highlight: The Bubbles Made Me Do It
Lower lash line: Aromaleigh hi fi mattes Big Tickle

Blush: Avon Mark in Star Glow

Lips: Fyrinnae lip lustre in Devil Horns

I was a bit upset that Rolled in Opals wasn't close to the picture on the site. It may have had the jar labelled wrong. The lilac-y colour on the site looks amazing and mine just looks like dark blue :(
I tried to take a pic but it lightened it a bunch, irl it's darker still. Just blue. Damn.

This is from the site:

And what I got (actually darker than the pic shows):

Oh well, on to my face! I threw in some super shopped ones because, like I said, I did nothing all day. But play with pictures :D

Unfortunately this is what happens when I don't force myself to smile. I look like an uber bitch. I think it's the eyebrows. And my mouth. I'm not trying to look angry. This is just me, sans smile. Which is why most my eotd's are just of my eyes.
And why people never seem to want to help me in stores...

Grrr arggg, I swear I wont kick the baby...


  1. Haha you DO look angry! I so woulnd't mess with you XD

    Ghostly Story was my FIRST full size TSS pig! I love it XD

    (And I agree, Rolled in Opals is darker than the pic, but mine looks a lot more purple than yours!)

  2. LOL my normal non-smiley face causes people to tell me I need happy pills >_<

    The Bubbles Made Me Do It is an adorable name ;D

  3. I hate SheSpace.

    Hate hate hate.

    Their product photos are terrible, half the ones not labelled sheer are watered down crap, everything has a bucket of titanium dioxide in it which makes it incredibly white and thin, and you can't apply it wet, or it turns into mud. Oh, and the descriptions lie, and the website looks like it was made by my arse sitting on a keyboard.

    Aside from all that, your eyes look pretty. Yes.

  4. That was my biggest problem with TSS pigments: the leaky jars. I got leakage in varying amounts on nearly every order, except those orders where I asked them to tape the jar lids shut (or when I asked them to put the pigments in sample baggies instead of jars - because I repot everything anyway. Everything's got to be matchy-matchy at this end - same size jars, labels I make and print off, so that everything stacks neatly.

    All the pictures for that Scorpio collection looked like they were overexposed or something. They just looked...wrong. I like the six colors I chose from that collection; but the initial look of the pictures was a bit disappointing. I know I'm a crap photographer, but if I were trying to sell something online that was pretty color-dependent (like makeup) I'd either take photography classes, or hire a professional. The overexposed photos are almost as bad as "powerloaded" swatches from other companies.

    If you want a nice periwinkle- or lavender-color, check out Harmony of Heart or Flirty Flirt Flirt from the Libra collection. They're actual periwinkles, not "blue" (though there are some "blue" colors in that collection.)

    I can't seem to take good pictures, either. My smile looks kind of pained, and my "neutral" face looks more like "freshly pithed".

  5. You look great :D Ying and Yang is one of my favorites <3

  6. I like this colourfull look, its pretty nice :)