Saturday, March 31, 2012

Post of random

I title things good yes.

Awhile back I was shown this cool site where you upload a pic and it gives it effects and stuff so I just wanted to share it with you.

I won't use it on my regular blog pics because that's kinda like photoshop I guess, and screws with colour accuracy ect blah blah but look at the nifty!

Oh yeah, the site is Pixlr-o-matic. 

I just realized this may not be new to you but it's new to me so hopefully someone else thinks it's cool and hasn't heard of it yet! Or I'll feel like a turd.

My original pic from 2 yrs ago maybe, probably.  Not the original original one, I think it's lightened in PS but my hair really was that awesome (toots own holographic horn)

and I pixlromatic-d that sucker

Oh hey sparkles!

My douchebag starbucks icon pic from the far right pixlromatic'd.  (Looking at my preview I was wrong, this was taken right after that pic, same settings though, stillllll douchey lookin')

Okay those ones were already Hipstamatic-d so they looked awesome to begin with, but LOOK HOW MUCH MORE AWESOME THEY ARE.

Fake stuff wins.

My family in 1988

My familly in 1988, PIXLROMATIC-D

I'm the problem-looking child in the middle, obviously.

Can't remember what the original for this one was, it's lost in my phone but it looks flippin sweet.

Okay the colouring is sweet, but my face looks all rawrrrrr.  I mostly just wanted to show facebook my haircut at the time but couldn't take a serious picture.

Freddy Krueger
Freddy Krueger pixlromatic-d
My broken Kindle

My broken Kindle still broken.  But it hurts a little less looking at this!

My cat cleaning herself
And the magic
Okay I'll stop now so I don't use up all my picture space but you get the point.

It makes stuff neat.

Use them with Hipstamic pics and they look neater.   If you don't already have Hipstamatic, my heart cries for you :)

It does stuff like this


I'll do a post of my favourite Hipstamatic pics some other time. That one right there being numero uno I took of a carnival thing up in Gimli. Sure it's not makeup but it looks cool and who doesn't like looking at cool stuff?!? 


So go play now.  With both.  
Warning, you will lose hrs of your life

Sephora + Pantone Universe Blush Duo and Prisma Chrome swatches

I took a trip to Sephora today because I got an email informing me of a sale. SALE PEOPLE! This doesn't happen ever. Sure there's the Friend+Family thing but being Canadian, we don't get included so it's full price everything including the inflated prices all the time (go ahead, make a cart and check out "Canadian" to see what I mean...)
 So 15% isn't much of a sale, I basically saved on the sales/provincial tax but it's better than nothin' so I'll take it!

 Apparently the colour theme this year according to Pantone is Tangerine Tango, which means a whooooole lotta orange/coral/tangerine etc.

That didn't really interest me...until I saw THE BLUSHES!
Holy frig.
Coral heaven.
Sold so damn hard.

First of though, check out the obsessive amount yet very awesome looking packaging

 And the back with info if you're so inclined...

Then you slide the lid of and get this...

Then you look at it for about 3 minutes trying to figure out how to get the clear plastic off on the front and then realize evetually to just pull it off.  Then add another 3 minutes to try to pry the compacts out of their tight little home and you get these:

The blush duo is held shut by magnets.  MAGNETS!

You know how those work.

The prisma blush is just a regular NON-MAGNET compact so already it's not as cool.  But still cool.


Ahhhhh love.  The shades are called Desert Flower (the non sparkly side) and Coral (SHPARKLEZ!)

Or Sephora's description:
- 2 x 0.19 oz blush in:
- Coral, Pantone #16-1539 (pinkish orange with gold shimmer)
- Desert Flower, Pantone #15-1435 (light orange matte) 

I think they should be named the other way around because Coral sounds plain but whatever dude. 
They do more blah blah blahs on the website but my attention span is nil right now because I'm too distracted with all the pretty.   I see orange, lots of words, would rather look at the orange. 

And the next little compact of awesome is Apricot Brandy Prisma Chrome. 

Sephora's blurb:

What it does:
This revolutionary blush combines all the best features of baked, powder, and cream formulas, releasing perfect color and a texture that lays on cheeks like a second skin. Easily blendable and buildable without being powdery, this unique blush leaves an unbelievably polished finish. The warm shade, Apricot Brandy (PANTONE #17-1540), was inspired by the Color of the Year, Tangerine Tango, and will light up the apples of your cheeks with a spirited glow

This blush was kind of a pain in the ass at first.  It has a bit of a shell on top liked baked blushes and eyeshadows have so you need to rub it off before any colour will show up.
I'm not sure that's what they meant when they said "best features of baked,.."  THAT'S A SHIT FEATURE, SAYS ME! 

 The 3rd pic is what it will look like after you get your rub-action on.

And up next the swatches!

I suck at blush swatches which is why this post is 90% product pics and .00076% swatch (I R GUD AT MATHS)

So here is my attempt at blush swatches!  Done over a moisturized arm that sat for a bit.  I tried them over a dry arm but they weren't showing up for the camera very well so I said SCREW IT I WANT COLOUR!!  And yeah.  The end.  Got colour.  SEEEEE

Well this one is dry arm..



oOo pretty.

I love the middle one the best.  It reminds me of a powder version on Tarte for Trueblood's Cheek Stain mixed with NARS Orgasm.

The Blush Duo is $31CDN and the Prisma Chrome blush is $19CDN.

I think this will be all I get from the Pantone Universe line.  I'm not sure I'd wear the other stuff.

Oh and the duo compact is nifty but I'm not sure I like that it's just a magnet plate holding the lid on.  I don't think I'd bring this on a plane in my traincase incase it shuffles around and pops off.

Not that I go on many planes.


It will get a nice home in my non-move-y makeup cart when not in use.

COMING SOOOOOON Sephora + Pantone Universe Blush Swatches

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pastel Re-creation

I tried to re-create a super pretty look done by this blogger here. It was HARD! Hard because I've never tried this colour placement and I'm used to packing colours on but this look was more soft and blendy. I'm not good at blendy :(

 I really liked the pink with the white/cream coloured lid shade and I had to try it.

 I used Detrivore over UDPP
Lid and browbone: White Chapel
Crease: Switchblade
Purple on outer corner: Saprophyte
Pink below crease: Sexualis
cheapo black pencil liner
The picture differences was me using 2 different cameras to try to show the colours better but not having much luck. It looked better in real life but nowhere near as kickass as the original. Seriously, did she do awesome or what!? I love it! I will definitely do this look again.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Meow Rainbow's End Swatch

Sooooo not a proper swatch post with my usual 80 pictures of the same stuff but the collection goes buh bye April 1st and someone might be looking for these!

Here's a pic I just took of Meow's Rainbow's End (found with the St Patty's day shades), patted on my hand, no primer. Later I'll re-do this post with good pictures but for now, HERE YA GO PEEPS!

Clockwise from upper left: Claddagh, Sundisc, Or, Lunulae

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Turquoise Terror

Meh, I just wanted the alliteration in the title, I don't find anything terrifying in this look. I actually LUUUUV IT!

There are a few colour combos that I see out there that I love every single time. A bright turquoise shadow with a brown crease is probably my favourite.
Like this one from Luna Soeth >>

So pretty!

Here's me attempting this:

Lid: Turquoise shade
Crease: Too Faced Push Up
Darken crease: Cocoa Puff
Browbone: Too Faced Heaven
Lower liner inner half: Annabelle Cosmetics Reverie
Lower liner outer half: Cocoa Puff again
Physician's formula gel liner

^^^That pic looks a bit goofy because it was crazy dark and I tried to lighten it up but I'm not good at that kind of stuff :s

And a Hipstamatic pic of my whole head :D

Brown brown brown NOTD

So I lied.

More nail pictures!

I decided if nobody wants to look at the ugly, they don't have to look at em :)

So I'm posting nail shots anyways!


Although I did try to crop out some of the ugly for the sparkly pics.

I made those brown babies by using 3 coats of China Glaze's Foie Gras

Then I stamped "Butts" on them, because I'm part of an sweet-ass, kind of vulgar but full of awesome facebook group and we're all about butts :D

And then I addes 2 coats of Nerd Lacquer's Home of the Untempered Schism and 1 coat Revlon quick dry top coat

And there ya have it! Can't really see "Butts" anymore but that's okay. I won't have to explain to strangers why I have a random word stamped on my fingers while I'm out shopping.

I hear people go outside to shop sometimes.

What is this voodoo magic?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

No pants EOTD's

Here are some quick pics of the looks I've done this week.

Only 1 shot of each because I had to catch a bus and had no time to fiddle around.

I WAS PANTSLESS! For real. I do my makeup before I get changed for work but had to snap eye pics while the camera was right here, hence "NO PANTS EOTD'S!"

The yellow pic is a bit blurry but no time ninjas. Almost no time for pants even. But I did both. It was for the best.

First eyeball:

Sugarpill Buttercupcake on lid and above crease and in lower lashline
Aromaleigh Grace in crease
Burberry Trench on browbone
MAC Black Line smudged into lower lashline under Buttercupcake
Physician's Formula gel liner

I used the wrong crease shade. I couldn't remember what I used in the past but I don't think Grace was it, I think I used a dark matte grey but it still looked okay.

messy eyeliner is messy

Eyeball 2:

Aromaleigh's Miuccia on lid
Aromaleigh Grace in crease
Burberry Trench on browbone (seeing a pattern here?! :D )
MAC Undercurrent lower lashline
Physician's Formula gel liner

Eyeball 3:

Aromaleigh Betelgeuse on lid
Aromaleigh Grace in crease (seriously people, it's a pretty awesome shade. GREEN SHIMMAH!)
shimmery nude on browbone
MAC Undercurrent lower lashline
Annabelle Cosmetics Bronze eyeliner



The commercials make it look so cool.