Saturday, November 28, 2009

There's a Velociraptor in Orion's Belt

Okie dokie. This makeup look FROM THE START did not want to go my way.

After I hoped out of the shower I was thinking I haven't given Fyrinnae any love in a couple of months because of the new stuff I have yet to try out from other companies. I love Fyrinnae, they were the gateway to my loose eyeshadow addiction, I mean HOBBY. I wanted to wear my favourite green, We're All Mad Here. It's night time so I just had my crappy 1 lamp living room lighting. I went to the bathroom to make sure everything was even and noticed the colour didn't look quite right. Went back to the living room, flipped over the lil jar and DAMMIT! It was Velociraptor! You'd think I'd notice this because it's a BRIGHT YELLOWY GREEN! But nooooooo, living room lighting tricked me and I'm lame. Then Little Red's Pet Wolf wasn't working the way I wanted it to so I went over it in Aztec Gold. The only colour that I had no problem with was Orion's Belt. I love this colour but they don't have it anymore :(

I even effed up the blush. I forgot how insanely pigmented the blushes were and with the bad lighting and bad tapping off job I looked clowny and had to go over it with some powder to try to fade it. I think the colour was Enrapture. Lips are Mac Hello Kitty Nice to be Nice (the orange gloss!)

And I'll blame the screwups on the hockey game in the background...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Orange Creamsicle

I saw these funky looking creamsicle flavoured wagon wheels (not sure if everyone knows what those are but they are usually chocolate spongy cookie looking thingys with cream filling and then all covered in chocolate) So I thought, CREAMSICLE MAKEUP!
Doesn't really look that awesome but hell, I got to use 3 of mah new She Space eyeshadows! 3 down, 85 to go... :D

Killer Bees is the hilight, Firecracker is the main I believe and Fire & Brimstone is the crease attempt.

I'd snag colour descriptions but it's off to make money time for that Meow purchase coming up. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN


I hate when people type that but in this case I TOTALLY MEAN IT!

Meow Cosmetics just put out their Christmas collections. I was expecting maybe 12 or 24 colours.

But no.

6 COLLECTIONS! 6 FRIKKIN COLLECTIONS! How that hell am I ever going to decide from 6 EFFING COLLECTIONS!

And they are having a thanksgiving sale: CatsEatTurkey2 and save 20%, no minimum, entire site. Until Sunday.

I LOVED their halloween colours and Friday the 13th collection so I know I have to grab something for these ones.

I could just get samples of everything but if I buy big now I save more..... I DON'T KNOW! WHY U GOTTA TEST ME INTERWEBZ!?! WHAY!!!!

I want the entire Glacial Grove set:

I just have to do xmas shopping for my dad and my boyfriend so I think I can by me a me present....
There's even a colour called "Debt". How fitting.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Playin' With Mah Stardust

This is what I did today. It was a bit tricky to decide what colours to use but I chose to use just Stardust minerals today.

I used (on my TFSI primer)
Polar Rose on lid (High shimmer muted rose)
Hearthstone in crease (Smooth gunmetal with fire like glow)
Cashmere Mittens to hilight (Luxe ivory heated with copper pearl)
Midnight Velvet to line top and bottom (deepest black infused with rich purple shimmer)
Ribbons & Bows the gold on the bottom on top Midnight Velvet. (Sheer and glinting metallic antique gold)

I used Melt the Snow and Winter's Kiss on my cheeks. You don't get to see because my face hates me right now. Winter's kiss is such a pretty colour to use on the cheeks, it's got a blue sheen to it. So wintery!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Stardust Cosmetics/The She Space

I came home to 2 packages today! (first one so adorable it gets 2 pictures!)

I ordered the entire holiday collection from Stardust Cosmetics. Shipping only took 5 days. I have the super fortunate benefit of being in the same country as them so 5 days is like rocket speed compared to other orders I've placed from other companies!
It came in a cute little white box filled with iridescent wrap stuff and flakes (so pretty! Although super mega heavy duty vacuumage will be going on tomorow:) I also ordered a full size of Equinox (I saw Jenna use it in a tutorial and I had to have it) described as "Blackened gold with gold mineral glitter. Perfect for a night out!" Hellz yeah it is! I think I'm going to wear this for my mister's work xmas party. It's a dark greeny colours with lots o glittah! I luvs me glittah! :D She upsized me a super size pot of it and Cashmere Mittens. I was so happy, it really was like opening an early Christmas present! I also ordered some samples and got 4 freebie samples as well. I love the size of the baggies she uses. I don't like some of the baggies other companies use because It's a bit hard to get the product out when you have to sort of dig it out of the bottom. I think these ones are maybe 3 inches by 2.5? I dunno. I'm Canadian. They be little. I've only swiped Equinox and Cashmere Mittens. Both.are.awesome. I will do swatches but I'm running out of time tonight because I got a second package today too!

Almost forgot to add: Stardust Cosmetics does sell unblended minerals BUT she mixes it with a binding agent so it's wearable, not just straight mica. AND these unblended minerals are labeled with an * so you know what you are buying. I agree that some mica colours are super pretty on their own and don't need any other colour added to make them beautiful and, bigger bonus with that binder added :)

(If one of the pics is sideways It's because I'm dumb and don't know how to permanently fix it on a macbook. Oh photoshop, I miss thee and your simple ways)

My She Space order! Still a bit confused that they seem to have 2 names. About Face and the She Space. I like saying She Space better :)
This was my order from the Birthday Blitz that happened in October. Order date Oct 17 (see what I mean? ROCKET SPEED STARDUST IS! Yoda I am apparently....) So little over a month's time to get to me. I blame Canada Post and border crossing rules and the fact that my order was pretty insanely huge. 88 pigments I think (I'll double check in the morning) I went through and made sure all the lids were still on tight. Thank whatever was looking over my order that most of them were. The jars don't have sifters (I like this, sifters are evil) but I'll have to go through them with tape to stop an unfortunate makeup bomb from going off. The jars are a bit smaller from Aromaleigh jars. Some of them (I think 5 or 6) were in slightly different jars. They didn't have that hollowed scoop bit in the bottom. They may have the same amount. I don't have a scale so I can't be certain. I'm most upset I didn't order Smurfberry Blast, and some greys, hot cha cha and, meh probably like 15 others hahaha. I'm pretty sure I'll survive on what I did get. Besides, holiday sale is in effect (not as cheap but still only $3.50 each).
They also gave me 5 free samples (all ones I would totally wear too!) More info on those later gater.

I'll go on a swatching spree this weekend. My boyfriend gets annoyed with the camera flashing all the time :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lime Crime: MY FYI

You won't answer me on your blog, I'll just have to ask cyber-space.

Awhile back I ordered 6 jars of glitter from this super bright and colourful Lime Crime site. (Pic will be posted, I WAS a customer, not making things up to DEFAME Lime Crime. Just want an answer)

I thought it was neat to find eyesafe glitter so I bought them when they were on sale for $10 instead of $12. I was still new at buying cosmetics online, so I thought I was getting a truly UNIQUE product. Then I found another site that had glitter as well and ordered 3 sample baggies. I got them a few weeks later and realized they were the same of 3 of the colours I already bought. If I had found this site first I would have only paid a 3rd of the price.

I know it's not possible for a company to create their own "shades" of glitter (except wait, you can Aromaleigh blended a whole bunch.......) But the crazy part was the price for what you get!

Once again, you'll probably think "you idiot, you're the one who dropped $60 on effing glitter" but I will repeat, I was a total n00b! I'm sure a lot of your customers are too. They see shiny stuff and then buy, forgetting to research first.

(following pic, not Lime Crime, just same glitter. Lime Crime jars shown below)

Did you realize this and that's why you stopped with the glitter? Don't you see why people are angry with the eyeshadows as well? We ARE NOT jealous. We just expected unique, original products and got repeats.
Changing the size of your products are not going to change the fact that your colours are very, very similar to the ones bought from a wholesaler. You could have added some kind of shimmer, SOMETHING so people could say "oh, maybe she did mix them herself" except there is no difference.

You cannot tell me to take this post down. I have not made anything up. My country is not the same as yours but we all have our freedoms and mine is:
(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication

Taken right off my Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. No email, no legal threat, no scare tactic is going to make me change my opinion or blog.

You can censor your blog all you want and try to censor everyone else with a less than stellar review but FYI:

I will not buy from you, my family will not buy from you, my friends will not buy from you and I'd like to keep it that way.

Leaving out reviews, posts, making people pull stuff down, all you are doing is fueling the fire.

I'd like to say one last time, I'm not saying your products are repackaged (I don't know this 100% so I will not say that) I will say they are similar and ridiculously priced for something you can get in like 3 other places.

If you "made" more colours maybe people would get off your back. But until then, you cant shut everybody up.

~~~~~Also just found, glitters ARE still being sold for a lame high price at
Buy it here and lose your money for a tiny jar OR....

Buy it here for half price!! Same colour. (once again not defamation, I actually own the 2 and they are the same, so bite me)

So THAT'S why you won't answer me......

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Coffin Spell

I promise I'll do more looks with colours that are actually still available :D
But not today!

I really liked this one. I thought I wasn't a huge "blue" fan, but I realized I love all blues except navy (I don't know why, something about it looks like a big ole bruise on me so I pass)

I used Meow Cosmetics:
Friday the 13th in Spell on the lid (chromatic cerulean blue with green iridecent fire and aqua glow)
Friday the 13th in Accident in the crease (metallic copper lame with a dark undertone and gleaming metallic iridescent fire-Wetlines:RED!)
Dance of Death in Spellbinding to hilight (white shadow glistening with surprising multi colored sparkle and iridescence - it's positively ghastly)
Dance of Death in Coffin eyeliner (coffin-copper shade with metallic umber undertones) The bestest!

I included a picture of Accident so you can see the difference from computer screen to eyelid. It's a really pretty difference but it just shows you don't know until you swatch it.

I'm off to google-land again. Or maybe play Chocolatier.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Posting an oldish look with Meow Cosmetics

Here's a look I did a few weeks ago with Meow Cosmetics. I ran out of things to google so 3rd post of the day!

My boyfriend (really hate that word, sounds like jr high.) likes neutrals, so he usually pretty much doesn't like any of my makeup looks lol. But this one he actually liked.

I used:
Friday 13 Skeptic - main lid colour
Friday 13 Supernatural - crease colour (I think, I should have written it down somewhere)
Zombies Skelecat - hilight
Dance of Death Coffin - eyeliner

Coffin is the best mineral eyeliner I've found so far. It's so smooth and you just need a little. It's going to take me a long time to go through the pot but I bought a second one anyway for backup :D

Skeptic was a bit tricky to work with, if you accidently buff it, the pretty pinky shimmer goes away so you have to pat some more on.

I noticed the colours online aren't totally matchy with what you actually get which is why it's important to read the descriptions as well and try samples first so you're not too upset if it's not what you are expecting.
Accident looks lightish online but it's actually quite dark with red shimmer in it. They've even added the extra "Wetlines-RED!" to the description.
Same with Obelisk in the Egyptian Treasures line. It looks like an odd brownish colour, but it actually is a green colour like the description says. Computer screens are rarely 100% for colour matching which is why I love looking for swatches so much. Even when you get a sample bag of something, it may look "meh" in the bag but don't give up on it yet. Actually try it out on the back of your hand. The extra shimmers and whatever else may have been added don't show up in the baggy very well but will show up on your hand (Like I said with Obelisk, it looked quite uninteresting in the bag until I swatched it, then promptly got a full size!)

ummmm that is all for today. bye bye now.

Storing my junk

K it's not really junk, I just usually refer to everything I own as my junk, and I luvz my junkz.

Right now my vanity is in the kitchen, where a dining table should be. In my other apartment we had a spare room but this apartment, we weren't so lucky. Space is not very good. This works though. I don't do my makeup in the bathroom. It has really bad yellow lighting, and I get worried the humidity will wreck the formulations. I like to sit in the living room next to the kitchen, pop the blinds open and voila! Natural lighting!

I have 2 train cases. The silver one has mostly just eyeshadows and blushes. No liquids (took it on a plane and REFUSED to stick it underneath, that baby went with me) The lace one has my foundations, brushes, some lip glosses, primers, and moisturizers. Everything else on the vanity is just random eyeshadows from everywhere, mascaras, lipsticks, eyeliners, all makeupy goodness. I have to re-organize it all so it's easier to see things. The binder has my baggy samples. The 2 thiner boxes under the crystal skull boxes are my Urban Decay Book of Shadows.

Underneath it all is my wicked awesome nail polish collection. The lid doesn't fit very good anymore and it weighs a ton. I would attempt sticking nail polish swatches on this blog but it's not very easy taking a pic of it on my fingers. It has either too much shine, or doesn't show all the detail I see in real life.

I really want the drawers Fresco Phyrra has.

Swatchy swatchy

I attempted to swatch my Aromaleigh L'Orchidee's and my Les Papillions.

Looking over the Les Papillions I realized I liked some more than I thought I did! Zephyr's Breeze, Butterfly Kisses, Dormant Dream and Soul Takes flight are getting added to my wish list.

Click on pics more larger detail.

Top Picture is Les Papillions:
1st row:
Zephyr's Breeze, Thalias Return, Winged Psyche, Soul Takes flight
2nd row:
Glowing Luna, Golden Chrysalis, Flying Flower
3rd row:
Ephemeral Violet, Crimson Mimicry, Flutter-By
4th row:
Spread Your Wings, Dormant Dream, Earthly Delights, Air & Light
5th row:
Butterfly Kisses, Flutura's Cloud, Morphing Moon.

2nd Pic, L'Orchidee:
1st row: Pixie Cup, Seed Pearl, Wild Coco, Orinoco
2nd row: Showy, Unicorn, Bumblebee
3rd row: Heart, Tangleroot, Cricket
4th row: Moth, Dragon (seeee it's totally grey, I don't see green, then again my eyes suck)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Aromaleigh L'Orchidee

I got my Aromaleigh L'Orchidees in the mail! I grabbed full sizes of the ones that sounded like I would like the most since I didn't have time to try before I buy (sample baggies. Orders to Canada seem to take ages from anybody, good ol Canada Post)

I love them all! Almost. Not a fan of Orinoco. I grabbed:

*descriptions are Aromaleigh's descriptions
My thoughts in BOLD

Seed Pearl: A most delicate neutral satin taupe with soft pastel sparkles. (reminds me of MAC Your Ladyship)

Wild Coco: A muted khaki brown with coppery golden sparkles. Tame, but wild at heart! (If MAC Your Ladyship has an evil golden twin this would be it. Would make great lid colour or crease or hilight depending on your braveness)

Unicorn: Palest yellow luster that phases to a cool blue highlight. (This one is very unique, looks buttery yellow and then BAM pale blue prettiness. Magical hilighter, would make a perfect Fairy look with Showy as the main colour, Unicorn the hilight)

Moth: Pale and delicate iridescent tones appear softly grey, always changing. (sort of looked a bit like a silvery slight purpley super shimmer on my hand. Really neat colour to check out)

Bumblebee: Soft yellow lustre with pale pink iridescent sparkle highlight. (A lighter version of their HITC Italian Ice *I will probably compare all yellows to Italian Ice, it's the only other bright yellow had other than Sunshine but sadly both discontinued now! I hope she keeps Italian Ice for the new LE to permanent line, then my comments will be relevant :D. Back to the review! Lighter version that Italian Ice and instead of having the pink sparkles, it has a pink shimmer to it.)

Pixie Cup: Soft fawn with a generous helping of pixie pink iridescent shimmer. Divine! (A pinker version of Seed Pearl, sparkly goodness!)

Showy: Lovely cool pink frost with blue iridescent sparkles (If there was such a thing as magical fairy dust it would look exactly like this eyeshadow. A very girly pink with loads of pretty blue pink purple golden sparks. Like I said with Unicorn, AWESOME FAIRY LOOKS! )

Cricket: Vivid yellow green with bright sparks of iridescent green. (Super duper bright green!)

Orinoco: Soft peach lustre that reveals a satiny borealis iridescence. (meh) (k I will ellaborate, a frosty peachy pink that's too dark for a hilight on me and too light for a lid colour)

Dragon: Fascinating green, muted in tone but with a smoked base and pearl luster. (It says green but on me it's shimmery grey silver, a very awesome grey! I love it. I tried to recreate the the Twilight Vamp dark silver look in the November US Cosmopolitan mag but I blended too much. This one is also good on it's own because when the light hits straight on the corners automatically darken, like most metallics)

Heart: Rich deep pink with iridescent golden shimmer sparkle. (ditto, still not totally sure how to wear this one, I used it as an outer corner colour with Bumblebee. I like the pink/yellow combinations)

I also have Tangle root that I won when Miss K did the butterfly hunts in the summer.

Tangleroot: Earthy lush green with cool dimensional shimmer sparkles. (dark forest green, would make wicked holiday smokey eyes)

All in all I wish I had gotten samples of the ones I didn't buy jars of. 11/12 yays I'm pretty sure I would have loved some of the others. That pesky Orinoco will work somehow. Just not sure how right now. RHYME TIME!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I'd like to create a blog on my makeup experiences. This may start out rough (I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, or where to start) but I have to start somewhere.

I'm also using a Mac (my PC had a heart attack) so I'm learning how to use this thing as well.

Most of the makeup I'll play with will be mineral/loose eyeshadows bought from indie mineral makeup companies. I believe you get a much better colour payoff for a much better price than if you were to buy from the big name brands. I will still use what I have (some Urban Decay, MAC etc) to make my everyday looks, but the majority of the products used will be from Aromaleigh, Fyrinnae, Meow Cosmetics and the list will grow as my collection grows!

Right now you can check out my photostream at for some of my eyeshadow looks

Since the PC is dead, I have to find a new photoshop to resize my pictures :(