Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Crystal Wind

(gah forgot the jar shot)

I screwed up this look a bit but it still turned out, just not how I wanted it to :(

I was going to attempt another double wing look but didn't bring the wing down far enough so there wasn't room for the second one (unless I do one and it gets all wavy from my eyelid when my eyes are opened) crappins.

So here's what I ended up with:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy just on main lid part
The She Space Crystal Wind main lid colour
The She Space Ghostly Story crease colour
The She Space The Bubbles Made Me Do It highlight colour
UD eyeliner in Zer with Body Shop sparkle liner for wing
Rimmel Lash Maxx mascara

And yup these are the same kind of shot, but the colours are a bit different in both and I wasn't sure which was more accurate :D

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Boredom Strikes Again

After youtube-ing different makeup looks I saw a few where the ladies did a double winged eye. I thought it looked pretty cool so I wanted to try it myself. My eyelids are so not made for a double wing, maybe I need to bring the longest bit down a bit more to have more room for the 2nd wing, so it doesn't get wonky in my eyelid skin.

That's what practice is for :)

Here's my one eye (yup, totally didn't touch the other one, I hope nobody knocks at the door lol)

Aromaleigh pure eyes matte in Kiss main lid colour
Rimmel Mono in Siren for the crease and blended upwards
Stardust Cosmetics Arctic White to highlight

UD eyeliner in Zero
Body shop crap glitter liner for the wings
Maybelline Lash Styletto

I think that was it :D

Here I attempted to do another wing on top but, yeah, so not working with eyes straight on heh

Alyasis Nymph

I wanted to wear some neutrals to actually blend in with the crowd today. My skin is still plotting against me and the last thing I want are people staring at my craptastic skin.

Except for you lovlies :)

Here's the hell it's currently putting me through, spots, blotchiness, shinyness that won't seem to go away even with powder. DAMMIT.

And I think it looks even worse that I forgot to do my hair before taking pictures lol.

But here's what I did with Morgana Minerals:


Main Alyasis
Crease and up to the thickest part of my brow: Nymph
Highlight: Glowing Pearl
Eyeliner: UD Zero with bodyshop glitter crap to make the wing (I didn't want to sharpen zero yet and waste any, it's so small to start with!)
Lash Styletto mascara

Cheeks: MAC FadDabulous MSF
Claire's "bronzer" yellow shimmer on top for more shiny :)

Lips: Avon Sparkling Warm Rose

Most of the single eyes seen here turned out better than my usual picture taking technique so of course I had to include them :) I was sitting further away from my window and had the camera zoomed in a bit and took a shot and loved how the colour was shown so accurate so I snapped a few more.
And sorry for the scary full face shot :s

When I'm un-poor I want...

As a test to my money saving abilities I am going to attempt to not buy a single unnecessary beauty product item until I can have my credit card paid off completely. It's been 2 days and so far so good.

It's really hard because there are things that disappear at the end of the month but if I buy them, then I'm breaking my own promise. I usually do anyway, but this time I'm actually going to put forth an effort!

So to help me keep track of what I'm missing I'll just write down everything I want and this way when I'm un-poor I can start (carefully) shopping again! :D

Stuff that will be gone by then but I will be strong and ignore the nagging feeling:

BPAL Smut 2010 perfume
BPAL Womb Furie perfume (both limited edition, gone on the 31st)

DKNY Red Candy Apple Ripe Raspberry perfume (may be gone by then, or may last throughout the summer, I hope)

Other stuff I want like last month:

Sugarpill Burning Heart Quad

Sugarpill Sweetheart quad

Sugarpill Goldilux loose eyeshadow I have a ton of golds but I want this one too :D

Samples of Meow Cosmetics' entire Wild Child collection

And probably full sizes of some as well.

My perfect foundation shade from Meow Cosmetics. Samples are just $1, can't go wrong there!

I checked out their forum and it looks like the Lost Rainforest and Caribbean Escape collections might make a comeback for a bit. I want samples of those and definitely a full size of the Chameleon glow powder Phyrra raves about.

Fyrinnae Fyrinnae Fyrinnae! In general, the shades that came out at the end of last year, neutrals and shimmery blues, greens, golds, Arcanes.

Fyrinnae Fluff I found my sample of the fluff worked better than the Oil Control finishing powder so this one wins for me!

Fyrinnae blush f/s in Charm, Enrapture, Seduce, Enchant and samples of a few of the others.

Rimmel Lip gloss in Black Diva, and 2 others who's names are escaping me at the moment, but one was coppery, one a shimmery nude.

A second Silk Naturals order, I only made a quickie last week to stop myself from going overboard but I'd like to go through and grab some more samples. Full size pricing isn't that bad either.

China Glaze OMG shades and others, OPI and Orly.

I'd like to check out some more Aromaleigh blush shades. I only have the rocks collection and the Gothic Lolita collection and no jars of anything else. I want something more natural or golden peachy.

MAC Viva Gaga

Super Mario Wii edition

Mario and Luigi, Bowser's Inside Story for DS

I think that's about it. I know it's mostly makeup but I don't really ever buy anything else that I don't really need other than Cosmo mags. I won't need any shampoos or lotions or bath products, I have a closet full of those. I don't listen to much music, other than what's on the radio, and it plays a ton of 80's and 90's so I have no idea what new songs are "hot" right now lol. I don't really have any other hobbies either, so no need to buy anything there.

Once I'm living back home in my favourite little big mountain view city again, I'll probably find something to do with my time, but right now, in this place, NAH. This place sucks without my friends and family so I'd rather stay in and be a crazy person with a nasty online shopping habit...

Teeheeee, I got all link happy.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Maybelline Lash Stiletto

I've always wanted to try this since it first came out but was never on sale. I didn't want to pay $10, I'm cheap like that. Finally it went on sale for $6.99 so I grabbed one in "soft black". I usually go for blackest black but it wasn't on sale. And to make it more awesome, I completely forgot it wasn't "blackest black" and got a bit of a shock when I pulled the brush out and saw the odd greyish black colour. (What do ya expect from a girlie who has never seen different :D )

The claim:
Lash Stiletto contains the latest application and formula technology giving lashes a mesmerizingly elongated look. Do for your lashes what 5 inch stilettos do for your legs.
* The Grip & Extend brush grasps each lash and coats from every angle
* Elastic formula stretches lashes for provocative length
* Pro-Vitamin B-5 formula conditions and smoothes for black-patent shine
* Contact lens safe and Ophthalmologist tested

The wand was just a basic mascara wand, no curve, no fancy rubber, just a thin, straight brush.

It also stunk. Not like putrid swamp water, but like artificial roses or some stink. I wasn't expecting that either. I quite like the regular chemical makeup mascara smell, why add fragrance? Who the hell is going to talk to me and be like, "WOAH, what is that wonderful aroma emanating from your eyeballs?!? I want you!"

I was hoping for shiny ass lashes and was left saying what the shit?

(I don't know how to do side by side so hopefully this way works too)

There was no shiny and it just seemed pretty basic to me. Another downside is it didn't make my lashes fuller, only added a bit of length. I should have seen if there was a fullness/lengthening one with the shiny. But since this one didn't have the shiny.... NO DEAL MAYBELLINE! It could also be that I'm just used to a mascara having the "fullness" factor automatically, I didn't think to look for any volumizers. It also did hardly anything on my lower lashes.

Packaging: 4/5 It slightly resembles a heel!
Price: 3/5 only try it on sale
Product: 2/5 They were longer but I've had better from cheaper.
Overall: 2/5 If you want length, try it, but it stinks, literally and you can find better.
Would I buy again? Nah

I will take pictures again in a week just to make sure. I know most of the mascaras I buy usually need a week to get "broken" in, but I doubt the "patent" shine will magically appear by then.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nico Venom

Well since Nico is so kick ass yellow, I had to wear it again. You did not read wrong, the same shade TWICE IN A ROW! Holy crap! I don't even wear the same shade twice in a month let alone one day after another!

Something said to pair it with green. It may have worked if I didn't accidently give myself damn SUNBURNED LOOKING CHEEKS! lol


I started playing with my Meow Cosmetics Crystalline cat glow powders, yesterday's idea worked awesome, today's...well...not so much :D


Aromaleigh Nico main lid
Aromaleigh Venom crease
Aromaleigh Daphne highlight
Bourjois metallise bleu clinquant eyeliner
rimmel mascara

MAC Ripe Peach blush ombre
Meow glow powder in Topaz, I didn't realize it would be sooooo orange, I thought it was just an orange shimmer. I was very wrong. Oh well, it's makeup and at the end of the day, ya wash ya face! :)

Aromaleigh Loveonyourside
MAC Hello Kitty Nice to be Nice lipglass

If only I could wear a blue filter on my face all day...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nico's Lookin For a Kiss

No, not Niko Bellic!

I wanted to wear this neato yellow I got a sample of from Aromaleigh. It's yellow but it's got a bit of orange in it.

I did:

Main: Nico
Crease: Lookinforakiss
Highlight: Daphne
Eyeliner: UD Zero
Rimmel mascara

Blush: Corset
Blush highlight: Meow Cosmetics Crystalline Cat Glow in Morganite for more shimmer

Lips: Blankgeneration

I cropped the hell out of it because I was having a "big forehead day" and my cheekbones looked extra cheekbone-y. Yeah everyday the forehead will be this massive but it felt bigger today lol.

Future Blog Sale up in this HIZZAY

Okie dokie smokies, you probably remember my scary hoarding post, well after seeing many many episodes of the show Hoarders, I'm starting to realize I don't need to hang on to every little thing even if it's still good. So as part of my spring cleaning, I want to go through my makeup, nail polish, perfume and other stuff I can think of and try to do a blog sale! The stuff I don't use, even though still good, is being neglected and hopefully this way it'll go to a home for somebody to get better use out of.

I don't know for sure what all I'm putting up, I went through some of my nail polish already (poor wrist is cramping like a mofo shaking away at the bottles) went through some perfume, and plan on tearing apart the "stash". Ohhhh man I gots a lot to GO.

For sure there will be some avon perfumes, 2 different Agent Provacateur perfumes (cute bottles SPRAYED TWICE! Not pour moi though), other perfumes, some Gosh effect powders, maybe some MAC, NYX, Annabelle (incase ya wanted to try Canuckian makeups), OPI, Nicole, Sephora, mineral makeup samples, full size jars, limited editions, and other stuff.

So pass on the word, tweet it, blog it, make pretty posters and glue them to fire hydrants, follow me to stay updated, whatever doesn't sell I will just be tossing. I have no sister's to pass on the good stuff, and my girly cousins live on the other side of the country so it's all just sitting here mocking me. I HEAR YOU STUFF! QUIT MOCKING ME STUFF!

Hopefully, with sales, I'll be able to afford the nifty organization cart a la Phyrra and be able too store everything neater.

And I feel another picture is necessary right now...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

White shadow experiment

Today I wanted to wear white shadow, so I pulled out a white I bought awhile ago from Annabelle called Snowflake. What a waste of $6. It might make a good highlight shade, but when you can much prettier shades, why frikkin bother?!? You failed me Annabelle!

So naturally I dug in to the mineral stash!

I called it an experiment, because I'm not pale, so white as a main colour could have gone horribly wrong!

I used:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Stardust cosmetics in Arctic Whisper for the inner half of lid, it has a really pretty blue sheen to it, but of course the camera never shows that kind of stuff :(
Meow Cosmetics in Fur coat, outer half of lid
Stardust Cosmetics in Equinox in crease, lower lash and wetlined on upper lash.
Stardust Cosmetics in Cashmere Mittens
Crappy rimmel that I will have to toss (I will NOT follow dumbass Doe's advice to "add water" to drying mascara and risk a gnarly eye infection, HOW DO YOU HAVE A MAKEUP BUSINESS WOMAN!?!)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Geekologie is about ze makeups today

Well in this post anyway :)

Dudes all excited over a lipgloss that'll tell them when girlies are "in the mood". But most of you probably already knew this if you stalk beauty blogs like moi!

They are talking about the Too Faced Mood Swing lip gloss that goes from one shade and goes darker when you're wearing it.

I do have one. I bought the Smurf one! Last summer. It starts off blue then turns a ridiculous shade of pink. If I can find it I'll even swatch it, in all it's pink glory.

I just had to post about it. The geekologie writer is usually talking about dinosaurs and tech stuff so I thought it was cute that MAKEUPZ WAS INVOLVED!

And now I feel like a super jerk that I didn't have the swatch ready :(

.end scene

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St Patrick's Day Greens

I didn't want anybody pinching me and crap so I wore green...on my eyes.

I really wish my camera and monitors could pick up how wicked bright the green I used was. If you've even see the cartoon movie "Igor" it's totally like the bad lady's green eyeshadow. I tried to google a pic, but failed.

I used:
NYX jumbo eye pencil in Cottage Cheese just on the lid (I couldn't find my green one :sadface)
NYX Pearl Mania in Jade Pearl all over lid
Aromaleigh hi-fi matte in radioactive in crease
Meow Cosmetics Zombie in Skelecat to highlight
Crappy bodyshop liquid liner of pain
Rimmel mascara

Avon Starglo blush

I think just regular lip balm was used. There's no colour so it doesn't matter I guess :)

I kind of botched the liner on the one eye.

Candy Rainbow

Finally a makeup look again! And CUE THE EFFING DRUMS...

A step-by-step thingy!

So if you want this eyeball...stay tuned.

Note to the people, I am not a pro so it's not going to look perfect, it's just going to look kick ass, however my definition of kick ass may be different from your definition of kick ass (lolcats kick ass, turnips do not) so this is just how I do it, my way, with limited brushes cuz I'm hardcurr like that. Nah, I'm just too lazy to buy actual brushes. :)
All makeup is Aromaleigh unless otherwise noted.

Okie dokie smokies. STEP 1 was foundation and primers and such, I didn't take a pic because I didn't think of it until I slapped on step 2.

STEP 2!: Grab a pretty bright pink, I used Flying Flower, and slap that baby on your lid, not going above the crease or going into your inner corners, leave that blank. Have some of the shadow go a bit past your outter corners to make step 3 easier.

Step 3!: Take a yellow, I used Itallian Ice, and squish that sucker on the inner corners and a bit onto the pink to blend it sort of.

Step 4!: Take a light blue shade, I used Return to Tiffany's, and draw a line in your crease and take it out on the ends (if that makes sense...) staying above the pink. It's going to look stupid as hell at this point. It always looks this lame when you try to do a crease like this, but you're not finished, so keep on truckin'!

Step 5!: Blend that blue up a bit, without disturbing where it meets up with the pink.

Step 6!: Grab a bright green, I used Estranged, and pat it where you faded the blue and raise it up a bit not going all the way to the top.

Step 7!: still looks goofy, but not done yet

Step 8!: Highlight, I used Unicorn because it's yellow from some angles and blue head-on.

Step 9!: With a clean brush, wipe the sides away to even it out a bit.

Step 10!: I wasn't sure on my eyeliner colour, so I filled in my eyebrows instead. It's okay at this point, because you aren't putting on anymore shadow, so you won't accidentally get anything on your brows.

Step 11!: I decided black would be a good final choice so I used Urban Decay's Oilslick and carefully lined the bottom and then took a clean brush and smudged it, so it didn't look as harsh.

Step 12!: Using tiny ass brush (I used a craft brush I bought for my nails and cleaned it hardcore before use) and draw a line going outwards.

Step 12!: Line the top with the black and attach it to the little line on the side. Angle it a bit so it looks like 1 continuous line and not a line, sharp angle, line.

Step 13!: Craploads of mascara!

Step 14!: Wipe off the fallout that the Urban Decay no doubt caused, slap on the blush and VOILA! done and done!