Monday, January 2, 2012

Good Riddance 2011


FIRST check out Wendi of awesomeness and follow her wicked ass Makeup Zombie blog because she is dying to hold a massive giveaway and she just needs a few more followers to hit her 1000 target. Do eeeeeet.

Okie dokie smokies, I've been on holidays the last 2 weeks. This means 2 weeks worth of blogger dashboard to sift through.
Those weeks went WAY too damn fast. Good news for the blog though, NEW CAMERA.

No more elphail.

I'd take a pic of the new one but the other cameras are still in the suitcase.


I hopped on the computer before unpacking.

I'm THAT person.

The camera is a Canon EOS Rebel T2i and it's going to take me awhile to figure it out but it seems to take wicked awesome pics... (click to make bigger)

Meow Abductee 2011


Annabelle quad I have to swatch still


The only thing makeup related that happened recently is I made an epic OCC Lip Tar haul. If you've been reading this blog for awhile you know I hate the word "epic" but it's really the only way to describe my moment of insanity of hauling 23 freakin lip tars. They had a sale so they dropped to $10.40/ea from $13 and the cart kept screwing up so I made like 8 carts all weekend (because of the error) and the very last cart I made a half hour before midnight on New Years Eve let me add a bunch before it screwed up to full price again and then I narrowed it down from there. At 23 I didn't do a good job at the narrowing down part but I am SO excited to see what I can create colourwise with these guys!


Those lip tars were bought BEFORE midnight so I'm still on target :D

Uber, Butch, Pageant, Feathered, Tarred, RX, Petty Beige, Traffic, Trick, Interlace, Katricia, Hoochie, Narcissus, Anime, NSFW, Stalker, Harlot, Beta, Banjee, Cha Cha, Femme, Hush and Tone.

And that brings me to...
NEW YEARS RESOLUTION numero dos: Wear lip stuff.

Speaking of which, anyone who does loads of lip swatching, what do you use to wipe the old stuff off to stop your lips from chapping? I can usually only go 3 shades in a row and I might as well have rubbed my face down a brick wall because the end result is fugly. And hurty.

I'm gonna hit up my craft store for empty containers and mix some magic and hopefully 2012 is the year of lip swatches because I have a feeling these things are going to keep me busy. I plan on trying to dupe shades, like the MAC Quite Cute lippies, and since I have the actual lipsticks I can see how far off I really am. SCOREEEEE DUDES! I also wanna try to dupe a certain purple-toned grey lipstick...


  1. Those pictures are amazing! Hooray for new cameras.

  2. The pictures are awesome! :D And holy crap, I can't wait to see your mountain of Lip Tars.

    You wouldn't be trying to dupe Chinchilla would you? ;]

  3. @olgiepolgie thanks!!
    @Silhouette HELLZ YEAH WOMAN!

  4. This cat is too nice!! Buy less makeup is my resolution too but we have a makeup blog so this is impossible!!!! I love makeup!! Happy new year!!

  5. Happy New year to you too! Missed your posts, can't wait do see more of the awesomeness of your new cam and all of the lip tar magig!

  6. Those pictures are amazing, I want a new camera now! Also mmm Lip Tar mountain! :D

  7. hey drop that new years resolution! shopping make up is good for the heart and soul! we're expecting a huge package from MadMinerals.... huh getting tired just thinking of swatching them all!!! but we will!
    hey, have a great 2012, with new lip wear and all!!!!

  8. Awesome camera! Yay for your haul, too :)
    Gorgeous pix.

  9. Awesome pics ! Abductee 2011 looks so nice , damn i knew i had to buy that color , grrr :D
    Happy New Year !!

  10. Thanks ladies!! :D
    EyeGraffiti is an enabler hahaha :)

  11. Oooh, can't wait to see some EPIC lip swatches up in here! That camera looks like it takes awesome pictures! I HATE HATE HATE lip swatches! They take forever and they make my lips die!!!

  12. lol My lips hurt just thinking about them :D