Saturday, July 31, 2010


This has nothing to do with the look but I had a dream Dr. Reid on Criminal Minds didn't want to dance with me and I got mad at him.
That's what I get for falling asleep with the tv on. Now I find myself thinking Matthew Gray Gubler is looking mighty hawt-er. I don't know. I got a thing for nerds. And cops are looking fine now too. Way to warp my brain DREAMLAND!
Ok.....ummm....end of diary entry...


Today's look was one that looked badass in real life, but the camera made it look more hooker-ish, the pretty sheens on top the shades didn't want to show up :(

Anyways, I used Meow Cosmetics again, cuz I'm cool like that.

I used:
Lid: Spell (Friday the 13th) plopped onto FPE
Crease and lower lash liner: Party Crashers (12 Pains of Xmas)
Browbone: Aromaleigh Supernatural Twilight Lustre powder
Upper liner and waterline: Coffin (Dance of DEATH!)

Face was my usual crap Rimmel liquid stuff and on top I mixed 3 AL powders: Parfait with Nectarine Coquille powder and some Lustre. Twas interesting, hid a lot of imperfections but not all but I'm cool with that because the eyes were SO KEWL!

I have to be careful with blues or I could look like I have a black eye, or think about Drew Carey's Mimi or just think I look like an 80's hooker. My mister said it looked like fish scales. I took that as a compliment of course. Coffin made my eyes look super brown!

Oh yeah! cheeks were MAC Ripe Peach ombre and lips were Silk Naturals (whatever the clinique black honey dupe was again, I'll remember it one day)

Ummm yeah some people are going to be severely disappointed if they think this post had actual hookers (guess I shouldn't have named the pics "ya hooker" and "damn hooker" and such. Whoops.) We'll see what the google search engine brings me :)

And to top it off with ROCKTASTICSUPERGALACTIC pose:

Friday, July 30, 2010

Going Bananas!

After seeing this wonderful lil yellow sometime last year when Anastasia mentioned it somewhere (I have no clue where, might have been twitter but I haven't had it that long!) MAC Going Bananas, I knew I had to hunt it down.

Sadly it was discontinued, originally from the C-Shock collection. This was around when I bought my first MAC purchase (I grabbed the last Warm Chill in stock) but I don't recall seeing this yellow at the time.

Then when Ana mentioned it and I googled my ass off, I found out the collection it was from and started kicking my own butt for not visiting a MAC store sooner.

I didn't trust ebay so I just sat here, buying all the yellows I can find to quench my yellow shadow thirst.

But now, IT'S BACK! In the Dare To Wear Collection!!! In my opinion, the other shades in this collection kind of suck, matte texture, kind of boring shades (yes they're bright but 5 blues? Really?), so Going Bananas was the only one I wanted.

I also got my package from Heather's giveaway so here's a look I did using Going Bananas and Hi-Fi cosmetics! And I broke out the felt liner to try to get the super small line job done (inspired by the uberlovely Cinseven) The only bad thing about this liner, you can't get a good end to it. It's like trying to line with a toothpick, it drags the skin all funkified. But it's good for teeny tiny lines if I hold it on it's side and go sloooooooowly.

I used:
Lid: Going Bananas
Crease: Morbid Faith
Liner: Joe felt liner
Lower liner: Revanche

Full face! Kinda sucks but whatevs and junk

And I used the "face detection" imaging thingy on my camera. It looks like I'm about to sneeze...

And I almost forgot! Aromaleigh Twilight Supernatural Powder in Lustre is so cool!
At first I thought it was the lame one of the 3 in the set because when I first swatched it, it just looked like white powder. Stupid me forgot DIRECT SUNLIGHT. Holy freakin hell this stuff is amazing. It's like spreading opal powder on your face, so colourful.

If I can, I want a backup of it now...

Here's it on my face, the blurry one shows the rainbow shine better. Ignore the shitty skin itself though.

Don't forget to blow those effers up for max viewing pleasure! Click for big, click magnifying glass for BIGGGARNESS!

Meow Mix V4.0!

Woah, slow down with the creative titles there kitteh....

I had to break out the Meow Cosmetics holiday colours again, they were saying "PICK ME!!! YOU NEGLECTED ME ALL YEAR, PICK ME!!)

So I did! Again!

I used:
Lid: Yellow Snow (12 Pains)
Crease: Witch's Brew (Zombie)
Browbone: Full Moon (Zombie)
Liner: Coffin (Dance of Death)
Lower liner: Meow Mistletoe (Ghosts of Xmas Past)

Still not quite the yellow/green look I'm boon looking for. I want something acidic. Maybe if I swapped shades and added more green. Oh well, gotta keep playing! :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Meow Mix Holiday V3.0


Today I wasn't sure what I wanted in my look, but I knew I wanted it to include last year's Meow Cosmetics holiday colours incase they make a comeback this year, and so people can start making their "STUFFIWANNASELLMYKIDNEYSFOR" list.

I used:
Lid: Ornament (Xmas Ghost) definitely one of my favourite golds
Crease: Fruitcake (Xmas Ghost)
Slightly above crease: Hangover (12 Pains of Christmas)
Browbone: Skelecat (Halloween Zombies)
Liner: Burnt Turkey (12 Pain of Christmas)

The stuff:

The EYE!

And I'm getting even more super excited for my meow samples to arrive from the Lost Rainforest and Caribbean collections after seeing the look Heather made today with her Meow samples!!

It may even be here already but the dude has the mail box key. I think he hangs on to it on keep track of my makeup shenanigans.....
What a spoilsport.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


No you guys aren't the suckers. Just us Winnipeggers who dream for the white stuff and then freeze our arses off for months and months and do nothing but BOOHOOOOO about it. Not me mangs. I gots me a scarf!

Okay on to the makeup before I get totally off topic and you can't stop the madness.

I was going to use the more bright Xmas holiday Meow Cosmetics shades but I had to take public transportation (with those judge-y people with their judge-y lil eyes!). Little mobile disease carriers. grumblegrumble...people who don't wash their hands...sneeze into their hands and touch stuff. Hey, do you feel like taking a shower now? I DO!

It's not completely unnatural to not want to stick your hands anywhere near your face after getting off one of those is it?

So to avoid eye contact with strangers I went with neutrals. Wouldn't wanna offend complete strangers with yellow eyeshadow, nooooo.

I will on Thursday.


So much for being on topic...

The stuff!
Once again I am saddened at today's technology in capturing FRIGGIN SPARKLES! They're in there, I PROMISE.

Meow Cosmetics! Christmas collection schtuff!!
Lid: Cheers! (Xmas Ghost)
Crease: Icebound (actually a tad pink, picture fails on me again, Glacial Grove)
Browbone: Doctor ZhiCATo (regular stock)
Liner: Blizzard (Snowflake)
Lower liner: Fa la la (Merry Mayhem)
Lips: Silk Naturals (whatever the clone was for Clinique's Black Honey)

Full face!!!


My only complaint with the holiday collections, is there aren't too many browbone shades. The white looking shades are too metallic or frosty for me. I still love them but as a main lid shade, not for hilighting so much. I would reallllly love some more creamy colours with the festive sparks inside. Especially if it had the pretty blue sparks that are in the Snowflake Collection. Creamy nude, BLUE SPARKS! Yeah, I'm lovin' it. (insert McDonalds tune here)
If you wanna browse here ya go, you just can't buy anything. I am that evil.

Bed time for me, I'm up wayyyy to late yo.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Can Haz it be Halloween Tyme yet?!?


Autumn and Winter are my favourite parts of the year. In the last couple of years they've become even more special because..... NEW MAKEUP COLLECTIONS!

When I found a red halloween mascara 3 years ago, I knew that I had to keep my eyes open for more things. Holiday makeup is my favourite because companies just seem to put forth more of an effort, whether it be the pretty packaging or the beautiful sparkly creations inside. I'm not saying they usually just toss a bunch of stuff together the rest of the year, just saying the holiday collections seem to be more special somehow. More bright, more deep, more sparkly.

Meow Cosmetics is no different. At one time I had more Meow than anything because of their many, many vibrant Halloween collections last year. I HAD to have them! I caved and snagged the entire Friday the 13th set just from the site swatches and descriptions alone. At Christmas time I used my head a taaaad bit more. I grabbed samples of everything and then decided. However I think there were only maybe 10 (not including the Holiday Spirits collection) that I didn't get full size of. I have different types of lighting in this apartment so if a shade doesn't pass the dining room test (that light seems to bring out the sparkly undertones the best) then I skip past it.

(The whole having many Meow shadows was also because I am a gold fiend. Have you not seen the Egyptian Treasures collection!!?!)

So I really can't wait for the new collections to start rolling out, or maybe repeats of the older ones just so I can snag some I wanted but didn't get (Jack-O-Lantern! Spiderweb!) or backups of ones I've actually used the most (yup I did use some a LOT, which is rare for me! Skelecat, Full Moon, Spellbinding!)

Here's my EOTD using halloween shades.

Lid: Spellbinding (Friday the 13th)
Crease: Blood Lust (Zombies)
Browbone: Full Moon (Zombies)
Liner: Coffin (Dance of Death) One of the prettiest liners I own. I did get a backup of this already JUSTINCASE!
Lower liner: Accident (Friday the 13th)

(As always, click to blow them up HUGE and check out the pretty tones in the Full Moon, Coffin and Accident especially!!)

Bring on the dead leaves and snow, BABY!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bunny Faerie with Fyrinnae!

O hai!

Today was a Fyrinnae kinda day. Yeah. I rhymed.

I wanted a girly girl look but don't have any Fyrinnae pinks so I used a pinkish purple instead.

I used:

Pixie Epoxy just on lid
Lid: Snow Bunny
Crease: Digital Faerie
Browbone: Orion's Belt
Lower lash line: Freya
Water line: Nyx Milk
Upperliner: MSCHIC Astral Shine

Face: craptastic Rimmel somethingorother
Aromaleigh Parfait powder
Joe Fresh Rose blush

Lips: Fyrinnae Mega Hold

Yick I hate my full face shots. I always look drunk or slow or something.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fairy Garden!

Okay so I didn't use any actual fairy named shadows in my EOTD but baby pink and green just remind me of happy little fairies so FAIRY GARDEN IT IS!

I used Aromaleigh (I know AGAIN!)

Lid: En Pointe Tutu
Crease: Victoria's Revenge Private Lunacy
Liner and outer corner: Gothic Lolita Divine Intervention
Browbone: Annabelle's Solar

I forgot to do a full face shot! It's been too long now, my makeup is probably melting off :(

I skipped past Tutu so many times but decided to grab one when I heard AL was closing. And I'm very happy I did! It's like a more cool toned slightly less shimmery version of Terpischore which is one of my FAVOURITESTESTEST COLOURS out there!

And just for the hell of it, here be meh aromaleigh stash drawer 1 (drawer 2 is just my glitters, pure hues, face powders and blushes)

I can hear my bank account weeping

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Butterfly Kisses in the Purple Rain


Last night when I picked out my eyeshadow I was going to go with Matte whitish, matte pink and the green of AL's Glowing Luna.
But I changed my mind :)

I still used Aromaleigh but went allll purple with a bit of green.

The stuff:

I used:
Lid: Butterfly Kisses
Crease: Ephemeral Violet
Darken the crease: Purplerain
Browbone, inner corner: Sylph
Liner: MAC Undercurrent

The left eye turned out nicer, damn my scarred brow!!!

And I got a brand new camera because the other one was soooo slow and it's crap at taking far away shots. But this new thing is crap at taking closeups (so far, I'm not really a camera pro, so I have to play with it to find out what I'm screwing up)

It's a Canon Elph 1400 and it's so nifters! There's a setting to do a "fishbowl" effect and "miniature" effect and this neato thing where I can focus on a colour and it will turn everything else B&W!


So just for fun I saw this icon that was for "Portrait - Get the best out of people shots"

From what I can see, it seems to blur the skin. Here be mah face shot for today using the portrait setting. No photoshopping, just cropping to get my head.

I have two more EOTD's to post but I have to do my girlfriendy duties and clean house right now :( It's only fair. The dude did the laundry yesterday and almost every time before that so I guess I could get off my butt :)
I'll stop when I've had enough cleanage going on teeheee