Sunday, April 29, 2012

Duping Lime Crime's Chinchilla with OCC Lip Tars

One of the biggest reasons for snagging the Black and White (Tarred & Feathered) Lip Tars from OCC was to try to dupe Lime Crime's Chinchilla lipstick.  It's a super cool colour you don't really see anywhere else and when I got mine I was a little upset with how dark it actually looked.  Lime Crime's site describes it as a medium grey with lavender undertones. 

I think my dupe matches the picture you see on the Lime Crime website but not the colour in real life.  I'll show you a side by side.

I used 2 big drops of Feathered with a drop of Tarred to get the grey base and added a tiny bit of Katricia for the purple tinge.

Here's my result

^^^Lime Crime's site swatch ^^^

No flash  
No flash again

Here they are side by side in real life:

My mix on the left, Chinchilla on right

So side by side they look completely different but this was still fun to do.  I think my version matches the site picture better however my skintone doesn't go with such a light colour so I'm kind of glad Chinchilla is darker in real life.  It suits me better.

I think I can make my dupe match if I added a bit more grey but I'm going to leave it for now.

OCC Lip Tar combo mix experiment AGAIN!: tl;dr


  I've been wanting a nice teal lip colour for a long time now since seeing the Glamour Doll Eyes lip image here.  I know Illamasqua just came out with a teal lipstick Apocalips but it looks too muddy green to me and I don't need an entire lipstick, just a bit of Lip Tar.  This isn't a shade I'll even wear out unless I had a darn good reason so I just wanted a bit.  I think I made enough to last me through 20 applications because for these pics I just took the toothpick I was using after I scraped it off the pot, wiped it on my lips then grabbed a tiny bit more off the side of the pot with the brush and tadaaaaaaa, NO FEATHERING THIS TIME! much.

So for teal I used Rx and kept adding tiny bits of Traffic until it no longer looked completely blue and then added some Feathering to lighten it. Added a tiny bit more of the yellow and then more white.  I'll show you my hand at then end so you can see just how many times I kept adding! It looked purdy.

 My itty bitty pot.
My wonderfully messy hand teal slashes :D

I think it could use a teeny bit more Traffic but I don't want to turn it green and have to add more blue to even it out and have a redonkulous amount of teal lip tar :/


OCC Lip Tar combo mix experiment the THIRD!: Insert Cute Pink Name Here

When going through all the Lip Tars on OCC's site last December I had to narrow my list down a bit but kind of failed at the whole narrow part but I left Grandma off the order.  I read on another blog that you can basically make any already made Lip Tar if you have the basic primary shades, the B&W and clear and she listed the combo to make Grandma and I thought SWEET, I can do that!

Then I lost that blog page and can't remember the right mix.  Whoops.

I was going for a coral mix for this combo like Grandma is supposed to be but it ended up a soft pinkish shade.  It looks pretty horrid on my skin tone but it would look very pretty on the pale ladies!

This is what you get when you mix equal parts Femme with Cha Cha.

Last one is with no flash.

I think if I had used a darker pink with Cha Cha or used Banjee it might have been closer. I'll just have to try again!  I have 57 more empty pots to play with :D

OCC Lip Tar combo mix experiment nombre deux: Pylon Red

This one isn't as nice as my last mix.  It was mostly just to see what happens when I mix the brightest pink Anime with the brightest orange Beta.  The result is a neon redish shade that reminded me of traffic cones. 

So here is even amounts of Anime and Beta.  Still feathered like crazy because I used too much. Ohh weeeeellllllllllllllllllll

And I blotted it twice and it was still nice and bright.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

OCC Lip Tar combo mix experiment numero uno: Vamp Berries

Probably a but redundant to call it a combo mix experiment but MEH!

Right before the new year I bought a whole shwackload of OCC Lip Tars because they were on sale.  They've since upped the sizes, changed the tube a bit and raised the prices a tad to reflect the differences.  So I'm kind of glad I bought them when I did because at the amount I bought, that would have been a loooooot of monies extra.  I would have loved the new tips though.  Way easier for mixing.  My tubes have a slanted lip gloss end and you definitely do not want to use these right out of the tube, you will be applying too much.

When I was making this colour I used a brush that was too big when mixing and I tried my best to wipe off the excess in the pot but I still ended up using too much as you will be able to see with the feathering like a mofo.  I think I still have 3 or 4 uses out of the pot though so it's okay!

The colour I wanted was supposed to be a dark spicy reddish brown but ended up with a dark berry shade instead.  I'm just glad it didn't turn into mud so YAY!

I used a big drop of Stalker, added a small drop of Katricia, Traffic and Rx.  It was looking too purple so I added a big drop of NSFW and it was looking crazy dark so I added a big drop of Petty Beige to lighten it up.

Et voila!

The 3rd darker looking pic is the most accurate.  This was fun!  :D

Meow Cosmetics Simple Pleasures Swatches

I did these super quick to they don't look as superfantastic as my End of Days swatches so for that I say I SORRY PEOPLE FORGIVE ME AND STUFF!

Meow's Simple/Guilty Pleasures have been around for a couple years now but they are limited edition and only come back every now and then.  They had asked people in their forum what their guilty and simple pleasures were and from the replies they named colours after them.  My best answer was "Sleeping In". 

Who doesn't like to sleep?!?!? 


So Sleeping In is a colour you can buy and be reminded how awesome sleeping is.

For the swatches I'm sorry Chinese Takeout looks wonky.  My brush wasn't washed first like I usually do before I sit down and do these so by the end it was like HEEEEELLLL NO, I'M NOT MAKING THIS EASY FOR YOU!

I swatched it separately so you can see it really is pretty and doesn't usually apply like crap unless you are me and are trying to show it off.

The first group is the lighter shades.

Top row: Bubble Bath, Passion, Barefoot, Sweatpants, Chickflick
Bottom row: Comfort Food, Purpose, Making Love, Silence, Sale!

And the darker shades.

Top row: Karaoke, Sleeping In, Cuddles, Cookie Dough, Chinese Takeout 
Bottom row: Funky Dance, Birdsong, Rainy Day, Thunderstorm, Morning Latte

And Chinese Takeout on its own

See??  BEAUTIFUL!  I don't know why it got messed up in the group shot :( 
And Cookie Dough is really nice shade of brown.

Never thought I'd say that about a brown...

I think it would look really pretty for the crease shade in a pin-up look. 

Right now I don't have any of the Guilty Pleasures swatched but they are definitely my favourite group of the 2.

I might get to them today or pop Weeds in the Blu-ray.  That show is my guilty pleasure.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hits Mari Moon Modern Set Swatch

Holy rainbows Batman

Somehow the nail gods smiled down upon me and I lucked out at Ninja Polish to score the last 2 sets of the Hits Mari Moon multichrome polishes. I don't even know if multichrome is the right word but duochrome seems wrong with there being so many shifts in a bottle.

I took SOOOOOO many pictures of these to try to show off the colour shifting awesomeness but it was so freakin hard!  And even more hard to decide which pics to use so I'm going to split this into 2 posts.  This one is the cheater nail swatch post.  The next will be the bottle pics.  You have to see them!  Maybe... I'll throw 4 of them at the end but if you wanna see more angles just let me know.

I say cheater swatch post because I glued false nails on so these look prettier and there is no way in hell I can sit through another hour of that to swatch 4 colours, so I did all 4 on one hand!

This set is the Modern Set and includes: Trendy, Dreamer, Cutie Pie and Cool.

Trendy and Cutie Pie are 3 coats to look perfect to me, Dreamer needed 4 and Cool was the best at just 2 coats.

Two things I wasn't a fan of were the brush and the name on the bottle.  The brush is kind of wonky but since I'm a bad blogger I didn't take a pic to show you.  Just know, it's wonky...

And as for the name on the bottle, after opening these a few times the names rubbed off.

Now for the PIKTUREZ!!

Index finger: Trendy
Eff you! finger: Dreamer
Ring finger: Cutie Pie
Pinky: Cool

Cutie Pie is definitely my favourite of the bunch. It's so unicorn-y. YES UNICORNS COME IN RAINBOW COLOURS!

I want to paint everything with these

My phone

My Kindle

My neighbours cat

Chartreuse EOTD

oOo all fancy using a word like "chartreuse" instead of yellowy green. LOOK AT ME GO!

Googling around the internets I found a pretty damn awesome chartreuse in the Nars Rated R compact however I don't have 60 million and 15 dollars so I dug around in the stuff I already had and lo & behold I FOUND ONE!

Aromaleigh's Spica!  It even says the word in the description which should have tipped me off right there.  If you want it, it's just 3 bucks.  It's from a limited edition collection so once it's gone angels will cry.

There was a sale recently and I was going to grab a sample of everything to go on a mega swatch-a-thon but the international shipping confused the crap out of me.  And then just seemed like too much for a bunch of sample baggies.  I think I just got too spoiled with Meow's sales and free shipping option I just get all sadfaced when I have to dish out $6 shipping with other places for baggies that can be sent in an envelope dirt cheap.  I'm assuming it's $6 because it would be sent in the boxes they use now but I could be wrong.  I'm too lazy to enquire.

Me lazy?


But yes.  I am.  

Anywhosies I can use the hundreds of AL colours I already have.  You think I'm joking.  HAVE YOU SEEN MY CARTS!? I'm kind of a crazy person.

Correction... COLLECTOR person...


I used:

Lid: Spica
Crease: Grace (This one is no longer available but one of the greatest AL shades in my opinion. Taupe grey with green shimmer.  PERFECT)
Browbone: Miuccia
Liner: Physician's Formula gel liner
Waterline: Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof eyeliner Blue Remix

Preview pic of a nail post I need to write-up

Teeheeee I missed painting like 1/8th of nail right there.  I rock so hard. BUT LOOK!  THERE'S SOME CHARTREUSE IN THERE!  :D

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Another Neutral EOTD with Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette

So here's another neutral look that is uber similar to my other post here. It's a bit different because I used some red above the crease and a totally different palette, but you can't really tell! The palette is the Too Faced Romantic Eye palette. I got it from Apothica with part of the gift card they sent me. I ended up spending what I would have had I gotten it from Sephora after all the taxes I had to pay. So Canuck people, you're better off making a Sephora trip if you don't want surprise taxes. Hopefully Apothica doesn't get mad at me for saying this, I'd rather have happy readers kthx.

I used:
UDPP Lid: TF Bouquet Toss
Inner corner & browbone: TF Soulmates
Crease: TF I Do Above crease: Urban Decay Gash
Outer corner/crease/lower liner outer half: TF Un-Veil
Inner liner: Tarte TB palette The True Death
Usual Physician's formula gel liner

I don't even mind showing off my eyebrows this post! I threaded the crap out of them today :D

Here's my whole face with lip stuff OCC Lip Tar NSFW.  I might delete this pic later.  I hate my face.  My face hates me.  Need bangs.  And cool hair.  

And a glass of ICED T BEER

It's as amazing as you think it is.