Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I feel special :)

Martian Delights nominated me for 2 more awards :D

The Sunshine Award

And the Sweet Blog award!

Thank you oodles :D

There be rules!:
Give this award to 10 sweet and friendly bloggers. Make a post about the award including the picture and mention the person who gave it to you. Put the award on your blog. Let your nominated 10 know you've awarded them by leaving a comment.

So here be my tricky part! I`m not sure who all has already gotten these awards :( I read so many different ones and I know lots of you peeps are busy as well so I`m going to just nominate the chickies who follow me and have a blog, chances are I probably already follow you too and read you guys everyday as well :)

There, problemmo solved. I`m off to crop my wicked ass metallic look I did today. OooO metal!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

MAC Pearlglide Awesomeness and EOTD

I just went to the mall to get new shirts to destroy at work and made the mistake of walking past the MAC store.


Ever since seeing this post on Temptalia I knew I wanted at least 3 of them.

Them...is MAC Pearlglide Intense eyeliners!

I know she did wicked awesome swatches already, but I still feel the urge to show you mine :)

Here's ze box end. I just liked the colours lol

Pencil ends (same, luuuuvz the colours, kinda blurry though :sadface)

And the pencil nublets...so puuuurdy....

And the swatch!

Black Line, Undercurrent, Industrial. Click for biggAR pic.

The Website says Black Line is "true black" but there's a ton of pretty green gold in it.
Undercurrent, blue teal.
Industrial, periwinkle grey.

Those are weird ass descriptions. Just check out the swatches and make up your own, you'll probably do better :D

I found them to be soft but not as soft as the Urban Decay 24/7 liners. I know some people don't like the UD liners for that reason, so these ones would be good to give a try. That, and the shades are FKLFVJNJDF AMAZINGSAUCE!

I don't know what they are cost wise to the rest of the world, but here in Kittehland aka CANADUH they be $17.50 each. Uber pricey but that's just 50 cents more than the UD liners anyways.

I'd re-buy if something terrible happened, like my apartment was attacked by zombie penguins in jetpacks and they stole all my makeup and I had to get some of it replaced. I'd buy them over the waffles they no doubt probably stole as well. Eyeliners are edible right?

One thing I'd suggest is maybe not use them on your waterline. My eyeballs can take loads of crap, the only thing that ever irritated them was actual glitter chunks on my cornea, but for some reason I wore Black Line on my waterline and it was instant "allergy-eyes" for me. The box doesn't say not to use it there like my Too Faced liner warned me, so give it a go if you wish. You just may wreck your HARD WORKED ON MAKEUP JOB THATS ALL! teeheeee :)

Here's the look today using Black Line:
(And not a single indie product used today I just realized...)

Main Lid Urban Decay YDK
Crease and Lower Lashline Urban Decay AC/DC
Browbone Highlight Urban Decay Sellout
Liner: Super Amazing MAC Black Line
Rimmel stuffs mascara

Click pic to maybe see green gold bits in liner.

I have no idea what to pair the other 2 liners with. Yellow or pink are the only 2 shades coming to mind.

Done and done.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Matte Top Coat...CHEAP

Are you still lusting for that matte look and kicking yourself in the ass for not buying that tiny bottle of China Glaze Matte Magic?

FRET NO MORE. For now anyways, and get your butts over to your Icing store and check out their nail polish rack. That's right.... Icing Matte About You. SWEET.

.:~*~:._.:~*~:.Matte About You, the clear. The cashier didn't really get why there was just a clear. In case some of you don't know already, it's to turn your own fabulous work of art, mattenificient! There's really no reason to buy any "coloured" matte nail polishes because there are probably only ever 6 shades to chose from and you probably already own many kick ass ones you'd like to mattify yourself. That being said, I still bought a 2nd shade because they were buy one get one half off, and it looked like a pretty intense dark teal blue.

***Only the first 2 are matte, I just liked the other colours as well and had to have them. And then MATTE THEM UP!

Also that matte blue looks NOTHING like it does in real life, I don't know why it photographed wrong. It's not a true blue at all, but I can't really explain it other to say, dark teal blue I guess.

And here's it over my thumb nail that was painted with Refresh Mint China Glaze. Index finger is the teal, Chase Me.

Ignore the horrible paint job and beat up looking skin. Work is not kind to my hands and I was rushed because I wanted to play with my other no-no purchase. oOoo foreshadowing! The other 3 nails are glossy but of course ya can't tell. Go me and my wicked wonderful picture taking skills. :p

There was also a grey, a purple, a green with very small sparkles (although I do not know why, it'll be matte!) and a white and a black. I didn't get the black or white because I had the craptastic OPI mattes already. Plus I have many black shades already and since I have the top coat, they were unnecessary.

I'm not sure if they flake as bad as the OPI ones, I'll have to give them a go this weekend, but for $5 they are worth it, even if for a few hours.


More quickie!

I'm not liking the whole "miss 30 to 45 minutes to your morning due to permanent work time change and your mister is hogging the shower" thang. So this means I can't plan my looks very quickly and can't crop my pics when I do get to snap them.

Even right now, I'm supposed to be ordering my bridesmaids dress but I feel like a douche for not posting anything in a few days lol.

So here's a quickie of Sunday's and today's look:

I used:
Inner 3rd: Meow Sand Dune
Lid main: Aromaleigh Party Dress
Crease: Aromaleigh Mutiny
Hilight: Stardust's Cashmere Mittens
Rimmel lash maxx mascara

And today I used:
Main lid: Aromaleigh Estranged
Crease: Stardust's Equinox
Highlight: Stardust's Cashmere Mittens
Liner: UD Zero
Rimmel lash maxx mascara

And! Another lip swatch for Marce >> Sobe Botanicals Jack O Lantern on top of Panic:

Orange fantasticness

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sobe Botanicals Lip Swatches! Pic HEAVY!

Howdy howdy :D

I placed a Sobe Botanicals order before I banned myself from shopping. After seeing Phyrra rock the orange lips, I wanted some too! See how delayed I am? It took me 2 months to place the order :D Go me.

So I ordered 6 Gothlip Styx:

Panic: Dark “Orange” (SUPER pigmented)
Gothic Fairy: Dark “Yellow gold” with a bit of shimmer (Highly pigmented)
Jackolantern: Pumpkin Bright “orange” (Lighter pigmented to get bright color)
Wild Violet: very light lilac purple (Highly pigmented)
Frigid: very light frigid blue (Highly pigmented)
Tragic: Light Silvery Golden “Green” (Highly pigmented)

The order arrived in a padded envelope (my fav, customs tends to leave those alone most of the time) and then the order was in a cute black paper bag, held shut with red ribbon.
Lex was super nice and gave me a bit of a discount and rounded my order down to $35 and she also included 2 eyeshadow samples and a mini jar (4g worth) of Illusionist perfecting powder (As soon as I find my face shade, I am SO using this BABY!)

So here be mah order:

And here's the tubes of happeh: (please excuse the messyness, I was trying to take pics quick and didn't wipe them after using them) None of the tubes have been twisted up yet, you really do gets whats popping over the top too! I hate when you order a lippie and it's not all the way full and you twist it down...and it goes DOWN MOARRRR! Yep that happened last month :( It was just like 4mm but that's like 4 applications yo! But anyway, sooo off topic there for a sec...

And on ze lips!

My fav out of them all, Panic!

This morning I did a lil swipe of Panic on my lips, smeared it even and swiped Silk Naturals Nectar gloss on top and this is the result:

LOVE IT! Next time I'm smearing more Panic on though.

Next up, Gothic Fairy. I love this colour too, it's one I've never seen before and I think looks really cool :D

Not too sure what eye makeup would go with it. Maybe a smokey brown eye?

And now, Jack O Lantern:

This one had a different texture than the rest of them, it seemed to melt a bit faster on my lips when I was putting it on. I'll have to use a brush next time to avoid accidentally over applying. Still a really pretty orange.

And for the odd colours! Yup Gothic Fairy was odd but I'd totally wear it out (And I super apologize for my super horrific application skillz. I really do suck sometimes)

Wild Violet:

And here's Frigid:

And last but not least, Tragic! This one reminds me of green toothpaste :D

This one was a bit tricky to apply as well, I think my lips were angry with me for constantly wiping one shade off and plopping a new one on.

I'm not sure what I'd use the last 3 colours for yet. They are fun to have around and whenever I get the urge to go blue, it's nice I have that option. I will also try layering with my glosses to see what else I can come up with. I think the bright pink MAC HK lip glass would look pretty sweet over Frigid or Wild Violet. We shallll seeeeee..... :D

You can by these here or here.

Oh yeah, and I'd totally order again. Panic is AWESOME

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

EOTD Quickie: Nymph

I'm not too happy with my look today but I'm posting it as a colour reference anyways. I know I'm horrible at skin swatches, so by posting EOTD's and listing shades, this is my way of swatching :)

I used Aromaleigh Midsummer Night's Dream shades again.

This time:


Main lid: Nymph
Crease: Flora
Highlight: (Silk Naturals) Sprite
no liners, I was lazy :p
Rimmel lash maxx mascara

Monday, April 12, 2010


AKA, the crappy thing that happens when your foundation doesn't match. I was a bit masky yesterday, I wanted to try out one of the 2 foundation samples I ordered. One was way too pink for me but the other was close, just a bit too light. Even though it wasn't a match I still wanted to give it a go to see how it wore.

They were AL Glissade in 3N and 3C. 3C was the one that was too pink.

I used one of my own sponges to apply. I really liked the coverage, I didn't need any under eye concealers and it almost completely covered my crappy spotted skin.

It was almost nice out today so I wore it out to the zoo to see how it would look by the end of the day.

A few hours later it wasn't quite so pretty, I think I may need a better primer. This time I was using Rimmel's foundation primer. It may be just for liquid foundations so that may be why my foundation was looking a bit funky especially around my chin and mouth. I just used the back of my hand to try to smooth it all out again :)

For coverage here's my face with nothin!:

And here it is with my Rimmel. Not much changes, maybe the dark around my eyes is a bit less

And here it is with the Glissade, yup once again ignore the whiteness of it, but check out the coverage!

HAHAHAH The lightness is redonkulous but still, you can see it's pretty covered.


This is ze look I chose. Not nearly as bright as normal but I really liked the combo and the sparkle in the shadows made me feel like a princess :D

I used:


Main: Terpischore
Crease: Pavane
Highlight: Stardust cosmetics in Cashmere Mittens
Liner: UD Bourbon
Rimmel lash maxx mascara

MAC Ripe Peach ombre

Lips: Avon lipstick Sparkling Warm Rose

Oh hullo mask face.

I probably should have chosen a pink blush but oh wells!

I'm not sure I will try other foundation samples. They are quite pricey for samples even if you do get a lot ($2). If it takes me 8 times to find my perfect match, I'm out $16 american and stuck with 7 samples that won't work.

Hopefully Meow has something for me and with as good a coverage.