Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Vampire's Brisk walk through the Permafrost?


I should have more time to update this now. I finished reading the 4th Night Huntress book and the newest one doesn't come out until Feb 2011. FEBRUARY! What the hell!?! Ummm, I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NOOOWWWW! I'm so proud it only took me a day and a half to read it. I had a dream it ended mid sentence then I woke up all worried. Once I realized it was a dream and I still had a third of a book to go, I woke my ass up and popped the glasses on and continued where I left off. Yep, I'm a pretty sad human :D

Reading these, I've realized I hate it when my mr tries talking to me while I'm all immersed in the story. And I hate any sound in the background. Especially the sound of him talking...


This was a look I did maybe 2 weeks ago. It's a bit boring to me so I haven't posted it. Maybe someone will like it for the colour reference come xmas time if these get re-released. That and one of the colours was called Vampire, it only seemed appropriate to post after reading a vampire series. YES!

I used Meow Cosmetics

Inner half of lid: Permafrost from Glacial Grove collection
Middle of lid: Brisk from Glacial Grove collection
Outer bit and crease and lower lashline: Vampire from Dance of Death collection
Browbone: Spellbinding from Dance of Death collection
Upper liner: Joe felt liner of awesomeness

And I'm having so much fun reading the giveaway comments! You guys are so awesome! I should have given stuff away sooner!
Now to go be mopey about Feb/11 being so damn far away.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Super Fantastic Giveaway from BLIX!!

BLIX the lurvely lady from Glitter is my Crack has an awesome giveaway going on right now and there will be 5 WINNERS!! FIVE! Lucky lucky! Luckyluckylucky. (teeheee 5)
Anywhosies, pop on over and check it ooot.

Here be an example of goodies up for grabs

Good luck ladies and or possible gents! :)

Gloom be gone

Hi! It's gloomy out and I'm home alone :( Saturday tv sucks and I have no real life friends in this city so I felt like playing around with my makeup. Oh makeup, you be meh fwend.
I only did one eye because I'm not going anywhere and doing both eyes would be just a waste of makeup!

But hey lady, wouldn't doing 1 eye and not going out be a waste as well?


Here's what I did and used:

NYX Jumbo Milk pencil of awesome smeared on lid for extra bright action!
Lid main: Meow Cosmetics in Meow Cosmetics (yeah that could get confusing...)
Crease: Fa La La from Meow's Merry Mayhem collection
Pink above crease and lower lash line: Aromaleigh's Psychocandy
Browbone: Silk Naturals in Sprite
Black liner above: Joe Fresh Liner
Black liner smudged below: MAC Blackline
White line in between those bad boys: NYX Milk

That was an accident, my upper liner didn't meet up (hah just typed "meat") with the lower liner so I pretended I was supposed to do that and plop some white in there. Very hard when the brush seems stupidly thick.

Click on them to explode them to max pixelness and such. You can see out my livingroom window in the first one, through my eyeball! Teehee.

Visit my post before this to enter my giveaway extravaganza and stuff. Or not. That's cool too. :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Who likes to win FREE STUFF?!?!?

Me that's who, but I can't win this cuz I'm the awesome possum giving it away!

This is a Happy Birthday to me and you get the gift, giveaway. So this ends on my birthday September 17/10 at midnight my time (so I guess that would be Sept 18...)
You know what I mean! 3 WEEKS! That will be the cut off and then I'll use some kind of magical name picker and announce the winner the following week.

I was going to do this a long time ago, but I'm a wicked procrastinator. Some stuff I wanted for the giveaway I still haven't gotten around to ordering so here's what I did come up with!

It's sort of a 50/50 indie/drug store mix. Indie because I friggin love them and drug store because it's Canadian stuff, so hopefully it's new to you if you've won. But if you're a Canuck like moi, and you have the stuff already, that's awesome too :) And you can hock it on ebay or something. Or hoard backups like me...



Up for yoinkage:

Aromaleigh jar of Le Mystere # 106

Aromaleigh samples from the Lost in Faerie collection in:

Aromaleigh Hi-Fi Mattes samples in:
Got Dibs
Cool It

Other Aromaleigh Samples:
Spark elemental lustre
Cookie Party from Holiday Blast (BEST EVER!)
Le Mystere #107

Meow Cosmetics samples:

Illegal in 50 States
Rainy Day
Hang Up Wild Child Blush
Pinky Panther Wild Cats powder

Sample of One Hand Washes the Other solid perfume in Los Angelitos

Annabelle schwag:

Solar loose pigment
Limette Smudgeliner
Studio shadow Limited Edition (I didn't get to try these 4 so I don't know how good they are or not) singles in:
Toxic Garden

The compact to put the 4 in. They are the same size as MAC refills so you can mix and match.

A bottle of Sally Hansen HIDDEN TREASURE NAIL POLISH!! (I was going to keep it as a backup but decided I need to stop getting effing backups!)

L'Oreal quad in Enchanted Bouquet. This was one of the only eyeshadow sets I wore before my uh, sparkle addiction. Then L'Oreal went and changed the formula and shades, slapped the same name on it, and it SUCKS. A store still had the original version, (the one you see here) so I snagged like 5 of them. I guess I can part with 1 :)

Tube of Rimmel Fix and Perfect foundation primer

A Lush Cinders bath bomb. I went nutty and bought like 8 of these. My nuttyness is your gain.

A knotted friendship bracelet I made with meh own 2 hands, cuz I be knotty like that. Yeah, that was a bad joke wasn't it?

And a BOX OF SMARTIES!!! Woohoo for candy!!

Wow, typing that all up looks INSANE!

So to win!

1. Follow me! You must pop up in my "Kick Ass People" list
2. Tell me your name and email written all out, for example: Brontosaurus at hotmail dotcom, painteme at hotmail dotcom so the ebil spambots don't hunt you down.
3. Tell me how you stumbled on this lil part of the interwebz, it's completely fine if you just found out today, just don't be all "*follow, YAY FREEBIE, *unfollow". That's just not cool yo!

That's the main one, all 3 thingys must be met or no dice! It's a lot of stuff so I'm going to be picky!


For an extra entry tweet:
Makeup giveaway and such! @HovercatMittens RT

Then let me know twitter name is to verify.

For 1 more extra entry, post this on your bloggy blog if you has one (must be a blog already in action, no 0 postys and just a post on this giveaway) and show meh the link.

So in all you can get 3 entries. I hope I get oodles of comments so I don't look like a douche for having so much stuff up for grabs with nobody wanting any of it!

Good luck all!!

annnnnnnnnnd GO!

big waterfall is big

Random EOTD's

Oh hai!

I've been very bad with updating because vampires have taken my time away. cant.stop.reading. It's Jeannine Frost's Night Huntress in case ya were wondering.

So here are a few EOTD's. Nothing wonderfabulous and I'll try my darndest to remember what I used.....

Number 1! My attempt at pin up makeup. DO NOT LIKE! I had my false lashes too far away from my lashline and then those damn blank spots in between the lashes were showing hard core so I attempted to pain over it and the liner looked too thick. FRIK!!!

I used:
NYX Jumbo pencil Milk on lid
Lid: SheSpace Stopping Traffic
Crease: either Convicted or Crushed Metal. One didn't work so I went over it with the other
Browbone: Sunflowers and Sugar methinks
Liner: Joe felt liner (IT'S DYING ON ME!!!!)

Number 2!

I wanted a way to use just a bit of red. My brush didn't like this and decided to take over half my lid. Thanks brush. Jerk.

Inner half: AL's Lorelei
Outter half: AL's Helterskelter
Browbone: AL's Oyster

I was too lazy to line, or had to get my ass to work. Either way, this look sucked. :D

TROIS! I wanted to use some MAC. It's crazy how pressed shadows just seem to royally suck ass compared to loose pigments. I used to hate loose ones because I thought they were to messy, but the insane colour payoff is SO WORTH IT! But I guess I shouldn't throw all pressed shadows in the same group. I hear Sugarpill will make you sell your mom to buy it.

I used:
Inner Lid: MAC Flip
Outer half: MAC French Cuff
Crease and lower liner: MAC Henna
Upper liner: Blackline pearlglide INTENSE YO!

Can't even see the difference between Flip and French Cuff :(

4! I forgot what I used and then kinda remembered. Yay for being too lazy to put stuff back! ('twas in my makeup box still!)

Lid: Aromaleigh Tutu
Crease and lower liner: Grace
Browbone: Satin Slippers
funkytastic joe felt liner up top thurrr

See how awesome Grace is though! It looks super green below but buffed to a nice grey with a bit of green when in ze crease. I wish I bought a backup of this one, I can see myself using this one OOODLES!

And what I did today. I didn't have much time but I wanted sparkly!

Lid: Aromaleigh Cookie Party (one of the bestest shadows EVARRR)
No crease cuz NO TIME!
Browbone: Aromaleigh Georgiana
Lower liner: MAC Blackline smushed

Then I saw on the clock I had 2 free minutes! So I shoved some AL Twlight Sparkle powder around my eyes and stuff to be MOAR SPAKLEH!! (oh hullo fur face. Seriously! I'm a girl! Why does I has to have fuzzy lil stupid hairs ON MEH FACE!?)

And this is a neutral look I did but I can't remember a single shade I used other than the Annabelle Cyber Jungle liner. Crap.




Back to vampire-land.......

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mantis in Atlantis EOTD

I'm losing hard core but vote me and make me smile! :)

And to the makeuppy bits.

I had to meet with some jagged torture instruments wielded by a heartless harpy on acid, AKA the dentist. Well not really, she was cool, but it still felt like I should have told her to rip them all out so I don't have to come back for the 6 month check up. What does this have to do with makeup? I don't know, just thought I'd share :)

On to the makeuppy bits for realzies.

I used a shade I've been freakin dying to use since I saw it's gloriousness pop up online. ATLANTIS! Last year when I found Meow I only ordered 3 samples from the Caribbean collection but since blogging and buying copious amounts of powdery awesome, I've been looking at trying new colours. Although the description for this one says "gold" right in it, I must have had a brain fart when picking only 3 and none of them were Atlantis.

How darest I shun the gold!

I used:

Lid: Atlantis
Crease: Mantis (hah! Mantis in Atlantis! KYOOT!)
More crease darkening action and lower liner: Boa
Upper liner: Joe Fresh felt liner (when this runs out and my damn store doesn't ever get new stock I am going to cry my eyeballs out. Out of my head. Think about it.)
Browbone: Pink Sand

Blush: Soka
On top blush: Chameleon glow powder

Lips: Avon Nude gloss stuff

It looked more vivid in actual non internet land. Of course. A horse.

And not makeup related, you need to read Christopher Moore's Fool. It's hilarious! Kind of offensive to some I guess, but I have brothers. I'm used to offensive. If Mr Moore wasn't as old as my dad I'd totally profess my love to him. BUT ALAS. Twas not to be.

That's what my shadows were sitting on in the product shot, my ugly red blankey makes a horrible background. Use a book! :)

ummmmm. What else can I say today.... The bus is still gross. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Red and Blue...SPIDERMAN

No, not really, Spiderman did not inspire this look at all. This is one I've been wanting to try since last year. LAST YEAR! Well, December anyways. I just didn't have ze balls. I saw ms BLIX wear blue and maroon here so I was going to a Pink Floyd Laser show Saturday and felt blue and red makeup was necessary.

That and red and blue seemed to keep popping up on me!
Bitchin' Kitchen goddess Nadia G wore dark blue and a dark maroony-brown in the crease for the "Makeup-Meals" episode (but they don't say what was used, one person said smokey eye from another episode but I specifically remember blue shadow. We're makeup chicks, these are details we NOTICE YO!)
And ms Heather did a look with red and blue here
So I figured, it's about time I get on that!

I'm kind of upset about the pictures again. I could have sworn I did better but the MACRO NEVER LIES! I even did the tape trick to get the severe slant but I even failed a bit on that. Oh well, I can always try again :)

I used Morgana Minerals

lid: Galantha (it's got pink sparkles in it!)
Crease: Bloody Mary
Browbone: Glowing Pearl
Inner lower liner: Zombie Ambrosia
Outter lower liner: Witch's Wine
Joe Fresh felt liner.

Sunday Boredom

I'm kinda bummed I didn't get many good shots of what I did with this :( The blue tried to come off on the yellow so it went a bit wonky. Oh well. I only did the one eye anyways lol

I did the purple brows after seeing Phyrra rock the purple brow.

I used the Meow limited edition shades over Pixie Epoxy

Lid: Sexting (okay I lied, 1 was regular stock!)
Crease and lower liner: Party Crashers
Upper crease: Get Lucky
Browbone and white line on side: Bubble Bath
Joe fresh felt liner
Brows: Hangover

I meant for the crease to be stronger but every time I went over it, it did the opposite effect and blended!

Oh wells, I was just playing around anyways :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

One Hand Washes The Other!

I feel like I stumbled on a pot of gold here.

I was on twitter and and saw a tweet of a Halloween solid perfume scent being listed on Etsy.

I'm a perfume fiend, and a halloween fiend so 2 in 1 is like MAGIC!

So I clicked the link for One Hand Washes the Other and saw there were more Halloween scents! Ohhhh my.

Now, I've seen this shop before but I must have just seen the lotions and soaps. I was never really interested in those as I have enough to clean and moisturize a small country and I have 2 aunts that have soap businesses (well one still does anyways) so I never felt the urge to buy more.
But perfume? Yeah, I want those. And at $4 how could I not get them? $4! I've bought solids for 3x that and they kinda sucked and didn't last as long as a $12 solid SHOULD. So I thought, hey why not. And I'm very glad I did.

I ended up getting Los Angelitos "..You'll smell: Honey, white flowers, milk, freshly-turned earth, and hay."

and Calaveras "Named for the sugar skulls which adorn the Day of the Dead altars, this fragrance is sweet and spicy. Cinnamon, sugar, orange, and sweetbreads dressed up with a smattering of dried roses on a sandalwood altar."

WOAH! Yeah, that's what I said when I opened it up, I wasn't even expecting samples so that was an extra WOOHOO!! Inside the package I also received samples of Coven, Vera Wang Princess (type) and Desolation Angel.

First, ya gotta love the extra personal touches that come with Etsy orders, this package was more than I expected in so many ways. Just lookie the cute key stamp on the back!

And inside the envelope of wicked:

There was a stamped wax seal on the itty bitty yellow envelope as well, but I wanted to show you the stamp on the front!

Los Angelitos
smelled very much like honey, very pretty, awesomely lovely honey. I am very happy I picked this one!

Calaveras. OOOHHHH YEAAAHHHHHH! This is THE perfect scent to me. I love sugar and spice and everything ni... okay just stuff that smells like spicy candy awesome and this baby HAS IT! Even my favourite edt Curve Crush has chai and sweetness notes in it. GLORIOUS. More scents need to be sweet and spicy. And the orange in this is enough so you can smell it but you don't walk around smelling like a big citrus fruit.

Desolation Angel "Desolation Angel is a tropical, heady blend where cracked coconuts and fresh limes dance amongst swirls of dark musky woods, hint of vanilla, and a sprinkle of powder" This one is very summery and I would totally wear it in the winter to screw with people's heads. It's a really nice tropical scent and I'm bringing this baby to Vegas (yeah I know that's a desert but STILL!) The lime and coconut with the bit of powder make it sweet enough to fall in lurve it.

Vera Wang Princess (type), this is what Princess SHOULD have smelled like. The actual VW Princess makes me sneeze, it smells like when you walk into the perfume dept of the department store and get overwhelmed with the generic mix of everything together with a dose of old ladeh powder, the powder that has sat on a shelf for the last 30 years and the floral notes that were once in there have long rotted and tainted the mix.
No, OHWTO's Princess is so much better! I'm not sure what the notes are in this, but it's very pretty and I'm willing to put my hatred aside for the original Princess to get OHWTO's version instead! It's that good.

Coven "an absolutely bewitching brew of jack-o-lanterns, dragon's blood, patchouli and amber, spiked with citrus and grounded out by a drop of dark and smoky vetivert; it's even an oh-so-festive shade of olive green." This one is a weird one to describe for me. It reminds me of thanksgiving at my grandmas with her potpourri and playing in her back yards or in the park a few houses down. (Our thanksgivings are before Halloween, the 2nd Monday in October) It's very spicy and autumn-y.

Whew! So I browsed her scent listings on the blog because I saw an Etsy listing for 3 scents for $8.99 and since I can never pick just 3 I ended up picking 10 and convo'd for a mega order. I also wanted 4 of the other Halloween scents and a possible oil bottle of one of the scents and she made one for me! So I'll be smelling good for freakin ever.

For my order placed this morning I ended up snagging:
Blue Raspberry
Citrus Cilantro
Desolation Angel
Mountain Dew
Mayan Gold
Nag Champa
Vera Wang Princess

(4) Halloween LE Solid Scents:
Choco Pumpkin
Pumpkin Bread
Pumpkin Eater

(1) 1/3 oz bottle of Calaveras perfume oil

I have a little bottle of Nag Champa from my aunt already but I can't really take it anywhere, leaks on everything! So I was happy to see it in solid form, and so inexpensive!

So I can't wait to get my order!!!

I would absolutely recommend this shop to everyone if you love solid perfumes that smell fantastic for more than reasonable prices.

I'm now even tempted to pick up some of the other items I previously said I didn't need.....

Crazy how needs change when you smell pretty things...

Friday, August 13, 2010


My attempt at type-yelling "fire". Didn't really work did it?

My moodiness is in like super hyper manic mode right now. The doom and gloom is gone and it's payday and I'm buying RED HAIR DYE!!! YEAAHHHHH. It won't be as bright as a couple of years ago, (and that was it faded a bit and OOOO LOOKIE I WEARIN MY FYRINNAE! LOVE), but I need to safely lighten my hair somehow though, so the red does actually show up.

Okay, back on TOPIC! This is a look I did sometime last week, I think it was last Mondessday...

I yoinked out my SheSpace colours and grabbed fire looking ones. Sorta. I'm not super happy with this look, I just can't do firey looks.

I used:

Inner 3rd: Claim the Stage Baby!
Middle: Fire and Brimstone
Outter bit and crease: Beauty Babe
Browbone: The Bubbles Made Me Do It
Liner: Meow's Coffin

Coffin looks flippin sweet in the last one, that's why it's not my normal angle :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Meow Cosmetics Feliner Swatches

Hullo there.

I'm a cranky ass so this post has no face! Or eyes! Just some sparkly cuz I'm all grrrr rawrrrr.

I got my Meow 30% sale items today and I ordered a crapload of Feliner samples because I haven't really seen anybody use them. But there are so many on the site and I have 3 of them and they are wicked awesome, so this is my lil ode to the Feliners I guess :)

Here's the HAND! (As usual, blow up for extra awesome)

1st row: Cat Claws, Cat-chy, Lap Cat, Neurotic, Cat O-Nine Tails, Magi-Cat, Tail of Woe, Krazy Kat
2nd row: Lightning, Catwalk, PSY-CAT-IC, Forni-CAT, Catsup, Hellcat, Catostrophic

Neurotic is very much like the mineral makeup answer to MAC's Pearlglide Intense liner in Black Line.

Here's my comparison shot:

Lap Cat is very pretty, it has teeny tiny pink sparks in it that make it that much more fantastic.
I LOVE Catsup! (Ketchup in Canadaland) my camera kinda failed to catch the sparkle to it, but it's awesome, I promise :D
Cat-Claws and Cat-chy are sparkly as well, but my second shot decided to not show that. What a jerk.

Also Tail of Woe and Krazy Kat, seriously, ya HAVE to see these 2 with your own eyes. They are INTENSE and beautiful! But cameras are jerks.

If you wanna pick up any of these with Meow's 25% off Birthday sale coupon: PartyOn they can be picked up here. (Click the tabs for ordering)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Aromaleigh Ciao Italia! Collection

Hi there!

Kristen of Aromaleigh kindly sent me so pretties of her newest collection to go over for you. The collection is Ciao Italia!

I think this collection is very beautiful. Many shades have that awesome rainbow iridescence. If I didn't just drop a big ol bunch o dough on a necessity I would have found a way to get at least 8 of these. They are very vivid and many of these would make wonderful crease shades and liners.

You may have seen the swatches already but maybe there is something you didn't notice that you liked this time around :)

I swatched them on UDPP.

Swatches on hand match up to bag swatch layout:

The black sparkles in Pistachio (sorry for the yellow light, sunset is in effect!)

1st row:
Liquiriza: dark blueish grey
Pistachio: matte green with black sparkles
Mirtillo: dark greyed purple
Bacio: rosey gold ****
Malaga: dark mauvey pink
Tiramisu: dark brown with brown shimmer ***
2nd row:
Rosamarino: Dark silver iridescent shimmer
Menta: light green, uber magical, rainbowy iridescent shimmer *****
Fior Di Latte: creamy shimmery light pink, pinkish iridescence
Lampone: peachy coral, golden rainbow iridescence, green sparks I think **
Melone: dark blueish green, green iridescence
Nocciola: matte dark curry yellow, very unique shade

Amarena: (on far right) pale pink frost. Frosty version of Terpsichore minus the gold shimmer, more white. Still pretty!

3rd row:
Ciocolatto: Olive greeny brown. HAWT! ***
Pera: slight shimmery greenish grey
Albicocca: Matte reddish orange, slight shimmer
Fragola: Cooler toned more pink version of Lampone minus the sparks I saw***
Melograni: Very pretty red with wicked green shimmer. Like Calendula but less IN YO FACE! ***
Biscotti: pinkish taupey rainbow irridescent magic in jar. Red sparks? My definite favourite of the bunch.*******
4th row:
Zabaglione: yellowy orange with orange shimmer and hot pink sparks
Mela: Really pretty dark aqua green. Slightly matte
Fico: pretty shimmery mauvey taupe, rainbowy iridescence.
Fruitti Di Bosco: Intense dark and regal purple, red sparks
Mora: Dark purpley mauve, slight iridescence
Puffo: SMURF! Sweet sparkly light blue with rainbow iridescence

My favourites have the stars. The more stars, the more I lurves them :)

They can be bought if you click on the links here

Any ones you'll be checking out?