Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bunch of looks I can't remember. AKA Forgettable EOTDS!

So here's the extent of my creativity this month. A whole lotta nuthin'. I skipped liner some days, skipped crease colours, I just was not feeling it. Not like I have some super makeup magical makeup mojo going on most days anyways, but I preferred to read my sluttay vampire books instead so I dragged my sleepy arse out of bed and most times I didn't have time to play.

That and the heat is KILLER here, so the makeup is going to melt off my face in the time it takes me to walk to the bus stop. I'm getting farmers tan. I hate tans. This displeases me greatly. Today the heat hit 34 Celsius with the humidex making it 46 degrees. Google land tells me this is 114.8 Fahrenheit. (How sad is that, that I know how to spell "fahrenheit" only because there's an eyeshadow called that?) Sooooo yeah, it's like getting hugged in a wet blanket that just got pulled out of the microwave. GOOD TIMES!

So enough blah blah blah-ing, here are my sad makeup days:

I'll start with a not-bad one, and it's one I did something close to before. It's good if you don't feel like taking a chance, just find a look you did already and loved and do it again.
Just to not repeat myself, I always used UDPP. I have the pro size massive squeeze tube and I shouldn't have bothered buying it. It's getting thick already. I should bitch about it in it's own post one day, but can't remember when I bought the sucker so I'll probably just get blamed for not using it faster. Cuz you know, only 2 eyes and all that junk...
Also, not many pics of all the looks. The batteries are dying and I'm just milking the last bit of juice. It usually runs out before I can get all 4 angles non-fuzzy.


I used mostly Aromaleigh:
Lid: Hearts A Plenty
Crease and lower lashline: Pass the Tarts
Lower lashline: MAC Black Line
Browbone: probably Burberry Trench
Inner corner: Terpsichore

Next I decided to skip shadows altogether and play with some lashes I bought from KKCenterHK. I grabbed a whole bunch of awesome ones but I guess I need to do a post for that also! SO BEEEEHIND!

I wasn't sure what the direct link to the pair I wore was but here's a pic of what they are

And on my eyeballs. I just wore Burberry Trench and black eyeliner. I also failed at getting my foundation/concealer up to my lower lashline. HI REDNESS! You suck.

Next up I used MAC Old Gold and a Teal Joe Fresh felt liner eyeliner pen. I think I skipped the crease or used Aromaleigh's Expecto Patronum. Can't rememberith.

And here's something neutral lookin'. Not sure what I used at all so consider it, ummm, neutral inspiration? Or just boring. Boring works.
The eyeliner is Meow Cosmetic's Coffin. I know that much!

And the look I did yesterday.
I think I used AL's Brownstone on lid
Kiss My Sass's Sleepy Hollow
and AL's Georgiana on browbone.
Inner coner was AL's Window Shopping.
Skipped upper liner but smudged MAC Black Line in lower lashline.

And today's look. I wanted something more red but wimped out last second and it ended up being toned down mucho.

All Aromaleigh
Lid: Pavanne
Crease: Crucio
Darken crease and lower lashline: Frumious
Browbone: Peach

So tharr you have it. Nothing spectacular. My dude told me today he didn't like today's look and prefered my bright stuff. BONUS! That means I have to break out the Sugarpill again. Or dig out my schweeeeet yellows.
Speaking of yellows, CHECK THIS BITCH OUT. Yup. I boughtz it.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Geek Chic Sale

BEEN READING! (Not makeup related NMR)

Oh hi there! I haven't updated sine the 11th because I've been a slave to the Kindle again. I'm pretty sure it's made of crack.

Since the middle of April I've read around 40 books. FORTY EFFING BOOKS! I'm hooked. It's kind of sad. I read until I'm sleepy and cranky and have to be up in 6 hrs, and then wake up, hear the dude in the shower, roll over and grab the Kindle.

I'm a real winner.

Nothing I'm reading is actually brain food, just a bunch of slutty vampire/supernatural stories.
Just in case anyboddeh is wonderin'...

BOOKS SERIES CAUGHT UP ON! (just waiting on new releases now):

Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost
(the evil lady who got me hooked to slutty vampire books, or "paranormal romance" but that sounds icky, so slutty it is!) Main chickie Cat is half Vampire and she's pretty ass-kicking fantastic. There are currently 2 spin off books from the series but I don't think they are meant to be their own series. Just a 1 book kind of dealio.

The Hollows series by Kim Harrison (Witches, Vampires, Pixies <3!) Main character is Rachel Morgan, a witch detective who works with a Vampire lady Ivy- who I'm crazy in <3 with and I don't even swing that way - and a pixie dude Jenx. I read these right after reading the Hunger Games when I thought all books were now ruined because I loved those 3 so much, but NOPE! The Hollows series got me addicted so I googled more supernatural series and founnnnnnd>>

Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward (it took me longer to get into the storyline but then I got hooked. CHEEEEEESE but in a hilarious way that kept me reading) A bunch of hugemongous Vampires fighting off lessers while hookin up with ze ladies. My favourite character is Qhuinn. 2 coloured eyes, dark hair, pierced and sluttastic. WIN!

Lords of the Underworld by Gena Showalter. Not vampire-centric but ancient Greek warriors possesed by demons like Disease and Defeat. There are also Angels, Harpies, Gods and Goddesses of course. My favourite characters are Anya (Minor goddess of Anarchy) and Strider keeper of Defeat (who can't lose a challenge without crazy pain, who knows he's made of awesome, and I'm pretty awesome so in fantasy book land WE'D be pretty made of awesome TOOOOGEDDER :) hahaha nerd. I can't wait until his book gets released. You can get the 1st 4 books in a bundle for dirt cheap here

Fallen Angels series by J.R. Ward. So far there are only 2 stories. I pre-ordered the 3rd but didn't realize it wasn't to be released until September still. SO FAR AWAY! I didn't like these as much as the BDB series so far but now that I read the 1st 2, I have to keep going.

Out of all of those the Hollows series is my favourite. I like all the different types of creatures in it.

Next up I think I'm going to tackle the Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole. I found that series when I bought the Lords of the Underworld companion guide thingy. There's a Q&A with the authors in it. Orrrr maybe read Gena's Atlantis series.

Anyone else read paranormal *gag* romance *gag* novels and can suggest something? Nothing very werewolfy though. I don't find hairy dogmen hawt and can't get past the whole "OH HEY I'M AN ANIMAL SOMETIMES, BEASTIALITY? OKAY!". The only reason I tolerate the Sookie Stackhouse books is because of Eric. nom nom vampire viking nom.

If anyone read this non-makeup-topic-post long enough, I will post a bunch of EOTD's I did in 1 mega post I think. Nothing was super amazing that I wore but I'll post them in case somebody likes 'em :)

Time for the cropping bonanza.

And here's a picture to look at that I took in Victoria BC. That's a castle. BAD.ASS.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Buttercupcakes for the Birthday Girl

First off, those who were waiting for Sugarpill's Asylum Chromalust to come back in stock, IT'S IN!

Go heeeeeere to snag one.

I shouldn't be buying stuff but I ended up grabing that one along with a Bulletproof pressed and Tipsy and Absinthe Chromalusts. I needed more greens and now I'll have all the pressed shadows. SCORE MANG!

So with Sugarpill on the mind and the pretty kick ass rainbow eye done by Ms Snarky Princess here I wanted to try some funky liner. It's not as wicked awesome as Snarky's liner, I got afearded I would eff it up playing too much. So here's my first try winging out the inner corner.

I used all Sugarpill eyeshadows:
Lid: Birthday Girl
Crease/lower lashline: Poison Plum
Upper crease: Buttercupcake
Browbone/inner corners: Tako
Physicians Formula Glam somethingorother liner for the top
Joe Fresh felt pen liner for the lower liner. It's a bit wonky looking, it was tricky trying to draw a neat line! Friggin lashes in the way.

Andddddd time for my afternoon nap. Yup napping. I must be ill. Have a good weekend!! :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Poison Prism Doll


After seeing this AWESOMEO LOOK Phyrra did here I wanted to try something similar. Mine didn't turn out nearly as sweet because I tend to suck at recreating stuff, but it didn't turn out too shabby :)

I used Persephone Minerals and Sugarpill:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy just on lid
Lid - PM Moon Prism Power
Crease - SP Poison Plum
Upper crease - SP Dollipop
Browbone/Inner corners - PM Eternal Sailor Moon
Liners - PM Black Lady

And here's a nifty iPhone pic my mom's friend took of me wearing CANDY YUM YUM! I don't mean to look like a douche with my hood and Starbucks, but it was DAMN COLD out that day. Ocean water air goes right through you, and drinking a Chai Frappuccino obviously wasn't helping the cause. I <3 the colour contrast!

Oh hello eyebrow scar. I don't take pictures from this angle because of that beyotch but with the Hipstamatic app, I don't mind it this time :D YOU WIN IPHONE! You win so hard.

Back to crazyland I go.