Thursday, September 12, 2013

Peachy Matte EOTD

I don't even have anything to ramble about today.  Le sigh.

Here's a peachy look I did using Detrivore's Graveyard collection.  I used, over TFSI:

Autopsy on lid, Premature Burial in crease, Necropolis in outer vee, Embalm to highlight browbone.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Cut Crease Recreation/Half-face Makeup Look

Some days I get lost in Google-land and find some looks I'd like to try out.  I don't even have a specific search in mind. One minute I'll be googling the nutritional benefits of cucumbers, or drooling over in-floor bath tubs and my mind wanders back to makeup usually.  Probably something like "yellow eyeshadow" or "cheek illuminator". But I have no freakin clue how I stumbled onto the look I tried to recreate for this post.  I found it on, I think it's like a makeupbee-type website.

I didn't bother doing both eyes because but it's kinda neat seeing the before/after.  Or after/before in this case!  I should have powdered the right side too, I use Tarte Maracuja oil so I just look greasy right there hahahah

 I used all Sugarpill (Tako, Bulletproof, Buttercupcake), the NYX Milk jumbo eye pencil and the teal shade was from one of my UD palettes but I can't remember which one.

And the original by Codigo

And my eyeball again

Friday, September 6, 2013

Another EOTD using Detrivore's Graveyard Collection

Here's a purple and green look I played around with.  My camera washed the pics out a bit, the full face shot shows the green much more accurately.
I used all colours from Detrivore's Graveyard collection.

I used over TFSI Lemon Drop:
Formalin on lid
Catacombs on crease
Casket to blend into browbone shade Embalm
Ossuary to try to blend out the inner corner part next to my nose, I don't know what that part is called.
Funeral to darken outer corner of crease
Grave Digger on lower lashline
NYX Milk on waterline and inner lower lashline.
Annabelle black eyeliner

 Excuse the Biebs hair, it's in a ponytail so it looks kind of silly head on. I never realized my nose was so crooked.  I hope it was just the camera! Or my damn teeth are shifty, it all doesn't line up.  hahaha  that's going to bother me.  PLEASE BE THE CAMERA!
I didn't really have a plan for this look, just kept adding colours until I really liked it. The Graveyard collection is great to work with and one of my favourite overall collections.  You can do something fun and colourful, something neutral for office settings, or some kick ass smokey look if you wanted to.  Distorria has added 2 new colours to the line, Cadaverine and Memento Mori.  Well not super new, but new this year I believe.  I didn't even bother sampling them, just straight up bought em :)

Back to draino-ing my tub.  So far the tub is winning and I am losing.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Meow Cosmetics Blush swatches

What do ya do when you have a 25% off code and realize you only have a few blushes?  BUY MOAR BLUSH!  Meow's birthday came up again this year and I decided to treat myself because JUST 'CAUSE!  When I was packing my makeup up I noticed I had thousands of eyeshadows but the amount of blush I had, I can count on less than my 10 phlanges.  Now one might say, "dude you only need like 2, IF that." to which I say, "why have 2, when you can have 20!?

This is why I don't own a house.  Or a car.  Or a laser ray gun.

I also noticed I have zero bronzers, unless you count that thing I bought from Claires which is more of a gold highlighter.  Try bronzing with that and you'll look like C-3P0.

Here's all the awesome I decided on:

No flashy.

I also picked up the foundation in the Pampered Puss formula after already luvin' Flawless Feline.  There are 2 jars because my skintone is a mix of 2 parts Naughty Abyssinian to 1 part Frisky.  Or it may be the other way around.  I forget.  Either way, I need both of em!

There are 7 Stripped colours up there.  Swatches here already.

A few Lost Rainforest shades I only had in sample form.  Swatches here

Theeeeeeeen we have a bunch of their original blushes, that whole second column.  I think Sassy was the only one I tried before hand.  FLYIN' BLIND HERE!

Column 2 is mostly their Cat on a Hot Tin Roof bronzers.  On my skin tone these are better as blush.  I grabbed them all in the Light and Medium shades + Sizzle.  If I remember, I'll have to order samples of the Dark ones to see how they look on me. Or not because I now have 80hundred blush/bronzers and I'll probably live.

Let's seeee, also grabbed a Medium Abyssinian Skinny Dipper for contouring.  Light was too pale on me even for highlighting purposes.  The rest are random blushes from various collections, like  Firefly, a Taboo blush in Fetish, 2 Lost Rainforest Blushes (swatched with the eyeshadows) ET CETERA.

Since I'm not good at swatching blush, here is my attempt!  In the future if I do looks I'm kind of proud of, I'll be sure to wear one of these to show them off in actual blush form and not "I just wiped this on my hand" form :)

5/6 are from their original line, #6 is a Firefly

1. Delisions
2. Coral Reefer
3. Infatuation
4. Harlot
5. Cherry Bomb
6. Spark

1. Delisions
2. Coral Reefer
3. Infatuation
4. Harlot
5. Cherry Bomb
6. Spark

1. Delisions
2. Coral Reefer
3. Infatuation
4. Harlot
5. Cherry Bomb
6. Spark


Oye, somewhere a funky font size change happened.  Whoops.  This is me fixing it.  Annnd I lied.  Deal with it.

I LOVE HARLOT!  Insert jumping action!  That's the perfect peachy coral I've been searching for.  

Anywhosies, just thought I'd post these for your google viewing pleasure :)