Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pea Soup

Now I want pea soup. Dammit. Only my mom's soup will do but she's 14 hrs away.

Crap in a handbasket.

Oh well. It's Saturday, cold out, mister is at work and I can't drive so I've done nothing all day but watch TV movies and put away the dishes. I could have washed some more. But I didn't.

I did my makeup today, just in case I got motivated. I wanted to try out my new batch of SheSpace pigments. The jars do make me a little sad that they aren't sealed. From all my Fyrinnae orders, their little sample jars don't come sealed and I've only had maybe 3 get their leak on (and that's out of a shitload of jars) but this recent SheSpace order had almost half of them get leaky.
Ghostly Story was one of them and REALLY PRETTY, so go grab one before it's gone forever. I should have taken a pic of the mess on my hand that it made. Pretty mess atleast :)

So I used:
Inner half: Ying and Yang (not my typo I swears!)
Outer half: Rolled in Opals
Highlight: The Bubbles Made Me Do It
Lower lash line: Aromaleigh hi fi mattes Big Tickle

Blush: Avon Mark in Star Glow

Lips: Fyrinnae lip lustre in Devil Horns

I was a bit upset that Rolled in Opals wasn't close to the picture on the site. It may have had the jar labelled wrong. The lilac-y colour on the site looks amazing and mine just looks like dark blue :(
I tried to take a pic but it lightened it a bunch, irl it's darker still. Just blue. Damn.

This is from the site:

And what I got (actually darker than the pic shows):

Oh well, on to my face! I threw in some super shopped ones because, like I said, I did nothing all day. But play with pictures :D

Unfortunately this is what happens when I don't force myself to smile. I look like an uber bitch. I think it's the eyebrows. And my mouth. I'm not trying to look angry. This is just me, sans smile. Which is why most my eotd's are just of my eyes.
And why people never seem to want to help me in stores...

Grrr arggg, I swear I wont kick the baby...

Friday, January 29, 2010

I Want Candy

I had to take the bus this morning and wanted happy candy colours to cheer me up. I effing hate the bus. Smelly sardine trap with jackasses who don't take off their backpacks and having them shove me over with every single turn.

Rant done.

I wanted YELLOW!!! OoOOOooOO yellow eyeshadow, how I love thee. You are bright and fun and people are afraid to wear you. But not I! I will hunt you down in every shade and finish!

Creepy rant done.

I used Aromaleigh today

Main: Golden Chrysalis
Outter corner: Fanclub
Highlight: Avon Mark Nomadic (either this shadow is becoming old or I am spoilt with so many awesome pigmented mineral eyeshadows, that other brands seem like complete crap now)
Eyeliner: Too Faced in Metallic Mermaid I believe.

It looked brighter in real life. I gots ta get me a better camera.

And I resisted the urge to pair the yellow with my fav bright blue eyeliner and went green instead :D

Poor choice of highlight

Craptastic, that's what I shall dub this look and my choice of highlight. It was wayyyyyyyyyy too metallic. I tried to tone it down with another colour but it wasn't going to happen, the pixie epoxy worked against me with this look. I still love it to bits though :)

I used:
Main: Aromaleigh Zinnia
Outter corner: Aromaleigh Calendula
Highlight: Larkspur
Other highlight to tone it down but fail, Stardust Cashmere Mittens
Eyeliner: Meow cosmetics Coffin
Mascara: guessss.....

Only one shot looked less rediculous than the rest and then I went photoshop nuts to make a decent unnatural looking one. Sweeeeet.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


There was a commercial on TV for Criminal Minds, I've never seen it before but there were people dolls, and it scared me. So naturally I had to hunt down the show, watch it, and try to do dolly makeups.

On it's own, it looked pretty crappy, but after playing with different photoshop filters one of them is bound to look doll-like to somebody! :D

I used Avon Mark for the shadows. I'm such a turd and can't remember which ones, but they were nude like colours. The lashes were just cheapo NYC lashes (OMFG were they annoying, toooo heavy)
Eyeliner was Urban Decay Zero
Blush Fyrinnae Charm
Lips Fyrinnae Visual Kei

One day, I will attempt this again and curl my hair, do SOMETHING to become more dolly like.

Now, my attempt to look all "vacant"...

And just my eyes cuz I liked it best cropped this way :D

This is what I get for buying store bought

Bah! NYX is sold at like 2 stores in this entire city, and it's only a select few items. I saw some and got all happy of course and grabbed a few things completely forgetting I could get it online much cheaper. Atleast this way I got to see the colours first, but no testers.

I grabbed 3 trios, 2 lil jars of loose eyeshadow (there were green, it would be a crime if I didn't get them) and 3 single eyeshadows.

The singles were Earthy Shimmer, Fahrenheit and Daisy.

I haven't swiped Fahrenheit and MACs Paradisco side by side yet, but I saw somewhere that it was a MAC dupe, and to me, right now, that looks wrong. I won't know for sure until I swatch them but I'll let you know. It was the whole reason I've been wanting it for so long!

Anyways, Earthy Shimmer = crap for colour payoff. SHEER CRAP. SHEER CHUNKY FLAKEY CRAP! I even used a primer and it looked like sheer grey crud.

I did my eyes and was so disapointed but Fyrinnae saved the day! I put some Pixie Epoxy over top of what I did already and patted more NYX on top. It worked! My blending didn't work so great as I only put the epoxy on the bit that had the Earthy Shimmer and you could probably tell in the pics but oh wells. If you have a shadow that is failing you, try it with the Epoxy next. I am thisclose to writing them a love poem. Is that stalkery?
Break out the pepper spray boys :D <3 hearts! <3

I used:
Lid: Earthy Shimmer crap
Corner of lid: Fahrenheit
Crease: Daisy
Highlight: Cashmere Mittens by Stardust. You shocked yet? HAH!

Fairy Dust

Okay, so I don't actually use a shadow called fairy dust in this EOTD but check out the main purple shade. Isn't it FAN FUCKING TASTIC?!?! YES! YES IT IS!! I mixed it!!!

I had all these sample baggies of shadows I've bought f/s off and I could have continued using them and neglecting my jars...orrrr....SQUISH EM TOGETHER AND CREATE! So I didn't actually mix this from scratch. I used Aromaleigh sample baggies so Kristen (AL owner lady) did the hard part already.

This is my favourite shade of purple, that weird bluey-pinky-purple. And to make it even more perfect, it shimmers with GREEN!

I used:
1 baggy of HiFi Mattes in Cool It
1 baggy of HiFi Mattes in Kookie (I used this colour once already so it was what was left of the bag)
1 baggy of rocks! in Iwantcandy
1 baggy of rocks! in Fanclub
1 baggy of Pure Hue Envy

First I only used the 1st 3 colours but the purple was too dark so I wanted to pink it up and sparkle it up and the last 3 did the trick. I probably could have added some of the Twilight Dazzle powder but I didn't want to accidently screw it up. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Squish squash squish squash and mixed beauuuutiful

I wasn't sure what to pair it up with so I broke out my Urban Decay Book of Shadows II.

I used:
Main: awesomely created fantasticness aka FRIKKIN FAIRY DUST!
Crease: Jinx
Highlight: Sphynx
Lower lash line: Flipside

I took a lot of pics to try to show the green sparkly goodness but of course my crappy camera never picks up what you want it to...

I should have used purples for the rest of the look or lined my lids but oh wells. PUPRLE!

My damn Fanservice lustre disapeared in my makeup blackhole somewhere :( It would have been perfect.

Have you tried mixing a shadows from a bunch of others?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Death Valley


BTW this wasn't one huge order, it was 4! My mom shipped me the 3 that were sent to her when I assumed they would get to her house over the holidays. Of course I was wrong and they got there after I left. And the 4th order came the same day as the one she shipped to me. I was so excited I would finally get to see what Aromaleigh's Avalon looked like! I went through them (ordered all the rocks! I didn't have yet from the 50% sale in December) and realized I DIDN'T ORDER IT! Crap. So much for that. I'll ask for it to be my freebie next time I guess :) 3 of my free samples were pointless for me as well, because they were hi-fi Matte colours and I had ordered that whole set with the 50% off sale as well. Maybe I'll combine some and see what frankencolour I end up with.

Deathvalley was one colour that popped out to me. In the bag it looks like a really weird mustard colour. I guess it looks like that on as well but I loved it! I do love my yellow shadows though. My boyfriend said it was a good thing I didn't pair it with purple or it would look like a bruise.


So here was todays EOTD. I didn't use a crease colour mostly because I had no idea what colour would have worked and with this recent mail overload I was kind of overwhelmed with choices.

Lid: Deathvalley
Highlight: Stardust cosmetics Cashmere Mittens (If this is out next xmas I want another. It's a perfect "what the hell am I going to use for a highlight?" colour)
Eyeliner: Morgana Minerals Broomstick wetlined with AL sealant.
Mascara: hmmm could it be Rimmel again? Yup. So unique I KNOW!

Cheeks: Avon Mark Star Glo with Too Faced Candlelight glow on top

Lips: Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Hair Dye (it is my mission to make this colour uber popular so they never discontinue it because it is AWESOMELY AWESOME!

I bummed around Sephora today. Nothing new or great. I was thisclose to getting Too Faced's Natural Eye kit. But the $44 kind of threw me off. I don't know why I wanted it. I don't wear naturals. Maybe it could have been my "safe" palette.

Then again, screw that. Fyrinnae brought out a bunch of neutrals that are probably nicer that and I have yet to buy. I will. I shall. I have to. I'll need some colours anyway for doing my cousin's wedding party makeup. Which includes me now! Woohoo!!

Gah, 3:30am. Bedtime I guess. Night night or more likely good morning! :)

Friday, January 22, 2010


DON'T BUY THEM. You know what I'm talking about. What? You don't? Pashaw, lemmie show you the bad side of the makeupz.

Was there ever that one perfect MAC colour you've always wanted and you finally found it! On ebay! For $12! It's been discontinued for 3 years but somehow this seller has 15 of them in stock. Sure his feedback is 97% but COME ON! It's "insert magical mac colour here"! And you buy it. Shipping is a friggin arm and a leg but who cares, I'll finally have a full size "blah blahbitty blah"!

You get the colour and it comes in a box and you take it out and notice something isn't quite right. This doesn't even say the colour name. It says "8" in a circle. What the eff is "8"? And for some reason there is a ridiculous mirror and sponge aplicator in it that I don't remember ever seeing the ones in stores have.

You my friend, have been had!

Well. Maybe it's not that bad. You tell yourself this.

Sure, and maybe your eyes won't start to burn and close up on you. Maybe it then won't spread to your throat, swell it up and cut off your breathing. (Pick up this months Cosmo UK)(Not you brits, this was the Jan issue, you probably have Feb by now)

Anyway, my point is, you don't know what is in those fakes. I've been lusting over MAC's Your Ladyship but I've come to my senses, know I will never get the exact jar and I found indie mineral companies with colours SO MUCH BETTER! And cheaper! Unlike the fakers, they do not pump the products full of harmful junk, the ingredients are listed for you.

There is even a company that tries to dupe some MAC colours for you...
(one day I will learn to link I swear)

So explore the indie mineral makeup world. Samples are hardly ever over $2 and they last forever and the colour payoff is amazing. For realz. Just look at my "EOTD"s. I don't think I've used anything but since I've started this blog. (That shitty Twilight Palette doesn't count, it was crap and for learning, teaching, swatching purposes:)

MAC who?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Even More Matte Fantastic

Once upon a time there was a me. Me hated mattes. Me found Aromaleigh Hi-Fi Mattes and found the way.

Me also wanted to see if I could find a look that would go with my Fanservice lip lustre. I didn't quite get it right yet (should have used a smokey grey or brown look maybe) but it was worth AN INSANELY BRIGHT SHOT!

I used:
Inner 3rd: Kookie
Middle: Got dibs
Outer 3rd: Cool it

Eyeliner: Morgana Minerals in Zombie Ambrosia wetlined with Aromaleigh sealant.

same mascara (oOooo I sure know how to switch it up...)

Lips: Fyrinnae lip lustre Fanservice with Mac Hello Kitty in Nice Kitty on top

There's 2 of the full face cuz I liked the second better but the colours are more true in the first.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fyrinnae Lip Lustre Swatches

Okie dokie smokies, here are some of my Fyrinnae swatches! On meh MOUTH! I chose to do them on my mouth because sometimes your natural lip pigmentation will change the way a lip colour will wear on you. Some of these could benefit with being paired with a nude lipliner. The darker ones tended to start to bleed (not actual blood of course :D )

First shot is just my lips with a clear, colourless chapstick

Next up Fanservice. I've always wanted to try a lilac lip colour!

And here is Hair Dye. I think this one is my favourite so it gets oodles of pics.

Here is Devil Horns. I tried to get a colour change pic as well. I don't think it worked but here's a couple of pics anyway.

And up next is the lovely Romantique. It's the lip version of Fyrinnae's "Rapunzel Had Extensions".

And here is Mega-Hold. If you go to the "reviews" part on this colour on Fyrinnae's website, someone makes a nasty comment on the colour. Of course I had to try it after that! I dunno about you but this colour does not look like a "low class stripper" to me.

Next up Fishnets & Sneakers. This one was more dark than I thought it would be. Still nice though :)

Type A is next. I thought I took more pictures of this one :(

And last but not least for now, here is Pierced. The second pic is after it's been blotted.

Now go buy stuff.