Saturday, June 8, 2013

Golden EOTD with Meow Summer Shades

It's almost summer time!  I pulled out some Meow shades that I bought last year and used 2 from the Castaway collection and 2 from the Joys of Summer collection.  They haven't re-released Castaway yet, but they'll probably be available again soon.  I'm super excited to see what their new Stripped colours are going to look like. I've been wearing more neutrals lately, they're just easier to not screw up. Although I managed to screw up today's look anyway. Stripped is supposed to be some lurvely nudes.  Noice!

I used over TFSI Lemon Drop:
Inner lid: Brazillian (Joys of Summer)
Middle lid: Bahia Solano (Castaway)
Outer lid: Siesta Key (Castaway)
Crease: Flaming Marshmallows (Joys of Summer)
Browbone: Burberry Trench
UD 24/7 liquid liner with Annabelle black liner below.
UD Honey is used in the screwed up pics at the bottom, UD Midnight Cowboy liner in the first 3 "fixed" ones (lower liner...inner part...madness... etc)

 Crap tastic liner idea, should have skipped Honey and used a pale shade instead.