Friday, January 15, 2010

Lip Lustres have ARRIVED

YES! My Fyrinnae package came, wrapped superbly as always :)
This is just a pic to show what they look like with my camera. I will do actual mouth swatches if they can photograph okay.

Fullsize from top to bottom:
Devil Horns
Hair Dye
Fishnet & Sneakers

Mini lustres 1st row l-r:
Diabolic Masquerade
Ghostly Voice

Mini lustres 2nd row l-r:
Flavor of the Day
Visual Kei
Type A
Mega-Hold ~ Will wear this tomorrow. Grabbed it because a nasty reviewer said she looked like a low class stripper. I'm gonna rock it :D

And here's Fanservice because I HAD to play with them asap...


  1. Sweet! I have always wanted to try their lippies but haven't yet. So jealous!

  2. Ahhh I cant wait to see a swatch of Fanservice and Type A, I've been wanting to pick those ones up :)

  3. My new problem... WHAT THE HELL EYESHADOW DO I WEAR WITH THESE! hahaha. I really have no clue. I have tons of lip glosses but they don't really have much colour other than pink so I may be mismatchy for awhile!

  4. I'm looking forward to lip photos of the odd colors :)

  5. I did Fanservice cuz I couldn't wait!

  6. Wow -- I can't believe the colours are so rich, not the usual lipgloss with a bit of colour and a lot of transparent gloss, those look like they are proper colours ! Can't wait to see some photos, will definitely pay more attention to the other bloggers as well !
    Am an MMU newbie myself, but looks like Fyrinnae is so going to be the next online shop I purchase from !
    Have fun !

  7. I LOVE fyrinnae's lip lustres....I have some more on the way to me now! :D They look awesome.....I've got some more on my list after seeing them on your blog!

  8. yay! Go get em! I wanted to take the pic of them in the tubes first because when I googled them, it was hard to find any info other than the site (and of course people always complain that products hardly ever match site descriptions) so this could be the second opinion :D

    Phyrra has some awesome pics on her blog as well here with skin swatches as well

    She's the one who convinced me to get Ryunome with those :)

  9. I love that you picked a color BECAUSE someone else said it made her look like a stripper. LOL!

  10. lol, I just had to! I thought it was really rude and wanted to prove otherwise :D

  11. HOLY CRAP I just realized that Mega-hold aka the stripper lustre is already on it's way to me.....I'm going to have to use it first!

  12. SOOO pretty! I love Fanservice XD

  13. Dude, I really need to get Fanservice asap. Even if it makes me look like a purple-lipped corpse, I'll rock it (or I'll try at least :|)

  14. I want to see a comparison between bounce and whee! They both look lovely, and I've been on the lookout for a lavender lipgloss ever since my old victoria secret one went bad hahahha. Love to see more lip swatches. I'm so glad you're liking your order :)

    Pierced, Shangri-La, Diabolique Masquerade, and Type A are awesome! Now I'm going to have to check out Hair Dye because as a warm toned gal, I LOVE ORANGE!


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