Tuesday, December 28, 2010

mmmm CANDY!

CANDEH!! Being half Dutch, I always get excited when we go to Dutch or German shops because they have the good stuff, JUNK FOOD! This is the stuff I grew up on.

All this, including the big jar of cream was less than $40, it shocked the hell out of me. I totally expected more for imported awesomeness.

A lot of cookies I just call Dutch gingerbread. It doesn't taste anything like the stuff you make houses out of. It has cinnamon, allspice, ginger, nutmeg and cloves and it's squishy, not rock hard. Except for the ones in the little red bag front centre. They are more like little gingersnaps. NOMZ!

And the "Candy Cake" isn't a cake made of candy but it is Dutch breakfast cake/bread with chunky burnt sugar on top. We eat this with butter or margarine. Sounds nasty, I know, but it's GUD!

And saying that I just realized I forgot to buy some more chocolate spread :(

It's the european version of Nutella, minus the hazelnuts. Pure chocolatey goodness.

The 2 packages on top of the candy cake are STROOPIES!!! They are like wafer cookies with a buttery caramel layer in the middle.

Just thought I'd share my junk food :)

Glittersniffer links of Awesome

**added 1 more link

If anyone is curious about the Glittersniffer scamaramma here be some links to check out.

GlitterSniffer Complaints
Glittersniffer Cosmetics Scam Report
Paypal Forum
A facebook user's reason for no longer supporting GS along with uber comments from other previous customers.
Phyrra's Experience
Rebecca's Experience
Dominique's Experience
**Youtubers start to question Glittersniffer
And last but not least, some screen caps of junk cuz I like 'em.

**Images were re-posted with faces and names blurred because half of them got removed. I thought it was funny that the 2nd part of the "Statement" got removed because I underlined the part where she mentions not having a business license, but when I first posted the 2nd part of the statement along with all the replies, that one is still up there. (Wow, how's that for bad English. I suck at explaining, you know me :)

No worries though, it just made me more determined and I posted a couple others just for wasting my time. Vegan brush "torn" decision, buy shadows "at own risk", mentioning that she "knew the ingredients weren't eyesafe" (I underlined that one too, there is a blogger out there who was "Assured Lela did not know") blahbiddyblah.

Also, the images were pulled off facebook, privacy is already invaded when you post on something the world can see anyways. Or was able to before Lela deleted that post to make it look all new and shiny and drama free again...

I am sharing because consumers have a right to their safety. I'm tired of people thinking they can make a quick buck and throwing a bunch of shit together in a pot without proper KNOWLEDGE, at the risk of people's eye safety.
And then KNOWING DAMN WELL things are questionable and DOING IT ANYWAY.
People like that do not deserve second chances, or 3rd, or 8.

Not everyone remembers to google a company before giving them a shot so I'm sure there are people out there who have bought from GS and still have no idea what's going on.

The "little girls" kits are on that list of recalls!

Just sick. Feel free to yoink away at my photobucket images and share. I don't mind.

Anyways don't like what I'm posting, don't click. EASY PEASY, NOW GIMMIE PIE!

But first, a picture of my aunty's piano lookin' all Christmassy and stuff. A nice, calming picture :D

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lovenote from a Fairy and and JOY!


Yup, 2 "and"s. 'Twas a typo. But I'm keeping it. Cuz I rock. And roll.

I have 2 EOTD's but can't totally remember what I used! Possibly, we'll see if my memory kicks in as I type this.

Number 1! Here is what I wore on Sunday. I was going into a MAC store to get foundation and tried my best to look un-dumpy. They seem to frown on you if you resemble any dumpyness. :D

I think I used:


Lid: Meow Cosmetics Joy (LOVE IT! Need full size!)
Crease: The dark purple in the Wet N Wild Sugar Plums ltd palette
Browbone: AL Matte Peach. I saw Nea's trick for blending and wanted to give it a go.
On top of Peach was either Silk Naturals Sprite or a creamy slightly sparkly shade from a company that is no more.
Lower lashline: Physicians Formula gel liner, the coppery one for brunettes in the glam shimmer whateveritwascallednewcollection.
Mascara: Physicians Formula Glam collection for Hazel Eyes (the metallic bronze)

Number 2!

Also an attempt to not look dumpy. I was going into a new Burberry store. My dude has been asking for a Burberry trenchcoat for a few years now and since we moved to Winnipeg July '08 and paid the entire rent for 2 years I decided FINE! He can have the damn coat! (hah! It won't let me copy the image. I could print-screen but I don't want them kicking my ass or breaking down my door and setting the effing coat on fire)
I'm not rich. I didn't go to secondary school, I work in a dirty ass warehouse so I will be paying this off for a few months. But if I take my makeup inventory into account, I've probably spent the same $$ amount on adieu Aromaleigh orders so I just have to limit my makeup buying for a bit that's all! hahah yeaaahhhh, easier said than done.

So ze look! Aromaleigh!

I used:


Lid: Lovenote
Crease: Fairy
Attempt to darken crease: Meow's Illegal in 50 States
Browbone and inner corner: Meow's Chameleon glow powder
Liner: Joe Fresh black felt eyeliner

My lining skills blow I know :( It's the damn pen. There is no give to that sucker for the winging part so it just tugs and looks like junk. The more I fuss, the shittier it looks.


Here's a teeny video I took of my brother's kitteh. His name is Sober. He is a boy kitty with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. The cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls motor functions, isn't completely formed so he is a wobbly little kitty. He isn't in any pain, just a little disoriented. :)

The video starts off dark but I eventually clue in and turn the light on.

After trying twice the video may not play. Blogger is being a pain in the ass so here's a shot of the adorable lil guy anyways :D

Also, dramatastic right now on the Glittersniffer fanpage. Or kinda. Stuff keeps getting deleted. And now a new page was made. Somewhere. I think I got blocked from it for mentioning the 80's collection being soap dyes and re-packs from recent history and not from "when she first started the company" as she claimed.
Yeah I'm kinda poking the bear right now. I don't fuggin' currr, this is my blog and if I wanna talk random shite I shall :)

Someone may see this as "inciting drama" but I sure as hell would want to know about some sketchy ass company before I decided to shop there (lime crime anyone? yeah, wish I did my reasearch there)


Happy Christmas EVE!!!! Wooo!!! 1 more day til awesomeness!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday buys

Hullo hullo.

I may be boring you with this post, I don't have many pics, I'm not at home and don't want to bore my family with trying to take my normal insane amount of photos to find the right one :D

I've been lazing away on my holidays that officially started 5:00pm Friday! woohoo!!

And for vacation I still feel insanely busy. People wanna do this, and that. Malls are insane yet I've been one every day since Sunday.

Makeup-wise, I'm having a bitch of a time finding a MAC foundation. The last one I bought, the girl paired me with a NW20 in Studio Sculpt SPF 15. I found I looked too cakey so I returned it. Then a couple days ago I couldn't remember if I was NW20 or NC20 and I wanted the Studio Fix Fluid and the lady there paired me up with NC15 because that foundation dries darker and she said NC20 was too yellow.

Then I get home and see my concealer was NW20 not NC20 so I got the wrong undertones I guess, or maybe the right one but it is definitely too light. In some lighting I can't tell but others I do look too pale. I don't want to make yet ANOTHER return so I'm just gonna use it and try to learn how to bronze and contour I guess :s

In pictures it is REALLY noticeable. The flash is like, BAM CASPER. I'm half native, my dad could pass for Danny Trejo's twin, I should not be wearing the lightest damn shade in a line of foundation. That should have been my first clue.

what else, what else.

Ummm, Sephora trip!

After hating UD's All Nighter spray I decided to give another spray a chance. I bought the brand spankin new De Slick Oil Control makeup setting spray and the De-slick Mattifying powder. I grabbed the powder because I wasn't a huge fan of the De-slick In a Tube mattifying gel. It didn't do much and cost way too damn much to re-purchase.

So far I think they are working pretty good but the real test is going to be once I get back to that crap-tastic job.

And product number 3, Nars Hungry Heart duo. I swatched this one day and loved it but it costs a friggin fortune but being in a province without 7% PST I said what the fuck and tossed it in the bag. It has 2 shades but you really can't tell a difference on skin, especially if you use it over blush. I like it better than my Too Faced Candlelight powder, but I know I paid too much. Oh well, I'm on HOLIDAYS!!! :D And it would probably make a sweet browbone highlight duo.

More junks I bought, Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer.

This stuff feels WEIRD! Kind of powdery but oily at the same time. It was cheap so I wasn't expecting magic but I think so far it's just "meh".

Instead of all the fancy ass powders and sprays and primers I really should just buy some more Fyrinnae Velvet-gel Silica Primer. It doesn't cost a bagilliontrillion dollars and I liked it mucho, been meaning to buy some more for awhile now.

1 last thing I've bought so far, 2 MAC lipsticks!

On Friday I saw the MAC email mentioning the Pink Friday lipstick was available for the very last Friday so I quickly hopped on site and made my purchase.

Nooooo effing clue who Nicki Minaj is, I tried google but got bored. Apparently this shade is to help promote an album she came out with. Bah, don't care, it was pink, I wanted it!

I tried to order this the Friday before but it was sold out. This time I got lucky! And more lucky that Courting Lilac was still available. It's been sold out in all the stores I went too.
And even more lucky I got free express shipping. It shipped yesterday and I got it noon today. AND EVEN MORE LUCKY, I only paid the usual 5%GST and no extra 7%PST! Yay me!! :)

It's sweet when things work out.

Here are a couple of pictures of them. No lip swatches yet. I'll wait til I get home and can pull out more lippies for comparisons.

I hope every one is staying holiday stress free! :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Swatchmas


Here are ze swatches I did tonight. Femputer wanted greens and reds and Amy wanted to see Meow's Spirits collection, but I only have the one so I swatched that badboy. When I saw the holiday collections, the Spirits one just didn't appeal to me. Too many dark neutrals it seemed. But this year Meow re-vamped the swatch chart and I think I may give it a second chance.


I love this lil combo on my hand! I needed some cheer because I just came from the insane mall and I gotta tell ya, I do NOT feel festive. Just damn annoyed that I couldn't eat dinner there, too packed, and then had to walk home and didn't have a toque or gloves on me, just my scarf. Way to win at winter, me.

So here are my pretties. All are Meow Cosmetics minus 1 Aromaleigh shade. Most are Christmas collections minus the 2 Egyptian Treasures and the 1 Shattered Equinox (and the AL one of course)

Also keep in mind these were from the holiday 2009 version. Just in case there are any slight differences. One of my halloween shades was slightly different from the year before, that's the only reason I mention this.

Top row: Hot Toddy, AL Nasturtium, Jingle
2nd row: Tutankhamun, Elf, Jangle
3rd row: Grinch, Miw, Deranged

Hot Toddy didn't look red to me at all but when I swatched the reds, it kinda picked it up somehow. Looking at it now, it would look pretty sweet for a lid shade with Tutankhamun or Jingle in the crease.

Nasturtium is a nice, bright red. I grabbed a 2nd jar to give to my mom for Christmas. Yes, my mom would rock red.

Jingle is a deep wine red. The site doesn't mention this, but it has some green sparkles in it! Green and silver sparkles. That's what made me grab it so fast last year. I love the contrast.

Tutankhamun. Yay!! I finally learned how to spell it! Tu-TANK-Hamun like human but backwards! Go me! A wicked metallic blackend red.

Elf, a kick ass dark forest green with pink sparkles. It looks awesome in the jar. So sparkly!

Jangle, I'll admit, I only bought this so it could go with Jingle. JINGLE JANGLE!! Super shimmery green.

Grinch is a lovely medium acid green with a golden sheen to it and some silver sparkles.

Miw is also from the Egyptian Treasures. No sparkles, pure metal goodness.

Deranged is one of my newbies from Shattered Equinox. A deep forest green with some fine golden sparkle to it.

Click and click again to bigify them all

blurry cuz that's how I roll

Hope you like em! :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Swatches? Anyboddeh?

I'm bored. I haven't worn makeup in a few days so I have no purdy EOTD's to show. And I go on vacation Saturday so I thought of an idea!

I'll swatch stuff! Nothing in this post, I wanna know what shade you've been itching to see.

Just name it and if it's Aromaleigh, I probably have it. Same goes for Meow :D It'll give me a reason to go digging through my samples!

Let me know in the comments and I'll do what I can and post them tomorrow night.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Aromaleigh Astronomical part III

I'm sorry I didn't post these ones the same day as part I & II. (those were clickable btw..)
Got sidetracked by holiday planning and the such.

Aromaleigh's online store closes tonight, get those last orders in if you can. I'm upset I'll no longer be able to browse through all the pretty colours. It's like telling a MAC junkie all the MAC stores were shutting down. See what kinda hell breaks loose there! That's what's been going on in my head the day Kristen announced the closure. But I know it has to be done, Kristen needs a break and all good things eventually come to an end.

Another thing that saddens me is other people won't get the chance to see how wonderful the shades are anymore if they haven't already. I wore Spells! for my xmas party look and people were asking me where I got my makeup from. I kinda feel like a douchebag saying "you can't buy it anymore". Or maybe this makes it sound extra elusive... :D
But that won't stop me from wearing my AL all bright and awesome!
And besides, hop on over to AL's facebook group and you newbies out there just may be able to get your hands on schtuff by checking the discussions board.

Vault update: vault will stay open until Dec 20th. Vault has Wonderstruck, Spells!, Mythos and the Astronomical collections.

So you have a few days before those are history but I'm gonna say order now so you don't lose that colour you were humming and ho-ing about. Teeheee ho-ing.


Jars of Astronomical hereeee

Now here are the last 7 shades to be swatched from the Astronomical collection.

Row 1: Pulsar, Apogee, Retrograde
Row 2: Extra-galactic, Mega Parsec, Escape Velocity
Row 3: Big Bang

Bottom row: Mega Parsec, Escape Velocity and Big Bang over Pixie Epoxy.

Pulsar: Lovely metallic orange with some green sparks I think I can see.

Apogee: A pinky brown I think with iridescent and red sparks.

Retrograde: Rosey pink, this one reminds me of Lisette from the Bete Noire collection.

Extra-galactic: One of those hard to describe colours for me. A dusky pinkish purple? I don't know :(

Mega Parsec: A pretty kick ass brown with a tad of pink in it to make it not a 100% brown shade. Lovely iridescence and gold sparkles.

Escape Velocity: This shade and Big Bang remind me of the Victoria's Revenge collection. Frig I wish I had bought that entire collection :(
Escapae Velocity is a dark slight blueish grey with crazy rainbow iridecence and sparks

Big Bang: The ultimate dark sparkly shade. Rainbow shimmer all up in this biz! I've included a pic of the inside of the bag for your viewing pleasure :D

Click it to BLOW IT UPPPPP!

Either the bottom right-hand mystery whiteness below is my blanket's reflection or a DAMN GHOSTIE!

So there you haves it!

If you make any last minute orders I wanna know what ya got! :)


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Becca's Giveaway Wet n Wild palettes yo!

Hop on over to I Squee'd and enter Becca's sweet giveaway!

Up for grabs are 3 Wet n Wild limited edition palettes and a bottle of Revlon's "Perplex".

So getoverthere and share your holiday stories :)

I'm not entering because I won one of her pretty dang awesome giveaways once already and I don't wanna be all greedy-pants :D

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Aromaleigh Astronomical part II

There will be one more post to finish them off. I would have crammed them all into 1 but I don't wanna crash computers with like 30 pictures trying to load :s
And this is easier for me to keep it sorted.
AND! I can only do 9 at a time because I can only use the back of my hand right now. My stupid arm looks terrible. Good old warehouse abuse and some awesome dryness taking place with our new work heater system going. Yay dry air and nosebleeds!

On to awesomeness.

This group has:
Row 1: Umbra, Azimuth, Antimatter
Row 2: Blueshift, Ephemeris, Wavelength
Row 3: Magellanic, Nautrino, Dark Matter

Umbra: a greyish purple with a violet sheen and pretty iridescence

Azimuth: SO UNIQUE! A soft greyish green with a wicked blue sheen. Or green? Or bluey-green? Either way, it's MAGICAL!

Antimatter: Not your average shimmery grey. This one has pink and purple sparkles.

Blueshift: A blue-y grey (are you sick of me saying grey yet? :) with the rainbow iridescence and pink and copper sparkles I do believe I see

Ephemeris: Holy crap this one is pretty and I'm really sad I won't be able to show you an accurate picture just because my camera isn't fantastic and shimmery sparkleness does not compute. Just take my word for it. I think it could be classified as a taupe?

Wavelength: blue with silver sparkle. I'm not sure what shade of blue it would be called though.

These next 3 my head said "meh browns, whatever." but it shut up when I swatched them. These 3 also make me sad my picture taking skills aren't made of magic because I think these should be owned by everyone. Hell, the first 2 would make some really pretty eyebrows!

Magellanic: a maybe slightly rosey brown? With green sparks and that lovely iridescsnce I <3 so much.

Neutrino: cocoa brown with all sorts of sparkles, I think I see blue and green and copper

Dark Matter: Metallic brown with copper sparks and BLUE SPARKLES! And I think I see pink sparkles in there too. And gold. It really is a special shade. Go buy it. You'll thank yourself. Even if you hate browns.

And for my pictures, none of these are matte, my damn camera needs to be grounded :(

The shade by itself is dark matter. Click on it. The dark specs at the top right are the blue sparkles!

Aromaleigh Astronomical part I


I have some swatches fer ya :)

Kristen of Aromaleigh awesomeness kindly sent me a sample set of Astronomical to swatch for you!

PLEASE NOTE, If you are able to order, DO IT NOW.

Aromaleigh will be CLOSED December 13th. Please read this for more info

I didn't pay attention to many people's own descriptions so these are all fresh out of my eyeballs.

Out of these 9, I think all 9 are definitely "jar worthy" They are all so pretty, I can see myself using them a lot.

This group has:

Crescent:Beautiful yellow with blue sparkles!

Milky Way: I love this colour so much my brain hurts in trying to describe it for you. It's a creamy nude shade with rainbow iridescence to it with maybe a slight green irridescence also?

Perihelion: So packed with sparkle and shine! It's like if May Lily and Milky Way had a love child with the sparkliness of Pixie Cup, Perihelion is born.

Binary: A pale yellowy green with a lovely blue sheen and teeny pink sparks.

Heliosphere: I <3 u. Golden taupe with RED SPARKLES! Fuck.yes.

Nadir: warm rosey pink with rainbow iridescence and pink sparks.

Event Horizon: Other than being a terrifying movie, it's also the name of this lovely shade! It looks like a medium mint with (it's either gold or green) sheen to it (hell maybe both, so hard to tell, I don't have magic all seeing eye sadleh) and that purdy rainbow iridescence.

Celestial: Very fun pale pink, gold sparkles and more wicked awesome iridescent goodness.

Fusion: Glorious green! Possible lime? with pretty green sparkles

Now, LOOK! I tried to get a blurry one to show the uber sparkle shot but my camera decided it didn't feel like blurring this time. THANKS FO NOTHIN' CAMERA!

Row 1: Crescent, Milky Way, Perihelion
Row 2: Binary, Heliosphere, Nadir
Row 3: Event Horizon, Celstial, Fusion

Sorry for the non-croppedness again. Soon grasshoppers, soon. And also, sorry they all kinda look the same. Some shade's sparkles looked better in others etc.
Click them to make the hugemongous and see all that shimmery detail.

Off to swatch set 2

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Saved my baby!!!! :)

After seeing all the advice from my last post and advice tweeted to me I decided the plan to get rid of this virus bitch was to:

a) start up smart mode so the stupid pop up telling my to buy anti-virus would fuck off already. I'm pretty sure it just wanted to trick me into giving my banking information since I couldn't get onto the internet, yet conveniently could get to this anti-virus page.
b) throw all I could onto my 2 usb drives
c) send them to my mister's macbook
d) and throw them on to my external hardrive for the macbook. This took FOREVER! 2 hrs I think. The USBs would get too full even after deleting the stuff, I had to
e) reformat them and load them up all over again.

I think I ended up moving 8GB of pictures :/

Then I said fuck this noise and reformatted the whole thing. No more bookmarks, games (buh bye my glorious mansions and apartments built for my Sims) no more sticky note song list (I never did load microsoft office and lost the install disc so sticky note was the only thing I could mark stuff down on to keep track of junk, like when packages arrive) but most importantly, NO MORE VIRUS!!!


In total 33GB were cleaned up.

And it kind of happened at the perfect time for a shitty thing like this to happen. I'm going home for Christmas and I need to borrow my mom's Corel paint shop to re-install. I've used it to crop my stuff all year, so I feel kind of lost without it :(

So thank you everyboddeh for helping me! As soon as I figure out how to crop stuff normally I'll show ya my Xmas party makeups. And my Meow samples arrived yesterday so I should swatch some of them too for you.
bye bye now!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


It could be awhile before I blog. While google viewing "purple" to show my friend what shade my bedroom used to be I came upon this block with 9 shades of purple, clicked the picture and BAMM VIRUS!

I think it's stealing passwords and shit. Lovely. It's a good thing I do everything ONLINE.

Microsoft Security Essentials did shit all. So right now Norton is trying to save the day but probably won't because it's so fuckered I can't get online, can't remove, can't update.

Anybody know if places like future shop or best buy can get rid of these things and the cost?

Right now I'm on my mister's macbook, which is also garbage, if it unplugs, the battery is fried.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

OHWTO Awesomeness


I won a giveaway from One Hand Washes the Other! The contest was, show your love for OHWTO. I love the solid perfumes, so they were my MUUUUUUSE:

And then Becca used a randomizer to pick el winner, and 'twas me :)

The box came with so many goodies, it felt like Christmas came 3 weeks early. That's right folks, you only have like 3 weeks left to go broke. My shopping is now complete! woooo! score one for me! Next year I'll probably finish on boxing day hehehehhh.


Okay mean voice in head.

I got:
Eco Tools 5 piece complexion kit
Eco Tools exfoliating foot sponge
L'Oreal Seeing Spots dotting tool for nail art
Kyoot Birdy Coasters
Aromaleigh Got Dibs eyeshadow
Wet N Wild Sugar Plum Fairy palette
and for the handmade goodies:
Rainbow Moonstone sterling silver earrings from White Flag Designs
Cloud 9 soap from Mad Hatter Soap co.
3 solid perfumes:
Blackberry Sage Tea
3 lip butters:
Spiced Pumpkin
Green Tea
Maple Blueberry
and last but not least, the wicked little coffin filled with mini perfume oils of the halloween collection!! Including a mini Sugar Skulls!

WOWZAS!!! The box of goodies really cheered me up. It's like Becca is in my brain because I love everything!

And I wore the Maple Blueberry lip butter all day at work. It was like lip crack. I kept putting it on because it smelled so good. Like a room full of pancakes covered in maple and blueberry syrups. DELICIOUS!

In the box was also my latest order I placed (see? I AM addicted!) so there was a solid perfume tin of Mayan Gold for mah momma and 3 perfume oils in Desolation Angel, Fevrier, and Lost at Sea. You need all of these. This is going to sound corny as hell but Fevrier made me tear up when I first smelled it (I had it first in solid form.)

It reminds me of being 12 again, at home in my purple room, with glow in the dark stars on Christmas, playing with my holo shards nail polish (those sharp as hell rectangle glitter chunks like Sephora's Sparkle Me Silver top coat, only $9 LESS!), looking at my new tapes. Spice Girls Spiceworld if you want more detail lol. And the Hanson Christmas tape, but I try to pretend that didn't happen. It's weird how 1 certain scent can bring back this memory. The scent memory is, that Christmas I also got 2 Wet N Wild lip glosses, pink was supposed to be Bubblegum and the blue one was supposed to be Blueberry. I guess they sort of smelled like their names, but I loved them even more that they didn't totally if that makes sense. The Blueberry one is one of my favourite smells ever. I still have it just to smell it. Half gone and hasn't been used in probably 10 years but it still smells the same. And Fevrier smells almost exactly like that lip gloss. It reminds me of winter so the name totally suits it even if it's not called "wet n wild blueberry lip gloss" :)
If Becca makes this in lotion form, it is so BOUGHT!

I could go on some more but I must go to sleepy land now.
Nighty night!