Sunday, October 31, 2010

Light up that torture spell only to put it out again.



I'm not in the spooky mood this year. For one, it's on a Sunday, 2 my friends are in another city, so no celebratory bruhaha for moi.

Anywhosies, I wanted to wear something dark and sinister on my eyes. This look was supposed to be a bit darker but it was still daytime and I didn't wanna hear the dude try to tell me what's daytime/nighttime makeup, AGAIN. DO NOT CARE SIR!

I used the Aromaleigh Spells! collection.

FPE just on lid
Lid: Crucio (unforgivable spell, to torture)
Inner corner: Lumos (light)
Crease and lower lashline: Nox (put out the light)
Above crease: Fidelius (lets something be hidden)
Browbone: Finite (stops spell)

Lashes, $3 halloween ones from Walmart. Uncomfortable. Heavy. But awesome looking.

grrrr! arggg!!! meow?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Glitter is my Crack Giveaway!

You may wantz ta head over here to check out Blix's awesome Morgana Cryptoria/The Moon Maiden Giveaway!

Up for grabs are 2 eyeshadow collections from Morgana and a set of earrings and a necklace made by la pretty giveaway lady herself!

Uhhh, shouldn't you be clicking that link by now?


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Remember when I was all boo-hoo-y about Walmart wanting almost $10 for super awesome lashes and I was like OH NOES YOU DON'T!

So in my google search and finding Madame Madeline I GOT MY ORDER!

I placed it Oct 10. Received an email saying it was shipped on the 13, which I think is awesome. It was nice to know this info. Items arrived yesterday Oct 26 which is around normal time for Canada. The package had "France" on it instead of "Canada" so that may have delayed things a bit until they looked at the postal code.

Either way everything arrived intact and just what I ordered :)

They were even really kind and sent an extra pair of lashes that I didn't expect!

Here's the stash:

And the order:

The Ardell Fright Night kits are the bigger ones you see. They were DIRT FRIGGIN CHEAP. EFF YOU IN THE FACE WALMART!

I'm not sure which Elise lashes are which. The $3.45 pair is the set at the very top centre with the little crystals. And the lashes in the green box I grabbed just to see what they looked like in real life. The picture (12th on the page) made them difficult to tell. Most lashes you click and you can see more detail. These ones didn't have a 2nd picture so I was curious. But they really were that light!

Click to make everything big, but these are pink with bright green throughout. They are very, very fine so it is hard to see but they are still cute! They won't add volume but it's a fun accent to add to what you naturally have.

Of all the lashes on Madame Madeline's site, the Elise ones look the most fun for the prices.

Also something I've never seen before, COLOUR individual lashes. And I'm not talking brown either. Like rainbow shades yo! Yeah I'm super new and some of you are like "uhhhh chickie those be not new" but they are awesome and cute and IWANTTHEMLIKENOWOKAY! All of them! That link is just for the one set, there are like 5 other funkified colour mixes available too. Just imagine doing a neutral look, maybe some greys and then BAM!!! RANDOM RAINBOW LASH WHEN YOU BLINK. Oh yeah. I sees it.

Another sweet thing about the shop is they'll let you know if the pair is comparable to a MAC brand or Sephora etc. in the product info.
Like these bad boys, they let you know the are similar to Makeup Forever's "Erin 115" lash. Which by the way is $15 cdn, while Elise @ Madame Madeline is only $3.75!!!

$3.75!!! DUDES!!! 75% LESS! I blow at math but I think that was correct. You can buy the Elise ones and not have to munch Kraft Dinner for 3 days to catch up on bills.

And all those lashes, and I only paid $5 for this order. And it was marked very kindly for international customers, if ya know what I mean ;)

I am ordering again once I have some moola.

I have so much stuff on my wishlist. And I hope their Ardell limited deal is still on when I get my second chance! Buy 4 @ $2.60 (regular $3.49/pair)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Aliens Shmaliens

Just kidding, aliens are nifters. Reminds me of X-Files. Man I miss that show.

Today I used my Meow Cosmetics Alien Encounters samples. I'm trying to figure out which shades I want jars of with the 20% off sale that expires TONIGHT. :s

I tried to use a wet brush but I'm friggin messy so I went over the yellow with dry stuff to make it less suck.

I used:

Inner half: Abduction
Outer half: Contact
Crease: SETI
Browbone: Probe (teehee)
Lower lashline: Implant
More lower lashline as close to lashes as possible to darken: Deranged (Shattered Equinox)
Liner: Joe Fresh turquoise felt liner

My lining skill blow when my eye looks down. Well crap.

Picture not shopped, it was the "portrait" setting on my camera that kicks uber ass.

And for some shiny. My mister bought me my Christmas present early because I loved these so damn much and the store might not have had them by Christmas time


Man I loves me shinys. The rose has a crystal smack dab in the middle and there are teeny ones all around it in the petals. And it's super cool that I can re-stack them on 2 different fingers. My right ring finger and left middle finger are the same size. A.w.e.s.o.m.e.

Anybody buying some Meow with the sale? Code is alienkitty fyi

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Suds N Sass

On a happier note, Suds N Sass is having a Halloweeny sale.

Right now spend $31 and use the code: TrickorTreat and save 31% expires: 10.31.2010 at 11:59pm EST

BUT!! "The % off will change at random times, sometimes hourly"
so get in thurrr and do some shopping!

I was super happy to see a tweet that there was 1 extra Halloween kit available so I snapped that baby up and Elizabeth was kind enough to refund me a bit of the shipping.
So if you haven't followed Suds N Sass on Twitter, IT'S BEST U BE DOIN THAT!


Sephora Friends and Family sale

First up, no this isn't me telling you about my awesome list of shit I just bought from this sale.


Because I'm a Canadian. Sephora deals hardly ever apply to Canadians. Unless someone complains, then some sort of bonus is thrown in, but never as good as the original deal. And then we get called "freeloaders" for thinking this new deal blows.

So what am I talking about?

The Sephora Friends & Family sale is something given to employees to let their friends and family get a 20% of dealio. The added bonus, once it gets known online, ANYBODY (in the US) can get this discount online only. You don't have to know a damn person.

But if you are Canadian, you do need to know an employee. There's a card or something you will need. Well that's just fine, let me go through my basket of spare employees I have lying around. WAIT! I don't have a magical basket of employees just sitting here. Well there goes that plan.

Someone said "woah woah settle down everyone, you're freaking out over 20%, really, REALLY. its not that much considering we pay a 12% tax, so really you're not paying the tax and then what, eight dollars less... it wont even cover the shipping, you're really not missing out on much. so stop bitching. besides, these products are full sized and its a pretty sweet bag."

Not all provinces pay the extra 7% sales tax. Alberta only pays 5% tax, so they'd be saving 15% still.

Sure they are offering full size items in to make up for the NON-SALE, But it's shit I'd NEVER WEAR. I do not want more makeup I WON'T WEAR. I have enough of that now. And I find the tote ugly, I don't care if it's a Vera Wang Princess tote. Something tells me I can get this from the Bay as a "free gift with purchase".

So yeah, there's the non-sale, and the fact that we already pay a pretty high markup.

Take the Urban Decay BOS III. $54 until I hit "Canadian checkout" then TADAAAAAA, $65. $11? Really? I understand our dollar is lower than the US dollar, but, OH HEY IT'S @ 0.97! Where the hell does the $11 dollar price hike even come from?

We have 22 stores open in Canada. Each one does crazy amounts of business, I sort of have to shove my way through to get to my section (UD, Too Faced) but somehow will all that crazy business and with the stupid ass mark-up, Canadians just aren't deserving of a discount like ALL OF THE US IS?

In the last year I bought maybe 3 things. 2 I needed for my cousin's wedding and the 3rd I bought in the States, because it was $35 in Vegas compared with $44cdn+tax.

Also, if you are going to call it a friends & family sale, why not make it so it actually is friends and family, like regular retail stores.

Ohhhhh, you wouldn't want to piss off your American consumers...

But I'm just a Canadian. After I type this, I have to go outside and tell my moose to get back here with my extension cord to hook my igloo up to that maple tree to keep it from floating away on an ice flow. While a hockey player with no teeth tries to retain peace within the beaver/goose community.
And next week I get a flushing toilet! No more outhouse!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Bit O' Purple

Here was my purple look for today.

I had it planned last night because today was the all day event "Wear Purple To Commemorate The Suicides Caused By Homophobia" in short, "Spirit Day". I don't have any purple clothing, so naturally, my choice was in eyeshadow.

However the dude decided to hop in the shower late, delaying my makeup process!
Anyways, back to my point.

I am not gay myself, but I'm completely fine with those who are. And if I was, big whoopdedoo! I'd still be human. I felt the need to mention this because I know some people just automatically assumed that by showing your support wearing purple you were gay so they shied away from it. That was not what this event was about. It was to let people know they are not alone. It was to remember those who took their lives. I don't wanna ramble on too much.

The main point, there is nothing wrong with being who you are. If people don't like it, FUCK EM! With a big ole F.
It's extremely sad that some people feel they have nobody to turn to and will end their lives without getting help.

Parents need to drill it into their kids' heads that there is nothing wrong with someone being different than you. And that taunting someone because of this is absolutely unacceptable.

Here was my purple with Aromaleigh

What's Skakin'? on lid
Mourning's Whimsy in crease
Poison Utopia to darken crease
Browbone was something repackaged but purple and awesome

No time for liners due to the shower hogger.

Only 1 pic, batteries died :(

I do wish I had known about this day sooner. I had no clue until my mom sent me the facebook link with the info last night. Hopefully next year will have more awareness.

And hopefully next year there will be less people deciding suicide is the only way out because views have changed and attitudes have been adjusted.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dinosaurs are me fwends

Long time no EOTD posty because lately I've gotten super lazy. I've added so many people to my blogger list it takes me ages to go through everybody. I see ya all!! I don't comment all the time but I see ya :)

I got my lurvely Fyrinnae order Friday methinks. Possible Thursday. Whatevs, you don't care about that! It's the spiffy stuff that's within you are probably wondering about.

I ordered

HAHA! Hows that for damn lazy, I screen-capped my order :D

Here's some of my sloptastic swatches. I mostly just did it for me but decided to take pics afterward anyways.


The sparkles are shy of the camera of course, but as usual blow every picture up for max SPARKLAGE!

Tricky is <3 So is Leopard-Print Galaxy. Hell I love them all. I may have Damn Paladins and Evocation mixed up. I can't tell. Way to fail me. What do you mean you can't remember 3 days ago?

And the look I did Saturday. 2 pics because the camera hates sparkles! They didn't want to play nice.

Lid: Dinisaur Plushie
Crease: Leopard-Print Galaxy (fuck I love these names)
Outer crease for darkening: Madam & Eve's
Browbone: Finnegan's Wake
Lower liner: MAC Black Line

Time to cook supper! I'll try not to burn stuff.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Aromaleigh shades I want but are sold oooot

This will probably just bore you.
I love lists and junk so this is just my list of crushed dreams, AKA Sold out stuff I hope I can find in future blog sales etc.

Ciao Italia! - Biscotti
Victoria's Revenge - Infernal Chaos
Victoria's Revenge - Skeleton Key (although I think Fyrinnae's Dinosaur Plushie is uber similar)
Pure Eyes Frost - Gilt
Pure Eyes Frost - Damask
Satin Petals - Dandelion
Satin Petals - Marigold
Valentine '09 - Lovelorn
Valentine '09 - Pillowtalk
En Pointe - Elegie
Spring Solstice - Calendula
Pure Eyes Matte - Sea Foam
Pure Eyes Matte - Fawn
Pure Eyes Matte - Cupid
Carolina Summer Matte - Sea Glass
Carolina Summer Matte - Dune
Carolina Summer Matte - Shell
Carolina Summer Matte - Bouganvillea
Carolina Summer Matte - Willow
Carolina Summer Matte - Verdigris
Eye Plush - Dollhouse
Eye Plush - Room Service
Eye Plush - Feather Boa
Eye Plush - Well-Suited
Eye Plush - Persian Kitten
Eye Plush - Silk Stockings
Eye Plush - Prim Tweed
Eye Plush - Mink Coat
Eye Plush - Petit Fours
Eye Plush - Rosy Cheeks

Huh, I thought it was much longer. This is why lists are awesome!
I only have 2 Carolina Summer mattes and 3 Eye Plush jars so that's why those 2 groups are huuuuge. I should have stocked up last Christmas with the 50% sales! :s Oh well, I got the entire Holiday Blast set and Hi-Fi Mattes that way, so I guess I was kind of broke then. And I love those 2 sets mucho.
Time to go riffle through what I DO have. Best part of the day.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hugemongous Giveaway!

Seriously, I've seen some pretty sweet giveaways over the last year, but this one has to be my favourite because I don't think I own a single thing in it, and IT'S SO MASSIVE!

Pigments GALORE

Head over now to The Crow and the Powder Puff and check out that awesomeness!

Or just click the pic to your right up top where it says ENTER IT!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So I'm a little behind with trying out new companies and whatnot (I tend to buy from the same 4 places over and over) but I just saw something that just may make me branch out.


Out of all the games I've played, Zelda games and Mario adventure games are always my favourites. Even when I was little and watched Super Mario bros on tv I looked forward to the day we got to see an actual ZELDA CARTOON EPISODE!! (Fridays I believe)

Shiro Cosmetics already had a Pokemon themed collection and I've never played any of the games, so while I did plan on ordering eventually, I still felt I could wait.

Then I see on twitter someone mention Zelda themed, and holy shitcakes batman.


It's their Legends Collection.

What shades do I want? Oh. I dunno. All of them.

Go pre-order now at the lil link up thurrrr. (The blue, not the adorable kitteh, although that would have been awesome but I am not that smrt)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Oberon's Grace V2.0

Why mr camera do you decide to ignore awesome details? Huh? There should be loads of green looking back at moi but nooooo, you decide to be an ass. Growly-pants.

I did something similar to this look last year but it was before I knew what a macro setting was on my camera.

Oberon is one of my favourite Aromaleigh shades. It's like MAC Gorgeous Gold's prettier twin sister. I should have swatched to show you, but I'm tellin' ya, it rocks. It was from the Midsummer Night's Dream collection and the first collection I bought 1 of everything as soon as I could because I didn't want a single one to escape me and I'm glad I did. It sucks I didn't know about AL sooner to have snagged the 2 missing ones that couldn't go in the Vault Sale. This collection turned out to be my favourite. It has the most shades I've bought backups of. I can't recall which ones for sure but I know Oberon, Elfin, Helena, Grace and Fairy have been doubled up. The collection doesn't have sparkles in it, just a really fine creamy smooth texture and many of the shades have a funky iridescence that stands out when the light hits them.

Oberon rocks because A) It's GOLD, B)It has that funktastic green iridescence and that's an automatic win. There was a shade in the Valentines collection that had a similar green sheen to it but I wasn't able to snag it before international shipping stopped and then it sold oooooot :(

Here's what I used:

Lid: Oberon
Crease: Grace
Browbone: Maiden
Lower lashline: Fairy
Upper liner: MSCHIC Astral Shine gel liner

It's hard to tell I put anything on the lower lashline but I promise, 'TWAS THURRR I SWUUUUUR. I tried to smoke it out a bit and ended up rubbing oodles of it off.

Also! Does anybody have colour descriptions for Aromaleigh collections they can send mah way? Even the Midsummer ones? I'm crap at trying to describe stuff on my own.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

False Lashes Madame Madeline

Hullo ladies and germs.

I was in Walmart yesterday to check out their Halloween goodies, and I'm not talking candy.

I found 2 displays of ass kicking lashes. Even though I don't wear them every day, usually just holidays or if I go out partay-ing it up and feel the need to be extra flashy. You know, cuz hot pink shadow just isn't enough sometimes.

I ended up with doubles of 3 pairs because they seemed reasonably priced. They were all under $4 (Some were $3.77 but can't remember which, receipt is gonners).

They also had these uber fantastic Spyder Woman lashes, as well as Pixie Dust and some other super sweet glittttah pair but and a cool pair that was black with a bit of white in the tips but Walmart wanted a hefty ass $9 somethingorother. I'm not paying ten frikkin dollars yo!


And then I saw this photo.


So I googled my lil heart out and found Madame Madeline. They had the fancy schmancy ones minus the white tipped ones but that's okay, cuz I totally bought 3 other pairs of something else instead.

Best of all? $5.35! That's it! After buying doubles of the 3 I originally wanted plus 4 others (which were even less than $4), shipping to Canada was only $5. In the end with shipping they come to under $5 a pair. Mucho better than Walmart.

Yay for online shopping!

I'll let you know when they actually get here though and if I get what I ordered etc. But for $-wise, it's pretty damn sweet.

Here are the ones I bought yesterday though. The ones on the bottom are white with holo glitter lightly dusted on top <3<3<3!

MAC Venomous Villains Schtuff


I bought this stuff a bit ago and still haven't properly swatched it all so here's what I have done so far.

I ended up making 3 purchases and 1 return and one maybe return.

In total, right now I have:

Briar Rose Beauty Powder
Oh So Fair Beauty Powder
Bite of an Apple Blush
Mean & Green polish
Bad Fairy Polish
French Quarter Greasepaint Stick
Wicked Ways Lipglass
Revenge is Sweet Lipglass
Dark Deed Lipstick
Heartless Lipstick
Truth & Light Magically Cool Liquid Powder

My returnees:
My Dark Magic
She Who Dares

Why the return? These were bought on my 3rd purchase. I got suckered in by the wicked packaging (pun totally intended) Maleficent was on the friggin case! But in total, that was $56 cdn on cute packaging when I already had something similar (Meow shades) in my collection. So I returned them and bought oodles of Fyrinnae instead.

The packaging! I actually loved the packaging, not to be mistaken with the design on the products themselves, just the boxes they came in. Even the INSIDES were detailed. Check out the purdy.

And here's the schtuff

4 collections in 1 mega collection and this is the best they could come up with? I feel like they just wanted to throw this one out there to make up some bucks lost to that Rodarte collection (but I do think I saw the crappy photos before then). I read somewhere that they wished the drawings on the box matched the pictures on the products. That would have been awesome! It would have looked more badass anyway.

What's also disappointing is the nail polish and the greasepaint stick didn't have anything special on the boxes or the product themselves. I think if you are going to do a theme collection, don't do it half-assed!

Speaking of nail polish. I knew Mean & Green was going to be the same as Orly's Space Cadet. I only bought it because it was hard to get Space Cadet and now I have a backup :) The formula wears EXACTLY THE SAME! I've never had an EXACT dupe before right down to the wear time. You need 3 coats with Orly, just like MAC. They even peel off at the same time. I painted half a nail with one and finished the other half with the other. There was no different at all. My cuticles look pretty damn horrible or I'd show you myself but there's a blog I googled that did have swatches of both and they'll tell you the same.

Bad Fairy I bought because there wasn't a dupe in the Orly Cosmix collection. However, this shade is a bit boring compared to the other 2. It's just a red with gold reflecty flakes on top that morph red from head on. So half the time it just looks like a red polish.

I did accidentally make it cool though. I plopped on a coat of Revlon's Galaxy sparkle top coat. It has black spots in it and holographic bits. Then went over it in a top coat to dull it all down. But of course adding a matte to it just made it last for a day. Oh well. Now I can say I at least tried a MAC polish. It just sucks that I have to use drugstore brands to make it look good.

Heartless! After seeing Temptalia's uber red lip I wanted an intense red lipstick. I also bought the corresponding lipglass Wicked Ways to try to make it more intense. I think I should have just splurged and bought the Chanel one instead. It's not as blood red as I was hoping.

Just Heartless

Heartless with Wicked Ways layered on top


I tried seeing if I had any reds to compare it to and I saw my nail polish bottle sitting there. If you have a new Revlon shade, this lipstick is slightly more intense

Revenge is sweet (purple one) also a bit disappointing. It's effing SHEER! It showed up purple on my hand but I forgot that lips are pink so once this is on, it just looks like slightly coloured lip gloss. Not worth the $18.50. But it has Maleficent on it, so this baby I am keeping. I actually wear it to work and I never wear lip colours to work, it's that colourless.

Truth & Light Magically Cool Liquid Powder. This stuff is awesome even if it is damn tricky to use. My first time, it worked perfectly, the second time, I farked it up somehow.

This stuff makes it look like you have a healthy glow. Better than any "glowy" product I have so far. And I have fucktonnes of those (yup ms dazzlepants, I totally stole your word!)
It has a very, very fine pink shimmer to it. I read on another blog that they can't see it. No wayyyy jose, it's just not an obvious shimmer. In my bathroom with shitty dark yellowed lighting I can still see it.

Here's it on my hand and then over top my blush (which was matte, so the shimmer bit is allllll powder baby) Click twice to blow it up if you want to double check.

It's kind of hard to use sometimes because of it being wet for a few seconds. Sometimes I end up with it looking patchy. A huge pain in the ass when it's only on one side. But when it works, it looks awesome.

That's all I have for now. I tried swatching the blush but for some reason they weren't showing up too well, but they show up well on my face so I'll just have to post some FOTDs to show you instead.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Pick, Meow's Halloween. Last Year


I was bored so I thought I'd show you my favourites from the halloween collections Meow Cosmetics released last year, and luckily, THIS YEAR!! YAY!!

Looking over my pictures I did forget at least one, but it was in a baggy and therefore, forgotten! Poor baggies. They go to makeup limbo. I have some good stuff in there but unless I see it in it's jarred glory, tis forgotten :(

DAMMIT! Going through the colour charts I forgot another that wasn't in a bag, I'm just a turd. I guess I'll have to do a part DEUX!

But whatever, not what this post is about!

If you kidnap my brain, here are the colours you would love the most. As always, click the pics again and again to blow them babies up :)

Swatched on primer above, FPE below

Top group:
Full Moon - Zombies, "White that actually glows yellow with subtle blue undertones." Yup, at first I though it had a bit of green in the sheen but when Meow's site mentions blue, it makes sense I'd see that, yellow and blue make green. I R so smrt.

Skelecat - Zombies, "White with gold and green iridescence" This one to me looks like a cream colour when the light doesn't hit it, but when it does, BAMMO! GREEN! I love it.
Full Moom, Skelecat and Spellbinding (my forgotten jarred beauty) are my pics for highligher.

Broken Mirror - Friday the 13th, "shiny silver with green iridescence and multicolor fire" from certain angles this shade looks a bit purple with that lovely green on top.

Spell - Friday the 13th, "chromatic cerulean blue with green iridecent fire and aqua glow" LOVE IT. Remember, I'm not too fond of blues most days. Can't risk resembling a prostitute in the 80's but this blue really is magical. This shade looks best over FPE to keep that green overlay trapped in.

Witch's Brew - Zombie, "Bright acid green". Exactly. Although it is a bit matte. It gets a bit muddy over FPE, but that can also be the colour itself. It does remind me of a grubby witch. In a totally cool way of course, or it wouldn't be in my picks! :)

Supernatural - Friday the 13th, "golden celadon green with orange/pink iridescence and fire" I don't see much green for this one, more of a really unique golden shade with that orangey-pink iridescence mixed in.

Bottom group:
Skeptic - Friday the 13th, "this one will make a believer out of you! bright periwinkle with copper and pink iridescent color changing fire" WICKED! This one is also best used with FPE to get that pink to stay. Also, my brush was a bit damp and I found this made the pink stay even better. I will try that with Spell one day!

Cadaver - Dance of Death, "a creepy sage toned organic green with golden iridecence" This one has always been one of my favourite greens. It just seems to have so much in it that sets it apart from other greens. It also has teeny blue sparkles in it, so small I can't actually tell if they are green or blue, but there's something in there, and it's awesome.

Asylum - Dance of Death, "gleaming teal loaded with green iridescence and blue and green sparkle" Another blue I <3, I think I learned that if you pack a blue shadow with awesome sparks I will wear it, or at least gawk over the jar. I bought this with my 2nd halloween order last year because in the bag it looked blah but once I swatched it, I was kicking my own ass and had to make another order. And I love the name. Asylum's creep the hell out of me. The stuff they would do to "crazy" people back then are scary as fuck.Blood Lust - Zombie, "Coppery Red with gold iridescence" It's not a true blood red like you'd expect from such a name, but still really pretty red. I would pair this with a gold like I did here

Coffin - Dance of Death, Liner, "coffin-copper shade with metallic umber undertones" You already know how much I love this one. I even have a back up from last year in case I ran out. Looks HAWT with blue shadows as seen here because of it's dark red tone to it.

Accident - Friday the 13th, "metallic copper lame with a dark undertone and gleaming metallic iridescent fire-Wetlines:RED!" This one is the most tricky shade out of my entire collection. It looks like a cream shade with a slight coppery red to it but once on skin it darkens like mad and the red pops out. I used it as the crease here

Group 1, blurred pic shows the iridescent tones better

Group 2, blurred pic shows the iridescent tones better

I'm still, STILL working on that giveaway winner. I made it too hard by making extra points because I have to double check everywhaaaaare. OYE! But I'll get to it. I am the queen of procrastination. High school sucked for me. We were on the Copernican scale, not sure exactly what that meant but I had only 2 classes a day until the next quarter. So if I had a project I'd tell myself, meh I'll do it for homework. When I didn't do that I'd say, MEH, I'll do it in the morning. I'd skip that, MEH, I'll do it in first break or lunch. DAMMIT CLASS IS IN! Oh wells, I have another break coming up, I'll do it then. I'd wait till the friggin last moment.

That's how I roll.


Whoops, forgot to give shop links!

Dance of Death


Friday the 13th

Also, this weekend only save 15%: catlumbus
and free shipping (International orders must be over $50 | Canadian orders must be over $30)

AND THERE'S MOOOOOOORE, 3 Alien colours that were missed the first round:
Area 51
Gray Matter