Friday, June 15, 2012

Tarina Tarantino Pretty Emerald EOTD

My Sephora FINALLY GOT THIS IN!  I've been waiting so long and I even asked and they said they think it was online exclusive but NOPE! CUZ I GOTZ IT!

Works for me!

I probably won't swatch it because I'm lazy and Temptalia did a wicked awesome job anyways so go look there.  Reading her post again I see it was $36US but in Canadaland I paid $46 plus shitloads of taxes making it $51.52 in the end.  Still worth it!  It's actually $3 cheaper on sale right now, which kind of pisses me off because I just bought this today, WHY THE DIFFERENT PRICES??!!

Not like it makes much a difference but I feel like being a whiny-ass. 

Now that I got that out of my system here's mah look!!

I used: TFSI Lemon Drop
Lid: Ozma
Crease + liners: Saw Dust Heart
Above crease + lower lashline: Dandy Lion
Browbone + inner lid: Glinda's Kiss

 Here's the palette with flash and no flash JUST CUZ...

heh, far away they look exactly the same.  So what if I like pictures that look the same!?!

And gingersnap cookies!

And black kitties with white eyelashes!  OMG SO CUTE. I saw so much cute today.  You should wish you were in my brain to replay that kind of cute.

But alas.  This brain is my own.  No sharing.  I need to keep all my brain.

Guess what I ate for supper?  GINGERSNAP COOKIES!!  Booyah.  Starbucks as the best ones but they call them Ginger Molasses cookies.  Pfffft.  It's a Gingersnap.  With my LARGE Chai tea frapp kthx.

The next few looks will probably be blue ones.  It's the only colour I can think of right away that doesn't clash with my hair.

Although I'd like to try to recreate the one in that Temptalia post.  Dandy Lion is quite dandy.


  1. Loooove that teal colour! I've been obsessed with teal lately.

  2. Oh i really like this one and teals are awesome with your peepers !

  3. This look you did is so amazing, you make me want to go out and buy that palette!

  4. Never heard of that palette but it sure looks awesome! And the look is just divine!
    Oh btw I love your profile picture!

  5. Uuuugh, I want this palette so bad, lucky! It looks great on you!

  6. Homg this is amazing, so smokey and well blended and sparkly and akljdlakjsfljs <3

  7. Awesome look!!!! Damn, why is shit so expensive in Canada, damn you sephora!!!