Monday, May 31, 2010

Anger Shopping

I was mad at the dude, so I took it out on my credit card.

My goal was to snag stuff at the Body Shop's 3/$30 1 day only sale, but they didn't have anything I needed.

What I needed was....


I saw the MAC Superglass and couldn't decide on 1 so I walked away with 5. Whoopsie.

You definitely pay for the flake like bits and the packaging because these suckers are $21.50CDN for 4.5g or 0.16 oz whereas the lipglass, even looking like they are in a teeny tiny tube are $16.50CDN for 4.8g or 0.17 oz. So you pay $5 more for .3g LESS. LAMESAUCE.

But I'd totally buy again.

They smell really pretty.

And look really pretty.

Downside other than the obvious size rip-offedness, they be stickay. I took a sip of pop so some got on my straw (durr) and then I didn't notice that a piece of hair hovered by my drink and got stuck to the straw and flung it right out of it. That was slightly messy...

Another downside to the stickyness is I still had some of one on when I hopped in my shower and this stuff did NOT want to wash off. Around my mouth felt sticky, I even tried to use rubbing alcohol to get rid of the sticky feeling. Sticky chin feeling, not so cool!

Here are Totally Bang! (WTF?)

and Fab Frenzy

We also had a Bath & Body works open up and the Sweetpea Forever stuff was 50% off so I grabbed the perfume and lotion and also the regular Sweetpea home oil and Moonlight Magic home oil (Sweetpea Forever didn't smell as good as the reg Sweetpea for the home oils for some reason). I also got 2 roll-ons @ 50% off White Citrus and Orange Sapphire ($4.50ea). Last I checked, gem stones don't smell!!! So I don't totally get that name.

I walked by Fruits & Passion and the girlie handed me a free sliver of soap. Lavender. I'm not a big lavender fan so this will be a hand soap.

My last stop was my hairdresser to see if they had the OPI "What's With the Cattitude?" nail polish and they SO DID! Lots of them so I grabbed one along with "Rumple's Wiggin'" to save a buck. I was tempted to just grab the last 2 (Funky Dunkey and Ogre the Top Blue) only because I saw Funkey Dunkey was the first to sell out at the other salon. Then I realized that was a stupid thing to do if I didn't even like the shades. hahaha. Go me!

Looking at my other polishes, What's with the Cattitude? is like a lighter version of OPI Just Groovy. I think if you mixed a bottle of Cattitude with the Ogre dk blue you'd end up with Just Groovy. I also compared it to Orly's Snowcone just to see what they looked like together.

pinkie is Rumple's Wiggin'
Ring finger Just Groovy
Middle finger Snowcone
Index finger What's With the Cattitude?

The Shrek shades seem to need many many coats and they have to be 100% dry between coats so they're a pain in the ass. But I do think Cattitude is the best shade out of the 3.

Then the Saturday went wacko and it rained like a mofo. When I walked home from the mall it was raining just a bit and my makeup stayed put pretty good! But later water was dripping from the top of my bedroom window into my room. I'm glad it wasn't the one in the dining room or my makeup may have been crappered. Parts of the city are still flooded a bit. Cars that day were stuck all over.
Good times!

Raindrops keep falling on my bed.
Wait, no, Head!
Nope, I was right the first time, bed!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Aromaleigh Vault Sale EOTD

I finally got it right! I used all shades available here for a limited time. It just also happens to include 2 of my uber favs (which is odd because they aren't OMGSOBRIGHT or HOLYCRAPMETALLIC, just very pretty shimmery beauties) And I did use the 2 together before (when I was attempting to find a foundation match for the day) BUT LOOKIE HOW PRETTY THEY ARE!!! :D

I used Aromaleigh discontinued shades:

Lid main: Terpischore fr En Pointe(<3)
Crease: Pavane fr En Pointe(<3)
Browbone: Maiden fr Midsummer coll.
Liner: Swoon fr Midsummer coll.
Rimmel Lash Maxxx black mascara

Terpischore, Pavane
Maiden, Swoon

Blush Mark Star Glo

Lips: AL But I can't remember :( Twas pink!

Lots of pics, even though some look the same because the shimmer is so awesome, just trying to show you it the best. I don't even think that was good English there...

The next one is a bit blurry but Swoon looks the best here, you can see the purdy shimmer in action if you click the pic to max awesomeness...

And one more thing, this is why I think Giselle would make a lovely blush:

so shiny....


I'm slowly getting caught up :) This was Wednesday's EOTD. I really liked it because it.was.GOLD!


I used Meow Cosmetics and I also think I may have done this look before...
Golds are from the Egyptian Treasures collection
Highlight from Halloween Zombies

Lid main: Ra
Crease: Reincarnation
Browbone: Full Moon
No liner, I was rushed!
Maybelline Lash Stylist that's going to need to be chucked soon :(

And here's tonight's sunset! It's not as pretty as the other one, the sun wasn't blocked by much atmosphere stuff so I didn't want to actually try to take a shot and destroy el camera.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Seed Pearl

Well I'm daft. Hah! I just used to word daft.

I thought the colour I used was Pixie Cup but it was Seed Pearl.
Anywhosies, here was Thursday's look. I wanted to use a shade I really loved when swatching and realized I never actually used it yet! That's the problem when you have an excessive amount of makeup I guess :)

I used:

Seed Pearl over Pixie Epoxy main lid shade.
Virtue in crease
Maiden for browbone

MAC Blacktrack liner
Rimmel junk mascara stuff.

Just ignore that the pic hover thingy says pixie cup.

I originally thought I was using all discontinued items you can still get from the Aromaleigh Vault Sale but Seed Pearl is still available (Pixie Cup is not, you'd have to go to vault sale for that)

And, for extra happy to me, I PAID OFF ALL 3 CREDIT CARDS!!! W0000t! The bad news, just booked a hotel in Vegas with one, so it'll take me a bit to pay it off again lol. As a little celebration, I broke my no-buy (which is still on because I still need to afford two plane trips :s) I went back to the vault sale. I had to get backup-backups. Does anyone else do backup-backups on shades you know you will no longer be able to get when they run out?
I grabbed a backup-backup of:
Pavanne (the backup and the back-backup since I only had 1 already, yup I'm insane for wanting 2 but it really is such a beautiful colour)
Giselle I grabbed 2 because I think it would make a really pretty golden pink blush.

I also grabbed jars of Brownstone, Pettitcoat. I was going to get a backup-backup of Eggnogg and a jar of Pearl but had to have some sort of restraint! (Twas hard)

And then this afternoon Grey had a surprise blog sale where I picked up MAC Rubenesque paint pot, MAC Kumquat, Demeter mini splash colognes (FIREFLY!!!! YAY!) and a lot of Archetype shadows (yay for not having to wait 4 months!)

Miss K was also super nice and said she will send me some samples of her new steampunk collection in progress, so all sorts of awesome is coming my way!

I can't wait for my goodies to arrive! :D

Lemon Sparkles!

The ebil hangover I had this morning seems to have subsided so...

Here's yesterday's look I feel uber proud of. CUZ I USED SPARKLES!! WHEEE!!!!

I totally copied Ms BLIX! Or attempted to anyway :D

I used:

NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Yellow smeared lightly and evenly for a backup base colour for the sparkles
Aromaleigh Golden Chrysalis in the crease and lower lashline
Random Rimmel nude shade from the Winter Muse palette for browbone highlight
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy on just the main lid part
Lame Crime glitter which I wont bother saying the name of for the pure fact that it was repackaged and sold for a ridiculous amount (not mad at the repacked part in this case, it's glitter, but I didn't know I could get the same elsewhere for MUCH less and bought 6 of these damn jars. 2 years ago! And just using it now!)
The equivalent is Aromaleigh's Kerosene I think, and BFTE's Winner
Body shop craptastic liner (I really have to get myself a regular one!)
Rimmel Lash Maxxx mascara in black

Cheeks, Avon Mark Star Glo
Claire's not so bronzey bronzer for cheek highlight
Aromaleigh Noreservation on lips

I used the blemish fixer tool to get rid of the millions of spots on my face that foundation wasn't able to hide just so you didn't get distracted by my skin fail and can focus on the wickedness that is ze GLITTAH!

After doing this look I think I'm more comfortable playing with glitter now. I have about 15 little jars I was scared to use and there are 2 other AL glitters I'd love to do a look with, Nowherefast and Shakeitup, I just have the sample bags, but would love to get f/s in the future.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pic Croppage Fail

I had 2 looks I wanted to share plus some sparkly goodness I was swatching to find out which I wanted as backups but my damn photoshop decides it doesn't want to open for me.

I think they'll be ready for Sunday. It could just be a simple restart the compy thang.
I have a BBQ to go to tomorrow night after work and then Saturday is filled with trying to not ignore the Mister so much, library time, more drunken good times and possible video game playage. Old school. Super Nintendo Style. We shall see.
Then I have to recuperate to go out for brekkie Sunday morning. I've learned it's cheaper to go out for breakfasts on the weekends instead of dinners and they are just as fun :D Who doesn't love WAFFLES?!? WITH BACON?!?

So in the meanwhile, here's a kick ass shot I took last night. Click for max-awesome.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sicko. My way of slapping together a sick face!

And not sick as in "oOo That shit was SICK!" More like, "Ah crap, I feel the sneeze just sitting there! Why does this throat hurt!? Where am I?" Okay, maybe not the last part, but I definitely have some funktastic body immunity war taking place inside my head.

It was super nice out today and I decided to go outside! AHHHHH THE SUN!!!! HISSSS!!!! BOO!!!!!

But, no, really, I hate the sun. Not for it's super brightness and the way it turns a day into something beautiful. It's a star. I love stars. I have frikkin star tattoos. I hate Mr sun because he likes to tan me. It's hard enough to find foundation that matches me! I don't need a tan interfering.

But I slopped on the sunscreen and got out there.

Since I feel all sick and junk I wanted to make sure to not contaminate my stash. It's weird how germ conscious you get when it comes to not wanting to dirty up your favourite stuff :D I probably shouldn't have worn anything but yeah, like THAT'S gonna happen. I won't even go downstairs to do laundry without something on. HAH!

I chose:

MAC Melon pigment, dumped into a little tray
Aromaleigh Alchemy, dumped into a little tray
Mascara I don't like so didn't mind crudding it up with SICKNESS!
Avon Iced Pink sample. I have a full size so this one I didn't mind contaminating so I can just toss it.

I didn't use a liner or crease shade, the plan was to keep it simple and there isn't really a was to keep a pencil liner germ free on a germy face. I knew a cosmetician who forgot liner and worked in a drug store. She went to a tester, alcoholed the crap out of it, then sharpened the hell out of it. Got pink-eye still. That story also scares me off testers in general...

Hello sicko face. Wow this pic looks bad in the preview! ick
The whole look was better in real life. It was one of those, soft, not inurface looks that made me think of being 15 again and barely knowing how to use eyeliner. My dad would have approved :D

And how to do the makeup face without wrecking junk:

After moisturising and then slopping on the foundation I washed my hands again and used my Rimmel translucent powder that I hit pan on to set the foundation. It's not the greatest so I didn't mind trashing that with mah germs. Garbage with you!

With a different brush (the first one was used over my eyes and around nose and mouth so it was possibly contaminated) I slapped on the blush.

And with yet another brush I put on a highlighter for some extra sunny shine. It's a frikkin nice day out! Shiny sparklies was needed EVERYWHERE!

All those brushes got set aside.

Then washed my hands again (feeling uber OCD here now) I put a bit of Too Faced shadow insurance on two different clean fingers, not touching the tube to my face. That's like $23 I could have ruined!

The shadows were in a little tray so I wouldn't be double dipping in anything. I accidentally put too much MAC Melon in it, but there's so much in a jar I won't even notice it missing. I painted my arm with the leftovers :D Yup. Weird.

Then I used my first brush to wipe away fallout (There was LOTS!)

Crimped el lashos

Plopped on mascara that sucked just to get it out of my hair. Eyelash hair! ZING!

Plopped on little avon tester thang.


Then I washed all the brushes I used, even the lash curler.

My doode says: Still washing your hands?!

Me: No. I'm cleaning my brushes because I'm sick.

Him: Oh you're sick so you have to clean all your brushes. (Said in a way to make me sound like a crazy person)

Me: Uh yeah stupid! Just the ones I used today. I don't wanna ruin my shit durrrr.

Him: *walks out of bathroom.

Me: *wins

So in the end, I may have gone a little far in keeping everything safe but I figure, I spent so much money on my makeup. I just want to make sure it stays wearable and I won't have to worry about making myself sick, or potential future owners if I ever decide to swap/trade.

And, here's the freshly coloured hurrr
Not as awesome in real life sadly. Oh well! 2 more boxes to go!
And you have to see this kick ass book I got....

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I gotz lazy :(

I feel a sickness coming on. YAY!! yuck. Hello Mr. Nose? Hi. Please stop this nastyness. I don't wish to deal with you.

Here is Tuesday's look I think. I said I was going to stick with my golds but for some reason when I popped open my cart of awesome, purple was like, "Oh hey, it's me, you know, the colour that's supposed to make brown eyes pop that you hardly ever use." And I was all like, "Oh that's right. Calm down purple, I shall put you to good use today."

And can you believe I haven't even had any cold meds to make me stoned yet?


I used Aromaleigh.

Main lid: What's Shakin'?
Crease: Ephemeral Violet
Browbone: Butterfly Kisses
Liner: MAC pearlglideiwanttomakeoutwith liner intense in Undercurrent
Rimmel Lash Maxxx (keep forgetting there are 3 x's on this, just looks dir-tay)

My attempt to show the gold of the liner under the lashline. Smudging really brings it out. There is so much gold sparks in real life but of course it's damn near impossible to show with my ancient camera.

The weirdness could also be the fumes of meh hurr dye on my brain right now.

I had 3 choices!

I chose the drippy bitch in the middle.

This was my hair 20 minutes ago:

I don't even have a name for that shade. It's the result of over year old red bleach with maybe 3 faded boxes of red dye in the last year.

And here's it for another 5 minutes until rinse time: