Sunday, November 28, 2010

Selene Loves Wildflowers

I'm on a posting roll here baby!

As promised, I played with some Aromaleigh Mythos today!

I decided to also pair it up with the AL rocks rouge in Wildflower. I can see somebody is trying to find skin swatches of the shade according to my blog search stats :D
I can also see some people trying to find updates on the rant 4 the ugly forum. No I don't know what happened to it. Nor do I care. That was just a place started by bored and bitchy people, to attack others. If I'm going to attack people, I'll do it right here, no hiding and trying to be anonymous.

And with that out of my bitchy system, on to the look! :)

I used:
Lid: Selene
Crease: Phoebe
Above crease: Hyperion
Browbone: Damask (Thanks Marcey!!!!)
Lower liner: MAC Undercurrent
Upper liner: Joe black felt liner
Rimmel Glam'eyes Lash Flirt mascara (I think I prefer this to the regular Glam'Eyez, brush isn't as flimsy flop-tacular or rounded)

Blush: Aromaleigh rocks sonic rouge in Wildflower
Cheek highlight: Claires baked "bronzer" that's not a bronzer but I <3 deeply.

Lips: Suds N Sass Hocus Pocus

Daylight attempt shot


Hocus Pocus

All glowy and junk :D

Too Faced knockoff

hah! I was in Winners today and I saw the Natural Eye palette and it was just $7. I thought it was weird there was no box and the eye on the cover wasn't wearing falsies so I assumed it was old packaging. Too Faced's model eye is wearing awesome false lashes.

Then I flipped it over and realized it's because it wasn't actually Too Faced and it didn't mention "Too Faced" anywhere on it.

But I had a mini fail and forgot to take a pic of the back.

The names are exactly the same. Heaven looked more chalky in the knockoff. I don't think there were any golden sparkles in Cocoa Puff. And Push Up looked like more of a brownish cranberry shade. I also don't think Erotica had much for shimmer in it either.

I am kind of kicking myself in the ass for not buying it though. Part of me wanted it really bad, but the other part said "STOP BUYING SHIT DAMMIT, YOU NEED YOUR MONEY!!"

So here for your curiosity is the Natural Eye palette, and the real Too Faced Natural Eye palette below (I don't know how to side by side pics for comparison)





Click on pics to hugeify them and sorry the fake one's pics aren't as clear as the real ones. Fakesies was taken on an iphone that my sir took for me (hence the no back of package fail, I was already annoying him by having him take these 2 lol)

Another reason I didn't buy it even though it was only $7? For the same reason I won't buy MAC knockoffs. You don't know what kinds of shit/chemicals are actually in there. My eyes are bad enough, I don't need neutrals murdering them more!

Would you guys have bought this?

If I wasn't paranoid, and didn't have the original, I probably would have.

Forgot to post! My 80's party makeup!

So I just realized I never did post my 80's look for my friends birthday last Friday the 19th. I didn't take many pictures, I didn't like the way it turned out.

It was supposed to be an attempt to re-create Tina's look but with the colours switched up a bit.

Half of it was done while I was still at work so I didn't have all of my stash to help me out in a crisis (for example, that damn blue not wanting to bright-ass it up for me!)

So bitching and boohooing aside, here's my lil bit of fail for the day

I used:
Lid: Neon Yellow from a basically unknown brand I got totally ripped off from (repacks)
Crease: Aromaleigh Rocks Psycho-Candy
Outter blue bit: Aromaleigh Rocks Purple Rain with Blue Spark on top
Browbone: Silk Naturals Sprite
Lower lash line: NYX Pearl Jade
Black eyeliner Urban Decay Zero

Blush: Aromaleigh Rocks Candy-o.

The bit of yellow under the blue was accidental. I didn't even realize it was there until I looked back on the pictures. There was still a bit of yellow on my brush when I tried to soften the edge of the blue. Whoopsie!

So I went the more crazy bright than everyone at the party, but how the heck was I supposed to know yo? I was colouring in Barbie colouring books for last half of the 80's, I don't remember a damn thing.

On a happy note, I scored a Maybelline Eye Studio quad in Sapphire Siren :D My friend wanted it for the party but doesn't wear makeup much so afterwards, she let me keep it.

Time to go weekend it up now and find me a Christmas party outfit dirt cheapo.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Aromaleigh Astronomical Collection

**updated with ordering links

Nope, you're not reading things wrong, there is another Aromaleigh collection!

They were mentioned on Kristen's blog along with some skin swatch pics, and drop-downs to order.

Right now vault shades are just $3.50 and for every 10 jars you buy, pick one shade free. Details on the blogio.

(images from Kristen's blog)

The shades I think looks the sweetest are: Perihelion, Binary, Dark Matter, Event Horizon, Celestial, Azimuth, Crescent, Milky Way, Heliosphere, and Fusion.

***The link to get the whole collection full size or sample size is right hereeee***

The black Friday sales wiped me out and I may be moving in the near future so I don't have much for spare change :(

It sucks, the first time in a long time I may not be able to buy a single friggin jar! Where's the damn money fairy when you need him!?!

I'll just have to play with my Mythos and pretend they are the Astronomical collection in my mind :D

Which reminds me, I have to get my ass in gear and start posting Mythos looks. I'm seeing loads of Spells and Wonderstruck but not many Mythos. To me that collection had the brighter more vivid shades of the 3 collections, whereas Spells was more Autumn toned and Wonderstruck was more soft and sweet tone if that makes sense. I'll get crackalackin!

Go now, release the hounds that is your bank account and buy what I cannot.

Kinda dramatic eh?

Oh hey look. My Canadian is showing.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Meow Sale continues!

It's so hard to stay on top of all these sales!

Meow Cosmetics has extended their 15% sale and free shipping (minimum $$ amount required) until Monday midnight EST.

Code: CatsEatTurkey

nomnomnom :)

I suggest you just go friggin nuts and buy a sample of everything Holiday/Winter/Christmastime related

I have:

Entire Glacial Grove collection
Almost entire Snowflakes collection (need 2 newbies, and didn't get one of the ones from last year)
10 of the Ghosts shades
7 Merry Mayhems
6 of the 12 Pains
and 1 Winter Spirit, Hot Toddy.

And I'm not talking samples either... I swatched all my samples last holiday time, and grabbed the jars I needed.

Hellz yeah I needed them!

This year I grabbed a sample of everything again. We shall see what number I end up with this time :)

Also! December 1st, next Wednesday we can order samples of the Sugarplums collection and the uber adorable looking Reindeer collection. But they aren't available until the 1st.

Happy shopping ladies and possible gents! :D

Sugarpill! Finally!!

Get ur asses on to Sugarpill and take advantage of their Black Friday sale!

Today... THIRTY PERCENT OFF! Code: Pinkweekend

Tomorrow-Monday it's 20% off

If you are a facebook fan check ooot the code there. I won't post it here cuz that kinda defeats the purpose of having a secret code yo! :)

I can finally get the 2 palettes I have been eyeballing all year and Goldilux!
And others. We shall wait when it comes.

Note that orders containing Chromalusts will ship next week. The boxes are getting updated.


It worked out pretty nice this morning. I fell asleep at 11pm but set my alarm for 1am for the Morgana lipstick sale and happened to see Amy tweet that Sugarpill was having a sale. So I was able to squeeze 2 buys in. I shouldn't have but I said fark it. I only get this chance like once a year.

There are pretty pastel lipsticks at Morgana's store and also, GOLD!
It's gonna be hawt with my goldilux.

I have to get ready for work now! Overtime to pay for my impulse shopping, HERE I COME!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Etsy! Country Home Scents Wax Tarts

I partially blame Elizabeth from Suds N Sass for my new found wax tart obsession. She tossed in a Creamy Pumpkin freebie with my last order, so I stalked Etsy to see what else I could find (her site wasn't taking orders at the time).

So in comes Country Home Scents

The pictures sucked me right in. Especially the holiday/seasonal sampler sets.

I ended up ordering:

1 Christmas Cheer
1 Winter Days
1 Holiday Favorites
1 Autumn Harvest
2 Pumpkin Soufle Tarts
2 Candy Corn Tarts
2 Cranapple Marmalade Tarts
2 Mulled Cider Tarts


Kristina was kind enough to price 3 of the doubles as a sampler 6 pack. Shipping was $12 and it was almost exact.

And shipping was crazy fast. I ordered these on the 7th, shipped according to label on the 9th and arrived Friday the 19th. For Canada, this is AMAZING!

Lookie the cute details!!

I linked it on my facebook and my mom placed an order for 2 of the holiday sets in maybe 5 minutes.

Sampler sets of 6 are $5.75 and it's $1.95 to get a set of 2 tarts. DIRT CHEAP.

I'm burning Candy Corn and it smells friggin awesome in here.

So check them out!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I hate some people sometimes

I got my drink on last night, not enough to be stumbly and stupid, anymore than my usual stumbly and stupid.

It was my friend's 80's theme birthday bash. It was awesome! My other friend and I kept being asked if we were having fun (being the youngest 2 there by 10+ years) and we were! The music was pretty sweet.

I'm really sick of that "top 10" shit lately, no I do not need to hear Katy Perry every damn half hour, so the radio I listen to at work plays mostly 80's and 90's stuff and that's the awesomeness that was played so it was fun!

I did the makeup for 3 other ladies and loaded the blush up on another (btw Aromaleigh's Rocks blush worked PERFECT! Any shade!) and twas awesome.


My friend (the younger one) and I were scarfing some pizza at a table in front of the dance floor and my other friend's brother was dancing like a goof and the awesome part was, you could totally tell he was the sibling of my friend. They had the SAME MOVES!! He came up to the table and danced for us, shook his butt so of course we were giggling. So was my boss, standing right next to us (family friend of dancer and my older friend)

ENTER BUZZKILL. Some damn hag, (normally I don't care about age, but this bitch reached hag status after this moment) came over and told us, "You just wait until you are 40 or 90 and then all the young people will be laughing at you!" And she walks away with her head held high like she just discovered the cure for cancer.

What.the.fuck.? So if someone's dancing around whipping a huge blond wig around, shaking his thang, you're not supposed to laugh and have fun?

She on purpose singled us out because we were the 25 year olds in a room of 35-45 yr olds. She didn't say shit to my boss who was laughing. She didn't say shit to the other people laughing. She picked us.

After that we just wanted to go home. Who else there also thought we were just balls of shit? We didn't want to find out, so I called my mister and he took me home.

So that folks, is how quick it is for someone to ruin a night with 1 damn sentence.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Itty Bitty change from Fyrinnae

Morning!!!! I slept 12 hrs. Already wasted my weekend away. Lovely.

Anyways, this is just a post to make you aware of a small shipping change Fyrinnae has put forth. They used to have free shipping on orders that were $20 and over.

That was uber generous, but hard on them so they have raised the limit.

The new minimum is $40. Otherwise the shipping cost isn't much to begin with and they package their stuff GOOD! It's tissue papered, cardboarded and wrapped in something else I do believe before it's stuffed into that envelope, so yeah, it's worth it. The jars aren't taped or have sifters but I've never had a jar spill and I think that's due to their fantastic packaging. They take care with your orders.

Here's what they say about the shipping charges if you don't hit $40.

"Small orders have low rates: Shipping cost for US orders under $40 is from $1.75 to $3.00 (First class).

Shipping cost for orders under $40 to Canada is from $2.25 to $3.25.

Shipping cost for orders under $40 to all other worldwide destinations is from $2.75 to $4.00."

So still, shipping doesn't cost much at all. No need to start lighting pitchforks and start screaming obscenities. :)

And that's all I have for today. Because I just may go back to bed... I <3 u sleep.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just a quick lip swatch

I got my most recent Morgana Cryptoria order in it and I'm actually most excited about the lipstick!

If you saw my makeup you'd notice that I tend to mostly hoard eyeshadows but popping the cap off this lipstick I AM IN LURRRRVE!

The shade is called Rustic, it is discontinued now, so I guess this is more to just show you the wicked coolness of a colour that once was.

Hah, that sounded dorky. But seriously. This colour rocks.

It's a nice brown shade with GREEN SHIMMER! My camera didn't want to show it much but it's there. On the lip swatch, the part where the shimmer is white, WRONG! That's actually green, but flash ruins my life.

I wish all lipsticks in the world had something extra in it like this one did.

Then I started thinking of what lip colours I'd like to see one day and I got it!

Something close to MAC Gorgeous Gold, yellow gold with green iridescence. Yes. That would be magical. It doesn't even have to be yellow gold, maybe more of an orangey gold, (bronze I guess?) but amp it up with that green shimmer and BAM!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Winner of my mega giveaway that's 1.5 months late!

Cuz that's how I roll!

Actually it was procrastination kicking in. I'd write down 30 names and lose concentration. But I'm home sick today and decided to finish! 175 entries!

Mr random generator says winner is :

aaaaaaand 37 is:

Dontcha love my horrid printing?

Congrats Lil Bit Sassy! I sent you an email asking for your address.
Please respond within 2 days :)
Thanks for entering!

I can has an award! Lookie! You may be next dun dun dunnnn


Ever since I started blogging my dumb ol face a year ago (+3 days) it always surprised me someone actually wants to read what I've put out there! I'm not the most positive person in the world and I am annoying so yes, there is genuine shock over here.

So it made me super happy to see that 4 people wish to give me a blog award!

Thanks ladies!!! You made my sick day :)

So the dealio:
1. Say who gave you the award
T, the Bee!
and Makeup Zombie!!

2. List ten things you like:

(In no order, just what pops in my head)

*Smittys pancake syrup, tastes just like french toast crunch cereal.
*My family, little brother just turned 24 yesterday. I only mean little by age, he's a damn Dutch giant. Tallest nation in the world, you can see it in the dudes in my family :)
*Makeup. Of course I like makeup! Or this lil blog wouldn't exist and I would still just be wearing coloured eyeliner and clear mascara.
*Mountains! One day I will live near/in/beside them. I'm from Calgary so we had a view there, but Winnipeg has no view, no rocky goodness :(
*TV shows on DVD. We are bad at remembering show times so tend to miss in-between episodes so we just wait for the dvd. Still need to get True Blood now that I think of it.
*Scents of the last half of the year. Halloweeny candy, dead soggy leaves or pine, minty, awesomeness. Love it all.
*Burberry London cologne. May have to click on "men" at the bottom to see it's notes. It's my mister's favourite cologne and it smells AWESOME.
*Gum. I'm a chewer. But Orbit Watermelon Mist is the nastiest invention ever.
*Diet Pepsi. I need caffeine and I don't drink coffee, so pepsi is my friend. But diet. I eat enough bad foods throughout the day I don't need to drink my calories too! I am one of those people who will get the Bacon Cheddar Angus burger and a diet coke, no ice.

Tharrr be my 10 today! I probably bored you.

3. Pass the award on to ten other bloggers

This is the tricky part cuz I never know who actually likes getting these or not! Or who has already been chosen (but repeats are fun anyway!)

Phyrra knows I heart her but I'm taggin' her anyways!
Blix is so badass how can I not pick her
Lady in a top hat! Swatch GALORE
Clever Endeavor. She found me my new hero JPMETZ!
Luna! Seriously, this lady deserves more than 30 followers, her looks are 8000x better than mine!
Annamax! Who is friggin adorable.

Check EVERYBODDEH out! (nominees and nominators) And add for your reading/viewing pleasure :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Glamour Doll Eyes

There are all sorts of reasons I hadn't placed an order from Glamour Doll Eyes sooner. I've known about the company for awhile now, but the amount of unblended shades always threw me off.

The unblended shades are marked with an * but I think if you have someone colour blind (not literally of course) they'll just go barreling in buying up what they can not knowing these shades are available elsewhere. Kinda like I did with Lime Crime glitter. Big fail on my part, and GDE's prices weren't jacked up to $12 either, so right there, GDE is already better than that place. And Lime Crime's repacked stuff was never marked or admitted even. Say what you want with the shadows that still exist but the glitter WAS repacked. She didn't have a magical unicorn shitting glitter out back. But this isn't about that sort of evil... I'm still angered that I went way off topic here, but this could also explain why I'm hesitant when I do see re-packed items.

A while back I clicked on the full size jars on GDE's site and out of the top 10 best sellers, only 1 was unique to GDE, Tattooed. I know it's not their fault if people chose one colour over another, but I still found it odd.

I think to make it perfectly clear that the shades are not unique, it would be an awesome idea to make them a separate link like her Twi-shadows and 80's Child shadows.

Doing a google search for Dino Spotz (youtube "guru" in header goes on and on about it) I found someone gushing on how unique this colour was. I know I've seen this shade before and going back to GDE, it is a shade with the *. So I know right there, people have no idea what unblended means, or that they can get this shade elsewhere if they really do think this shade is unique. A video using this colour even says "unique" in the video name. And a commentor says the colour is close to an Urban Decay shade and the guru says "But the bonus is that Dinospotz is 6 dollars and UD is like 22 here"
I think the bigger bonus is that it's $1.50 from TKB but whatever.

And popping through my mega makeup cart I did find I already had this shade. I bought it from Aromaleigh, back when Kristen decided to get rid of all the pure hues (which did have it's own section, and clearly said, they were not her creations) It was called Cocoa Mauve.

I do feel a bit silly having 2 jars now, I can't believe I forgot I had it already :/

But I got this shade in the "Natasha" tower stack.

In the stack were Oddity, a green shade, Trophy Wife, a repacked but often gushed about gold, Pistol Pistol, a cool sparkly grey that's not re-packed, and Dino Spotz.

I only paid about $11, I bought it through Phyrra's affiliate link when there was a sale on making everything %15 off to re-do labels. A sale was the only way I was going to order 50% re-packs but happy I did, so now I know.

And basic math made me smirk a little inside. 10% off an item that is already %15 off doesn't not make said item 25% off.

Ummm, no. I graduated with a 52% in math, and if I could see the error in this, it's not right! They were eventually marked down to an actual 25% off, but the update is still on the fb page and nobody else noticed the flaw.

I can see Vanessa is trying to improve GDE by her 80's Child collection, these shadows are all GDE's creations

So muy excellente there.

The other reason I'm not too fond, the overuse of "gurus" on the main page or in my order. 3 cards and a sticker with some chicks face on it I do not know. I know 1 card was Vanessa herself so I didn't mind, but I don't much care for the others. Unless Phyrra was on a card. Cuz Phyrra is awesome and deserves cards EBERWHERE! On the site though? 7 people! And one I'm not too fond of (not the chickie in the header, although I do know some people don't like her) I'm talking about the other Canuck on the page.

I know it has nothing to do with GDE or her company but when I see this chickie plastered on the from page, yep, I'm gonna be annoyed.

Reason for annoyance? Annabelle Cosmetics (awesome Canadian company) held an "Ultimate Makeup Junkie" contest. Some of you may remember, you were awesome possums and tried to help me out with votes. My big irkness, youtubers seemed to bank the most votes because they were more widely known than bloggers or just the really cool talented gal next door who just loves makeup but doesn't have that extra medium to get it out there and make it known.

Others were peeved as well so I let my thoughts me known (after all, change never happens when you stay silent. I'm not one to stay silent)

I wasn't even directly thinking about her when I commented, she's the one who chose to take it personally. It wasn't a "who can make a better youtube video" contest.

But after that I did unsubscribe. She can take that personally, I don't give a shit. Lose the diva attitude.

But all I've seem to do so far is bitch about stuff, lets get on to the EOTD!

I used the whole Natasha stack. It turned out a bit Christmassy but I liked it!

Oddity inner third
Trophy Wife middle third
Dino Spotz outter and crease
Pistol Pistol lower lashline
Suds N Sass Cemetery Gates browbone highlight

At the moment I do not wish to place another Glamour Doll Eyes order. The 80's child theme is cool but I was born half way through so I'm more a 90's child, so I don't have that bit of nostalgia there.
I would need more swatches to decide. They don't have sample sizes for the collection so I'm not dropping $9 on a shadow that may not meet my crazy high expectations.

The tower stacks are an awesome idea. My shadows are stored on their sides anyway and these fit right in with my AL jars. I would like there to be more unique shades in the towers though and not half or more unblended shades.

But this is all MY personal opinion. If you wish to go and buy the whole lot and love it to death, that's cool! I'm not telling people not to like something, just letting it be known why I'm not in lurve in case someone's like "YOUSHOULDTOTALLYBUYGDE".

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I copycatted AGAIN! Version 2.0ish, Phyrra & Robyn

I've been wanting to try this look since the middle of October but I didn't have the right colours yet! The look I tried in it's place failed.

The look, SUPER AWESOME AROMALEIGH PINKNESS as done by Phyrra and Robyn. I think it was coincidence that they both used the same 2 main shades, but what a PRETTY COINCIDENCE!!

And here is my version using Aromaleigh's Wonderstruck collection

Lid: Hearts A' Plenty
Crease: Pass The Tarts
Browbone: Wonder-ous
Lower liner: Frumious
liner: Joe Fresh Felt Liner (5 people who are a part of Grey's wicked awesome international makeup swap will be getting one of these babies!)

Blow up those eyeball pictures to see the lower lashline in all it's shimmery rainbowy awesomeness. I didn't realize it was so effing magical until I took the pictures. My lighting is tuuuurible.

Hearts a' plenty, Pass the tarts, Wonder-ous, Frumious

Brushing your hair is for suckas

Food time now!!!