Sunday, December 9, 2012

Meow Xmas Holiday Swatch links

NOT 100%.  I haven't bought anything from this year yet (I want that new Snowflake!!) so I'm still waiting to place my order.  I have Misfits and Ice Blossoms and the Auroras to swatch still but if you want to see the older stuff, click away!

12 Pains of Christmas
Santa Baby
Christmas Trees
Holiday Wishes
Christmas Rant
Merry Mayhem
Ghosts of Christmas Past

I can't believe I haven't even done Glacial Grove yet.  That one is super sparkly and wintery.

I probably won't do Winter Spirits ever.  I don't really like the colour palette and I think I'm too warm toned for most of those.

This post needs something Christmassy.

Here's my Christmas tree