Saturday, November 24, 2012

So awesome I forgot to post

I was so happy with this look I seem to have posted it everywhere EXCEPT the blog.  Go me.

I did this awhile back and almost trashed the pic on my desktop but realized I forgot to write what I used on my flickr pic so I went through my blog posts to check it out and WHOOPS not there. 

Better late than never.  I LOVED THIS SO HARD.  I usually post my EOTD's or swatches in a makeup Facebook group whenever I'm too lazy to do a post, so if you are in here, you'd already have seen it.  Go here.  If you'd like to explore more indie companies or see pretty faces, or keep an eye on indie sales, that's the place to be.  Especially if you want to go extra broke with all the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale madness!  I ended up buying Sugarpill, more Shiro, some Coastal Scents hotpots, MUA Makeup Academy, Cocoa Pink, some Scaredy Cat (1st time trying!).  Seeing it all typed out like that I AM AFRAID FOR MY WALLET!  Innocent + Twisted Alchemy is releasing a Battle Royale themed collection that I need, so basically this whole paycheque is gone hahaha.

AAAAAANYWAYS Back to my look!

I did this super early on a Saturday Morning and still had 2 hrs before the mall even opened so lots and lots of time to play around.

I used:

TFSI Lemon Drop
Lid: Meow Cosmetics Eris
Crease: Detrivore Memento Mori
Above crease blended and lower liner: Sugarpill Buttercupcake
Inner corner: Shiro Moon Prism Power
Browbone was from a company no longer in business
Liner: Physician's formula
Lower liner: MAC Black Line Pearlglide instense with Buttercupcake smeared on top.

heh  smeeeaared


 FOOD TIME.  I want pizza.  pizzapizzapizza

Monday, November 12, 2012

"I don't know. It's snowing out. Do something cold looking."

I really should know by now not to ask the dude for what colours to pick out.  Most of the time he says random stuff like "red, yellow, brown, green..." and he'll just go on until he's listed them all.  This time he said something "cold looking." 

I didn't want to go out for dinner looking like a frost queen but when he mentioned snow I remembered I had a whole bunch of Meow's Snowflake shades from past winters!  I dug around and picked out a few and this is what I came up with.

TFSI Lemon Drop
Lid: Freezing Rain
Crease: Avalanche
Inner corner: Snowball
Browbone: Aromaleigh Miuccia (nude with a nice blue sheen to it)
Lower liner: MAC Petrol Blue smudged with Darling Girl's Totally Teal on top
Inner lower liner: UD Midnight Cowboy 24/7 liner with Shiro's Moon Prism Power patted on top.
Upper liner: UD Perversion liquid liner
Gold under the liner: Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner Diamond Gold 01

I took a bunch of pictures but I think this one turned out more clear than the others.  NEED MOAR DAYLIIIIIGHT!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Shiro Cosmetics Badger Mushroom Snake Swatches


For those who don't get the reference... 

"Gack annoying, what's a snake got to do with it?"

Well you obviously didn't watch long enough.  GET BACK TO IT.

Now that the song has successfully gotten branded into your brain, here are the pretties!

L-R: Badger, Mushroom and Snake over TFSI


EOTD ~ The Badger Ate the Snake on the Moon

I GOTS SOME SHIRO!  I've been wanting to try Shiro Cosmetics for a crazy long time and now I can say I have and am super happy with my purchase!  I will get stuff swatched up for you but for now here is an EOTD I did with Snake and Badger Mushroom Snake collection.

Lid: Snake
Crease: Badger
Browbone: shade from a company no longer is business
Lower lashline: Badger and Moon Prism Power over UD Midnight Cowboy eyeliner
Liner: Physicians Formula gel liner