Wednesday, September 29, 2010

MAC Disney Venomous Villians

Is oooot. Online anyways. As of 2 days ago cuz I'm a slug and forgot to inform :( Some products are sold out.


If you have a MAC retailer, hit that up. Tomorrow is launch day. I went there to swatch my goodies I ordered and they still had the Fabulous Felines up. DANGNABBIT!

Go snag some schtuff already!

I ended up making 2 orders in 2 days because I'm a loser like that.

My pick:

Briar Rose peauty powder
Bite of an Apple blush
Mean & Green nail polish (apparently EXACT dupe of Orly's Space Cadet. Which is also awesome because I wanted a backup and didn't want to attempt to hunt another down!)
Bad Fairy nail polish (the unique one of the 3, the 3rd polish Formindable! is a dupe to Orly's Galaxy Girl)
Heartless lipstick (I was convinced it would make a perfect hot red lip until I saw this from Temptalia) But I'm sure it's probably still pretty ass-kicky.

And order number 2

Wicked Ways lipglass (to layer over Heartless in an attempt to get Temptalia's uber red lip)
Dark Deed (I must be insane. Total impulse buy, because once again, Temptalia made it look HAWT!)
Revenge is Sweet Lipglass. Just cuz. It looks purple in the tube and has Maleficent on it! Sleeping Beauty is my favourite old timey Disney movie. Twas needed.
French Quarter Greasespaint stick. It reminded me of a really thick Black Line pearlglide intense pencil. So I needed it. Not even knowing what IT really was :)

I was going to grab a backup of Briar Rose and get the Magically Cool Liquid Powder but 1, So far my only backups I've dipped into has been mascara and 1 Mark blush. So I'd probably never get to it anyway. Someone else may have one :) You're welcome planet Earth :D
And 2! For that powder, it says it's 70% water. And I still don't totally know it's function. So to avoid tossing out $35.50 and being stuck with some powder that may, I don't know, evaporate(?) in time, because seriously, HOW DOES THAT WORK YO!?!

It's for the best though. I bought enough already to make my innards hurt in guilt hahaha.

Order 1 should be in tomorrow. I may not swatch Dark Deed. If I return it, I'd rather return it unused so someone else can enjoy it (It's sold out online in Canada right now) Unless anyone would be willing to buy it in a blog sale. If I hate it that is. I may stop by the store tomorrow and see if I can swatch it there. DUUURN YOU IMPULSE BUYS! MAKING ME QUESTION MY SPENDINGNESS!!

Are you picking anything up??

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sparkles! Birthday dinner makeup


My mister took me out for my bday dinner last night because we couldn't last week with my cousin's wedding, so I wanted loads of sparkles!

I've only worn sparkles one other time as a lid shade and I forgot what I did, so I sort of just flew with it this time.

I used:
Pixie Epoxy just on main lid part
Lid: Aromaleigh Sonic Glitter in Shakeitup
Crease: Aromaleigh Freakshow from Victoria's Revenge collection
Liner: MSCHIC Astral Shine (I think it may be discontinued)
Lower liner: Meow Illegal in 50 States from Guilty Pleasures collection
Browbone: Meow Chameleon glow powder from Lost Rainforest collection


Also I <3 Freakshow so much. It's like a dirty brown if that makes sense and not just a regular brown. It's very steampunk-y to me. Awesome colour for creases! If you can find it or someone will swap it to you, TAKE IT!!!

Lips Morgana Minerals Raspberry lipstick. The dude hates lipstick usually but I remember wearing a sample of this awhile ago and he actually liked it. Naturally I had to get a full size :D

All the damn lip pics wanted to be blurry. I HATE U BLURRRRRR!

And meh face. Ignore me looking bald and shit. My hair was still pulled back for work and I didn't want to take 8 hrs to make it straight. Oh and ignore my white friggin flash face. My face actually matched my neck in real life but the flash didn't like my translucent finishing powder and decided to embarrass me greatly.

What else does I has for you....

Oh I took an updated Aromaleigh collection shot for ya! Back when Kristen did a "show me your stash" I managed to round everything up but I didn't get to send them because it was announced AL was closing so I didn't bother. I had orders to place yo!

So this is the most recent pic as of, like 2 days ago, KITTEHS STASH! Not including massive amounts of sample baggies and my mini drawer of backups.


And a "time machine" filtered pic for added BRIGHT! As always, double click for extra AWESOME!!

I cropped it down for my new banner. YOU LIKEY?

One more thing! I just made my very first Detrivore order. On ebay they were selling a pack of their 1st 50 samples and a bonus primer for just $25. SOLD. Even if just for that primer. I keep seeing guuud things about that schtuff. If they would make super sweet sample packs of their mattes and satins and blushes, I'd buy the shit out of those.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hi-Fi Cosmetics

I totally see what the fuss is about.

Beautiful, multifaceted, unique shades. Not totally sure I used the word "multifaceted" correct, but whatever, these colours rock!
I have another winner on my hands. Like literally, when I swatch them. On my hands...

Okay down to business!

Back in my window shopping mood a bit ago I had run into Hi-Fi Cosmetics' online Etsy shop. I've heard about the company before, Heather wears a lot of Hi-Fi, but for some reason I never made a purchase. Not even at Christmas time where it was super tempting because Veronica (owner) had a wicked BOGO sale going on. I remember making a list but that was as far as I went.

So this time I purchased the blog review set and for uber cheap you pick 10 colours you would want to try and she goes through and sends you 5 of them plus 2 more she picks! It's a super awesome way to get the Hi-Fi word out.

It came quickly, and it came with a thank you note on personalized stationary with Veronica's name and web address on it. So awesome :)

I also received 5 business cards which I also think is cool. I do get people who ask me what makeup I'm wearing and I know, since it's usually indie companies, nobody knows who the hell I'm talking about. These cards will be with my moola on shopping days!

Eyeshadows are $4.99 each in a 5gr sifter jar, with 3/4tsp product. I do love the 5gr jar. When I buy full sizes, they will match nicely with my other shadows.

Also, you can snag the "buy 10 for $40" deal and save $10.

Hi-Fi also sells Spotlight Lip Glaze for $6.99. While some of the colours look like ones I'd really enjoy, I would prefer to see a swatch, or lip swatch first to check the colour out. Basically all the gold and orangey ones are calling my name.

The shop also has glitter ($4.99) if that's your thing and Glam Rock Eye Glitz, glitter gel ($4.99) that sound really cool to try.

Another cool product I'd like to check out is the gel blush.

On to my colours!

The ones I was sent to try out were:

Mornings of Gold
Crystal Moon
Don't Wanna Be Friends
The Cyanide You Drank
Morals in a Hole

And I was also sent
Happily Ever After

(just realized I forgot to show the 2 extras)

At first I was a bit disheartened. How was I going to make a look with so many darks?

Well, me, don't judge a baggy by it's colour! Seriously! Look what these babies actually look like:

(row 1 on primer, 2 on Pixie Epoxy)

Mornings of Gold, Crystal Moon, The Cyanide You Drank, Morals in a Hole, Don't Wanna Be Friends.

And look at how much you can smack down!


The colours are so amazing, you'd really have to see them in person to get the total effect of why I was so happy that day I shoved mah finger in the baggy of happy.

Blow demz pictures up. You aren't seeing things, there really are the teeniest blue sparks in Mornings Of Gold I managed to capture. "MORNINGS OF GOLD is a pale, golden wonder with a warm, red sheen and blue sparks of amazingness!! " YES!! EXACTLY!! Spot on!! I love it.

Here's the look I did.

I used:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (Hi-Fi has their own version now, "high impact shadow fix" I'd like to try)

Lid main: Crystal Moon
Crease, lower lash line: Don't Wanna Be Friends
Inner corner and Browbone: Mornings Of Gold

Joe felt liner

The 3 colours went together so perfectly. If some fancy schmancy company wanted to put together a high end trio with perfect warm shades for the autumn/winter season, these 3 would be my choice.

But I would say "forget you fancy schmancy, I'm going to Hi-Fi for $14.97!"

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I had so much fun!
But at first it sucked. 3 hr drive to airport, because it's cheaper to fly out from the states but we had to take 2 planes and neither were window seats and neither had TVS!
3 hrs of sitting there. In the dark. With strangers. Almost enough to make you go all murdery on that shit. I take that back, now I'm probably banned from all airlines. Next time I go somewhere, some funktastic alarm is gonna be blaring when they see my passport.


They even made me put my Urban Decay finishing spray back in the car because it was 13 ml over the limit. I bought that FOR the wedding. Shitshitshit. I probably even used 13ml but whatev's, those be the rules. For some reason I though 100ml was a lot bigger.

We got there uber late, 11pm so it kinda sucked paying for the room that night when we barely had a day there. Then we walked around trying to find something to drink and eat. You can basically go somewhere to drink, but if you wanna eat you have to get fast food. eff that noize. We ordered room service.

MGM Grand room service food btw is AMAZING! Turkey Bruschetta sammich = heaven. For real. I ordered it again for breakfast Sunday morning. Yes I was hungover, but it didn't make it any less amazing. The chili kicks some major nomz ass as well. $7 and you get a nice size bowl with cheese and a bowl with 3 different kinds of corn bread buns and a tortilla cracker thingy.

M&M's store rocks my candy socks.

Got lots of hooker cards. They hand them out like candy. But I won't put these in my mouth.

Saw the water show thingy at the one hotel. I'll show pictures, can't remember what it was called.

The Paris hotel is so cool! It's like walking in a little village with townhomes all over on the inside!

Then came my cousin's wedding day. I'm so proud, I got her eyeshadow done in like 10 minutes. Smokey-eye ACCOMPLISHED! We had to rushrushrush the limo was going to be there any minute and she was getting her hair curled and I was doing the makeup at the same time. It was fun and hectic and in the end, we drank our asses off to celebrate.

Enough blabbity blab. PICS!

Water that resembles a fetus complete with umbilical the face I guess...



Ummm, what else...


Playing with my "miniatures" setting

The same makeup I did for my "mermaid" post but I used AL Unicorn for browbone and Fyrinnae Rapunzel Wore Extensions was thrown on the inner corner for extra awesomeness.

I wanna go again!!!

Yellow with awesome

Hullo joe

Here's a look I did before I went on holidays that I really, really liked. Really. YUP. It reminds me of dandelions. Pretteh!

The problem? I don't totally remember what I used. Just that is was mostly Aromaleigh.

So I guess this one is just mostly yellow inspiration if anyone needs some :)

I used AL Celinette for the lid and MAC Blackline liner. The green was Aromaleigh as well, possibly Divine Intervention.

Also, I'll do the whole "sit down, write out names, pick a weiner" thing this weekend.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Last Day for FREE STUFF!

Yup. Today is my birthday so midnight I stop counting entries so click on the giveaway link to your left, follow the rules and enter away.

Winner will be chosen when I'm back home and not yoinking interwebs from ze hotel in LAS FREAKIN VEGAS!! W000T!

Friday, September 10, 2010

MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass and Schemer Leopard Luxe Lipglass


Okie dokie, so this morning when I posted my anger face I realized it wasn't 100% accurate. I had used a lipstick under neath to be more pink.

Anywhosies, I don't buy MAC that often anymore unless it's a lip product or blush and even then, I mostly only get some limited editions. There are permanent stock I want but I can't afford too much at a time unlike online mineral makeup shopping (IT'S JUST SO EASY TO GET CARRIED AWAY!!)
Nevermind the anger shopping post... I HAD TO GO NUTS or I woulda had to smack a bitch.

So what was my point again? Ah screw it, I forgot. So here's what I bought on my last paycheque, just 2 itty bitty lipglasses.
Viva Glam Gaga and Schemer from the Leopard Luxe collection. The Gaga one was a total impulse buy. I do want the lipstick still but I heard the gloss is more limited than the lipstick, so I saw it and had to get it.
I guess Schemer was an impulse buy as well. I had wanted the Leopard Luxe quad but realized I really only wanted it for the 2 lighter colours and it wasn't worth it so I passed.

Mark that down in history.

I saw something I originally wanted...and PASSED! I must be ill.

Getting home and plopping these babies in with their cousins I realized Schemer looks so damn close to Gold Dust from the Amber Spring Color Forecast!!


Gold Dust is a bit more orange but look!

If I knew they were THATCLOSE I would have grabbed either Best of Breed or Jealous. Growl. It's a damn good thing I love gold.
growl again.

On my mouth!

SPARKLE CLOSEUP! Hah! Looks weird.

Annnnnnd, oh yeah the Gaga gloss

Here be it


And here it is again

It does that annoying settling in the lines thing.

So the pic from this morning was it on top of Bubblegum from the pink Spring colour forecast line

Gotta go before the dude gives away my pizza

Gaga Lipglass

Super quick, gotta leave in 5 mins.

Okay, other than looking like a total bitchzilla check out my new Lady Gaga lipglass!

I'll show more pics after work. First impression? I effing love it.


Me kissing a polar bear.

I fed him babies.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Apologize For Being Lame Again, Post


This is an I'm sorry for not updating very often, post. I come home from work and don't even turn on the tv anymore because I'd rather check out teh bloggy blogs and email and then by the time I'm done all that the mister is home and I have to be sociable. Lame, I know.

Also I have 2 new books to read that were lent to me by 2 awesome peoples from work so I would feel like a jerk not finishing them before I go on my mini vacation in 8 days. So in case you were like "WHERE IS THAT DAMN WOMAN SHOWING SOME SPARKLIES?!?"

She be readin' yo.

I still have 2 companies to review, and 2 palettes to get meh swatch on, and a part deux sniffy description post for my most recent OHWTO order so I has lots to do. Just no time to do it!



*and sweet, post 200 was the last one. ROCK ON! Or off. Whichever you prefer.

This needs something makeup-related.

Here, you can oogle my very first Fyrinnae order from June '09.

OoOo so pretty

See, I can never order just 3 or 4 things at a time, noooo. I WANT IT ALL!!

And this is why I'm broke...

But not lacking in teh sparklies :)


Monday, September 6, 2010

Rock A Betty Beauty

Since I'm poor as a mofo I was window shopping through Etsy when I came across Rock A Betty Beauty.

The awesome banner alone sucked me in.

They had a blogger review kit that I purchased for $3.75 and in it came 5 eyeshadow samples (Lid Lustres), a sample of their Pinup Glow and a cute business card.

The samples were chosen at random and I received (and their site descriptions):
Foam - A sparkly, shimmery white
Meringue - A soft, shimmery, lemonade
Heavy - A deep, earthy golden with gold glitter.
Petal - A shimmery sweet, cotton candy pink
Smoke - A deep, navy black loaded with rainbow glitter

Going to back to the website, I notice the shop swatches are quite a bit darker than what I actually got. Especially with "Heavy". Going by the shop swatch I would have skipped right past it, but luckily a sample was included in the kit because this was my favourite shade of the bunch!

Here is the site swatch

And here is the actual

But oh wells, that's what samples are for!

On to the colour!

Never having seen this shop before I wasn't sure what to expect but as soon as I started doing up my FOTD I was super impressed!

Here was the look I did

Lid main: Heavy
Inner corner: meringue
crease liners: Smoke
Browbone: Foam

And ze FACE!

And on the the swatches!

Top row with primer
Foam, Meringue, Heavy, Petal, Smoke

Pinup Glow powder

Right now all the shadows are on for dirt cheap, $3! Size is .28oz. I'll admit I didn't pay attention to size conversions in school so I assume it's what you'd normally get. Any math whiz out there can inform me otherwise, that would be awesome :)

So get them at the low price while you can, it's just temporary to get rid of old packaging.

Other than my whinyness about the site swatches being a bit off, my only other complaint is with the glitter in Heavy. They are a bit too big and don't stay well, even with my primer. One blow to get rid of the fall out stuff and the glitter flies away. It's still really pretty even without it so I will be getting a full size eventually.

Low shipping
Super pigmented
Easy to blend
Not a million and 12 shades (I get overwhelmed with pages and pages of shades)
Awesome buy more, save more deals

That pesky glitter in Heavy
Site swatches iffy

When I can afford to, I shall make a real purchase. I see more colours I'd like to own :)