Sunday, January 30, 2011

Meow Simple/Guilty Pleasures

You have a few hours to be able to snag a few more Meow Cosmetics Guilty/Simple Pleasures.

I meant to mention this yesterday but I forgot :( Shades only last until Monday, and here are the sale codes:

Surprise Weekend Vault Sale!

Save 10% on $25.00 Code: pleasure
Save 15% on $60.00 Code: simple
Save 20% on $100.00 Code: guilty

Free shipping, $25 min on International orders.

Friday, January 28, 2011

More Red and Blue and FALSIES!

This is last Saturday's look but I've been lazy again.
ME? LAZY? Nooooooo.
But yeah.

We had people coming over to eat lots o junk food and play Ticket to Ride.
We R hardcurrr like that, board games on a Saturday.

I felt the need to makeupitize and did so with Fyrinnae accented with sweet ass lashes from Madame Madeline

I used:

Pixie Epoxy just on lid
Lid: Damn Paladins, it was sweet over the PE because the blue shimmer showed like crazy!
Crease: Velvet Vampire
Browbone: Finnegan's Wake
Lower lashline: STFU (no link, seems gonners)

Lashes: Elise 068

These lashes actually have navy blue in them but it's not super noticeable unless you are close up to them.

Yeah this is a dumb pose but lookie the lashes!

I have one more look to post but it kind of blows. I need to pick up some bulk candy when the dude gets home (yeah, candy is totally a need!) so if I have time, I shall post it tonight. Otherwise, it shall disappear in folder land.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Aromaleigh Grab Bag Time

Hullo hullo!

It is now Aromaleigh Pre-order Grab Bag time. (I forgot to mention is was "pre-order", she needs to determine the groups based on ordering. So that means there will be a bit of a wait also.

In an effort to clear out more stock, Kristen is selling off grab bags in different colour families. They will have various shadows and powders in zip baggies, more detail on Kristen's blog.

Also each grab bag has 2 brand new Valentines shades for a total of 8 new shades. Order more than 4 grab bags you're gonna get repeats.

The groups are $16 each and $2.99/bag shipping.
Established international customers can email her to place an order but there is a higher shipping charge, orders will go out via International Priority Mail ($30+) just a heads up.

The groups are:
1. pink/burgundy/wine/red
2. purple/mauve/violet
3. blue/teal
4. brown/buff/neutrals
5. blacks/deeps/greys
6. greens and khakis
7. yellow/gold/bronze/orange
8. rainbow- a little of everything

More details including just what to expect in the bags are in Kristen's Blog

I think I'll go for groups 4, 5, 6 and 7 and pray Dominion is in that "deep" group :D

And since I have no new looks for ya today, I searched through my Flickr and found the start to my Aromaleigh addiction :)
Here is my first order (possible orders plural, but something tells me this was just 1 order)
This was my AL collection September 2009

I bought Italian Ice and Psycho-Candy based on Phyrra's Warrior Woman look
Phyrra, you've created a sparkly monster :D

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lipstick of Awesome

I got my super de duper Morgana Cryptoria Black Friday Lipstick haul a few days ago (I asked for it to be sent in Jan so she wasn't slow on shipping, that was allll me :)

I will swatch these 1 by 1 and have them all done eventually because my lips have been chapped since freakin October so I can't be applying and wiping off too often.
Even this first swatch doesn't look 100% perfect because of my crazy dry lips. But it's an effing sweet colour and I feel the need to show the world. Or you guys at least :D

Here's the loot!

And the very first lipstick I chose to play with was Shrieking Orange (3rd one, top row)
I've been wanting a vibrant orange lipstick since I saw one from SHEWHOMUSTNOTBENAMEDFORFEAROFLAWSUITSANDGENERALFUCKERY

And I do believe this one is one hell of a deal. They are $10 but with the sale I got mine for $7 I think.

Would you rock this?


I don't wear lip products too often because I don't know how to properly pair them with the rest of my makeup :s But I think this would look sweet with a dark green smokey eye.

Time to go clean junk. Bye now!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shimmery Neutral

What up

I had to do my makeup fast because the store we wanted to go to closed at 6 and it was 4:30 when I started painting meh face.

Turquiose and red are 2 shades I have out because I wanna try that combo again but those 2 colours need time, and that I didn't have. So neutrals won!

I used Aromaleigh and my new Burberry Trench.

It turned out pretty neat, my browns-loving mom would be proud :D

I used:
Lid: AL Pavane
Crease: AL Chronos
Browbone: Burberry Trench
Liner: Physicians Formula glam somethingorother for Brunettes in Black shimmer (this stuff looked just black in the pot but when I swiped, it had all these awesome copper sparkles in it!)
Lower liner: Chronos again

Undereyes: MAC Select Moisturecover concealer in NW20
Aromaleigh Coquille powder Nectarine dusted on top. If I don't use powder, this stuff settles in lines and I look wonderfully cakey. Also Nectarine adds more light and slight sparkles so I look more awake anyways :)

Face: MAC toolightformyface NC20 (yup wrong shade also, I win hard) Fix Fluid mixed with Rimmel Stay Matte True Ivory
Aromaleigh Peaches and Cream High Resolution powder (very upset I didn't get into powders before the closure, this stuff is a dream)

Cheeks: Aromaleigh Rocks Rouge in Cherrybomb
Claires baked nonbronzer bronzer dusted on top for gold shimmer

Lips: Mac Kumquat

Pavane-y goodness. Doesn't show the golden bits very good, but I love it. I have 2 backup jars. It be spechul

Chronos. Also has mega sparkle that refuses to show up good

Big dumb awkward head on crooked face

I ruined it by getting mascara on my lid :( Battries were dying so I couldn't fix it to take another picture.

Blurry but shows the lovely sheen nicely

And there you have it! I haven't shown my fulll head in awhile. Stress made me zitty yet crazy dry and peely and puffy and I didn't feel like subjecting you guys to that kind of ugly torture. How on Earth can your skin be so frikkin oilslicky on half the face and then so dry your nose peels!?! Hormones/chemistry/genetics, you blow buddy.

Awesome Giveaway, MAC lippies!

I feel like I'm on a posting spree!

Laura has an excellent giveaway going on right now until the 31st.

Winner gets to choose 5 MAC lipsticks. INSANE YEAH!? I am ON IT. :D

So hop on over.

Good luck!!

US peeps, you still can haz some Aromaleigh!

I just saw a tweet that there are a limited amount of Astronomical and Spells Wonderstruck and Mythos are still available.

So go grab schtuff! :D

Look done with Spells that I just realized I never did post! BAD MEH!
Crucio on lid, Lumos in the corner, Nox in the crease, Fidelius above crease and Finite for browbone. I think. This was done for my mister's Christmas part at the beginning of Decemeber. I can't believe I forgot to post it!

Look done with Astronomical here

Another here

Look done with Wonderstruck here

And some Mythos here

And my Astronomical swatches are here here and here

Friday, January 14, 2011

Meow Meow Meowwwww

If there were some pretties you were looking to grab from Meow Cosmetics, you should pop on over soon before the Holiday stuff retires!
For those who ordered shades last Christmas, this is a reminder there are 2 new Snowflakes! I almost forgot when I did up my order.
And I'm pretty sure everyone needs a jar of Present if you want a beautiful highlighter powder. I kinda wished I grabbed 2 jars, but I was trying to not spend too much.

Sunday is the last day to get all of these collections.

Also the 20% coupon is still working: LongWinterNap

I ended up grabbing a big ol pile, but I won't show you my insanity until it arrives and I can take pictures of the sparklies :)

You don't only have to get Holiday shades at 20% off, you could check out the Egyptian Treasures (I LURVE!) Or maybe softer shades are your thing.
Or grab the wicked awesome blush GAL. Feliners!

I'll stop linking now before your paycheques get angry at you :)

Basement cat lives upstairs

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Be Gone Grumpy Pants!

I see another email in my junk folder from Holt. I didn't check it yet, I'm in a great mood and I don't wanna read something, take it the wrong way, and get all bitter pants again, so I'll post a look instead! :)

I used Aromaleigh's Astronomical collection again.

Lid inner 3rd: Binary
Lid centre: Event Horizon
Outer 3rd and crease: Magellanic
Browbone: Perihelion
Liner: Physicians Formula Glam Copper gel liner for Brunettes

My blending skillz were shot to hell that day. I just couldn't get the colours to go where I wanted them to because I was in a rush. It's still kinda nifters methinks. I love Binary and I think I should have used more of it and less Event Horizon. Next time!

DAYLIGHT SHOT! Bluuurrrryyyy, I can't ever get a non blurry photo without the flash. It displeases me.

meh. Anybody have any colour combo ideas? The weekend is coming up and I can take my sweet ass time :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ink Pink You Stink!

That's how the rhyme goes right?

Bah who knows. I'm not 8 anymore. Or am I.... wha wha whaaaaaa.

I felt I was in a crazy pink mood today so I pinked the hell out of my eyes. If I had more time I would have plopped some dark purple or blue in my lower lash line to look less ill but STUPID NYX JUMBO PENCIL decided to take up time being all helpful and junk. It's crappy how the one extra step sets you back a few minutes.

So I used:

NYX Jumbo pencil in Cottage Cheese (milk would have worked better but I need to find a sharpener that accomodates that fatty fatness of it. Something tells me my sharpener does fit it, in the other side, but it's 11pm and I don't feel like being a rummager at ze moment) I spread it out over the lid to make it a bit sticky for my pinks. Pixie Epoxy would have worked too but I haven't used my pencils in awhile and they were feeling lonely.

Shadows are all Aromaleigh
Inner lid half: Showy If you don't have this try to steal it off somebody, or ya know, go see if someone is trading it on the AL boards. There are rainbow sparkles in it. It rocks my world.
Outer half of lid: Fanclub
Crease: IWantCandy
Browbone: Shell from the Carolina Mattes
Liner: Revlon colorstay black pen liner (oOo mixing it up!)

Bad thing about light mattes, every dang stray hair on the browbone shows :( Other finishes tend to make them fade in. Looks like I need to make better friends with my tweezers again.

I have a couple more looks but I'm too schleeeeepy to post.

Also, kinda pissed at e.l.f. There is a code for free shipping. I enter it. $6.whatevs comes off the order in red and with the - and all. Then, oh hey you're a Canadian, lets plop $8 shipping to the order right underneath the -$6.something.
Yeahhhhh.... free shipping my ass. Thanks for NUTHIN'

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Too Faced Candlelight VS Hard Candy Moon Glow

I love shiny stuff and I remember when I bought the Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Candlelight Powder that $32 is effing rediculous for a powder but I swatched it in the store and I couldn't say no to that slight golden sparkle.

You get 9 grams in a sturdy adorable compact with a mirror on the inside of the lid. It came with a sponge but I just use a brush instead.

It's massive and I don't think I'll ever run out but that doesn't stop me from checking out other luminizers.

Enter: Hard Candy Moon Glow. I think I paid $9 (any canuckers out there buy this yet and remember what the price was?)
You get 6.94 grams in a compact, the product pan lifts and there is a mirror and a not so impressive heart shaped sponge underneath.

Too Faced wins with the compact design. It felt strong and I could toss it in my bag and not have to worry about it popping open.
Hard Candy's compact felt cheap to me. The lid pops open before I even press the little latch in. It doesn't have much of a satisfying click when I shut it to know it's shut. Also, when it was pressed, it wasn't done perfectly, there were some lump parts. I tried to get it to show in pictures, but the powder is so light, it's hard to see, but in real life, you can see it's there. I'm kinda snotty, that I like stuff to look perfect and new when I buy it, well, perfect and new!

Too faced also wins the shimmer contest. It has a better golden glow because it has more gold shimmer in it. Moon glow has less shimmer but is also has silver and pink sparkles lightly spread out in it. I could do without these because it can just look like eyeshadow fallout.

Formula wise, Too Faced also wins. It blends into my skin tone better. Moon Glow has a more noticeable cream coloured base. It's a bit too pale for my skintone.

Price wise obviously Hard Candy wins.

I am a bit surprised to hear this brand was once sold at Sephora. If they charged Too Faced's price or close to it, I would not have bought it. Cheap packaging, wonky pressing, cruddy applicator, too light, bad sparkles, not enough shimmer.

So for $9 I think it's very meh. I don't think I'd repurchase. It is going to last me forever but when it runs out, that's the end for me. I think it could make a nice browbone highlight.

Too Faced's Candlelight powder is also something I won't repurchase, because I don't think a slight glow is worth $32 either.

So the moral of the story is..... SAVE YO MONIES AND BUY EYESHADOW!

Blow up the pics to see the shimmer better. Skin swatches almost look like nothing is there hahaha :D

Lumps you probably can't see but I can cuz I'm anal like that.

Go buy Meow's handy dandy face glows when they come out in the summertime instead. More shimmer bang for your buck and it won't lighten you up, just shimmer you up!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011



Thanks to everyone who let me rant that other post. I actually kept my cool most of the day and spaced out a lot, to not focus on the stuff that pissed me off.

I'm sure that's not healthy and all, ya know, burying feelings for them to blast out at a later date. Poor person in my path that day!

On to something sparkly!

Spacing out is the theme so Aromaleigh's Astronomical collection came in handy today!

It was more sparkly in reality but cameras suck. Well, mine does anyway.

I used:
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy just on lid
Lid: Azimuth
Outter 3rd of lid and crease: Dark Matter
Inner crease: Heliospere
Lower lashline: Neutrino
Browbone: Milky Way
Liner: Joe Fresh black felt liner

The only thing I wish there was in this collection, is an Andromeda shadow. 1. It's a kick ass name, 2. It's our palsy walsy galaxy! Watching the Universe, I learned Andromeda moves toward the Milky Way and one day they could combine and make a whole new purdy galaxy. Of course we won't see it in our lifetime but it's kinda cool to think that if humans exist in that time, their constellations will be completely different than ours. I wonder what they'd see!

For future humans billions of years from now, pending we don't extinct ourselves before then, THIS LOOK'S FOR YOU! :)

Make it so.