Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tarte For True Blood Collection ~ Pic Heavy

I believe I was drooling after this collection after seeing Temptalia post promo images and even though the colours looked kinda blah, the packaging suckered me in.

Yep, I'm one of those people. Pretty packaging means YES PLEASE!
It could also do with my recent vamp/immortal obsession

Either way I wanted it, and I wanted it all.

My Sephora didn't have anything in the store yet so I had to buy it all online. I don't really like shopping at Sephora because the prices are jacked up when you click your cart to Canadian $$$ but it was the only place I could get these pretties from.

The prices go from:

$52 palette
$30 cheek stain
$24 lip tint
Total: $106

$68 palette
$39 cheek stain
$31 lip tint
New total: $138

The only benefit, is it arrived in a duty free box, but even if they taxed me etc, it's still mucho more than it should be with the current currency conversion. I would prefer they use paypal checkout and let them do the exchange, but then the stores would be off, chaos would erupt, buildings would explode, cats would start bowling with dog's heads etc., bad times all around.

Now where was I?

Ah yes, my swatchfest

I did them in 2 groups, light and dark and the pics where you see text, blow them up to read the shades better. Actually you can blow them all up if ya want, I didn't shrink anything, I don't think anyways.


Annoying plastic film again, once again, would have prefered it on the back of palette or something. I paid a damn fortune damn dammity damn damn.

The drawer has a primer, mascara and an eyeliner.

An insert was included with the names of the products on the back and 4 eyecharts on the inside. SO CUTE!

Colour descriptions from Sephora:
The Light (shimmering warm ivory), Fairy (shimmering pink), Dusk (matte warm taupe), Dawn (shimmering gold dust), Werewolf (matte chocolate), Waitress (sparkling pink champagne), Nocturnal (sparkling deep indigo), Charmer (sparkling burnt copper), Glamour Me (sparkling deep plum), Stake (matte steel), Bayou (shimmering golden tan), Telepath (sparkling warm rose), The True Death (sparkling silver), Immortal (sparkling midnight black), Moss (shimmering forest green), Legend (deep matte black), "V" (sparkling crimson).






My bitch-take on the shades provided, I do wish they skipped one of the blacks, probably the sparkly Immortal because it's just Legend, but with sparkle. Silver sparkle at that. And I hate silver sparkle. Just looks like white specs. BOR-ING.

Maybe a sweet metallic gold in the same wicked finish as The True Death (silver) or a blood red shade. Sure "V" rocks, but a deeper bloodier red would have been pretty schweeeet.
Just sayin

I haven't used the primer or mascara but I did try out the eyeliner. I liked it for about 5 seconds, then realized it was way too soft and then as soon as that happened of course a damn chunk crumbled off and landed somewhere. I'm going to have a black spot squished in my couch or carpet soon. I knowz it.

Up next, the Cheek tint!

I've never used a blush that wasn't powder so this was a new to me type of thang.


heheheee it looks like I cut myself but the red came off the rim of the tube

I really like the colour and the gold sparkles but I have yet to try to wear it on my face. Once I figure that out I think it'll look pretty! Gold sparkles are pretty much awesome all the time.

And for my least fav of the bunch, the Lip Surgence pencil.

I don't like the mint smell, wasn't a fan of the colour either. I expected it to be more blood red. Or at least something similar to Clinique's Black Honey. Sheer but awesome, but I didn't find the shade awesome.


Anyways am I glad I bought this collection? HELLZ YEAH SON!

If I knew the lip pencil was going to suck, I wouldn't have gotten it though. I don't even mind the eyeliner breaking on me because I completely forgot the palette came with those extras so it was a pleasant surprise.

Affordable? Fuck no, not really, but that's why some dude invented a credit card. I really hate that dude some days. Interest blows.

Although 16 shades for $68 is $4.25 a colour (I totally count Legend and Immortal as 1 colour, cuz that's how I roll) is a good deal.

Meh, tis up to you I guess. I'd buy it again. IT'S AWESOME.

Sleek Oh So Special

**re-edit** Sleek is on my suckass list right now. Looook here

I'm back! HOLY FRIG! 4 posts in less than 24 hrs. Can you tell I got bored in the middle of my book?


I have for you the Sleek Oh So Special palette. Or "O So Spechul" palette as I am renaming it to my liking. The Curacao palette is gonna be called, "My Brightass Palette".

Here's teh goodz

The cover was just plain black, I'm thinking this may be a permanent palette, I couldn't see "limited edition" or anything on the box.

While I do love that each shade has a name, I don't like that it's just on a flimsy plastic film, I would have liked it on a sticker on the back of the case or something. I'm probably going to destroy the film accidentally.

Whatever, twas only $10.50 (although at the moment they seemed to have upped the price to $12.60...), can't complain too much, the colours friggin rock!


And the box if anyone cared

The palette has mattes and shimmers and they are so pretty! Even though they aren't bright shadows, I still love them and am happy I decided to get this palette. They are very pigmented, even the mattes. Actually I think the mattes were more pigmented than the shimmers even.

Anywhosies, it's a sweet deal, so go buy some and tell me how awesome I am for enabling you :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sleek Makeup

Awhile ago Sleek had a huge sale fail and I was one of those people who spent 2 hrs trying to place an order and then gave up. They offered some dealio for a half off coupon, to try to make it up to some people, but you had to have been logged into your account. The site froze up so many times I wasn't able to log in and therefore never saw a discount code. And for that I had a mini boycott and said Sleek could suck it.

Then they came out with the Avoir la Peche collection. But I'm all NO YOU DON'T, YOU CAN'T GET ME! So I missed out on it.

Then they had to be bastard people and dream up this Caribbean collection... there was a yellow in it.. and a red.. that pretty much made my mind up right there. I needed it. And oh look, a matching lip thing! And I have to have the blush if I'm already getting the other too *shopping addict denial kick in nnnnnooowwww*

So I made sure to be logged in this time and placed an order for the whole Caribbean collection, the Oh So Special palette, Santorini and Rose Gold blushes and the Monte Carlo Pout Polish from the Mediterranean collection. I got a free mini lip shine.

Of all my packages, this one that came all the way from Great Britian, took only TEN FREAKIN BUSINESS DAYS! When I picked the box up from the post office I thought for sure it was something else, and that this order would arrive in a few weeks still but NOPE! That's ninja fast.

And it was also packed very well. The palettes and blushes were in a little white box within the main mailer box surrounded by bubble wrap for added protection. I was quite impressed by the care, and the speedymagooedness of delivery.

Shipping seemed a bit high @ $13.50 but they used one of those printed post labels so I have no idea what it actually cost them to send. It was sent to another continent so I wouldn't be surprised if it did cost this much to send. Being that it was $13.50 I had to make it "worth it" and that's also part of the reason I bought so much. The Acid palette was looking me in the face but sadly U NO CAN HAZ!

It says: Please note : Due to FDA regulations this palette cannot be sold in the US. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

I R not in America-land so I was hoping to be exempt, but the add to cart button never showed up when I logged in again.
I'll use my mad sleuthing skillz on ebay.

If Sleek comes out with another kick ass collection, I'll probably get it. I have forgiven them for that shitsalefailofhorrible.

Swatches later!

Not sure what the point of this post was now that I think of it. I guess I just wanted to ramble. Ramble and share my amazment of the 10 day package!


More Sugarpill Cosmetics Swatches

I have 4 more swatches for you. Asylum was back in stock so I snagged one and well, ya can't stop at just 1 so I bought Absinthe, Tipsy and Bulletproof also.

Tipsy, Absinthe, Asylum

GACK! I apologize for the marred spot in Bulletproof. I realized after I did the swatches, that I forgot to take an open shot, so it doesn't look all shiny and new :(
I'll be haunted forever, or for the next 5 minutes at least.
Tipsy, Absinthe, Asylum

Absinthe, Tipsy
Asylum, Bulletproof (got the greens backwards from the jar pics and didn't notice until now, WHOOOOPS)

Bulletproof is completely matte but the brush wasn't completely clean so some shimmer flopped on the black. TIS FALSE IT IS! Picture it matte.

There you go.

You're doing it!

And it's done.

And a preview for WHATS TA COME!


When Canada Post did it's whole lockout shit, my packages got uber delayed. It seems they are getting caught up because I got 8 FLIPPING PACKAGES THIS WEEK!

It's like Christmas in July.

And look at my PRESENTS!! (click to hugeify it)

This pile of goodies includes:

Tarte for True Blood Collection

Sleek Makeup Caribbean collection, Oh So Special palette, Monaco Blush and Lip Polish, Rose Gold Blush

Whimsy Beading order

Lolmart shirt

Sugarpill Chromalusts, Bulletproof solid eyeshadow

The Morbid the Merrier perfumes, lip balms

I forgot to include the 3 makeup brushes I bought from MakeupGeek.

But this is 1.5 months of loot. Seeing it in one place makes me feel kind of ill, but then I feel better again by telling myself I don't shop anywhere else BUT online, so I don't feel so bad anymore hahahah

Suuuuure, whatever you have to tell yourself....

I've swatched the Caribbean palette and the Chromalusts so far but my brush is drying so I can do the other 2 palettes probably tomorrow. I'll probably post the Sugarpill next because it'll be quick and easy and I GOTS TA READ MAH BOOK! :)

Happy Weekend!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Spikeh and Shineh!

So my read-a-thon continues. Hence the lack of updates still. 53 books down in 3 months. If I spent all this time reading educational stuff I think I would probably a ninja robot unicorn computer by now.

This time tharrr be ALEINS! I'm reading the Alien Huntress series by Gena Showalter. I finished the 1st 2 and there are 2 Y/A books written in the series in the middle of the adult books, so I'm on book 1 of that, very short, started it today and I'm at 57%.

So that's what's up!

Makeup time!
I ordered a crapload of Hi Fi Cosmetics including the uber sweet Labyrinth Collection.

Slime and Snails = LOVEEEEEEE. Hell, checking out the description just now, it must be true, because it SAYS SO!: "SLIME & SNAILS is a mesmerizing bluish green with lots and lots of aqua glitter!!! LOVE. <3"

Either I'm psychic, or ya just gotta take our words for it.

I used the lashes KKCenterHK sent me right heeeeere (#10 on my pic)

I used:
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy on lid
Lid: Slime and Snails (Labyrinth Collection)
Burberry Trench all over the rest to make sure no FPE was still working it's foiling action.
Crease: HI FI Vae Victis (Art Saves collection)
More crease lovin': Sugarpill Buttercupcake (Awesome collection. Not actually called the awesome collection, but should be.)
Browbone: Meow's Hallucination (Supernaturals collection)
Lower lashline: Sugarpill Poison Plum with Buttercupcake rubbed over top
ES A500 Lashes from KKCenterHK
M93-B individual lashes on the lower outside corners. I ended up pulling them off after because my glue sucked and stayed tacky and tried to keep gluing the upper ones to the lower ones.
These are really cool and you get 24 of them in a pack so if you re-use them they'll last FOOOO EVAAAAA :)

Whoooopsy glue no dry.

So you can see how much Slime and Snails pretty much rocks my Spongebob socks, but I did find a downside. The blue glitter! I love glitter and the FPE did a good job of keeping most of it on my eyelid and it looked cool but the couple of flyaway ones that got into my eye, I felt those SOB's. I thought it was the lashes, but once I got the glitter out, the annoyance went away.

What are you cool dudes reading?
Would you get the nifty individual lashes?
Are you ready for the upcoming zombie apocalypse?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hey, so I saw Britney Spears

In concert! I'm hardcurr like that. I don't really have a musical preference, or something I tend to lean towards. My favourite band is Mindless Self Indulgence and I don't even know what the hell to classify them by. So why did I decide to go see Britney Spears?

Oh I dunno, cuz I freakin loved her when I was 14! Now I can say, yep I saw her live and got to scream like a little teeny bopper (so hard not to when everyone else is doing it, ADMIT IT YOU totally would have too :)

This was on Monday, after work so I only had 30 minutes to slap my face on so the blending is choppy and then I forgot to turn my bedroom light on for pics, so the colours look a bit washed out. If you have any Sugarpill cosmetics, you know those badboys are not dull, so it's all my camera's fault for making them not look BAM IN YO FACE, cuz it was. I swears it.

I used:

All Sugarpill Cosmetics:

Lid: Tako
Crease: Dollipop
Outer crease: Poison Plum
Lower lashline: Poison Plum/Afterparty
Browbone: Tako
Liner: Physicians Formula glam brown eyes trio gel stack thingy
Iridescent glitter.

Blush: Dollipop
Highlight: Aromaleigh Starbright Powder

Lips: MAC Pink Friday (I HAD to, Nicki Minaj was the opener, 'twas only appropriate)

Hahahaah that lipstick does not go with my faded as crap hair colour.

I sat in the nosebleeds and cameras aren't allowed in the stadium so this is the only cell phone Hipstamatic pic that turned out not horrible. You can see her in the TV!!

I was sad we didn't get to hear the whole Hit Me Baby One More Time, just a quickie version. The news article from the show is here. She pulled a guy from the audience, handcuffed him to a chair, and 2 girls and a guy damn near lapdanced him, then Britney tossed a pink feather boa on him and hopped on his shoulders. It was pretty awesome :)