Sunday, November 24, 2013

Revlon Parfumerie ~ Spun Sugar Swatch

It's half-assed swatch time!  My nails look pretty bad about 90% of the time but I wanted to share this neato nail polish with you anyways! 

Revlon recently came out with a line of scented nail polishes.  I'm still a bit confused on how many are available, I keep seeing different displays.  Shoppers Drug Mart had 16 I believe, so I snagged 7 of them.  I'll be completely honest, I bought most of them for their supposed smell.  Like Spun Sugar.  It's just a silver.  BUT A SMELLEH ONE!  Good smelly. Autumn Spice I bought for both looks and smell and I hope to half-ass swatch that one soon too.

I used 2 coats and it went on nicely.  There was a bit of a bald spot on one of my thumbnails but the good thing about light reflecty nail polish, is you can't see it unless you are super close up or aim the bottom of your nail toward a light source.

THE SMELL.  This is the best part.  I see everyone describe this one but I don't think anyone has pointed out the obvious yet (obvious to me, that is.) Spun Sugar smells just like Thierry Mugler's Angel perfume!  It's not wicked strong but I love it.

Now here's a 1 shot swatch of my scented phalanges.  Click to make bigger.

I was so happy to find these I forgot how much they were....  I think they were $7.99/ea CDN.
Unfortunately I can't comment on wear.  I'll be stripping this off in about a day to try one of the other ones out because I'm impatient :)  So far so good.  These are nothing like those crappy scented polishes from Claire's that peel off in 30 minutes.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

For Future Reference - Korean Nail Polish I Own


This was supposed to be a Korean nail polish I own post, but I realized all but 2 are from Etude House, so it's an "ETUDE HOUSE POLISH I OWN" post I guess!  I had to google for most of the names.  The names on the lids are in Korean but luckily they all had numbers!

I'll start with the 2 Tony Moly:
GS09 Shooting Star
GS10 Pinky Star

Etude House:
If Story Nail Kit I: If the Halloween Witch Casts a Spell
If Story Nail Kit II:If the Jack O' lantern Lights Up
If Story Nail Kit III: If Snow of Love Falls on the Christmas Tree
If Story Nail Kit IV: If the White Witch Melts with Love
Etoinette Versailles Nails Kit: 01 Versailles Rose
Etoinette Versailles Nails Kit: 02 Versailles Dress
PK003 Dragon Fruit Cocktail
PPK005 Cocktail Dress
PPK006 Party Lover
WH901 Cotton Candy Kiss
PPK007 Dot Dance
OR203 Coral Party
PPK001 Prom Queen
PPP503 Celeb Girl
PWH905 Boom Boom Boom
PPK002 Evening Dress
PBL601 Pajama Party
PWH903 Crystal Glass
1 Mint Chocolate
2 Lemon Sherbert 
3 Apricot Candy
4 Strawberry

Bottles of cuteness, that's what that is.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Oslo Cosmetics/Odoro Perfume

~2nd edit~ If you don't like snark, you might as well click the back button now.  I've never censored myself, nor do I plan to. So if you're the kind of person that can't see picture evidence because you just can't look past my "bitchiness", well, that's kinda too bad for ya. If you've been following me for years and haven't dropped me yet for my wonderful "tone", you won't be surprised by this post.  It's just another rant by me.  So sit back, grab the popcorn and have a chuckle.  I SAID CHUCKLE, DAMMIT!
 Indie's bahaving badly, volume "who knows".

Where do you draw the line when you decide a shop is not worth the trouble?

Fingerprints in jars
Stealing other photos as your own
Making things and releasing them without further testing to look for product wear
Fib fib, fibbity fib fib.

WELL FOLKS, Oslo is guilty in 3/4 of that list.  Not the fingerprints, that I know of.  I just get really grossed out by prints and felt the need to gross y'all out again. I quit 2 shops due to that bit of yuck. 

First lets talk about stealing photos.  At one point Oslo was using a Jill Stuart photo to show off her trios.  She also used a swatch of Too Faced lip cream as one of her own.  When it was brought to Reddit's attention her excuse was:

Man that's tiny, I'll copy:
deletetoast Owner of Oslo Cosmetics 19 points ago
I made a mistake guys! :( They photos were meant to be inspiration, not actual looks made with the product itself. I've updated all the photos and I just wanted to apologize for any confusion!! I haven't had an official photoshoot with people wearing my product yet, so I will have to get on that! Thanks for the heads up everyone, it was actually a lot of help. Sorry again!

 I'd love to see Cover Girl use Urban Decay's photos for "inspiration" and see how well that goes over.  

I guess that excuse was good enough though, she somehow got 19 imaginary internet points.  Here's the whole thread of (mostly) forgiveness.

Lets get to testing issues!  There have been a few times in the indie world where people have gotten duds because the shop didn't test things properly.  Like lip colours for example.  When made poorly, you end up with mold and a fuzzy mess and well, there goes your hard earned dollars because someone didn't feel the need to check out shelf life. Or because they just want a quick buck!
Like Olso! Oct 1, tubes ordered, Oct 5, Swatches, Oct 7, OUT DA DOOR. Not saying these will get moldy, just that NO PRODUCT TESTING HAS BEEN DONE.  So she's basically using customers as guinea pigs.

Now, I'm not a makeup formulator, so I don't have the cosmetics making knowledge on how long you should test a wet product for, but something tells me it should be longer than less than a fucking week, no?

And the next part is a mix between fib fibbaroo and no product testing.

When someone posts something like:

"Soooooo I'm going to try and make my own perfumes, wish me luck! XD" ~ Oct 31

Does that sound like someone who has been making fragrances for years?  

"These are just for myself, and gifts for the holidays"
"Once I master it I will think about selling to others!"
"I'll experiment with it over time."

Well since Olso has a habit of not testing things, it seemed a bit odd that this would be posted and them BAM!!! shop is open 11 days later and posted to Reddit.

Concerns were brought up and ROLL IN THE EXCUSE TRAIN.

WOOOOOO, WOOOOOOOOO < That's my mighty train horn.

heh, noroli

 The funny thing about the neroli one, someone in the indiemakeupandmore subreddit was asking about a neroli perfume.  LO AND BEHOLD, 7 days later a wild neroli perfume appears!

It's since been deleted.  

Lets break apart those excuses now!

Hey Joyce, how were you able to release so fast?
"Oh well, you see, a boutique in town wanted my stuff that I just happened to have in this short time frame."  So this shop wanted non-tested product you just happened to have?
But she's not looking to go big you guys, she's blog posting and etsy-ing/store envy-ing so that the boutique owner can order easily. Because that owner needs 2 shops to order from, obvz.  "It's not meant to be a big thing at all" *cough, $40 1-note perfumes, cough*  
She's been making perfume for years so obviously it's safe, testing's for suckas. 

"This is not something I plan on making money on." So Joyce, why are you sharing on Reddit then?  Land of a hundred million, trillion, billion users. I may be over exaggerating that number, but there are plenty. "I wanted to get feedback from people"  Feedback from people when you only meant to make them for yourself and a magical boutique fell on your lap.

You spelled "neroli" wrong, managed to print it, take a picture, crop the photo and upload to your blog without noticing.


Fucking sure.

And then she deleted the whole thread.  Kinda like what she did to the stolen pictures.  And the neroli self promote. The moment the picture thing was brought up on reddit, she was quick to delete everything before rolling out that excuse train "I DIDN'T KNOW STEALING WUZ BAD"

So I capped everything, because I saw how fast she was to delete stolenpicturegate2013.

So there.

Was that bitchy of me?  YOU BETCHA!

I just hate new indies treating people like test dummies.  Olso seems to jump on whatever badwagon is rolling at the moment.  

Oct 24 Shiro "Winter is coming"
Oct 25 Oslo "Game of Thrones collection in the shop tonight!" 

Was that just a freaky coincidence?  Hard to say, the store didn't have any pop-culture references before hand.  But she could have pumped out those 5 shades in a day, no problem, it's not like Oslo/Odoro products get tested or anything.  Sure neither shop would be the first to do a GOT collection, it just seemed fishy to see one thing come a day after the other.  

 The only reason I'm nitpicking this one is from Joyce's behaviour earlier.  Had she never stolen pictures as her own, or released lip colours in just a week, it probably would have gone right over my head.  But now every action seems sketchy, and you can add a 10 day old perfume shop to that list.

~~~EDIT: That GOT one looked fishy but wasn't, a link was posted on Twitter that I missed on October 11~~~  
Seeee?  Now I'm all paranoid at the fuckery.

Lets throw a 3rd edit in here:  Joyce saying this:
Aaaaand then a few minutes later, saw a redditor say she was waiting on a sample order for perfume. 

Make of that what you will.
Heeeeey, just found this awesome self promote in the 3rd person.  Mindy thinks that's just fuckin' weird dude.  lololol



What do you think?  No anonymous comments coming up with excuses for her, or I'll just assume you're Joyce.  Wouldn't be the 2st time speaking in 3rd person!
Or the 2nd time..or 3rd.....

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

For Future Reference - Indie Nail Polish I Own

 This is just a "for reference" post.  I have a habit of buying doubles of things because I can't remember what I have already, so it's list making time!  These are all the indie polishes I currently own.  Polishes on the bottom of a list in itallics are on their way to me.

  And no, I'm not selling.  Everytime I post something like this, someone offers me their first born.  I waited oodles of launches for some of these dudes, and being in Canada, many were friggin hard to get so I'm not letting anything go.

Rainbow Honey:
Glittering Rapture
Sweet Talk
Cosmic Dawn
The Frizz
Pot o' Gil
Mint Flavour
Star Stuff
The Power of Love
Mt. Moon
I Miss You
Pink Cloud
Bubble Beam
Magic Cake
Spirit of Wonder
The Kraken
The Element Of Magic
Pinkie Promise
The Worst Possible Thing
20% Cooler
A Little Kindness
Hoof Wrassle
Mare Of The Moon

Daily Lacquer:
Holo 101
Not So Angel
Slayer Comma The
What May Come
The Green Fairy
Welcome to the Hellmouth
The Avatar State
Giles the Ripper
Don't Spike Me
Water Tribes
Mrs. Mime
I'll Fly Away
Wicca Willow
Moon Kitty
Fluffy Cotton Candy

Femme Fatale:
Winter Hyacinth
Spring Fling
Sweet Surprise
Librarian's Shush
Ebon Roses
Sinister Calling
A Tisket, A Takset
Gilded Roses
Lunar Halo
Keeper of the Grove
Shimmering Snowcap
Sea Pony
Veil of the Siren
Glinting Lodestone
Abyssal Refelctions
Pools Of Vision
Sparkling Sands
Burning Blossom
Snowy Bramble
Midsummer Petals
Dreamer's Potion
Cinders of Sleep

Nerd Lacquer:
All of Time and Space
Don't Blink
It's Just a Flesh Wound
Warrior Ethos
Event Horizon
Don't Panic
Home of the Untempered Schism
Hyperspace Bypass

Enchanted Polish:
Hey Jude
Across the Universe
Mean Mr. Mustard
I Am the Walrus
Magical Mystery Tour
Octopus's Garden
Secret Sauce
Tummy Time
Freeze Machine

Jindie Nails:
Snow Angels
Candy Land Remix
I'm a Star Dot Com
Princess Breath

I love Nail Polish:
Cygnus Loop
My Little Glacier

 Lush Lacquer:
I Lost My Marbles
Blue Gypsy
Neon Lights

A England:
Holy Grail
Holy Grail (new)
Beauty Never Fails
She Walks in Beauty

Ninja Polish:
Melted Snowman

Darling Diva:
Bitches Have Birthdays

Girly Bits:
Arctic Sunrise

Dollish Polish:
Have a Berry Good Day
Penny... Penny... Penny...

Lush Lacquer: 

Naild' It:
Sticky Peeps
Spring Fling

Pegasus Poop
Sphinx Scat

Hare Polish:
Own Your Opulence
Bury the Hatchetfish

Different Dimensions - Sparkles Like Edward
Candeo Colors - Jellybean
Scofflaw - Cloud Cuckoo Land
Gloss n' Sparkle - Unicorn Spawn
Nail Pattern Boldness - Boop oop a Dupe
Crow's Toes - Bone Daddy

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mackintosh's Toffee Bars...


Just a lil notice for Canadians who have been searching for years and years when all we had were those little nuggets that were SO NOT THE SAME THING.

I haven't eaten any yet, so I can't say if they taste the same as I remember.  I'm trying to stay on a keto diet and sugar is a huge no-no. 

One day, Mackintosh.  I will throw you in the freezer, take you out, smash your sweet sweet face in, and then EAT YOU SO HARD.

My mom found these in a box of 4 each at Shoppers Drug Mart. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Darling Clandestine Halloween 4 Scent Suite


Oh hey spooky peeps!

It's finally fall, the leaves have all turned, except my mom's weird lilac wannabe trees, it didn't get the memo it can stop being green any time now. I also regret raking that lawn a few days ago.  That grass would have looked better covered in a layer of dead leaves...whoops!

Halloween is just around the corner and all the Indie shops have THE BEST STUFF EVER.

For real dudes, Halloween is the best time of year to buy indie products.  The most fun limited editions come out, some with a sinister theme. What's not to love?

So today I bring to you Darling Clandestine's Halloween limited edition 4 Scent Suite
The set consists of: Spurn, Squander, Wither and Falter.

DC's oils usually come in a 1/2oz amber glass bottle but these ones are super special and come in the most adorable little dropper bottles!  I love these badboys!  I prefer my perfume oils without the internal dropper thing because it gets all over the place and you can't control the amount sometimes.  It's like waiting on a ketchup bottles only to have it crap all over your fries when you're not looking.

Not these bottles!  You can squeeze just a drop or 2 and not have to worry about walking around in a haze of perfume.  Plus the black and white labels on them, LOVE. 

They are $13.75CDN (my etsy is on Canadian, I have no idea what the US price is, so lower than that!) Or grab the whole set at a discounted price for $46.53CDN.

The other great thing about these is one drop is enough.  I've bought indie oils where you can barely smell them right out of the bottle, you could tip the whole opening on you and get next to nuthin'.  DC scents are strong and worth every (s)cent.  HAH!  See what I did there? :D

On to descriptions!

We'll start with my favourite because I do what I want: Falter 

From DC: “All at once, the electric panic that lights up your inadequacies like constellations. Kill it.”  Startling, misty, herbal, with notes including avocado and ozone and clary sage.

To me this was the most unusual of the bunch. Not unusual in a bad way or it wouldn't be my favourite and first pick!  I was trying to come up with a description without reading the notes and it definitely smells green.  My brain thought melons.  It must be melons.  But that's not right, I hate melons, this is something else.  Then I checked the listing, and it all makes sense now.  This one is fantastic and I don't have anything in my indie collection anywhere near it.  If I could pick a perfume it reminds me of, I'd say one of my favourites, Curve Crush.  But it's not the same, Curve Crush is sweet and spicy, the herbyness of Falter just reminds me a bit of CC without the pounds of sugar. If you love fresh green scents, you need this one.  


From DC: “Rich as cello, the furious moments you wasted, never recognizing the fire at your command. Taste them.” Deep and decadent, with rich fruitful notes including clove and nutmeg and sandalwood and ripe red apple.

This one smells the most like Fall/Winter to me. It's like spicy badass apples.


From DC:  “At each silence, the ache of the blade that released your indecorous wrath. Twist it.”
Fierce and passionate, with bright bursts of pomegranate, tempered with aged wood and haunted by marigolds.

 To me this smells like dark sexy fruits.  I'm not sure how to explain it.  Dark sexy fruits works right?  SMEXY.  This one turns into a bit of a clean laundry soap smell on me eventually.  I put it on before I went to bed and after reading for a couple of hours, I moved around and got a whiff and my first thought was "Hey, my blanket smells great!"  Then I remembered it's a feather throw and I'm too chicken ass to wash it without destroying it, so the smell was MOI!


From DC:  “One Draconian day, the fissures into which your voluptuous youth dissolves. Welcome it.” Unsettling, ethereal, with notes including ozone and blueberry and trampled leaves, soaked in black rum.

FAVOURITE NUMBER 2.  To say it's a fav I probably should have posted it right after Falter but at this point that's a whole lotta copy paste and well, I just don't wanna! I like smells that trick my nose.  The blueberry is this, you can definitely smell at first sniff, but it kind of takes a leather turn to it somehow.  I think it's how it pairs with the rum.  It's neat! It bounces back and forth, one moment I'm sniffing berries, the next I swear I smell leather.

I hope this was somewhat helpful!  I'd say screw picking just one, and grab them all. 


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Peachy Matte EOTD

I don't even have anything to ramble about today.  Le sigh.

Here's a peachy look I did using Detrivore's Graveyard collection.  I used, over TFSI:

Autopsy on lid, Premature Burial in crease, Necropolis in outer vee, Embalm to highlight browbone.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Cut Crease Recreation/Half-face Makeup Look

Some days I get lost in Google-land and find some looks I'd like to try out.  I don't even have a specific search in mind. One minute I'll be googling the nutritional benefits of cucumbers, or drooling over in-floor bath tubs and my mind wanders back to makeup usually.  Probably something like "yellow eyeshadow" or "cheek illuminator". But I have no freakin clue how I stumbled onto the look I tried to recreate for this post.  I found it on, I think it's like a makeupbee-type website.

I didn't bother doing both eyes because but it's kinda neat seeing the before/after.  Or after/before in this case!  I should have powdered the right side too, I use Tarte Maracuja oil so I just look greasy right there hahahah

 I used all Sugarpill (Tako, Bulletproof, Buttercupcake), the NYX Milk jumbo eye pencil and the teal shade was from one of my UD palettes but I can't remember which one.

And the original by Codigo

And my eyeball again

Friday, September 6, 2013

Another EOTD using Detrivore's Graveyard Collection

Here's a purple and green look I played around with.  My camera washed the pics out a bit, the full face shot shows the green much more accurately.
I used all colours from Detrivore's Graveyard collection.

I used over TFSI Lemon Drop:
Formalin on lid
Catacombs on crease
Casket to blend into browbone shade Embalm
Ossuary to try to blend out the inner corner part next to my nose, I don't know what that part is called.
Funeral to darken outer corner of crease
Grave Digger on lower lashline
NYX Milk on waterline and inner lower lashline.
Annabelle black eyeliner

 Excuse the Biebs hair, it's in a ponytail so it looks kind of silly head on. I never realized my nose was so crooked.  I hope it was just the camera! Or my damn teeth are shifty, it all doesn't line up.  hahaha  that's going to bother me.  PLEASE BE THE CAMERA!
I didn't really have a plan for this look, just kept adding colours until I really liked it. The Graveyard collection is great to work with and one of my favourite overall collections.  You can do something fun and colourful, something neutral for office settings, or some kick ass smokey look if you wanted to.  Distorria has added 2 new colours to the line, Cadaverine and Memento Mori.  Well not super new, but new this year I believe.  I didn't even bother sampling them, just straight up bought em :)

Back to draino-ing my tub.  So far the tub is winning and I am losing.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Meow Cosmetics Blush swatches

What do ya do when you have a 25% off code and realize you only have a few blushes?  BUY MOAR BLUSH!  Meow's birthday came up again this year and I decided to treat myself because JUST 'CAUSE!  When I was packing my makeup up I noticed I had thousands of eyeshadows but the amount of blush I had, I can count on less than my 10 phlanges.  Now one might say, "dude you only need like 2, IF that." to which I say, "why have 2, when you can have 20!?

This is why I don't own a house.  Or a car.  Or a laser ray gun.

I also noticed I have zero bronzers, unless you count that thing I bought from Claires which is more of a gold highlighter.  Try bronzing with that and you'll look like C-3P0.

Here's all the awesome I decided on:

No flashy.

I also picked up the foundation in the Pampered Puss formula after already luvin' Flawless Feline.  There are 2 jars because my skintone is a mix of 2 parts Naughty Abyssinian to 1 part Frisky.  Or it may be the other way around.  I forget.  Either way, I need both of em!

There are 7 Stripped colours up there.  Swatches here already.

A few Lost Rainforest shades I only had in sample form.  Swatches here

Theeeeeeeen we have a bunch of their original blushes, that whole second column.  I think Sassy was the only one I tried before hand.  FLYIN' BLIND HERE!

Column 2 is mostly their Cat on a Hot Tin Roof bronzers.  On my skin tone these are better as blush.  I grabbed them all in the Light and Medium shades + Sizzle.  If I remember, I'll have to order samples of the Dark ones to see how they look on me. Or not because I now have 80hundred blush/bronzers and I'll probably live.

Let's seeee, also grabbed a Medium Abyssinian Skinny Dipper for contouring.  Light was too pale on me even for highlighting purposes.  The rest are random blushes from various collections, like  Firefly, a Taboo blush in Fetish, 2 Lost Rainforest Blushes (swatched with the eyeshadows) ET CETERA.

Since I'm not good at swatching blush, here is my attempt!  In the future if I do looks I'm kind of proud of, I'll be sure to wear one of these to show them off in actual blush form and not "I just wiped this on my hand" form :)

5/6 are from their original line, #6 is a Firefly

1. Delisions
2. Coral Reefer
3. Infatuation
4. Harlot
5. Cherry Bomb
6. Spark

1. Delisions
2. Coral Reefer
3. Infatuation
4. Harlot
5. Cherry Bomb
6. Spark

1. Delisions
2. Coral Reefer
3. Infatuation
4. Harlot
5. Cherry Bomb
6. Spark


Oye, somewhere a funky font size change happened.  Whoops.  This is me fixing it.  Annnd I lied.  Deal with it.

I LOVE HARLOT!  Insert jumping action!  That's the perfect peachy coral I've been searching for.  

Anywhosies, just thought I'd post these for your google viewing pleasure :)

Friday, August 30, 2013

Brow Beaters

I was trying to swatch some bronzers and blush for you guys but I'm so freakin bad at it and going though my samples I found the brow beaters from Meow, so I'll swatch those instead!
These are eyebrow powders that you can use to fill in your eyebrows.

1: Soft Brown
2: Medium Brown
3: Dark Brown
4: Sandy Brown
5: Auburn

Friday, August 23, 2013

Meow Cosmetics Stripped Swatches

Time for new shinies!
 This is Meow's brand new Stripped collection, made up of a bunch of super pretty neutrals.  I must be getting sick of bright bold shades, because I loooooved these ones. Especially the browns, I'll get back to those in a bit.
Right now until Aug 31 there is a coupon to get anything from their site for 25% off using the code: wildride


Click to make bigger for more detail.

Top: Topless, Bare, Unclad, Peeled, Leafless, Ready for Action, Raw
Bottom: Disrobed, Stark, Buck Naked, Exposed, Jaybird, Nudist, Explicit.

Top: Topless, Bare, Unclad, Peeled, Leafless, Ready for Action, Raw
Bottom: Disrobed, Stark, Buck Naked, Exposed, Jaybird, Nudist, Explicit.

Top: Topless, Bare, Unclad, Peeled, Leafless, Ready for Action, Raw
Bottom: Disrobed, Stark, Buck Naked, Exposed, Jaybird, Nudist, Explicit.

 And kind of closeups:

Topless, Bare
Disrobed, Stark
Bare, Unclad
Stark, Buck Naked
Peeled, Leafless
Exposed, Jaybird
Ready for Action, Raw
Nudist, Explicit

Ready for Action, Raw
Nudist, Explicit
 Left: Ready for Action, Right: Nudist

 Raw is really cool, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me but the flash on my camera told me otherwise.  There is a hint of green in there, you can barely tell.  I think it's more to give the colour dimension than to actually be noticeable. I really liked it.
My 3 favourites would have to be the browns: Ready for Action, Nudist and Raw, but I also love Disrobed, Stark, Buck Naked and Leafless.  The only colour that did not play well was Explicit (grey on the far right bottom in group shot).  I used a primer but it still tried to go on patchy.  I'll have to try it in a look to see how it wears, but on my arm, not so good.