Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Not makeup related - The Hunger Games

Time for some Mindy rambles.

I'm crazy addicted to the internet so it kind of surprised me that a book series was able to make me forget to even log on for 24 hrs. It surprised me even more that I was able to read all 3 in less than a week along with a book from another series. I can't remember the last time I read 4 books in a week other than the 1st 4 Harry Potters back when I was a teen.

The awesome series I'm talking about is The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. In the bookstore I've seen these sitting on the shelf but I'm one of those jerkfaces that totally judges a book by the cover and I figured it was going to be some book centered around some teenage boy fighting junk, and never bothered to read the back info.

Then back in September Ms Awesome Grey recommended the series and I was curious but still didn't pick it up. In Chapters they have all 3 in a box set and if I was going to get them, I need the box set, because it just wouldn't be complete without the other 2 and it was cheaper. But the price still threw me off. I know it was for 3 hardcovers but I probably grabbed the new cosmo UK instead. The Twilight box set pretty much ruined box-sets for me. Waste of hard earned dinero. I refuse to watch the movies because books are supposed to be BETTER than the movies...


Then FINALLY my friend bought book 1 and read it and was so excited about it and let me borrow it, and I thought, great! If I hate it, I didn't waste a dime and don't have to force myself through the others.

Well, I COULDN'T GET ENOUGH! Seriously! After I finished the Hunger Games I had to grab Catching Fire and Mockingjay asap. I even brought my laptop to work to read on my breaks and it was like I was doped up wanting to get my next fix come breaktime. I got pissed off when I was waiting for my ride after work that day, because it started raining, so that meant no reading till hometime!

This series was done so well, I was really upset when I finished the 3rd. Even more so than I was when Harry Potter ended, because when Harry Potter ended I was able to get over it in probably an hour, it had a good long run. I was able to eat dinner that night because I got over it. I was able to sleep a good 8 hrs because I got over it.

Not with The Hunger Games! I finished the book 2 days ago and I'm finally coming back to reality and trying not to be so down. Everytime I get annoyed with how it wrapped up and how fast it seemed to, I have to remind myself, it's just a book. It's FICTION! YOUNG ADULT FICTION! The main character Katniss has to go through so much and you really do feel for her. When she's starving, thirsty, angry or lost, it's described so well, it's like you're there with her. That's probably also why I got so upset. For those few days I was doing nothing but reading, it felt so real.

I would have liked a bit longer of an ending, like I said it wrapped up crazy fast and at first I hated the epilogue

POSSIBLE SPOILER! But I won't give details! Gotta have a bit of a rant, or it's just not me typing this...

The epilogue, I do not like ones that take place years after the story. It just means definite ending. I didn't like the end of Harry Potter (WHY DO I KEEP GOING BACK TO POTTER!?) I didn't like the end of Six Feet Under.
If there wasn't a future time epilogue, you can still have that bit of hope that another event will happen, another story can be told.

But then when I spent a few hrs skimming through all 3 books again, I know why the author did it. I don't know how I missed it the first time! I must have really blown through to miss key friggin thoughts.

So anywhosies I'm less moody on that aspect. Stories don't always have to be decades long to be satisfying.

But I gotta say, I wasn't 100% satisfied at the end, even coming to terms with the epilogue. The chapter right before that (the last chapter I guess) was what really made me want more. It was done so quick, a lot of time went by, you didn't really get to see the characters build themselves up again, sure you got little tidbits, but I wanted more detail. More key moments. Something to do with "the last gift". (There's me trying to be all secretive without blowing info lol)

One reviewer said the ending was "bittersweet but with more bitter than sweet" and I think he summed that up pretty well! But once again, I gotta stop getting so damn emotional. Real or not real?

Not real, dammit! Get over it, me!

When that movie comes out, it's going to be like opening new wounds.
This (UBER SPOLIER! Don't click unless you've read it all!) entry here explains the ending much better, tries to find reason in it. Still makes me sad. And I've just spent the last hour reading through 2 sites to find more meanings to the story. I'm slow, I need this stuff pointed out to me :D

Yep, I'm kind of a dork.

I'm pretty sure the next 20 books I read now are going to be shit compared to this series. Suzanne has ruined reading for me. I has a sad :(

For sure I will be grabbing the box set of these books now, especially before the "now a motion picture" stamp gets plopped onto it. I prefer originals. The reason why I bought the Twilight box set, I didn't want the movie poster cover, just incase it ended up being a good series. Now with that set I wish I had a chance to borrow the 1st from a friend...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Annabelle Cosmetics Day Dream Spring 2011

I found a wicked bright surprise in my drugstore today. Annabelle released their Day Dream Spring collection. In it was 4 eyeshadows, 2 lipglosses and I saw 2 glitter liners and there were a couple of other things but I got sidetracked swatching the testers in the display!

First impression? I am in LUURRRVVEEE DUDE!

These are BRIGHT! And MATTE! And awesomely PIGMENTED! And just $4.99 ea! I have other Annabelle mono's but these 4 are my favs so far, they seem more pigmented than last year's spring collection (there was a pink, teal, cream and can't remember the 4th)

The little pans are the exact size as MAC pro pan refills. You can put these in a MAC palette but you will need to buy a strip of magnet to cut and stick to the back of the pans. Annabelle has a empty quad they sell and the palette is magnetised so no extra work is needed there. I only had 3 spaces left in my MAC palette so these new bad boys got to find a home in the empty Annabelle quad I bought on sale last year, so it now feels less lonely being filled :D

The shades I picked up are: Reverie (bright blue), Airhead (purple), Dayglow (bright acid yellow), Dollywood (pretty pink)

Ohhhh pretty blue I love youuuu

Friday, April 22, 2011

Persephone Minerals Easter Sale Yo


Persephone Minerals is having an awesome sale right now. Save 15% with: EAT2MANYPEEPS

I loved all the colours I got with my mega order of sparklies

Swatches here, here and heeeeere

And doing this post, I realized I forgot to swatch the free samples she gave me also. Whoopsies.


Golden Haelo, Thigh Highs, Blackberry Indulgence

(I farked up that shot, Thigh Highs is on the end right there, but in the swatches, it's in the middle)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

MAC Quite Cute Lipsticks

Aren't they friggin adorable? Or... cute? ha.ha.ha. clever me.

After seeing Temptalia's swatches of MAC's Quite Cute collection I decided I wanted all the lipsticks and 2 of the blushes. But since I was trying to pay off the card of all that is evil and this was supposed to be my only online purchase this month I decided not to get a 2nd blush or Playing Koi. I already knew the 2 lighter colours could look goofy on me and that Playing Koi would look the worst of the worst. My mister hates nude lips. He says it looks like "whore mouth" and while I usually don't give a shit on his opinion on what I wear, I have to admit, I kind of agree on whore mouth. But not the pretty, natural nude lips that Nea is often on the lookout for (although she made PK work by layering a gloss on top and lining like a pro), but the almost white, foundation looking, in your face whore mouths. Brown liner usually tops the look just perfectly... With my darker medium complexion, whore mouth is the result I would have gotten. So adieu Playing Koi, I'll try not to miss you too hard.

Seeing as Saint Germain is the only lippie available right now I guess this is more of a colour reference for blog sales, swaps, etc.

Here are Play Time, Quite Cute, Candy Yum Yum (outside shot more true to colour, it's BRIGHT!) and Saint Germain

Sorry for the craptastic application, I didn't use a brush so it looks sloppy :(

Candy Yum Yum is a stainer. I swatched it on my hand in the store after I placed my order online and the pink mark stuck around for a few days. And I wash my hands more than any sane person usually does so I knew it would stain my lips as well.

And I saw some people question if Quite Cute was close to Fashion Mews.


Not at all other than it's purple.

And just for the hell of it, here's Play Time taken next to Courting Lilac. No swatchy here, I just liked that my camera is so sweet on closeups :D

And because Candy Yum Yum was feeling left out, here it is next to Heartless. You can even see on CYY where I accidently touched the side of it. (If you blow it up huge, just barely, IT'S THERE I SWEAR! :D )

And after the Pinks, there you have my whole MAC lipstick collection.

And in case you missed the Pink Comparison click here

And for spending over $90 I got free shipping and KYOOT PINS!

And here's Giggly, but no swatch yet. Just know I LOVE IT! I've worn it 4 times in a row already. I never wear the same damn blush 4 days in a row. This picture kind of sucks but now it looks all used, so it's either slightly blurry shot, or used powdery shot and I chose clean and blurrytastic.

Does this font annoy anyone? I wanted a change and it was the least annoying of the fancier fonts but I don't know if I like it, or if it hurts people's eyes reading it.
Let me know, KTHXBAI!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

MAC Pink Lipstick Comparison

I snagged 4 MAC Quite Cute lipsticks and was gonna be all helpful and junk and show lip swatches but by the 4th one, my lips were burning from all that wiping!

So instead


It seems I like pink lipstick. And it's the shade of pink that tends to look like ass with my skintone. But in the tube it's glorious, so I'll just stare at its awesomeness instead I guess :)

I only own 11 MAC lipsticks and 4 were the quite cute ones so it's just a small collection. I don't plan on expanding it much because I don't wear lipstick often. It wears off crazy fast because I'm always rubbing my lips together. Nervous habit, just another annoying fact about me :D

THE ARMY OF PINK! Click everything to bigify

I have from L-R: Viva Glam Gaga I, Saint Germain, Pink Friday, Bubblegum and Victorian

Gaga is more sheer than I'd like it to be, it tends to pool up in creases, looking goofy.
To me Pink Friday is more wearable than Saint Germain because it's a tad darker.
Bubblegum is sheer but it goes on nice and evenly.
I've only worn Victorian once. And feel dumb for neglecting it, it's so hawt! And it's from the Spring Color Forecast collection, so yep, I wore it once all freakin year. I'm a turd, I know.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Falsies Sale!

Oh hai thurr!

My favourite false lashes supplier Madame Madeline is having a lurvely sale right now and the more you spend, the more you save!

The falsies are already priced super low, and some of them (like Ardell) are priced so that the more you buy (usually 4 packs) the more you save, so this is a great deal!

So go and buy stuff, I commandeth thee

Friday, April 8, 2011

One of those "looked better in real life" FOTDs

A problem with me loving stuff with awesome shimmers and sparkles, is the camera doesn't pick them up well and then in the pics it just looks booooring. This look wasn't boring though in real life. More neutral than usual but with greeny gold sparkly shimmer awesomeness.
Like MAC's Black Line pearlglide eyeliner, it's crazy shimmery as you can see in the swatch here but in these pics, you can barely see the shimmer in my lower lash line.


I used:
Aromaleigh Love Note on lid
Aromaleigh Viburnum in crease
Persephone Pegasus in inner corner
Burberry Trench 02 on browbone
Joe Fresh Black felt pen eyeliner
Mac Black liner lower lashline
Rimmel Sexy Curves Blackest Black mascara

Burberry Ruby Lip Cover

And I got tired of looking at my shit ass eyebrows so I decided to crop them out the next 2 cuz THAT'S HOW I ROLL!

Whole face minus some forehead because I didn't feel like looking at that either...

And then the lipstick wore off through dinner, so here's it afterwards.

In more makeuppy news, MAC's Quite Cute collection is now available. Spend over $90 and you get some cute pins.

Just a warning, the site is SO FUCKING ANNOYING right now, all these little pictures hopping around for you to click, it's too chaotic and I couldn't wait to hit "checkout" :/

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hi-Fi Cosmetics Randoms Clearout

Hullo ladies and germs

Just to let you know Veronica, of Hi-Fi Cosmetics is selling off some random packs of shadows off the facebook page for just $15/5.
The reason for this, is to do some clearing out of the maybe not-so-pretty jars:

Just email her at for an invoice.
I'll delete this post if she mentions the randoms being sold out (I don't want her flooded if there is nothing left to buy!)
But hop on over and "like" the page to stay updated :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Moons of Mars

Apparently I hit my 300th post with that last one and I missed it. It would have been sweet to do something nifters for that but whatevz. Lips are cool? 300 worthy? :D

I played around with my new Persephone Minerals again and this time I mixed and matched from the collections, Mars and Sailor Moon

I used:
Pixie Epoxy on lid and crease
Lid: Sailor Moon
Outer crease: Mars Flame Sniper
Rest of crease: Princess Mars
Inner corner: Eternal Sailor Moon
Browbone: Moon Cosmic Power
Liners: Rei (Mars)

This look was crazy sparkly! Once again I really wish the camera could pick up the red and blue sparkles in Sailor moon and the gold ones in Flame Sniper. It was neat having a majority of the lid glittery and the crease and browbone toned down a bit. I was super happy with this look! But after the pics I had to go back and add a bit more PE to the inner corners and pat some more ESM on, I didn't spread it evenly the first time aparently, so it looked like I had a bald spot hahaha

check out this:
****Once again I really wish the camera could pick up the neat having a majority of the lid glittery and the crease and browbone toned down a bit.****

SEE WHAT I MEAN ABOUT NOT MAKING SENSE!? Holy hell. My brain is crapping out like my camera.

And the blurry pic that does actually show some of those sweet sparklies

I'll stop talking now before I make anymore odd sentences.
Well, more odd than usual. :)

Random Lip Swatches

I found a few lip swatches I did awhile but was too lazy to post.

I'm not able to do any right now because my lips are still crazy chapped. When this dry wind and crap goes away, I'll be a happy gal.

First up, Morgana Cryptoria's Goldrush

And a total artsy shopped shot all cleaned up and crap cuz it looks sweet. Kinda?

And Kiss My Sass's Los Angeles

Actually now that I think about, I think I did post the suds n sass one already.

Oh well

Here it is again cuz it's awesome

And I think this one was MAC's Courting Lilac that I wore Dec 22

That went with this look, and I have no freakin clue what I used but I really like it now!

I still can't find my damn 24K Pumpkin Morgana lippie. Nobody stole it, I have no roommates and I haven't even gotten to wear it yet. This makes me grr. It didn't fall in my couch, not in the traincase. Not on the vanity. There must me a little black hole in here somewhere...