Sunday, January 24, 2010

Death Valley


BTW this wasn't one huge order, it was 4! My mom shipped me the 3 that were sent to her when I assumed they would get to her house over the holidays. Of course I was wrong and they got there after I left. And the 4th order came the same day as the one she shipped to me. I was so excited I would finally get to see what Aromaleigh's Avalon looked like! I went through them (ordered all the rocks! I didn't have yet from the 50% sale in December) and realized I DIDN'T ORDER IT! Crap. So much for that. I'll ask for it to be my freebie next time I guess :) 3 of my free samples were pointless for me as well, because they were hi-fi Matte colours and I had ordered that whole set with the 50% off sale as well. Maybe I'll combine some and see what frankencolour I end up with.

Deathvalley was one colour that popped out to me. In the bag it looks like a really weird mustard colour. I guess it looks like that on as well but I loved it! I do love my yellow shadows though. My boyfriend said it was a good thing I didn't pair it with purple or it would look like a bruise.


So here was todays EOTD. I didn't use a crease colour mostly because I had no idea what colour would have worked and with this recent mail overload I was kind of overwhelmed with choices.

Lid: Deathvalley
Highlight: Stardust cosmetics Cashmere Mittens (If this is out next xmas I want another. It's a perfect "what the hell am I going to use for a highlight?" colour)
Eyeliner: Morgana Minerals Broomstick wetlined with AL sealant.
Mascara: hmmm could it be Rimmel again? Yup. So unique I KNOW!

Cheeks: Avon Mark Star Glo with Too Faced Candlelight glow on top

Lips: Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Hair Dye (it is my mission to make this colour uber popular so they never discontinue it because it is AWESOMELY AWESOME!

I bummed around Sephora today. Nothing new or great. I was thisclose to getting Too Faced's Natural Eye kit. But the $44 kind of threw me off. I don't know why I wanted it. I don't wear naturals. Maybe it could have been my "safe" palette.

Then again, screw that. Fyrinnae brought out a bunch of neutrals that are probably nicer that and I have yet to buy. I will. I shall. I have to. I'll need some colours anyway for doing my cousin's wedding party makeup. Which includes me now! Woohoo!!

Gah, 3:30am. Bedtime I guess. Night night or more likely good morning! :)


  1. I really like DeathValley, as it's an interesting neutralish color. The liner you chose looks nice with it.

  2. Rainbow of happy!
    You look really good in the yellowy-mustard color. I like how you paired it with the bright blue. Five million stars for working on making Hair Dye a popular color. It's so yummy! I heart your brows btw they're perfect.


    Tbh, the only colour I could think to pair with that mustard yellow WOULD be a purple :X

  4. I am so broke and so jealous >:[ cute look!

  5. You got lotsa pretty things there! I haven't ordered from Aromaleigh in a long time. There are so many things I would like to try but I'm trying to be good and not buy anything for a while. I have DV but not sure if I have used it yet...maybe I'll try it soon! I'd probably pair it with a green colour...or something.
    Great look!

  6. Thank you Phyrra :) I noticed I usually pair yellows with a blue liner. And then I think of Spongebob everytime. Man I love Spongebob!

    Thanks Pixie! I've been plucking these bad boys since I was 12. If I don't I'll look like that caveman from the commercial (for some reason can't think of what commercial was for lol)

    Silhouette, If I didn't use blue my next choice would have been purple. My doode knows nada :D He'd tell me it looked like a bruise and then I'd tell him to shove it :)

    Thanks Heather! I'm now broke :) I think I'm done ordering from Aromaleigh for awhile. I have a 25% gift code to use still but since I can't use it on sale items I'm not sure what to get now (and 90% of the time my AL package gets customs charged if it comes in the box) so an $8 shadow becomes a $10 shadow :(

    Thanks Easy, Peasy! Now to get somewhere to stash it all :)

    Hi Blix! I envy your restrain :) Green would look super awesome with it!
    Thank you :D

  7. I think that colour looks good on you! Wouldn't mind trying it myself, but I've bought way too much recently...and mostly from Aromaleigh too x.x

  8. Pretty girl! You look awesome!

    You should try Finnegan's Wake from Fyrinnae, its pretty close to Cashmere Mittens!