Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rant 4 The Ugly Exposed

##Inserted less bitchy words, re-post of this morning's post

Okie dokie, this will be quick (gotta go to work) but the "ladies" at the Rant 4 The Ugly seem to like to see the "Truth" so I feel the need to pass on some disturbing findings by Hoyden (Historical Hound)

I thought that sure, you can't blame an entire company going down, on 1 forum, but after reading these screen caps (that's right! screen caps! Can't lie on those babies) I know for sure Jenna from Stardust along with a bunch of other obsessed, stalker-y lunatics are the crazies** they try to make Kristen of Aromaleigh seem to be. And she knows what she did was wrong (don't forget to read, "Big Warning", you don't get a sick feeling if you are being all "truthful")

And for someone (not Jenna, but still in the group of "uglies"** to bash someones makeup applying techniques? Okay (there)**, where are your 742 followers that check in on YOU everyday?

Once again, I have to go to work, I actually "work" at my work.

I am so pissed off but I'll let you all know how I really feel later.
I'm not done yet.

Incase you missed the findings click on HEREREREREEEEE and part II

But what do we know, we're just "Aromabots"....

** means I changed insult to something less bitchy, I did let them get the best of me when they attacked Phyrra about her makeup application.
A whole bunch of you lovely ladies I follow and who follow me use the exact same minerals, so to insult someone who chooses to wear something that "isn't the norm" (aka neutrals) is like kicking us all in the face. It takes a lot of courage to even post EOTD's and to have someone flat out make fun of it really sucks. If it was that private, they should have been emailing each other.
Besides, 742 followers can't be wrong!
Off to bed to dream of happy things :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Aromaleigh is Closing

What an odd way to wake up. Part of me feels like I'm still dreaming but Aromaleigh is closing after 12 years of making beautiful sparklies :(

I have so many AL shadows I can't even pick a favourite.

Now is the time to place your last order I guess.

Coupon for 35% off: adieu35

I just think it's amazing that even with the announcement made, the bitchfest on a certain forum STILL finds faults. Hey ladies, you can get a life now. Your obsession will be over in a bit. I just feel bad for the next company you get hellbent on destroying.

Good luck to Kristen. Your health comes first. I understand why you made this decision, and you do what you need to do.

I'll still post my AL EOTDs. I'll keep wearing them for as long as they last, although now, I'm definitely going to treat them like glass vases :(

This is what my Aromaleigh looked like last September

It's exploded quite a bit since then. And then some! I could buy a Burberry coat with the amount of monies I spent there and would totally continue doing so.

Once again, good luck to Kristen and her little boy. I had a blast and it's your turn to find your "happy" again.

<3 Mindy

Monday, June 28, 2010

Suds N Sass - A Day at the Beach

Why hello there!

Elizabeth from Suds N Sass kindly sent me over some samples from her new makeup collection to review.

I've heard good reviews about her perfumes and bath products, so I was very happy to hear there was makeup as well! (Who doesn't love makeup!?!?!)

The collection is called "A Day at the Beach" and consists of:

15 eyeshadow
2 blushes
2 highlighters
2 bronzers

I swatched the shadows on Too Faced Shadow Insurance. As usual, click on pics to blow up to maximum awesome.

Here's the first group. No flash

Row 1:
Banana Taffy, Summertime, Sandcastle, Beach Sand, Piercing Parlor
Row 2:
Seagrass, Flip Flops, Tattoo Shop, Tidal Wave, Surfs Up, Poolside

Here's them with flash:

I loved Poolside! It reminded me of the discontinued avon e/s I wore in this post except the Suds N Sass version was definitely more pigmented.
Banana Taffy is awesome because it's yellow! Yellow is my weakness.
Beach Sand is a very pretty browbone shade, it has tiny pink sparkles.
Flip Flops surprised me, I didn't expect sparkles! Of course sparkles!

Flip Flops/Tattoo Parlor

Clockwise from top left:
Boardwalk, Beach Babe, Sunburn, Polka Dot Bikini

Sunburn is darker than it looks in photo. Boardwalk is very pretty, it's hard to see in picture but it has pink sparkles! Beach Babe is a pretty golden shade.

Up next, Blush and Highlighter! For some reason it was hard for me to get a clear picture, so this will have to do :s

Cotton Candy, Raspberry Snow Cone, Pink Horizons, Golden Rays

I re-swatched the highlighters because I realized my arm was dry and I'd use them on a moisturized face so I wanted a more accurate swatching. I swatched them with the Bronzers.

Pink Horizons, Golden Rays
Suntan, Bronze Goddess

Another thing that's super cool with these samples is they are completely labeled with everything you'd want to know:

Shade name
What it is
Eyesafe or not
Vegan or not
Company name

So hop on over and check these shades out for yourself :)

Elizabeth was kind enough to provide me with a coupon code for you guys to save 15% on orders over $10, until July 31st: hovercatmittens
Go nuts!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Princess Fairy Stuff!

K, so I'm still not getting the hang of naming looks so I just picked words that reminded me of today's look.
Princess-y, Fairy schtuff!

I used that wicked ass "Fairy Dust" shadow I mixed up in this post.

Well I used all baggies that were emptied but had enough for me to scrounge off the sides. With this weird frikkin cold/whatevs I didn't want to use any of my good shadows (those NYX ones from yesterday don't count, they were like $1.50 and I had to dump some out to get to the shimmery awesome anyways :D

Back to topic!

I used:
Aromaleigh Kookie all over lid
Fairy Dust mix in crease and brought a bit under lash line (outter corner?)
Aromaleigh Wizard Gold browbrone
Joe Fresh Felt liner cuz it's rad.
Maybelline Falsies mascara just cuz it's there but still the devil :)

Lot's o pics because I don't know which looks more good and such and stuff.

This next one is how the post would have looked a few months ago before I discovered the all mighty "zoom" button! Still looks okay, not as sharp.

I don't like the next angle but my gold look got more hits on Flickr for the same maybe others prefer it? I dunno Joe.

Well it's 2am, the dude's still not home.

You may see a
"Late breaking news!
Disgruntled girlfriend pelts boyfriend with frozen brussel sprouts and takes out his eyes!"

That's about all those green things are good for anyways.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Meow Lost Rainforest is BACK!

I missed out on most of these last year, I was still a mineral makeup newbie, but Meow Cosmetics' Lost Rainforest is back with some new shades for 2010.

I will definitely be picking up the Chameleon Glow powder I keep hearing about :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Glitter and Falsies!

So the EOTD was kind of a fail, I didn't chose the right combo and my glitter lining skills suck the big one.

I also used the new Maybelline Falsies mascara.

Is there some trick to this damn thing? It works on my left eye (right in pic) but I can't get it right on the other. This is why I hate brushes that aren't combs, when they are made, the little bristles seem to favour one side because of the way they spiral down the brush. Each eye is done from a slightly different angle so I'd prefer no slanting if that makes sense :)

Here's the brush, I drew on it to show how they slant.

And what's with the weird divot part way up the wand? It just looks like a weak spot.

And here's what I mean by one side looking wonky (sorry for the bit of blurry, I tried 4 times to try to catch both eyes and this was the least fail of the bunch)

See how the one on your right looks okay but the left is like WTF ARE YOU DOING TO ME LADY!!

I don't think I'll buy this again. If I can I may try cleaning my Lash Stylist wand and try to use it with the formula.

And on to the shadow!

I used Aromaleigh and Fyrinnae's glitter best friend.

All over eye: Georgiana
Crease: Mania's Locus
Liner: Pixie Epoxy smeared on like liner with Bete Noire glitter in Morgaine pressed on top.

I didn't make my line as pointed as I wanted, it's hard to see when you're first putting on clear colourless liquid! :D

1 pic because I suck

I may not have a look for tomorrow, I got some kind of weird sickness happening. It felt like it did when I had tonsillitis. The problem there? I got those babies ripped out of me a few years ago. I haven't taken any medicine yet but I still feel light headed and all weak and junk. At least the odd "HOLY CRAP IT'S 30 DEGREES OUT BUT I NEED 2 BLANKIES AND A HOUSE COAT TO BE WARMISH" is over. I was shivering so hard I chomped on my tongue.

On the positive side? Me being home from work sick, I just got a call my glasses are in!! I can't wait to show them off :)
Bye naow!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chaotic Lunatic


whooooop, I was bad this morning and bought some makeup...

This morning I saw that on Aromaleigh, Skeleton Key was all sold out so my "OMG I HAVE TO HAVE STUFF" switch turned on in my head and before I even started to get ready this morning, I'll now be expecting 9 little jars of pretty in the mail 2.5 weeks from now!! yay!!!

Not all were from Victoria's Revenge, I also took advantage of the 50% sale happening today only

I wanted to pick up more of them but I just bought some glasses over the weekend (1st pair and HOLY CRAP are they now cheap :(
So I'm a bit on the poor side.

I decided my top 4 must be owned were:
Infernal Chaos
Airy Ethos (can't pass up a yellow, EVERR!)
Mourning's Whimy (I am convinced this is the most magical purple ever now)
Frigid Gloom.

50% sale I grabbed a Dulcinea, Sylph, Diamanda and Lorelei.

And if I ever find spare pennies in time I also would like still:
Ruthless Indulgence
Private Lunacy
Oleander Vapour
Perpetual Motion
and of course, Skeleton Key!!!!

Today's look was done using a shade I'm expecting, and a shade I'm kicking myself in the ass, for not snagging :(

I used:

Lid main: Infernal Chaos
Crease: Private Lunacy (crapcrapcrapshouldaboughtittoo)
Browbone: Sylph
Joe Fresh felt liner
Lower liner: MAC Undercurrent smudged
Falsies Mascara

Please please pretty please ignore the crappy liner job. I had 3 minutes to still curl lashes, do mascara, put on work clothes and make a lunch. With a neutral shade as a main, I felt it NEEDED liner so I was really rushed and botched it anyways :D

Different lighting


For a neutral look I really love it! I wish I had time to snag a few more pictures to try to make the sparkle show better.

If there are any Victoria's Revenge colours you have been sitting on, get them now while you can. I missed out on Skeleton Key already but who knows what the next long lost shade will be....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Joe Fresh/ Style Frais

Canadian Makeup! Joe Fresh (or Style Frais in the frenchy part of Canadaland) is sold in Superstores/Extra Foods and a whole schwack of Loblaws-owned stores across Canada.
The prices are very reasonable.
Blush 7g just $6 each
Shadows 3.3g $4
Felt liner pens 1ml $6 (completely beats out other felt eyeliner pens by at least $3-$4. I've been searching for awhile!) however 1ml seems tiny! Now I'm worried I may have used it all on my hand swatching it. :s

They also have nail polishes ($4 or any 3 for $10!), foundations, brushes, nail tools, bronzers, regular liners, cheek sticks, lip gloss, lipstick, brow powder, shadow trios, mascara you name it.

I went on a mini spree today and picked up a couple of blushes, a shadow and a felt eyeliner.

One of the blushes I've had for a few weeks now was very pigmented so I thought I'd give others a go.

The shades I have are:

Bloom (Limited for Spring)

I've worn Bloom a few times now. I'm not too sure about it still. It's very pigmented but they shade is kind of wrong for me. I look burnt with it, which is odd because I'm not exactly a full white chick! On pale ladies this shade could go horribly wrong!

Here are the swatches


Bloom is the matte one of the bunch, Pink is quite frosty, we'll have to see how this wears, and Rose looks just right, not too matte, not to frosty.
For $6, can't go wrong

The shadow so far seems quite pigmented too. I was a little shocked at the list of ingredients then I thought, well durrr everything here is English then French listings but looking again only 3 words needed translating so it really is this long!

I'm not used to that, mostly using mineral shadows. Talc is ingredient number 2 but I think it still worked pretty good.

Glo is a bit like a dark dandelion shade but a tad orange-y. The circle is patted over TFSI & the line is swiped over TFSI.

The rest of their shades so far kind of bore me but I'm happy with this one.

The felt liner I was super happy so see they had 1 black left in stock at my location that wasn't pried open.

I'm not too sure how I feel about this one yet. If you blow up my hand swatch you can see some "bleeding" into the lines. And it's not as black as I would like. With the skin slightly showing through it looks more dark brown with 1 swipe.

I haven't tried any other felt liners yet so I'm not sure how it compares to others.

It will be used in a look soon and we'll see how it wears as well.

All in all I'm pretty pleased with the colour payoff for the price! Any new blush shades or shadows that catch my eye will definitely get scooped up. I may skip the liner though. I could just be crap with liquid liner!

That's it for my swatch-a-thon today :D

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fashioned In Finland Giveaway!

Hiya ladies!
Here's another giveaway, this time from Nea over at Fashioned In Finland!
It's her blog's 1 year anniversary, so pop on in and check out!

^^^ 1 lucky winner will get all this!

Good luck!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dark Carnival

This look reminded me of a dark carnival show. It could be that I just have carnivals on the mind, it's that season!

Anywhosies I used Aromaleigh's Victoria's Revenge shades.


Lid inner half: Airy Ethos
Lid middle: Oleander Vapor
Crease: Freakshow
Outter V: Nightshade
Browbone: Infernal Chaos
Rimmel Mascara

I usually hate when my pics turn blurry but these blurry ones just show so much damn sparkle I couldn't leave them out!
Hopes ya likes it! :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Saturday Night boredom - Smokey eyes! MSCHIC

*forgot to put video link in case peeps wanted to view, will add that now.

I forgot to show to eyes I did on Saturday!

Smokey eyes! I'm still trying to figure it out. I had this genius idea to do a giveaway contest based of people's best rock star/popstar/smokey eye look in celebration of me almost hitting 100 followers and in celebration of my almost cousin's new music video! (My actual cousin is in it as well! And the same cousin that wants me to do her makeup for the wedding, smokey eyes!) Warning, if scantily clad "officer" ladies are your enemy, you may not want to view :) But the song is awesome!

BUT I'm going on vacation in 2 weeks and I have to order stuff online, and shipping to Canada takes 2.5 weeks, so I may have to just sit on my idea and also be on the lookout for stuff on vacay.

So no contest yet, but still, think about it! Falsies! Glitter! Wicked cat eyes! ROCK STAR!!! :D

Yup, I'm a weird one.

All I know is the prize will definitely have a bar of Lush Rockstar soap as one of the items. I'll go out this weekend and have a look around and may have to order stuff right before I leave so it's on it's way when I come home again.

But I got completely off topic there!

Here were the eyes I did (and I so did just one eye each, at the same time, it looked mega weird.)

Eye 1!
I used:
Aromaleigh Satin laces, inner half
Aromaleigh Aurelie outer half
MAC HK quad Lucky Tom in crease
MAC Tempting quad Next To Nothing browbone
MSCHIC eyestain liner Astral Shine upper liner
MAC Pearlglide intense Black Line lower lash smudged with Astral Shine
MSCHIC X-Rated mascara black
(just realized I'm a turd and forgot to tell Jangsara I received my package! Just realized again I forgot to tell you guys I won her contest to receive said package! I'm such a loser)

And here was number 2. I liked this one better but it's still too shimmery for the wedding photographer I think. I'll have to ask her.

NYX trio was used
Inner lid: White Pearl
Outter lid Silver
Crease: Charcoal
browbone: same as look 1
Liner: Astral Shine
Lower liner: Charcoal with a bit of Astral Shine on top to smudge
MSCHIC mascara

And together now!

And before I forget, this was the package I received from Jangsara:

Wrapped all purdy!

What's inside it!

And what's inside that!

And a closeup of the liner:

It's a dark shimmery grey to me. So far I really like it, the lid was a bit unscrewed when it arrived but it wasn't dried out at all. My first pot liner! I bought an angled liner brush just for the occasion :D

The mascara I'm still getting used to. The brush is massive! It's one of the old-school brushes. I prefer the gimmicky comb brush but I think that's only because I've been using them since the greatest mascara of all was invented and then discontinued (I'm looking at you Maybelline Lash Stylist!!!) This baby was free so I'm not complaining :)

You can get the schtuff here and they now have INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING! (Extra awesome for moi!)

Re-creation Time! Temptalia's Ice Cream Cake

After seeing the look Tempatalia did, and reading the products used, I thought HEY I HAS THOSE! Or most of them anyways.

It was such a pretty pastel magical rainbow look I had to give it a try!

My blending still sucks a bit, I used a brand new little skunk brush for my creases and I don't have the hang of it yet.

I was missing a couple colours that she used but this is the result:

Lid main: MAC Juxt
Just above lid, into crease: Urban Decay Peace
Crease 2 and lower lashline: MAC Stars N Rockets
Inner corners blended up: MAC Digit
Browbone highlight: MAC Naked Lunch
Waterline: Bourjois Contour Clubbing waterproof liner in 45 Blue Remix (why it's called "contour" I has NO IDEAS!
Rimmel Lash Maxxx black mascara

I should have gone softer on the Peace and I forgot to bring it down like she does on the outter ends so it looks a bit messy to me.
Still I'd totally give this another shot in the future, it's so damn MAGICAL! :)

And another positive, I used my frikkin UD palette! Here's a pic of the shades I used, check out the palette! (ze rectangles) I've had this for like 3 years! Not even a dent! hahaha. When I hit pan there will be massive amounts of alcohol consumption.