Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mackintosh's Toffee Bars...


Just a lil notice for Canadians who have been searching for years and years when all we had were those little nuggets that were SO NOT THE SAME THING.

I haven't eaten any yet, so I can't say if they taste the same as I remember.  I'm trying to stay on a keto diet and sugar is a huge no-no. 

One day, Mackintosh.  I will throw you in the freezer, take you out, smash your sweet sweet face in, and then EAT YOU SO HARD.

My mom found these in a box of 4 each at Shoppers Drug Mart. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Darling Clandestine Halloween 4 Scent Suite


Oh hey spooky peeps!

It's finally fall, the leaves have all turned, except my mom's weird lilac wannabe trees, it didn't get the memo it can stop being green any time now. I also regret raking that lawn a few days ago.  That grass would have looked better covered in a layer of dead leaves...whoops!

Halloween is just around the corner and all the Indie shops have THE BEST STUFF EVER.

For real dudes, Halloween is the best time of year to buy indie products.  The most fun limited editions come out, some with a sinister theme. What's not to love?

So today I bring to you Darling Clandestine's Halloween limited edition 4 Scent Suite
The set consists of: Spurn, Squander, Wither and Falter.

DC's oils usually come in a 1/2oz amber glass bottle but these ones are super special and come in the most adorable little dropper bottles!  I love these badboys!  I prefer my perfume oils without the internal dropper thing because it gets all over the place and you can't control the amount sometimes.  It's like waiting on a ketchup bottles only to have it crap all over your fries when you're not looking.

Not these bottles!  You can squeeze just a drop or 2 and not have to worry about walking around in a haze of perfume.  Plus the black and white labels on them, LOVE. 

They are $13.75CDN (my etsy is on Canadian, I have no idea what the US price is, so lower than that!) Or grab the whole set at a discounted price for $46.53CDN.

The other great thing about these is one drop is enough.  I've bought indie oils where you can barely smell them right out of the bottle, you could tip the whole opening on you and get next to nuthin'.  DC scents are strong and worth every (s)cent.  HAH!  See what I did there? :D

On to descriptions!

We'll start with my favourite because I do what I want: Falter 

From DC: “All at once, the electric panic that lights up your inadequacies like constellations. Kill it.”  Startling, misty, herbal, with notes including avocado and ozone and clary sage.

To me this was the most unusual of the bunch. Not unusual in a bad way or it wouldn't be my favourite and first pick!  I was trying to come up with a description without reading the notes and it definitely smells green.  My brain thought melons.  It must be melons.  But that's not right, I hate melons, this is something else.  Then I checked the listing, and it all makes sense now.  This one is fantastic and I don't have anything in my indie collection anywhere near it.  If I could pick a perfume it reminds me of, I'd say one of my favourites, Curve Crush.  But it's not the same, Curve Crush is sweet and spicy, the herbyness of Falter just reminds me a bit of CC without the pounds of sugar. If you love fresh green scents, you need this one.  


From DC: “Rich as cello, the furious moments you wasted, never recognizing the fire at your command. Taste them.” Deep and decadent, with rich fruitful notes including clove and nutmeg and sandalwood and ripe red apple.

This one smells the most like Fall/Winter to me. It's like spicy badass apples.


From DC:  “At each silence, the ache of the blade that released your indecorous wrath. Twist it.”
Fierce and passionate, with bright bursts of pomegranate, tempered with aged wood and haunted by marigolds.

 To me this smells like dark sexy fruits.  I'm not sure how to explain it.  Dark sexy fruits works right?  SMEXY.  This one turns into a bit of a clean laundry soap smell on me eventually.  I put it on before I went to bed and after reading for a couple of hours, I moved around and got a whiff and my first thought was "Hey, my blanket smells great!"  Then I remembered it's a feather throw and I'm too chicken ass to wash it without destroying it, so the smell was MOI!


From DC:  “One Draconian day, the fissures into which your voluptuous youth dissolves. Welcome it.” Unsettling, ethereal, with notes including ozone and blueberry and trampled leaves, soaked in black rum.

FAVOURITE NUMBER 2.  To say it's a fav I probably should have posted it right after Falter but at this point that's a whole lotta copy paste and well, I just don't wanna! I like smells that trick my nose.  The blueberry is this, you can definitely smell at first sniff, but it kind of takes a leather turn to it somehow.  I think it's how it pairs with the rum.  It's neat! It bounces back and forth, one moment I'm sniffing berries, the next I swear I smell leather.

I hope this was somewhat helpful!  I'd say screw picking just one, and grab them all.