Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DJ Starscream

Huh, well, aparently that's an actual DJ stagename, I was just trying to play on the eyeshadow name's words :D

WHATEVZ! It sounds sweet so I'm still gonna call this look that.

Yesterday I got my bignormous Persephone Minerals order where I ordered the last 3 sailor scouts collections and then a bunch of others (I'm thinking 14 maybe kinda?) so it was a sweet mail day. Also in the mail was my bottle of OHWTO's Finnegan's Folly perfume oil. (heartsigngoesherecuzbloggerwontletme)

ALSO IN THE MAIL: *story time cuz that's how I roll, all over the damn place, that's how. And with nothing to do with makeup a lot of the time...*
Ever since I saw the Hunger Games Entertainment Weekly preview on twitter I was all I NEED THAT MAGAZINE!
You see, we have a years subscription to Entertainment Weekly. And for like 2 months they've been sending renew notices. Like once a week. It's annoying really. One even said "ARGGGG!" because it was for Pirates of the Caribbean. So knowing this magazine is coming out, we decide to wait a few days to see if it's coming in the mail, or if the last issue already came. Then my mister walks into a 7/11 and sees the week before's issue so we're not sure if it's out yet. We wait a few more days and all of a sudden this week's issue is out. It's like they just skipped past the Hunger Games issue.

Well isn't that a kick to the box.

So I'm all boohoo-y because I really wanted to read it, see if it has any movie info and I <3 Jennifer Lawrence ever since seeing Winter's Bone in that cold ass lil theatre downtown.

Then yesterday I open that mail box and BAMMO! MAGAZINE (a week late) PERSEPHONE ORDER, OHTWO PERFUME!

It was a very good mail day.

And there's my ramble for today. Just be glad you don't work with me. I'm usually blabbing all kinds of boring nonsense crap to my coworkers and I swear I can see their eyes glaze over.

I used:
Lid: Don't Date the DJ
Crease: Lady Starscream
Browbone: Buttercream Bliss
Lower Liner: Teeny Tiny T-Backs
Other liner: Physician's Formula bignamethingy gel.

My glasses pretty much hide my eyelids but I felt the pic was needed still. YAY BATHROOM PICTURES!

HAH! Stupid pony tail is stupid..

I haven't swatched anything yet but I will eventually. It's been gloomy and ugly lately and I just feel like reading all the time. Done book 4 of the series which shall not be named. On to 5!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dirty Dino

Break time from reading a godawful series I shall not mention in case someone reading actually loves the series and gets offended. Check that out! I'm actually thinking of others! How polite of me :)

With this look I felt very overdone and fuggers in. I don't know what it is with me and false lashes. I love them, I love how they look but I feel so freakin ugly with them on most of the time. After I hopped in the elevator I realized I forgot to use eyeliner on top to kind of fuse them with my lash line. It sucks feeling a look isn't done yet! Whooops

Still using my BFF Buttercupcake and I used some Fyrinnae also.

I used:
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy just on lid
Burberry Trench from the crease up to make sure no PE strayed above the crease. It would muddy Matte Willow up otherwise.
Lid: Fyrinnae's Dinosaur Plushie
Crease: Aromaleigh's Willow
Upper crease and lower lashline: Sugarpill's Buttercupcake
Browbone and inner corner blended up: Sugarpill's Tako
Lower liner: Mac Pearglide Intense liner in Black Line
Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara in Blackest Black
Lashes: KKCenterHK 5th set down

Ahhh look at that, I didn't glue the ends down right. Frig.

Go blurry photography!

I made the mistake of gluing the lashes too close to the lashline in the inner corners so everytime I blinked I wanted to rip them out of my face. It's just that I don't like having them too high or you see where the band strays away from the natural line and it's a pain in the ass to cover.

Or I just actually suck ass in reality and need more practice...

That's probably it.

Back to book number 4 of this terrible series. We'll just pretend it's Twilight for now. Not that I would have those taint my Kindle baby.

It's okay lil Kindle, I won't let the sparkly emo boys hurt you. Shhhh

*starts rocking back and forth*

Friday, May 27, 2011

Dirtay Sugarpill

After 5 days of my makeup fast I felt the need to go VIVID! My eye has unzombified so I took a risk and will be soaking my brushes asap. I figure if ruin my Sugarpill palletes, OH DARN I GOTTA GO SHOPPING AGAIN!

Awww shucks, what a shame. (Secretly makes list of chromalusts)

Keeping with my dirty shadow combo (green and yellow done already) I realized why I love using Buttercupcake blended with a darker shade! It kind of resembles a healing bruise. Now that may not sound appealing to some, but I think it's damn awesome.

From far away this look is pretty sweet but my blending close up kind of sucked. I hopped in the shower early because I had a plan in mind so I get out, do aftershower junk and sit down to do my makeup. My phone tells me I have enough time.

*oh no it's story time again*

I sit in the livingroom and do my makeup with a morning news show on, but I use it as my time keeper because they have a live clock. So after I put on Dollipop and Poison Plum and Willow, I'm trying to blend Buttercupcake, struggling because Willow didn't want to behave and I check my time. It was going goodish still but I still had to do liner, browbone, lower liner x2 and mascara. And get dressed!

So because I feel time is dwindling I peek at the tv and it tells me I have TEN MORE DAMN MINUTES! I was only half done! What the crap! I was tempted to skip liner but using a pink shadow, NOT GOOD TO SKIP LINER! So I found a liner, used a brush, curled lashes and plopped on mascara and had 3 minutes left. I still had to change clothes, and get my stuff together.

I do not like being behind, especially if I have to take the bus. If I miss that sucker, I have to wait and get to work 15 minutes late. No time to read my raunchy vampire books :D

So I run my ass off, make sure I have my iphone, headphones, Kindle, lunch bag, bus tickets, swipe card, house keys and a diet pepsi (the essentials!) and the TV clock says I'm 2 minutes behind of schedule. THIS CAN'T HAPPEN! So I'm running down the hall and I'm kind of obsessed with time so out of habit I light my phone up at the elevators and it's telling me it's 7:12, not 7:22.

Ummmm huh? Thinking my phone was slow, but not wanting to wait at the stop longer than I have to I run back to the apartment and once again, that TV says it's 10 minutes later than my phone.

Now I don't know what to trust! LAPTOP! You good ol friend, I log it on, and my phone was right. All this time and I actually still had 10 minutes to go.

Thanks Breakfast Television. You really screwed with my day and made me bore people by taking it out on cyberspace. Geeze. I'm blaming my blending fail on the time screw up, but I probably would have effed it up had I had 6 hrs. I'm cool like that.


I used:
Inner lid: Sugarpill Dollipop
Outer 3rd: Poison Plum
Inner corner and browbone: Tako
Crease: Aromaleigh's Willow
Upper crease and lower lashline: Buttercupcake
Liner: UD Zero
Lower Liner: MAC Pearlglide Intense Liner Black Line
Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara Blackest Black

Cheeks, Fyrinnae Mesmerise with Meow Cosmetics "Past" glow powder on top.

Mac Superglass in Totally Bang!


Lovely, the powder/flash combo makes my hairline look ridiculously dark.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chick Pea Salad

Nope, that's not a funky name for a look, it's actually a half assed recipe of mine!

I can't cook but I can make salads! No burners required. Most of the time...

Salads rock because you just throw a bunch of crap together and VOILA! Tasty town!

Okay that was lame...

So when I was little and could make KD I would go through my mom's spice cupboard (yes, we had an entire cupboard of spices, not including the spice rack on the wall and the one inside the pantry) and I would stick the cheese powder in a bowl and raid the cupboards and toss in around 5 or 6 different spices that smelled good and in the end after the noodles were done and I mixed my lil mess, it came out tasting like pizza! PIZZA KRAFT DINNER! Greatest accident ever.

That's kind of how I come to making stuff now. Mix stuff together, hope for the best.

Chick Pea salad is pretty fool proof. Even my parents ate it and went back for seconds and then later told me they hated chick peas but liked the salad so WIN!

Crap to use:

1 Can drained and rinsed Chick Peas (Garbanzo beans)
1 Can drained and rinsed mixed bean mix
1 Can Corn drained
Half a Leek for it's oniony goodness taste and crunch
Half a Cucumber, cuz who doesn't like cucumber?
Some Cherry Tomatoes chopped in half if they are on sale, which they weren't so they aren't making an appearance today but I'm including them in the list cuz that's how I roll
Lemon Juice
Lime Juice
Avocado Oil (or any oil, I just heard avocado oil is like the holy grail healthy skin oil and we kinda stockpiled the stuff when we found it at Winners)
Calorie Wise Italian Dressing if you want
Seasoning Salt, or some kinda fancy schmancy salt, for added uhmm saltiness.
Hot Sauce
Freeze Dried Salad mix stuff (pic included)

Okay so that list looks massive, but I rambled a ton so here's a pic with the gist of it:

Drain the chick peas, mixed beans and corn and rinse the crud off. Toss in a big ass bowl and swear at yourself because the bowl looks too small.

Cut up half a leek and half a cucumber. I like super thin slices to get a bit of everything in a bite and not just a mouthful of onion taste. That's what the leek tastes like. Oniony fresh. Depending on my mood, I also switch out the leek and use green onions instead. I wanted crunchy so the leek was used today.

Cut 10ish cherry tomatoes in half and plop right in. It's step missing cuz I didn't do that today, but do it if you can. It makes the dish extra colourful and pretty.

(Check out that 30 second art job. skillz. I has dem.)

Get juicy and stuff. I don't actually measure anything so now comes the bigger guessing part.
For the lemon juice and the lime juice, it seems I just slosh the bottle over the bowl about 7 times each.
The Avocado oil looked about 1 tablespoon drizzled on top.
Italian dressing was about 8 quick shakes or less. I use the calorie wise stuff because I want to put avocado oil in and don't need that extra oilyness the full fat italian dressing has. Or just skip it altogether, WHATEVZ YO!
The hot sauce is guess drizzled around also. I like the Jim Beam Original Hot Sauce. It's a bitch to find and I only seem to find it every 3 years so the last time I saw it in Winners, I grabbed ALL 9 BOTTLES! Tis nummers I say.

Sprinkle some salt on it! SALT!

Mix it alllll up and take a look:

It still lacked something (damn pricey ass tomatoes) so I grabbed a bottle of this freeze dried salad seasoning blend stuff:

I love this stuff. It's dried green onion, red onion, garlic and white onion I think. It's found in the produce section. This stuff rocks when you stick it in a tub of cottage cheese and let it hydrate. Mmmmm oniony.

There, that added some more greeny bits :)

And there you have it. HEALTHY STUFF!

Probably the only healthy thing I'll eat second helpings of...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Possibly. And not the sweet kinda pink eye that comes to mind when you look at a makeup blog. I'm talking the ugly ass 28 Weeks Later looking zombie eye crap.

Sunday I did nothing, if you recall in my ABC's post. I decided reading vampires and witches was more productive to my brain so I hid out at home, skipped makeup and did nothing. Then I wake up Monday and my DAMN EYE IS RED! I'm not even gonna post a picture or you'll throw up and never come back.

So being from Alberta originally, I moved here to Manitoba 3 years ago but haven't had a chance to get my Manitoba Health Care Card. In Canadaland you need your health card or you have to pay. I was expecting around $40 because in Calgary I paid $37.50 for my visit when I had a lovely asthma attack.

Not in Manitoba baybee! They wanted $50. Uhhh we make like half of what Albertan's make and they want to charge us more to see a doctor? Plus my boss wanted a doctors note so I get paid for yesterday. It was a holiday. If you are sick before or after a long weekend they don't have to pay you. If my eye got messed up next week I could have just called in sick. But nooooooo I need that bastard $20 sick note.

So I'm wearing my big dark sunglasses, pissed off the clinic wants $70 total CASH because I don't have my Health card and need that note, so my luverly mister took us to get our Health cards. See he's bad too! He didn't get his either. So 1.5hrs later we get our cards and then I have to hit up a clinic again.

It was packed but I managed to get in in like 10 minutes. Maybe they thought I was going to spread it around hahaha. Doc gave me prescription for steroid eye drops and I get my Dr's note and it was only $5! FIVE BUCKS YO! Why that other place wanted $20 I have no freakin clue.

Got my prescription and the pharmacist says they could actually make my eye WORSE! The steroids could just mask the problem and I'm to stop taking them if my eye gets worse. I have to see the Doc again Friday.

So long story short, I'm not wearing any makeup this week. I has a sad. And a zombie eye.

Now go look at some actually pretty pink eye stuff over here.

Maybe I can rock a pirate patch...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A B C's of Me

I yoinked a tag from ms Lillian because I durn well felt like it :D

A. Age: 25
B. Bed size: Queen
C. Chore you hate: All of them. Especially dishes. Old food makes me gag.
D. Day: Sunday the 22nd
E. Essential start to your day: Shower!
F. Favourite colour: blueypinkypurple
G. Gold or Silver: White gold
H. Height: 5'8ish
I. Instruments: uhh handbell. I'm not musically talented so 3 handbells are all I could handle back in teh day.
J. Job title: Order Filler
K. Kids: Gross
L. Live: Winnipeg
M. Mum’s name: Mom
N. Nicknames: Minnie Mouse, mousie, minder, minder binder, mindy lou hou
O. Overnight hospital stays: I had to go back to one late at night after my asthma was fucking with my tonsillectomy, does that count?
P. Pet peeve: You got time? Noisy eaters, like the ones who think making that sucking sound makes you able to find out what something tastes like. Hey dumbass, your nose figures that out, NOT YOUR DAMN TEETH! People who stand in door ways. Sales people who hover. People who sigh all the damn time like their life is so horrible it hurts just to open a fridge. Smokers who tell me what I eat is unhealthy...
Q. Quote from a movie: I'm no good with quotes, my memory is crap :/
R. Right or left handed: Righty
S. Siblings: 3 brothers
T. Time you wake up: 6am
U. Underwear: uhh I wear them.
V. Vegetables you dislike: Brussels sprouts
W. What makes you run late: Nothing. I don't like being late for stuff. If anything, it's the people around me slowing my plans lol
X. X-Rays you’ve had: Chest about 3 tims I think. Good ol pneumonia over and over. And mouth. Lots of mouth ones.
Y. Yummy food you make: I don't cook at all but I can make Kraft Dinner with tuna...
Z. Zoo: I was supposed to go today but I would rather avoid everyone and read a good book :)

huh, that was fast.

Here's a cool metal tree statue thingy I took

Dirty Yellow! And uh, Happy Rapture Boxing Day

Back on my dirty lookin' kick I got going on right now (oh kill me, I typed "write now" just then) yellow was the next shade I wanted to muddy up. Something tells me pink would also look pretty kick assy with the grey and yellow...

I know, I'm not very creative using the same combo and just switching the lid colour, but it's working so sweet right now! That and I'm not totally creative to begin with so if I find something that works, I'm riding that wave baybeee! :D

If I have enough time in the mornings, Satin Laces, Dollipop and Dinosaur Plushie are going to be my next 3 victims with the Willow/Buttercupcake combo. There hasn't been much updating lately because I have to take the bus bright and early and now that my hair is different, it doesn't fit into an elastic so I'll probably be fussing with it everyday, losing MORE time. Oh goody!

The other time eater is my Kindle. I can't help it. The dude gets ignored for hours as I wait to see how Rachel Morgan handles a vampire for a roomate and having damn near everyone wanting the poor witch dead.

Now to ze eyeballs

I used:

Lid: Aromaleigh's Airy Ethos (Victoria's Revenge)
Crease: Aromaleigh's Willow (Carolina Summer Mattes)
Upper crease and lower lashline smudged over liner: Sugarpill's Buttercupcake
Browbone: Aromaleigh's Wonder-ous (Wonderstruck)
Inner corner: Persephone's Eternal Sailor Moon (yeah that wasn't in the green look but I wanted more shiny!)
Liner: Physician's Formula reallylongnameoneagain
Lower Liner: Mac Pearlglide Intense Liner in Black Line, smudged a lot. (This also wasn't in the green look but it's the weekend and I had all the time in the world. I knew I wouldn't get raptured, I'm too much a heathen... :)

And my face with hair I couldn't brush at the time because the mister wouldn't hurry his ass up out of the bathroom.

My face looks a bit lighter than my neck but it's actually the other way around. The flash reacted to the finishing powder I think. I went to MAC again to try to get matched. The 1st time I went, the girl told me NW20, but I didn't like how thick the formula was (studio sculpt) so I went to another MAC and that girl matching me with NC15 Studio Fix. It was right for some parts of my face, mostly my lower cheek bones but my neck doesn't match my face in shade so I ended up looking too pale and masklike.

It's funny, they say to find your skintone (warm or cool) to see what colour your veins show, blue is cool, green is warm. But my wrist has a blue line in the middle with the ones on either side of it showing more green. You can see how I can't figure this out! I'm dutch, which you probably expect fair skin, blonde hair blue eyes, definitely cool tones (like all my aunts and most of my cousins.) But I'm half native, dark hair, brown eyes, gotta be warm? Not this chick. Even my birthmark doesn't know what race I am, my arm is 2 splotchy shades, with blonde hairs sprouting up from the pale bits and brown hair on the darker skin lol. My mom didn't blend me well enough I guess :D

Back to foundation woes...

The 3rd try I told the girl I didn't want a shade to match my face, but to match my neck and I think I just about have my match now, NC25. I think to get it more right I should mix it with NC15 (NC20 looked too beige, not golden enough). For right now, this bottle will do. My Meow order came in the mail and I have to mix 2 of those but I can't remember if I did 2 parts dark to 1 part light, or the other way around. 50/50 didn't work last time.

Anybody wanna trade faces?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Dirty Green

O Hai there!

I haven't updated since the 2nd cuz I had to be all lame and shit and take holidays. I wore makeup during them but didn't take pictures. They were mostly safe looks, combo's I've remembered I liked so ya didn't miss anything! Score!

This look turned out kinda cool but I wanna re-do it with silver/grey as the main lid, or a muddy yellow. I'll probably try both just to see which one looks the bestestest. My money's on the yellow. Yellow rocks.

I used:
Lid: Aromaleigh's Estranged
Crease: Aromaleigh's Willow
Upper crease blended into Willow: Sugarpill's Buttercupcake
Browbone: Aromaleigh's Wonder-ous
Liner: Physician's Formula thisnameistoofuckinglong gel liner.
Rimmel Sexy Curves Blackest Black Mascara

Annnnnnnd, I cut my hair! I don't have a great shot of it (my makeup is now yucker's looking and closeups would be cruel) so you get a Hipstamatic shot of it instead.

About 80% of my vacation pics were done with that app. It's just so freakin fun!

Here's a bonus pic

Oh Hipstamatic, I <3s thee

Monday, May 2, 2011

Some Greys

I felt like some greys today so I pulled out my Halloween Kiss My Sass shades and went to work!

I used:

Lid: Cemetery Gates
Crease and lower liner: Sleepy Hollow
Inner corner: Persephone Minerals Eternal Sailor Moon
Browbone: Burberry Trench
Liner: Phys Form.

I buggered it up a bit, I didn't put Cemetery Gates high enough so it kind of stops before the crease. Oh well, I wore my glasses today anyways so I doubt anyone could have noticed. Everytime I wear these things at least one person asks if they're real, or they ask if I just got new glasses. That's how often I wear them.... I hate crap touching my face so I usually chose to not see things in the distance and skip the glasses, but these are starting to lose their effectiveness. I think that just means my eyes are getting worse.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yellow/Purple/Pixiwoo remake

Just when I think I'm getting better I pop in my memory card, crop and blow up pics and voila! Messy blending, uneven lines, and some skipping in the dark shadows where the primer holds on too much and refuses to budge.


It's a good thing I don't like people in my personal space so I never have them get close enough to me to notice these things lol

I was waiting at the bus last week and was on a 2 person seat, this woman comes in the shelter, plops her stuff on the empty seat and STANDS IN FRONT OF ME! What!?!

I was trying to read American Psycho but couldn't pay attention because her damn ass was right in front of my face, and she did that loud throat clearing thing that people do instead of just coughing, because you know throat clearing every 30 seconds is way more effective than just coughing once.

There's my weekend ramble. People who invade personal space suck. Like sitting in a dirty shelter didn't feel uncomfortable enough!

Oh well, now that that's out of my system, here's a look I did yesterday.

I was trying to recreate a look Pixiwoo did back in January. I didn't have her colours so I used what I did have. SUGARPILL!! And Wet n Wild. OooO You thought it was going to be an inexpensive look ehhh? Nahh, I dug out some Burberry for the higlight because it's a perfect nude. I've even made a bit of an indent on it, marring it's beautiful plaid surface :( I can't remember the last time I indented a shadow!

The look:

I used:
Lid: Sugarpill Buttercupcake
Crease and lower lashline: WnW Golden Goddess palette bottom right brown
Browbone: Burberry Trench 02
Liner: Physicians Formula black (for brown eyes and all that jazz)

The goods:

My look (I wish I used a black)

I <3 Buttercupcake.

Also checking out my stats, someone stumbled on the blog googling "hi-fi cosmetics repackaged" No sirree Hi-Fi doesn't repackage products so shop away :)

Someone was also looking for "peeving girl" I hope to hell they didn't actually mean me even if I am super bitchy a lot of the time...

Here's a pic that's very unpeevey