Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I got a sweet package....

Lookie what I bought! NERD LACQUER! I will slowly be swatching these but I don't have much for nails. Here's a few random ones I did as I was playing with them tonight:

Thumb: Exterminate
Index: Shiny
Effyoufinger: Hyperspace Bypass
Ring: Largo (the thx for being patient polish)
Pinky: Gorramit

Thumb: All of Time and Space
Pointer: It's Just a Flesh Wound
Effyoufinger: Don't Blink
Ring: Home of the Untempered Schism
Pinky: Warrior Ethos

Before anyone feels the need to inform me of the poor state of my finger skin, I KNOW DUDE. Warehouse work and lady hands don't go well in the long run. I touch cardboard and paper all day and wash the crud off my hands a lot so moisture and my hands are not acquainted with each other. Even when I use Mr. Handcream. So there. :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quick swatch post ~ Lime Crime Chinchilla

Just a quick swatch post on a lipstick I've wanted since I first saw it. I know the Lime Crime drama and junk but I don't care right now. So much dumb crap is going on right now and I just want to post a friggin swatch and get back to makeup stuff.



I might update this post later with box pics, more info etc but right now just a tube closeup and my mouth

I shoulda wiped the chrome part down :s FINGER SMUDGE!
et voila

The lighting in this place tricks me out. First opening the tube I was like WOAH DARK. It looked much darker than the website shows but in my bathroom lighting, it's a bit lighter? Which is weird also because my bathroom lighting is all yellowish. I wish I had daylight :(

Monday, February 20, 2012

Kinda lame blue EOTD


I have to post SOMETHING DUDES!

So here's a look I did over a week ago. I was angry at it because it was much more brighter in real life and somehow the old ass 80 year old camera couldn't pic up accurate colour, and the stupid ass $600 wouldn't either.



Anybody who has Aromaleigh's Aqua Nightmare knows it's bright and awesome and vibrant, so picture that as you see my fail pictures.

I used:
Lid: Aqua Nightmare
Crease AL Grace
Browbone: shimmery nude
Inner corner: Meow's Yeti from the X collection
Lower liner: Aqua Nightmare and MAC Black Line pearlglide intense
Eyeliner: Black Line

(see the camera difference? One is brighter, more colour accurate but BLURRRRRFEST2012)

My preview is showing one of the pics not lining up right. Oh goody!

That blurry pic is soooo unacceptable. After this long I should be able to get clear closeup pictures but I'm doing something wrong with the EOS and it's making me displeased x a billion + 12. I took so many shots too and this was the least shitty one out of all of them. This thing's gonna take a trip off the balcony.

In other news, pre-order your Hunger Games nail polishes!!

Nothing else new. I don't even have a new book series to share with you. And Azure, if you're reading this, I have to finish the series cuz I'm a nutcase :D It just bugs me not knowing an ending. What if it gets super good and I'll never know!? Except I will cuz I'm pushing on through lol

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Yellow Hysteria

This look didn't go as planned. I rushed through it because we had a reservation to get to but I got side-tracked by facebook and had to keep getting up to wash my hands every time.

Keyboards be filthy yo

So this messy mess is what I can up with.

I used:

Lid: Meow Hysteria
Inner corner kind of: Meow End Game
Crease + lower lashline: Sugarpill Buttercupcake
Browbone: Meow Prophesy
Physicians Formula brown eyes gel liner and MAC Black Line smudged on lower lashline

Nothing cool has happened lately. I started reading a new vampire series (Jaz Parks) but I'm 1/3 through the 2nd book and I'm so bored already. There are 6 more books and then it ends so I have to keep on reading. MUST FINISH! Or at least skip through like I did with the 4th Twilight book just to get it over with.
I thought there'd be more hooking up and stuff because the covers looked kinda badass and some people on Goodreads list it under "paranormal romance" but it's mostly just a crazy chick with a vamp bossman and a psychic and a gadget guy kicking bad guy ass. I hope this series gets better. 6 MORE BOOKS! GET BETTER AND JUNK!


This is the part where I link you but Blogger is AGAIN being a douche and screwing up my linking. Instead cut and copy the below stuff to check out the awesome.



I want: All of the above. The only one I could do without is Hook and Line but I want the other 11 so it only makes sense to get the 12th to complete the collection yes?

And I thought Jaz was crazy...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

End Game Armageddon

This combo made my eyes look so brown! I usually don't care about the brownness (browness?) of my eyes because they are just brown, no fancy hilights or anything like lucky blue eyed/green eyed people, just blah brown. If I look closely at them they look like chocolate mountain peaks. Chocolate has no tone so in other words BORING mountain peaks. But as I was lining the lower lashline I thought "holy crap, my eyes look super brown! Like light intense brown."

It was neat.

Enough about brown.

I used the Meow samples I swatched yesterday.

Lid + lower lashline: End Game
Outter corner + lower lashline: Armageddon
Crease: Nostradamus
Browbone: Prophecy

Finally a navy blue I like!! I hate navy blue eyeshadows because they make me look like I have a black eye. Not like when I smoke them out with Sugarpill Buttercupcake to make them look bruisy. That's different. I like the bruisy yellow, don't like the dark angry.

Armageddon is an awesome navy because it has a red shimmer. If I blended it more I probably would have lost the shimmer and been left with navy evil, but I tried to keep the red. You can really see it on the lower lashline. The website doesn't have a colour description so here is my version:

Armageddon: Supremely kick ass non evil navy with fantastic hawt red shimmer.

My new camera shows the shades different, mucho darker. LOOK DAMMIT

I have to play with the settings. There are just too many options on that monster :(

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Meow Cosmetics End of Days Swatches

I ordered sampled of these as soon as they were available so they've been sitting on my ottoman staring me in the eye but I was too lazy to swatch them.



Meow's End of Days collection is a limited edition set that Meow says "...this dramatic color collection will be gone forever on 12 21 2012, whether we all still exist, or not."

So you have a few months to decide what you want, which is good because you're gonna want a bunch of these babies.

Swatched over UDPP

Top row L-R: Prophecy, Nibiru, Eris, Rapture, Reckoning, Hysteria, Hopeless, Armageddon
Bottom Row L-R: End Game, 2012, Winter Solstice, Doomsday, Oblivion, Nostradamus, Planet X, Ragnarok

Top row L-R: Prophecy, Nibiru, Eris, Rapture, Reckoning, Hysteria, Hopeless, Armageddon
Bottom Row L-R: End Game, 2012, Winter Solstice, Doomsday, Oblivion, Nostradamus, Planet X, Ragnarok

Weird kitchen light

Top row L-R: Prophecy, Nibiru, Eris, Rapture, Reckoning, Hysteria, Hopeless, Armageddon
Bottom Row L-R: End Game, 2012, Winter Solstice, Doomsday, Oblivion, Nostradamus, Planet X, Ragnarok


Top row L-R: Prophecy, Nibiru, Eris, Rapture, Reckoning, Hysteria, Hopeless, Armageddon
Bottom Row L-R: End Game, 2012, Winter Solstice, Doomsday, Oblivion, Nostradamus, Planet X, Ragnarok

And a bit of a closeup:

Prophecy, Nibiru, Eris, Rapture
End Game, 2012, Winter Solstice, Doomsday

Reckoning, Hysteria, Hopeless, Armageddon
Oblivion, Nostradamus, Planet X, Ragnarok

I'm LOVIN the shimmers in the 2nd group.

I would really love to get fs of: End Game (it's like mustard, for your eyes!), Hysteria, Hopeless, Armageddon, Prophecy, Oblivion and Nostradamus and possibly Winter Solstice. I don't often wear dark colours but pack a bunch of cool colours into one, SOLD! SOLD SO HARD! :D

Raspberry Lemon Chocolates

That title makes me hungry. *wipes up drool*

I got my ginormous package from Persephone Minerals in the mail a couple of days ago and I had ordered 2 winter collections: Sultry Sweet and Santa's Rockin' Reindeer. Those 2 are on clearance and I tried to link them for you but once again Blogger is being a dick so just google persephone etsy and click on the holiday 2011 link on the left.

errr.. or cut and copy this> http://www.etsy.com/listing/86953807/clearance-holiday-2011-le-sultry-sweet

Sultry Sweet is filled with pretty pinks a few browns/tans and really pretty light shades. The whole set is just fun to look at, like her Chibi Moon one (and if you don't have that one yet, you are totally DISOWNED DUDE :D )

I haven't swatched them, not sure I will since they are limited edition and probably gone soon.

Manda already swatched the pretties here> http://toxid-lotus.net/2011/11/27/swatches-persephone-minerals-sultry-sweet-shades-part-01/

and here> http://toxid-lotus.net/2011/11/27/swatches-persephone-minerals-sultry-sweet-shades-part-02/

The dude and I went to get dessert at some nice restaurant (just dessert cuz we're poor) and supper was pepperoni sticks from Walmart.


So this is the look I did to go eat some pumpkin bread pudding with salted caramel ice cream!!!

Inner lid: Buttermint
Outter lid: Ribbon Candy
Crase: Buche de Noel
Upper crease: Cranberry Sauce
Browbone: Burberry Trench with Divinity on top
Lower liner: Annabelle Bronzed (I think that's what it's called, maybe just "Bronze")
Rimmel almost freakin dry glam eyes mascara with lashes bought from KKCentreHK.
Liner Physician's Formula gel liner

Wow, gotta love my lighting continuity...


Lookie the pretty colours!

This is what you get when you add a photoshop filter

So pretty! But so not what they actually look like (well they actually look pretty but aren't as contrasty as this photo makes them out to be)

Lately it bugs the hell out of me seeing so many blogs/makeupbee photos now photoshopping every freakin picture, even swatch pics, to make something prettier.

Why bother listing what you used, when you've filtered the shit out of everything and the colour no longer looks like the original?

It's not like you go out side, go up to somebody "oh wait sir, let me throw on my magical photoshop glasses so you can see what I want you to see"

That's lying dude.

I could see tweaking it because your lighting was off but slapping a filter on it because it makes it more "vibrant" when it's totally NOT as vibrant as it actually is, just lies.

There are some blogs I do enjoy for the pretty with the photoshopping, but doing swatches with it too, nooooooo. Makes googling stuff harder when all you find and inaccurate shades. Like different montitors aren't wonky enough.

I don't care if it's used to get rid of acne/wrinkles/etc but when you start messing with the shadows themselves, it's misleading.

Over shopping shades probably hurt the company as well, especially indie when people get their order and are like "oh this is nothing like I saw online" and then blame the company, not the person with the PS skills.

Or maybe not, just a guess. I'm just bitchy today. The bread pudding wasn't that great. I want more pepperoni.