Thursday, March 31, 2011

Night Elf

I asked for an eyeshadow combo and the crazy beautiful Robyn suggested Brown, Red and Cream.
Opening the traincase, my Wet n Wild Night Elf palette was right friggin there. It was like it was meant to be :)


Ze pallete for number reference:

I used:
Lid: #3
Inner corner: #2
Crease: #5
Browbone: #1 but it was too frosty so I layered #2 on top to tone it down and creamy it up!
Liner: Sugarpill Goldilux wetlined
Lower Liner and outer V to darken: Fyrinnae STFU

I do wish the red was a bit I guess? Oh well, that's what Love+ is for!

EOTD Sailor Moon

This look was more vibrant in person, the camera barely picked up the sparkles in the golds and the pink was more KAPOW so I was tempted to add more for the pictures but it would have been too much in real life then.
Enough blabiddy blah

I used:

Pixie Epoxy
Persephone Minerals:
Inner 3rd: Moon Cosmic Power
Middle: Super Sailor Moon
Outter 3rd: Usagi
Crease: Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss
Browbone: Eternal Sailor Moon
Liners: Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss

This last week was the most eyeshadow I've worn all month. I just don't have time in the mornings lately. I love sleep so panic when I know I'm going to get less than 6 hrs.

Nap time now? :)

U Lyk Shiny Stuffz?

I sure as hell do which is why I CAN'T STOP STARING AT THESE!

I made my first Whimsy Beading purchase during a sale and picked up The Wintersmith's Offering and the Ice Queen pendant. This is another store I've seen before but put off on ordering because it sort of felt like punching my Oma in the face.
Huh, kinda graphic there eh?

Let the kitteh explain! My Oma has been beading since I was probably 5. She loves it and does gorgeous work! So buying beadwork from someone else felt wrong, so I justified it by thinking "I don't wanna bother Oma and these are already made and DAMN BEAUTIFUL, so buy away madame, buy that NOW! OMG SALE!"

And that's the story of the day. I didn't actually punch my Oma in the face. Anyone who tries that needs to have their fists chopped off. DON'T HIT YOUR GRANDMAS!
PSA of the day...

Back to topic!
Wait one more thing, if you read something I write and it doesn't quite make sense, like an entire word is missing or a random word is said like an autocorrect fail, or some letters are backwards (I just typed "potic" up there instead of topic) I don't know what's going on in my head. It's not new that I jumble things but lately it's been HORRIBLE! Some posts I have to fix 3 times because of missing words, letters and misspelled words, usually missing a vowel or something. And it annoys the shit out of me so I've just been hitting submit post without looking through. The process of fixing the stupid word can take 3 or 4 tries because at that point I get so frustrated I keep hitting the wrong letters again >:[

Dear my brain, stop being a fucker KTHX!

Now back to the shiny stuff topic!

I swear these things friggin glow.

The more blue one is the Wintersmith's Offering. Ice Queen is more blue than the flash pictures show, so the unfocused pics near the bottom are without flash in an attempt to show the colours better. The flash tends to kill any blue and my camera doesn't take very good non-flash photos.

So here they are on BLACK!



More closeups!

And more unrelated makeup stuff Britney Spears is coming to town July 4th!! I'm not familiar with anything that doesn't have a music video past Ooops I Did it Again. I just think it would be really fun to see. The only other huge concert I've been to was My Chemical Romance because my friend really wanted to go.
I've been to loads of other concerts in Calgary, but none as popular as stadium shows. My boyfriend was the first to suggest it. I blame Robyn, getting him hooked to girly pop music. And that woman needs to get more popular in North America again. PEOPLE ARE MISSING OUT!
C'mon! She does a friggin duet with SNOOP DOGG!
But this song is my favourite. Listen to it and tell me it DOESN'T MAKE YOU FEEL WARM AND FUZZY INSIDE! teehee
One more incase you actually like what I'm linking :D

And there you have my super off topic rambly post. Shiny stuff, brain bitching, Britney, Snoop and robots. You're very welcome :D

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Persephone Minerals Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon MEGA COLLECTION OF AWESOME! *PIC HEAVY*

*re-posted, forgot Victoria's Colour descriptions!

More swatches! Another collection!

This post is all about the sparkly wicked that is the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon set.

I'll list my EOTD in a separate post because I took a ton of pictures for swatches of this collection. Also I think I'm running out of picture room on Blogger :(
I think if I shrunk my pictures before posting, I could get more in my posts, but then you guys wouldn't be able to click them twice to megafy them. I leave them massive so that you can see every little shimmer bit in there if you wanted and I feel shrinking them wouldn't do the colours justice!

Oh wells, I will deal with it when I get there I guess.

Enough being a whiny baby ass and ON TO THE SWATCHES! (click and click again to HUGEify them and to read colour names in order KTHXBAI!)

**NEO-QUEEN SERENITY** Inspired of course, by none other than the Neo-Queen Serentiy this another opaque white. This one however is complete with the microfine silver + microfine crystalina white & pale, pale pink glitters. So pale, that you really can't tell there is any pink in there but it just didn't feel complete without it.

**PRINCESS SERENITY** A lovely opaque white with microfine shimmers of gold. Inspired by the princess dress of Serenity.

**ETERNAL SAILOR MOON** When dry this will shift a slight bit towards white, but when foiled like this it stays more of a paler gold. It is perfected by the touch of yellow and pink crystalina glitters.

**RAINBOW MOON HEARTACHE** A deep, gorgeous, dark pink loaded with magenta and holographic microfine glitters.

**MOON COSMIC POWER** A coppery/pink/gold shift filled with teeny sparkles of aqua & pink! Inspired by....okay I think I'm sounding redundant, no? The name says it all!

**SUPER SAILOR MOON** Insipred by both the transformation sequence & the costume itself. This is sort of white with a touch of yellow to it, topped of with red, blue and yellow crystalina glitters ;)

*USAGI* Inspired by her yellow-blond hair, I put a bit of gold into this so it wouldn't be quite as yellow as Minako. It also has microfine golden shimmer.

**SAILOR MOON** Inspired by the pretty soldier sailor uniform of Sailor Moon, this a gold chock full of red and blue microfine glitters.

**MOON CRYSTAL POWER** A shift from pink to gold, leaning more on the pink side when foiled. I'm sure you already guessed the inspiration for this :) This also has a little dose of red & white crystalina glitters.

**STARLIGHT HONEYMOON THERAPY KISS** OOOh what a pretty pink...complete with white ultra crystalina glitters that reflect like a rainbow ;)

**MOON SPIRAL HEART ATTACK** A bright blue shade with different kinds of sparklies in shades of white, pink and aqua.

**SILVER MOON CRYSTAL POWER KISS** I know, I know the attack is called silver moon, but when she performs this you see more deep blue than anything with touches of gold. That being said, this just that. A deep blue color, with microfine glitters in white, gold & silver. I had to throw the silver in there for namesake.

I tried to take a close up of Super Sailor Moon to show the kick ass sparkles

Eternal Sailor Moon is one of the prettiest damn eyeshadows I now own. Pink Sparkles!

More detail cuz I'm not done yet using up all my allotted picture space:

I ran out of forearm space so that was in my wrist tattoo incase you thought I was a bit nutty for sharpie stars around my swatches :) Nope, that sucker is permanent! And sadly, very uneven and disappointing. That's what you get for getting tattoos from a guy who looks like a sketchy cross between a chipmunk and the lucky charms dude. Lesson learned.

Back on topic, MOARRRR SWATCHES!

Moon Crystal Power! It's like the pink version of Eternal Sailor Moon.
I patted it over Pixie Epoxy to make the sparkles not fly away.

And last, to show the red and blue sparkles in Sailor Moon (last gold in the main pot picture up top)


Now go buy stuff. crystaltokyo 20% coupon good for 2 more days. VITE! VITE!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Persephone Minerals Chibi Moon

Holy girly pinks Batman, I LOVE this collection!

In that mega order I placed last month, I had ordered the Chibi Moon set. I don't have many pink eyeshadows so this was a great way to start stocking up :)

Colour descriptions from the shop:

**Moon Prism Power** A striking duochrome of blue & pink with the palest possible touch of blue so that the pink dominates. Topped off with lavish gold shimmer!

**Pegasus** An almost translucent white/gold duochrome, with white & gold shimmer. Inspired by Pegasus- the alternate form of Chibi-usa’s future prince, Helios.

**Eternal Chibi-Moon** An almost translucent white with a pinkish overcast plus yellow, pink & golden-red crystallina glitters throughout.

**Small Lady** Ultra pale pink with golden shimmers.
Inspired by her pretty, just barely pink dress she wears in her princess form.

**Sailor Chibi Moon** A girly bright pink with red & white microfine glitters, inspired by the Sailor Chibi Moon uniform

**Chibi-Usa** Sort of a bubblegum pink with pink shimmers. Inspired by, her lovely pink hair.

**Pink Sugar Heart Attack** This color is absolute glittering pink madness! I recommend you use this wetlined or patted over something like Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy. It is an uber-bright pink loaded with different kinds of pink, purple & gold shimmer!

**Black Lady** A deep blackened red, like the dress she wears when she is captured by the baddies of the Nega-moon.
With blue & black microfine glitters to capture all the dress colors , & topped off with reflecks of pink.

**Twinkle Yell** (The English dub calls this Crystal Twinkle Bell) Inspired by the summoning of Pegasus. This is gorgeous blue with sparkles of pink & gold.

Moon Prism Power is cool because from an angle it looks a bit green like it does in the jar, but head on you see more pink.

And because I've been dying to re-create the look Victoria did with the collection, that's just what I did :)

But sadly my skintone is too dark to have light colours near my lower lash line so I added Blackberry Indulgence on top of the pinks. But now that I think about it, I could have used Black Lady, and probably should have to keep the look all Chibi realated. Whoops!

Here's how it looked after:

Prime Time!:

Pixie Epoxy mostly just on lid and in crease
Meow Cosmetics Witty Kitty in crease
Nyx Jumbo Pencil Milk on water line and smeared on lower lash line

Lid: Eternal Chibi Moon
Crease and lower lash line: ChibiUsa
Browbone: Pegasus
Liner and outer half of lower lashline, wetlined: Pink Sugar Heart Attack
More lower lashline awesomeness: Blackberry Indulgence to darken for my skintone

Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara in Blackest Black (I LOVE THIS ONE!)

Don't forget 20% off until April 1st (Friday): crystaltokyo

Friday, March 25, 2011

Persephone Minerals Sailor Sensh Mars


I received my goodies from Persephone Minerals!! It should be my last makeup purchase until mid May. This damn credit card NEEDS TO GO AWAY NOW!

This was my very first Persephone purchase and I am in so much <3 right now. Victoria, the owner, makes some BEAUTIFUL sparkly colours!

So the first group I will show you is the Sailor Senshi Mars collection.

I also did a quick EOTD that kind of sucks because I had maybe 15 minutes to get my whole face done :( I'll post it anyway and re-do it in the future.

Also I had a major dumbass moment, I had the jars flipped upside down to take a picture to remember the names in order and as I flipping them around and opening them to get an open jar shot, I opened Princess Mars up the wrong way. My mister has a pink bill statement now..

Mars Crystal Power, Princess Mars, Mars Flame Sniper (on far right)
Sailor Mars, Rei

Mars Crystal Power

Mars Flame Sniper


And last, but not least, Victoria's colour descriptions and inspiration for the shades:

Sailor Senshi Mars

Inspired by the pink & gold crystal power wands and the transformation sequence of Sailor Mars. This is one hell of a duochrome shift from bright red to gold, chock full of pink and gold sparkle! It looks like a pinkish color in the jar, but do not let that fool you!
**Mars Crystal Power is lip safe, but not vegan**

Just a soft touch of super shimmering red, inspired by the dress of Princess Mars.
**Princess Mars is lip safe but not vegan**

A nice deep red, overloaded with red, orange, and gold microfine glitters, inspired by the attack of Super Sailor Mars. This makes one wicked liner!!

***SAILOR MARS*** This is an extremely bright red with purple microfine glitters, inspired by the sailor soldier uniform of Sailor Mars ;)
**Sailor Mars is lip safe but not vegan**

Inspired by Rei's never-ending purple-tinged black hair, this shade is a deep, dark blackened purple full of microfine black and purple glitters.
**Rei is lip safe but not vegan**


Victoria recently released so seriously awesome looking Mystical Highlight powders.

When my own shopping ban is over I plan on picking up Alya, Carina, Ursa, Lyra and Saggita.


*******Right now you CAN HAS COUPON CODE!: crystaltokyo to receive 20% off until April 1st, so fill up that cart yo! :)********

Chibo Moon, Sailor Moon and sample swatches dans la futur.